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- Fix bug in the plugin upload service.

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What's Changed

* The`kili.assets()` method now supports downloading video and rich text assets. Up to now, these two asset types were being skipped.
* When using the`kili.copy_project()` method, you now have the option to also include assets and labels from the original project. This will give you a lot more flexibility when copying existing projects.
* In Kili’s [SDK documentation](, you can now access our new tutorials section. We’re planning to keep adding new tutorials there.
* When a call results in a `GraphQLError`, the call fails immediately and does not take 10 seconds anymore.

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- Add missing basic project setup tutorial in the documentation.

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- Fixing a bug in the 2.127.0 preventing to use `update_properties_in_projects` to update the project metadata types

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What's Changed
- Export to the Pascal VOC format is now available in the Kili CLI and through the `kili.export_labels()` method.
- The `export_labels()` method now has a `with_assets` parameter that controls whether assets will be included in the output file.
- We’ve created a new method to change asset external IDs: `kili.change_asset_external_ids()`.
- It is now possible to copy an existing project by using the CLI: `kili project copy <project_id>` or with the new `kili.copy_project()` SDK method.
- Importing labels through Kili CLI is now 10 times faster.
- Importing labels from a .CSV file is not supported anymore in the CLI.
- The `export_labels()`, `append_labels()`, `create_predictions()`, `add_to_review()`, `delete_many_from_dataset()`, `update_properties_in_assets()` and `send_back_to_queue()` methods now also accept asset external IDs as parameters. This means that you can use asset names instead of internal Kili IDs, which should simplify and speed up the whole process.
- The `add_to_review()`, `send_back_to_queue()` , and `update_properties_in_project()` methods now return more detailed information about the changes that have been made.

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- Fix a bug preventing to upload several assets at the same time without providing external ids
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