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Continuing to debug gui problems


Fixed issue with GUI not opening due to image problem.


Introducing our CLI and a functional GUI with added features.


> **_NOTE:_** Version 1.0B will be released upon publication of our research paper.

Train and explain any machine learning model with as little as no code. Compare explanations with ease so that you can optimize your models to the highest performance levels and analyze error cases.

First public release. Features include:

1. Data loading from CSV or sk-learn
2. Training of all sk-learn models
3. Explanation Generation using common explanatory systems (SHAP, LIME, MACE, PDP, ALE, SENSITIVITY, etc.)
4. GUI Interface requiring no code to operate
5. In-depth demo tutorial with example output graphs and tables
6. Online documentation


Updated GUI and other edits.


Added functionality of redirecting graphics to image files in addition to standard output.

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