Latest version: v14.2.2

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- [Bugfix] Fix `jinja2.exceptions.TemplateSyntaxError: expected token 'end of statement block', got '|'` error by bumping the minimum required version of the Jinja2 package.

- [Feature] Add support for MongoDB SSL, authentication source, mechanism and replica set via the `MONGODB_USE_SSL`, `MONGODB_AUTH_MECHANISM`, `MONGODB_AUTH_SOURCE`, `MONGODB_REPLICA_SET` settings. (by zakum1 and regisb)

- [Bugfix] Fix tag of "openedx" development Docker image. Previously, this Docker tag did not include the Tutor version. As a consequence, a different cached image could be used in some cases. For instance: when running `tutor dev run` commands. Now, the image tag is "openedx-dev:TUTOR_VERSION".

- [Bugfix] Fix name of Swahili locale: it is "sw-ke" and not "sw" (by regisb).

- [Security] Apply drag-n-drop v2 xblock [security patch]( (by regisb)

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Not secure
- [Improvement] Auto-completion of `plugins` and `config` arguments: `plugins enable/disable NAME`, `plugins install PATH`, `config save --set KEY=VAL`, `config save --unset KEY`, `config printvalue KEY`. (by regisb)
- [Bugfix] Fix minimum click version (>= 8.0.0) when installing tutor from pip.
- [Improvement] Enable CORS by default for both LMS and CMS by moving those settings to the `common_all` partial. (by arbrandes)


Not secure
- [Improvement] Auto-complete implicit `local/dev --mount /path/to/...` options. (by regisb)
- 💥[Feature] Strong typing of action and filter hooks: this allows us to detect incorrect calls to `actions.add` or `filters.add` early. Strong typing forces us to break the `do` and `apply` API by removing the `context` named argument. Developers should replace `do(context=...)` by `do_from_context(..., )` (and similar for `apply`).


Not secure
- [Security] Fix edx-platform XSS vulnerability on "next" parameter. (by regisb)


Not secure
- [Deprecation] Tutor is no longer compatible with Python 3.6. (by regisb)
- [Security] Fix xblock ajax handler vulnerability. (by regisb)
- [Improvement] Use web proxy gzip encoding to improve bandwidth. We observe a 75% size reduction on the LMS dashboard. (by ghassanmas)


Not secure
- [Improvement] Upgrade Scorm XBlock to v14.0.0. (by regisb)
- 💥[Improvement] The Richie plugin was transferred to the Openfun organization; thus, it is no longer officially supported and it is removed from the default set of plugins that ships with `pip install tutor[full]` or the Tutor pre-compiled binary. Users are encouraged to uninstall the `tutor-richie` Python package and install the `tutor-contrib-richie` package instead.
- [Feature] Upgrade edx-platform i18n strings to nutmeg.2. (by regisb)


Not secure
- [Bugfix] Fix MongoDB replica set connection error resulting from edx-platform's pymongo (3.10.1 -> 3.12.3) upgrade ([edx-platform30569]( (by ormsbee)
- [Feature] Upgrade all applications to open-release/nutmeg.2. (by BbrSofiane)


Not secure
- [Feature] Add the `-m/--mount` option to `tutor dev quickstart`. (by regisb)
- [Bugfix] Fix `tutor dev start -m /path/to/frontend-app-learning` by introducing dev-specific `COMPOSE_DEV_TMP` and `COMPOSE_DEV_JOBS_TMP` filters (by regisb).
- [Bugfix] Log the shell commands that Tutor executes more accurately. (by kdmccormick)
- [Bugfix] `tutor dev quickstart` would fail under certain versions of docker-compose due to a bug in the logic that handled volume mounting. (by kdmccormick)
- [Bugfix] The `tutor k8s start` command will succeed even when `k8s-override` and `kustomization-patches-strategic-merge` are not specified. (by edazzocaisser)
- [BugFix] `kubectl wait` checks deployments instead of pods as it could hang indefinitely if there are extra pods in a broken state. (by keithgg)


