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This release introduces Media-multi references (by rogernelson), spatial coordinates parameters (also by rogernelson), `otiotool` command line utility, a schema downgrading system (for writing OTIO files that are compatible with older versions of OTIO), as well as a number of other smaller bug fixes and enhancements across the core and adapters. This is the last version of OTIO that will support python 2.7.

Thank you to the many community members who contributed to this release!

Important Note About OTIO File Backwards Compatibility

This version of OTIO introduces a new version of the Clip schema, Clip.2 (with multiple media reference support). If you need to write out OTIO files that are compatible with older versions of the OTIO library, then you can use the new downgrade feature to save out OTIO files with Clip.1 schema.

Example using `otioconvert` on the commandline:

❯ otioconvert -i tests/sample_data/nested_example.otio -o /var/tmp/v14_compat.otio -A target_schema_versions="{'Clip':1}" && grep "OTIO_SCHEMA.*Clip" /var/tmp/v14_compat.otio
26: "OTIO_SCHEMA": "Clip.1",
75: "OTIO_SCHEMA": "Clip.1",
105: "OTIO_SCHEMA": "Clip.1",
162: "OTIO_SCHEMA": "Clip.1",
192: "OTIO_SCHEMA": "Clip.1",
249: "OTIO_SCHEMA": "Clip.1",
280: "OTIO_SCHEMA": "Clip.1",


include <iostream>

include "opentimelineio/timeline.h"

namespace otio = opentimelineio::OPENTIMELINEIO_VERSION;

otio::ErrorStatus err;
otio::SerializableObject::Retainer<otio::Timeline> timeline(

otio::schema_version_map downgrade_manifest = {
{"Clip", 1},
timeline->to_json_file("/var/tmp/v14_compat.otio", &err, &downgrade_manifest);


import opentimelineio as otio

tl = otio.adapters.read_from_file("tests/sample_data/nested_example.otio")
target_schema_versions={"Clip": 1}

Big Changes

* The OpenTimelineIO project was moved over to the ASWF organization, and a number of changes were made as part of the ASWF graduation process in:
* Technical Steering Committee Charter, GOVERNANCE, etc. by jminor in
* Prep for ASWF transfer by jminor in
* More ASWF transition prep by jminor in
* Replaced pixar email addresses with aswf email addresses. by jminor in
* OpenTimelineIO License & CLA Change by jminor in
* Updated to support more languages by jminor in
* Update links in readme to point to new ASWF url by ssteinbach in
* Updated URLs to new AcademySofwareFoundation GitHub org. by jminor in
* AAF Adapter:
* AAF Adapter: support for reading markers by timlehr in
* AAF adapter: added support for keyframed properties by timlehr in
* Merge spatial_coordinates to main by rogernelson in
* Media Multi-Reference Feature by rogernelson in
* Schema Downgrading System by ssteinbach in
* otiotool command line utility by jminor in

Breaking Changes
* Fixes 1188 BREAKING CHANGE: change "effect" argument to Gap constructor to "effects" by visajshah in
* Clip.2 schema as noted above

