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Warn in :func:`~hypothesis.strategies.from_type` if the inferred strategy
has no variation (always returning default instances). Also handles numpy
data types by calling :func:`~hypothesis.extra.numpy.from_dtype` on the
corresponding dtype, thus ensuring proper variation for these types.



:func:`~hypothesis.strategies.from_type` now works in cases where we use
:func:`~hypothesis.strategies.builds` to create an instance and the constructor
has an argument which would lead to recursion. Previously, this would raise
an error if the argument had a default value.

Thanks to Joachim B Haga for reporting and fixing this problem.



In preparation for supporting JAX in :ref:`hypothesis.extra.array_api <array-api>`,
this release supports immutable arrays being generated via :func:`xps.arrays`.
In particular, we internally removed an instance of in-place array modification,
which isn't possible for an immutable array.



This release fixes some ``.patch``-file bugs from :ref:`version 6.75 <v6.75.0>`,
and adds automatic support for writing ``hypothesis.example()`` or ``example()``
depending on the current style in your test file - defaulting to the latter.

Note that this feature requires :pypi:`libcst` to be installed, and :pypi:`black`
is strongly recommended. You can ensure you have the dependencies with
``pip install "hypothesis[cli,codemods]"``.



This patch continues the work started in :pull:`3651` by adding
:pypi:`ruff` linter rules for pyflakes, flake8-comprehensions, and



This patch updates our linter stack to use :pypi:`ruff`, and fixes some
previously-ignored lints. Thanks to Christian Clauss for his careful
review and :pull:`3651`!

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