Not secure
- [Bugfix] Build openedx-dev Docker image even when the host user is root, for instance on Windows. (by regisb)
- [Bugfix] Patch nutmeg.1 release with [LTI 1.3 fix]( (by ormsbee)
- [Improvement] Make it possible to override k8s resources in plugins using `k8s-override` patch. (by foadlind)


Not secure
- [Bugfix] Update problem with hint template so it works with newer python versions. (by mariajgrimaldi)
- [Feature] Add default PYTHONBREAKPOINT to openedx/Dockerfile (by Carlos-Muniz)
- [Bugfix] Fix smtp server port in `cms.yml` which was causing email sending failures in the Studio. (by regisb)
- [Bugfix] Skip waiting for MongoDB if it is served using SRV records. (by gabor-boros)
- [Improvement] Use `git am` instead of `cherry-pick` to simplify patching process.
- [Improvement] Tutor is now compatible with Docker Compose subcommand.


Not secure
- [Bugfix] Fix missing tables on migration from maple ([689]( (by ibrmora)
- [Bugfix] Fix plugin patches in cms.env.yml template.


Not secure
- 💥[Feature] Upgrade to Nutmeg: (by regisb)
- 💥[Feature] Hide a course from the `/course` search page in the LMS when the course visibility is set to "none" in the Studio. (thanks ghassanmas!)
- 💥[Improvement] The `lms.env.json` and `cms.env.json` files are moved to `lms.env.yml` and `cms.env.yml`. As a consequence, plugin developers must reformat the following patches to use YAML format, and not JSON: "common-env-features", "lms-env-features", "cms-env-features", "lms-env", "cms-env", "openedx-auth".
- 💥[Feature] Persistent grades are now enabled by default.
- [Bugfix] Remove edX references from bulk emails ([issue](
- [Improvement] For Tutor Nightly (and only Nightly), official plugins are now installed from their nightly branches on GitHub instead of a version range on PyPI. This will allow Nightly users to install all official plugins by running ``pip install -e ".[full]"``.
- [Bugfix] Start MongoDB when running migrations, because a new data migration fails if MongoDB is not running


Not secure
- [Bugfix] Crashing celery workers in development (681). (by regisb)
- [Bugfix] Fix studio logout issue. (by Alec4r)


Not secure
- [Security] Apply logout redirect url security fix. (by regisb)
- [Feature] Make it possible to force the rendering of a given template, even when the template path matches an ignore pattern. (by regisb)
- 💥[Bugfix] Get rid of the `tutor config render` command, which is useless now that themes can be implemented as plugins. (by regisb)


Not secure
- [Bugfix] Truncate site display name to 50 characters with a warning, fixing data too long error for long site names. (by navinkarkera)
- [Feature] Add patch to allow overriding final openedx docker image CMD.
- [Bugfix] Ignore Python plugins that cannot be loaded. (by regisb)
- [Improvement] Faster and more reliable builds with `npm clean-install` instead of `npm install`. (by regisb. Thanks ghassanmas!)
- [Bugfix] Fix 500 error during studio login. (by regisb)
- [Bugfix] Fix updates for the Caddy deployment in multi-node Kubernetes clusters (660). Previously, Caddy configuration updates might fail if the Kubernetes cluster had more than one worker node. (by fghaas)


Not secure
- [Bugfix] Mounts were broken in dev mode. (by kdmccormick)


Not secure
- [Bugfix] Fix broken file upload in studio because of unpinned studio-frontend requirement (see [discussion]( and [pull request]( (by regisb. Thanks uetuluk!).
- [Bugfix] "The Compose file is invalid" error on mounting dev-only folders. (by regisb)
- [Bugfix] CMS settings in development. (by regisb)