Other Changes
* R0.15.set dev version by ssteinbach in
* CI: switch platform versions back to -latest by ssteinbach in
* Fix RV plugin test timing by rogernelson in
* Fix RV plugin test for Mac by rogernelson in
* Update sdist to include submodules by JeanChristopheMorinPerso in
* Improve the developer quickstart documentation by JeanChristopheMorinPerso in
* Use platform specific command to find path by ThomasWilshaw in
* Fix code coverage report uploads by JeanChristopheMorinPerso in
* Add nearest_valid_timecode_rate function by splidje in
* Replace deprecated Pybind11 get_type() usages by py::type::of() by JeanChristopheMorinPerso in
* SVG adapter fixes by KarthikRIyer in
* Remove extra useless parameter from RationalTime.__copy__ method by JeanChristopheMorinPerso in
* Update AAF Documentation Link by camkerr in
* Add enabled flag to Item by ThomasWilshaw in
* Add missing memo keyword argument to TimeTransform.__deepcopy__ method by JeanChristopheMorinPerso in
* Kdenlive adapter: process recent project format by vpinon in
* On macOS build universal arm64 and x86_64 by jminor in
* Port to PySide6 by darbyjohnston in
* C++ tests by darbyjohnston in
* Don't skip asserts in unit test release builds by rogernelson in
* Keep markers at the track if `child_at_time()` found something that does not hold markers by jchen9 in
* otioview track and window fit improvements by michdolan in
* Install full OTIO Python env with CMake by michdolan in
* clang notices that constexpr can't be used on a mutating function by meshula in
* AAF Adapter: Mob transcription heuristics by jchen9 in
* Add ALE adapter argument `ale_name_column_key` by jchen9 in
* Support OTIO_PLUGIN_MANIFEST_PATH being set to an empty string by avrata in
* Fix missing init metadata by JeanChristopheMorinPerso in
* Add Python 3.10 to CI by JeanChristopheMorinPerso in
* Fix 1257 missing each_clip on Clip by meshula in
* Detect & use Imath from vfxplatform CY2019-2022 by meshula in
* Adapt changes between PySide2 and PySide6 by jchen9 in
* Copy core sample data used by contrib tests into the contrib area to better isolate contrib tests by avrata in
* Add a test case and fix for transcribing markers over a single audio AAF file by jchen9 in
* Support python 3 in the "rv_session" adapter. by avrata in
* Change angle include Imath to quote include, remove multiMediaReference prototype by meshula in
* Update test_v2d to support multiple exception types by avrata in
* Fix for external Imath, must set USE_DEPS_IMATH OFF by meshula in
* AAF Clip Enabled/Muting Update by andrewmoore-nz in
* fix 839 - FCP XML outputs not recognized by Resolve by pedrolabonia in
* Removed a vestigial "Foo" schema by reinecke in
* CII Best Practices badge by jminor in
* Update Pybind11 to 2.9.2 by JeanChristopheMorinPerso in
* Use py::module_local() for Imath bindings by JeanChristopheMorinPerso in
* Update feature matrix to mention that the AAF adapter now supports markers by JeanChristopheMorinPerso in
* Python bindings: raise proper exceptions for IO operations by JeanChristopheMorinPerso in
* Improve Python reference documentation by JeanChristopheMorinPerso in
* Use marker colors in otioview by markreidvfx in
* Prevent divide by zero and print warning if width is zero by markreidvfx in
* Cancel in-progress CI jobs for the same branch by JeanChristopheMorinPerso in
* Fix setuptools deprecation warnings by JeanChristopheMorinPerso in
* Revisited how transitions are handled by the cmx 3600 adapter. by gplsteph in
* Add unit tests in preparation for moving the aaf adapter by markreidvfx in
* Added SVG and PDF vector logos. by jminor in
* Fix lint issues by JeanChristopheMorinPerso in
* Close Temporary file handles in tests by markreidvfx in
* Python3 fixes for the shot_detect example by ssteinbach in
* Added documentation explaining contrib and outlining process around it by reinecke in
* Fixes and improvements for Kdenlive adapter by jlskuz in
* Load entrypoint plugins before builtin and contrib. by markreidvfx in
* Update pyaaf2 requirement from ~=1.4.0 to >=1.4,<1.7 by dependabot in
* Fix parsing of time_strings lacking leading zeroes by meshula in
* Add basic mingw_x86_64 build support by markreidvfx in
* Import _opentime before actually creating the bindings for _otio by JeanChristopheMorinPerso in
* Fix for SerializableCollection::children_if by darbyjohnston in
* Added OTIO_CORE 0.14.0 version_manifest. by jminor in
* Fix compiler warnings on Windows by darbyjohnston in
* Fix a few typos and cosmetics inconsistencies by markreidvfx in


