August 01, 2022

Discontinuation of Safety CI for free users

Prior to August 1, 2022, PyUp offered a free edition of Safety CI, allowing users to scan their public GitHub Repositories against our commercial Python vulnerability database. All users without a paid PyUp subscription received an email notifying them of the discontinuation of this free service.

PyUp is built with open source at its core, and serving the open source community is an important part of our mission. We remain committed to this, and open source projects can apply for a free PyUp account. Furthermore, Nonprofit organizations may be eligible for a discounted PyUp account. If you would like to apply for a free or discounted account, please submit a request.

Commercial teams wishing to transition to a paid PyUp account should choose a plan most suited to them. Paid accounts include full access to all of PyUp’s proprietary data updated multiple times a day, along with other useful resources. All plans have access to Safety GitHub Action as a Safety CI replacement, which has more powerful configurations and features, while requiring no stored GitHub token access.

Users who prefer to scan their Python environment, requirements file, or CI/CD environment outside of GitHub should use PyUp’s Safety CLI, featuring actionable fix recommendations, a security policy file support, exit codes, and an improved JSON structure. Non-commercial users will still be able to use Safety CLI without a PyUp account, albeit by using a delayed vulnerability database licensed only for non-commercial use.

In addition to a Basic account, PyUp offers Enterprise and Team plans that include custom CVSS ratings, package license scans, implementation support, on-premises implementations, and ongoing security advice from our Cybersecurity Intelligence Team.