Safety CI checks your commits and pull requests on GitHub for dependencies with known security vulnerabilities.

Don't ship insecure code.

See what is vulnerable

Safety CI integrates with your GitHub account, just like tests do. You'll get a status on every pull request and on each and every commit - across all your branches.

See what exactly is wrong

If you are using a dependency with a known security vulnerability, checks on GitHub will fail and you'll get a link to a page with details about the vulnerability. This allows you to check if you are affected and gives you all the details straight from the source.

Safety CI is part of

Meet the Safety family

The Safety family is a set of tools that help you to keep your dependencies secure.


Safety is a command line tool that checks local dependencies for known security vulnerabilities.

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Safety CI

Safety CI is integrated into and checks commits and Pull Requests on your GitHub repo for insecure dependencies.

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