Dependency Version Bumps
* Bump src/deps/pybind11 from `7c58058` to `e7e2c79` by dependabot in
* Bump src/deps/optional-lite from `52f2b61` to `36c5b87` by dependabot in
* Bump src/deps/optional-lite from `36c5b87` to `a006f22` by dependabot in
* Bump src/deps/optional-lite from `a006f22` to `ea502a6` by dependabot in
* Bump src/deps/optional-lite from `ea502a6` to `5e4b776` by dependabot in
* Bump src/deps/rapidjson from `00dbcf2` to `4d6cb08` by dependabot in
* Bump src/deps/rapidjson from `4d6cb08` to `e4bde97` by dependabot in
* Bump src/deps/rapidjson from `e4bde97` to `8261c1d` by dependabot in
* Bump src/deps/rapidjson from `8261c1d` to `27c3a8d` by dependabot in
* Bump src/deps/rapidjson from `27c3a8d` to `06d58b9` by dependabot in
* Bump actions/checkout from 2.3.4 to 2.3.5 by dependabot in
* Bump actions/checkout from 2.3.5 to 3 by dependabot in
* Bump src/deps/Imath from `8b3363a` to `bd6f74c` by dependabot in
* Bump src/deps/Imath from `bd6f74c` to `bd254da` by dependabot in
* Bump src/deps/Imath from `bd254da` to `3ffb078` by dependabot in
* Bump src/deps/Imath from `3ffb078` to `3ad5d4d` by dependabot in
* Bump actions/setup-python from 2.2.2 to 3 by dependabot in
* Bump src/deps/any from `f67bd5f` to `bfc77f2` by dependabot in
* Bump readthedocs-sphinx-ext from 2.1.5 to 2.1.9 by dependabot in

New Contributors
* ThomasWilshaw made their first contribution in
* camkerr made their first contribution in
* michdolan made their first contribution in
* andrewmoore-nz made their first contribution in
* pedrolabonia made their first contribution in
* visajshah made their first contribution in
* markreidvfx made their first contribution in
* gplsteph made their first contribution in
* jlskuz made their first contribution in

**Full Changelog**:



This release fixes an issue where installation from the sdist (source) package on PyPI would fail. This mostly impacted users with a platform for which we don't provide a prebuilt wheel.

* Update sdist to include submodules by JeanChristopheMorinPerso in



This release has a number of features, including _many_ backend features that upgrade the CI, build, and release process. Big thanks especially to KarthikRIyer, darbyjohnston and JeanChristopheMorinPerso for their contributions in this and other areas.

Big Things
* Drop 36 support for 38, following the VFX platform by ssteinbach in
* add windows and mac builds to ci by ssteinbach in
* Add filebundle (otioz and otiod) adapters by ssteinbach in
* Cxx examples by darbyjohnston in
* Add doxygen to document cpp code by hisergiorojas in
* Build wheels as a github action by reinecke in
* Implement OTIO to SVG adapter by KarthikRIyer in
* Create wheels on Windows by JeanChristopheMorinPerso in
* Support Python 3.9 by JeanChristopheMorinPerso in
* PyPI publish on release by JeanChristopheMorinPerso in
* Add .clang-format file by KarthikRIyer in

