Latest version: v0.31

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* Converted Popen.communicate() method's 'bytes' output to string
* Added Maxim Korobko's megaraid work
* Fixed code for following PEP8


* Now able to parse used endurance indicator (ie: SSD life left) from HGST
and Seagate SAS SSDs.
* Fixed crash when attempting to parse self-test entries from HGST and
Seagate SAS devices with an empty self-test log.
* Generally improved detection of empty self-test logs prior to attempting
to parse self-test entries.
* Added support for FreeBSD with smartctl 6.1+ to the version check in by request. No testing has been performed with FreeBSD, this
only prevents the code from aborting due to the unknown OS string.


* Now properly detects whether a SMART self-test was initiated when
requested on SAS/SCSI devices.
* Now properly detects when a SMART self-test has completed on
SAS/SCSI devices.
* The values of diagnostic attributes 'Load_Cycle_Pct_Left' and
'Start_Stop_Pct_Left' are now set to '-' if the manufacturer's
specification is '0' (unlimited - typical of SSDs).
* Diagnostic attribute 'Load_Cycle_Pct_Left' now obtains the intended
default value '-' when not supported by a device.
* Disambiguation of SAS from SCSI is more robust for older devices which
do not support the SAS PHY log command.
* Extraction of power-on time from SAS/SCSI devices is more robust.
* The calculated values of diagnostic attributes 'Load_Cycle_Pct_Left' and
'Start_Stop_Pct_Left' now include the '%' sign.
* Corrected the package manifest to include the GPLv2 license file.


* Initial release.



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