Other Changes
* Create GitHub Actions Workflow by KarthikRIyer in
* xges: Add support for image sequences by thiblahute in
* FIxed invalid timecode frame number error message by reinecke in
* Update doc string for otio.algorithms.track_with_expanded_transitions() by apetrynet in
* Fix a link in documentation (to serialized schema tutorial) by Simran-B in
* Added a note about CLA requirement to PR template. by jminor in
* Update to use deepcopy. by jminor in
* Retire Travis, in favor of GitHub Actions by jminor in
* CMake: Set "ARCHIVE DESTINATION" in install section by itsmattkc in
* Fcp 7 xml better generator support by reinecke in
* Prefix `_TypeRecord` constructor params to avoid shadow warnings by Simran-B in
* Python 3 deprecation fixes (including Preparing for Python 3.9) by reinecke in
* Fix compilation of Swift bindings by meshula in
* Cmake cleanup by meshula in
* Document Metadata structure by jminor in
* Added docstrings to python bindings for interval algebra methods in TimeRange by reinecke in
* Check rate and value are not invalid by hisergiorojas in
* Kdenlive linear timewarp by splidje in
* from_start_end_time_inclusive by splidje in
* detect cycles by davidbaraff in
* remove swift bindings and legacy macosx-build directory by ssteinbach in
* Revert the location of shared libraries by ssteinbach in
* Remove tox dependency by ssteinbach in
* Support --prefix correctly in new cmake system by ssteinbach in
* CMake: Fix message() types by Simran-B in
* FCP 7 XML: Fixed resolution of start timecode for certain NTSC rate clips by reinecke in
* Fix Issue 881 by meshula in
* Fix ImageSequenceReference implicit cast by reinecke in
* ImageSequenceReference: Added handling for empty target_url_base by reinecke in
* Enable xges unit tests on all platform/python versions by thiblahute in
* quiet the aaf adapter test to clean up test output by ssteinbach in
* Fix escaping for ORIGIN in rpath settings by ssteinbach in
* Update build status badge to use GitHub Actions instead of Travis by jminor in
* CMakeTexts fix: stop using the modname variable by ssteinbach in
* Don't override user supplied C++ preferences by nporcino-pixar in
* Create cmake alias targets for the OTIO namespace by nporcino-pixar in
* Address big integers bug by ssteinbach in
* add a --version flag to otiopluginfo + otioconvert by ssteinbach in
* Change cmx_3600 adapter to use transition duration frames (Issue 895) by JoshBurnell in
* Add include directories for OpenTimeConfig.cmake/OpenTimelineIOConfig… by darbyjohnston in
* Documentation fixes by darbyjohnston in
* Avoid exporting build tree libraries by rogernelson in
* Issue 912: cmx_3600 adapter incorrectly processing three-clip transitions by JoshBurnell in
* Add pybind11 subdirectory only if building python bindings by KarthikRIyer in
* Add an env var to disable pkg_resources by ssteinbach in
* Specify pyaaf2 requirement as a minimum version by AWhetter in
* Add dependabot by ssteinbach in
* add interval field to dependabot yaml by ssteinbach in
* Removed inadvertent unicode char by avrata in
* RV adapter fix: don't require having access to OTIO from python interpreter in rv by ssteinbach in
* Ascii doc fix by avrata in
* Add environment variable to skip doc tes by ssteinbach in
* Localize test otiod/z test data to sample_data directory by avrata in
* Use Pybind11's find python tool to correctly locate python install information by Tilix4 in
* Add Try/Except around imporlib.reload for unit test to run in python2.7 as well as 3.4+ by avrata in
* install mock on CI builds for python 2.7 by ssteinbach in
* Refactor to build and stage into temp area for to install from by reinecke in
* uncomment github actions dependabot config by ssteinbach in
* Only load a manifest if it has not been loaded by ssteinbach in
* make Timeline::set_tracks(null_ptr) create a new Stack to fix crash by meshula in
* Fix typo in that prevents conda skeleton from parsing by vvzen in
* Add support for multiple timecode objects in an AAF by stefanschulze in
* Add C++ convenience wrapper for .value on the retainer class by darbyjohnston in
* do not upload code coverage statistics if the PR is opened by dependabot by ssteinbach in
* Force pybind to use same python as otio by rogernelson in
* C++ binding Docstring Update by Viraj-Rana008 in
* Add C++ implementation of each_child()/each_clip() by darbyjohnston in
* Cxx conform example by darbyjohnston in
* add example timeline builder by ssteinbach in
* Remove CXX sdk in Python site-packages by rogernelson in
* Python build: Use CMake FindPython by JeanChristopheMorinPerso in
* Replace description-file setuptools metadata key with description_file in setup.cfg by JeanChristopheMorinPerso in
* Add Makefile target "make format" by KarthikRIyer in
* Use const references when catching exceptions by darbyjohnston in
* Remove unused source file "main.cpp" by darbyjohnston in
* Added linguist override to detect .otio files for JSON highlighting by reinecke in
* update outdated python module paths in docs by ssteinbach in
* Upgrade to C++14 by darbyjohnston in
* Fix failing import of opentimelineio in Python 3.9 on Windows by JeanChristopheMorinPerso in
* Fix CMP0010 CMake warning caused by back slashes on Windows by JeanChristopheMorinPerso in
* replace spaces with tabs in Makefile format: target by darbyjohnston in
* Make target for building wheel by smaragden in
* Makefile "format" target tuning by ssteinbach in
* Unicode file names on Windows by darbyjohnston in
* Add information on VFX platform support to repo by ssteinbach in
* Add constexpr/noexcept by darbyjohnston in
* Add ImageSequenceReference support to EDL adapter by apetrynet in
* Added `SourceMobUsage` metadata to AAF clips by timlehr in
* Fix missing Python coverage in Codecov reports by JeanChristopheMorinPerso in
* Issue1096 add source range to build simple by ssteinbach in
* Updated CONTRIBUTING with names of the project committers. by reinecke in
* add is_error and fix error handling by darbyjohnston in
* allow commandline arguments to be passed through to cmake by ssteinbach in
* Add missing error check in flatten example/stackAlgorithm by ssteinbach in
* Remove vestigal python install code from CMake build system by ssteinbach in
* add build job that just builds c++ by ssteinbach in
* Remove duplicate error code NON_DROPFRAME_RATE. by ssteinbach in
* hide stringUtils.h by ssteinbach in
* Copy adapter arguments by ssteinbach in
* Bake OS versions in CI before release by JeanChristopheMorinPerso in
* overload RationalTime.from_seconds with additional rate argument by apetrynet in
* a few more places to lock the version by ssteinbach in
* publish to release Pypi by ssteinbach in
* Apply `make format` to codebase by ssteinbach in
* code changes for changing the name of the "master" branch to "main" by ssteinbach in
* Update the README and CONTRIBUTORS pre-release. by ssteinbach in
* strip the .dev1 suffix in by ssteinbach in

New Contributors
* Simran-B made their first contribution in
* itsmattkc made their first contribution in
* hisergiorojas made their first contribution in
* splidje made their first contribution in
* nporcino-pixar made their first contribution in
* AWhetter made their first contribution in
* dependabot made their first contribution in
* Tilix4 made their first contribution in
* Viraj-Rana008 made their first contribution in
* JeanChristopheMorinPerso made their first contribution in
* smaragden made their first contribution in

**Full Changelog**:


This release introduces the ImageSequenceReference schema to OTIO. It adds support for media references that point at sets of files on disk, for example, the rendered EXR frames for a shot. This work was contributed by apetrynet and reinecke. It includes RV adapter support.

Additionally, we're starting a restructure of some of the core math libraries built around a more consistent mathematical framework. The first of these changes is shifting to predicates based on Allen's Interval Algebra [] .

Big things:
- ImageSequenceReference (apetrynet and reinecke) main: 602 722 w/ 783 751
- Allen Interval Algebra predicates (KarthikRIyer) 697
- AAF Reader metadata support 739
- Post adapter write hook added (apetrynet) 730
- RV native plugin (so that you can read OTIO files from inside RV rather than convert via an adapter to .rvsession files) avrata and apetrynet 637

Small things:
- Reverse and dissolve fixes, Wipe transition support was added to the CMX EDL adapter 763 757 687
- Fixing up some bugs and algorithms in `rationalTime.cpp` 755 721 692 (reinecke and KarthikRIyer)
- Tox changed and our setup.cfg was altered to conform with the new standard
- otioview enhancement: double click to see full track name (KarthikRIyer) 690
- example now prints support file suffixes (thebigsasha) 676
- FCP7 adapter bug fixes 674
- xges adapter markers and effects support (hwilkes-igalia) 609
- Fix bugs in the kdenlive adapter (vpinon) 714
- bumped pin of PyAAF2 version to 1.4.0 738
- bug fixes in Markers 740 and 592 (elabrosseRodeofx)

Project related things:
- added issue templates to the github repo 768
- cleaned up developer quickstart documentation 717
- documentation was broken on read the docs, this was fixed 715


Includes PR 669, which fixes issues in the cmake build system reported on windows machines. As always, please let us know if you see any further issues and alert us! Thanks!


This is the first release with the C++ core. Please test the new build system and make sure it works for your needs. If you run into issues, pin to 0.11.0 (the last pure python release) and let us know so that we can address them.

The adapters remain in python, but the core library and algorithms are implemented in C++. For more information you can see this pr:

Big Changes:
- C++ Core: the core of opentimelineio is now pybind11-wrapped C++. (see above)
- otiopluginfo command was added for printing information about plugins visible to otio:
- Kdenlive adapter included in contrib (thanks vpinon)
- Also includes preliminary swift bindings

Small Changes:
- Tweaks to the repo in anticipation of the move to being hosted by the Academy Software Foundation
- hook function arguments are passable to all commandline scripts (mikekoetter)
- Documention for the C++ core, debugging and building
- local manifests are loaded so that they override the internal manifests for plugins (JoshBurnell)
- Lots of upgrades for the AAF adapter (JoshBurnell)
- SchemaDefs now have a repr method
- CMX EDL Adapter supports multiple locaters per clip now (elabrosseRodeofx)

Lots of other small fixes and changes. Thank you to all of the community contributors!


This release is a final checkpoint before we land the C++ branch (cxx) into the master branch. We found there were a number of other small changes that needed to be made before the CXX and Master branches were ready to be merged, so we needed to do one more release before we did that.

Big Changes:
- The CXX branch is now up to date with master and will be landed shortly after we make this release. (528)
- In keeping with the VFX platform, we've dropped support for python 3.5 and added support for python 3.7 in our unit test and CI system. (526)

Small Changes:
- AAF bugfixes by freesonluxo (517, 518, 512, 493)
- Autogenerated schema documentation + unit test for detecting schema changes (521)
- FCP XML bugfixes by reinecke (494)

Big thanks go to andrewmoore-nz and thecargocultnz for all the _very_ detailed bug reports and repro cases, they are very helpful for improving OTIO robustness!


We have a port to C++ that you can preview on the cxx branch which we will soon land into master. There are also some schema changes we'd like to make, which we'll be working on and presenting to the community after we land the C++ port. If you'd like to read about how that will work:

Breaking Change:
- In anticipation of the C++ port (see the cxx branch: a number of changes were made to make the python API behave like the C++ one
- 372 types in Opentime are now immutable
- This led to other enhancements that shouldn't be as noticeable to developers:
- 477 `Timeline.global_start_time` had a default value of 0, 24 and was not being serialized. Now it defaults to `None` and is correctly serializead/deserialized
- 377 JSON serializer adapter arguments tweaked
- 364 Using `weakref` to point at parents
- 400 the `__copy__` method has been removed

Big Changes:
- Lots of upgrades and new features for the AAF Adapter, including:
- 432, 460, 461, 454 Writing AAFs! (thanks freesonluxo and shahbazk8194!)
- Thanks to andrewmoore-nz and thecargocultnz for all the great test data, we always appreciate that!
- AAF unit tests now work on our continuous build system
- Lots of robustness and correctness upgrades to the AAF Reader (jchen9, flavienliger, others)
- 396 Adapter was ported from pyaaf1 to pyaaf2 (freesonluxo and shahbazk8194)
- ...and thanks to markreidvfx for bug fixes in upstream pyaaf2!
- FCPX adapter:
- 425 markers and detached audio (eric-with-a-c)
- OTIOView upgrades:
- 451 playhead/ruler for inspecting frame numbers (tdervieux)
- 457 upgrade to the effect widget legibility (tdervieux)
- 467 key navigation filter menu (tdervieux)
- 449 frame all function (tdervieux)
- 378 fixing support for nested tracks (avrata)
- 422 Significant performance boost for large files
- Optimization:
- speed improvement on `each_child` that reduced a 691s operation on a full-film OTIO file to 0.8s.
- 497, 488 Enhancements to Dropframe support in Opentime (apetrynet and reinecke)
- 450 Hookscript plugins now have arguments passed in (mikekoetter)

New adapters:
- 412 GStreamer Editing Services XML adapter (thiblahute)

Small Changes:
- arguments for the commandline tools are now more consistent and richer
- media linker arguments are now passed in
- 434, 392 upgrades for the EDL adapter (apetrynet, mikekoetter)
- 437 there was a slice membership bug that got fixed
- 426, 363 For audio-only tracks, the rv adapter will insert a blank movieproc so only sound is loaded from a source (avrata, apetrynet)
- better unicode string support
- 462 ALE adapter ugprades (mikekoetter)
- 403 Fix a bug in the hook/manifest system (timlehr)

And more! Thanks to everyone for this big release!


Big Changes:
- 309 FCP X XML adapter (thanks eric-with-a-c)
- New plugins:
- 351 HookScripts: let you run code in between steps in the OTIO execution flow
- 342 SchemaDefs: add your own proprietary schemas to OTIO (for example, for a custom metadata class specific to your studio) (peachey)
- 342 UnknownSchema: If OTIO hits a schema it doesn't recognize, it doesn't trigger a parse error, instead a blind object is constructed and carried along. (peachey)
- 312 Documentation for OTIO now lives on readthedocs: (big thanks to boredstiff)
- Optimizations:
- 357 Tracks now maintain a set to improve 'contains' performance, resulting in (in some cases) 50x speedup for constructing tracks with lots of clips (thanks rogergodspeed)
- 358 Added `range_of_all_children` to return a dictionary of all the ranges of children of a track in the space of the parent (equivalent to `range_in_parent`). This sped up the flatten algorithm considerably.

Small Changes:
- 335, 325, 301 Improvements to the AAF reader (including support for handling muted clips)
- 299 Now commandline tools are organized into a 'console' module so that pip install correctly installs them
- 355 otioview, otioconvert and otiocat grew a commandline argument to disable the medialinker -m none
- 291 Builds now also include Python 3.6, to keep up with the VFX platform. (boredstiff)
- 359 Ensure that constructors copy values for things that shouldn't be referenced.

- 302 otioview now has a number of keyboard shortcuts that make it easier to navigate (bonpix)
- 321 Dark mode for otioview (boredstiff)

As usual, other small fixes and improvements.


Addresses 313, making a point release with the bug fixes and pushing this to pypi. Includes:

- Fix location of console scripts so OpenTimelineIO commandline scripts work properly when installed from PyPI.
- Add a guard for pkg_resources missing


This feature includes a number of AAF and distribution related upgrades.

Big Features:

- 260: AAF adapter can read speed effects (+ a bunch of small bug fixes and enhancements)
- 239: OTIO is now in PyPI. `pip install opentimelineio` from a shell to get the library! (thanks to swallitsch)
- 222: SerializableObjects are now considered reference types, which addresses a
number of subtle bugs having to do with ‘instancing’ vs ‘copying’
- 237: You can make setuptools plugins to register adapters into OTIO now (thanks to reinecke)
- 258: Drop frame timecode support in opentime timecode functions (thanks to apetrynet)

Small Features:

- 285: `__version__` field in the opentimelineio package `import opentimelineio as otio; otio.__version__`
- 286: Convienence constructor for creating gaps of a duration:
`otio.schema.Gap(duration=otio.opentime.TimeRange(500, 24))`
- 270: better support for installing OTIO on Windows
- 274: Code coverage badge on github page (thanks to boredstiff )
- 247: You can pass adapter arguments into otioview
- 160: PySide 2.0 support for otioview (thanks to boredstiff )

+ Lots of other small fixes and upgrades. Non-Pixar folks who contributed to this release include:

- apetrynet
- boredstiff
- reinecke
- rogergodspeed
- swallitsch

Thanks to members of the community who chimed in on issues.


This is a bug-fix minor update to Beta 7, including support for releasing via PyPI.


New Features:
- Added AAF adapter (read only for now)
- Added support for GeneratorReferences (solid color, etc.)
- Added Code of Conduct
- Added flatten function that collapses multiple tracks into one
- Added support for writing dissolves to the EDL adapter (mikemahony)
- Added support for different flavors of EDL (Nucoda, Avid) to EDL adapter (lsavidge)
- Contrib adapters are installed by default

Non-backwards compatible API changes:
- Renamed media_reference.External to schema.ExternalReference
- Moved media reference classes into schema

API Changes:
- Added functions for filtering OTIO hierarchies
- Added convenience methods for getting handles of clips with adjacent transitions
- Added convenience methods for getting video/audio tracks from a timeline
- Adapter read/write to/from string functions default to otio_json

- EDL adapter accepts a rate parameter (tuan-huy-truong)
- EDL adapter treats gaps and black clips as two different things (mikemahony)
- Fixed problems when iterating over a Track with duplicate children
- More bug fixes from bashesenaxis, sobotka, avrata, and tuan-huy-truong


Big features:
- Sequence renamed to Track
- CDL support in CMX EDL adapter
- Added otiostat validation utility
- Added Avid Log Exchange (ALE) adapter
- Text burn-in adapter via ffmpeg (thanks repsac)

Small features:
- Adapters can take arguments
- Improved nested track support in otioview
- Improved API for dealing with parent/child time ranges.


This is OpenTimelineIO's first public beta release.

Big features:
- Updated license to make the project public.
- Transition support in the FCP XML adapter and OTIO View (bashesenaxis)
- Multiple timeline support in FCP XML and OTIO View (bashesenaxis)
- Media Linker plugin feature

Small features:
- Filler renamed to Gap
- Marker colors
- Travis CI setup (mikemahony)
- Clarified available_range, duration, and inclusive/exclusive time ranges
- Bug fixes in Transition support in EDL and RV adapters
- Lots more bug fixes (mikemahony, bashesenaxis, avrata)


Big features:
- Transition support (reading from EDLs, writing to RV)
- RV session file adapter (writing only) (with help from tweakjon)
- Maya Sequencer adapter (from bashesenaxis)
- HLS adapter (from reinecke)
- Support for saving a collection of OTIO objects in one file (e.g. a bin of timelines & clips)

Smaller stuff:
- API clarification for inclusive/exclusive end_time.
- Conceptual architecture documentation.
- Fixed non-24 fps timecode. (from reinecke)
- More robust EDL parsing based on production data from real studios. (from adaro and others)


This release includes:
- Final Cut Pro 7 XML adapter (from bashesenaxis )
- Adobe Premiere support via the FCP 7 XML adapter (from bashesenaxis )
- Cross-platform PySide viewer application and widget for visually inspecting OTIO compatible files. (from bashesenaxis )
- Marker support in the CMX EDL reader
- New code documentation system
- Coverage `make` target
- Optimized the unit test run time


- Support for versioning schemas ( 10 ). As things change, developers can define upgrade functions so that future versions of OTIO can gracefully upgrade older versions of the schema.
- Nesting and functionality to fetch the range of nested items/compositions ( 16 13 )
- Removing the unused "transform" property ( 12 )
- Python 3 support ( 19 24 20, reinecke )
- Conversion to/from seconds for RationalTime ( 17, reinecke )
- Cleanup on the `` ( 18 reinecke )

Thank you!


First public push of OTIO to early collaborators.