Not secure
- [Improvement] Add the `COMPOSE_PROJECT_STARTED` action and run `dev stop` on `local start` (and vice versa). (by regisb)
- [Feature] Introduce `local/dev copyfrom` command to copy contents from a container. (by regisb)
- [Bugfix] Fix a race condition that could prevent a newly provisioned LMS container from starting due to a `FileExistsError` when creating data folders.
- [Deprecation] Mark `tutor dev runserver` as deprecated in favor of `tutor dev start`. Since `start` now supports bind-mounting and breakpoint debugging, `runserver` is redundant and will be removed in a future release. (by kdmccormick)
- [Improvement] Allow breakpoint debugging when attached to a service via `tutor dev start SERVICE`. (by kdmccormick)
- [Security] Apply rate limiting security fix (see [commit]( (by regisb)
- [Feature] Introduce the ``-m/--mount`` option in ``local`` and ``dev`` commands to auto-magically bind-mount folders from the host. (by regisb)
- [Feature] Add `tutor dev quickstart` command, which is similar to `tutor local quickstart`, except that it uses dev containers instead of local production ones and includes some other small differences for the convience of Open edX developers. This should remove some friction from the Open edX development setup process, which previously required that users provision using local producation containers (`tutor local quickstart`) but then stop them and switch to dev containers (`tutor local stop && tutor dev start -d`). (by kdmccormick)
- 💥[Improvement] Make it possible to run `tutor k8s exec <command with multiple arguments>` (636). As a consequence, it is no longer possible to run quoted commands: `tutor k8s exec "<some command>"`. Instead, you should remove the quotes: `tutor k8s exec <some command>`. (by regisb)
- 💥[Deprecation] Drop support for the `TUTOR_EDX_PLATFORM_SETTINGS` environment variable. It is now recommended to create a plugin instead. (by regisb)
- 💥[Improvement] Complete overhaul of the plugin extension mechanism. Tutor now has a hook-based Python API: actions can be triggered at different points of the application life cycle and data can be modified thanks to custom filters. The v0 plugin API is still supported, for backward compatibility, but plugin developers are encouraged to migrate their plugins to the new API. See the new plugin tutorial for more information. (by regisb)
- [Improvement] Improved the output of `tutor plugins list`. (by regisb)
- [Feature] Add `tutor [dev|local|k8s] status` command, which provides basic information about the platform's status. (by kdmccormick)


Not secure
- [Security] Apply SAML security fix.
- [Improvement] In addition to the Docker build arguments `EDX_PLATFORM_REPOSITORY` and `NPM_REGISTRY`, also support two corresponding and identically-named `config.yml` values serving the same purpose.


Not secure
- [Feature] Upgrade all applications to open-release/maple.3.


Not secure
- [Security] Fix open redirect vulnerability in inactive user flow (see [commit](


Not secure
- [Bugfix] Fix "evalsymlink failure" during `k8s quickstart` (611).
- [Bugfix] Fix "TypeError: upgrade() got an unexpected keyword argument 'non_interactive'" during `local upgrade`.


Not secure
- [Bugfix] Fix dockerize on arm64 by switching to the [powerman/dockerize]( fork (#591).
- [Bugfix] Fix "Unexpected args" error during service initialisation on Kubernetes (611).


Not secure
- [Bugfix] Fix `local/k8s quickstart` commands when upgrading from an older release (595).
- [Bugfix] Fix running the default exim-relay SMTP server on arm64 (600).
- [Feature] Add `tutor k8s apply` command, which is a direct interface with `kubectl apply`.
- [Feature] Add `openedx-dockerfile-minimal` patch, which you can use to install custom packages and run commands as root in the Docker image.


Not secure
- [Improvement] Upgrade all services to open-release/maple.2.


Not secure
- [Security] Fix vulnerability in redirect URL during authentication (see [commit](


Not secure
- [Security] Fix vulnerability in call to invalid enrollment API (see [commit](
- [Bugfix] Fix "Internal Server Error / AttributeError / object has no attribute 'get_metadata'" in learning MFE.
- [Improvement] Replace all links to by, following the migration of all repositories.
- [Bugfix] Fix `k8s start caddy` command.


Not secure
- [Bugfix] Fix auto-renewal of certificates revoked by Let's Encrypt (see [discussion](


Not secure
- [Bugfix] Fix authentication in development due to missing SameSite policy on session ID cookie.
- [Bugfix] Display properly themed favicon.ico image in LMS, Studio, and microfrontends.
- [Bugfix] Fix "LazyStaticAbsoluteUrl is not JSON serializable" error when sending bulk emails.
- [Bugfix] Fix `tutor local importdemocourse` fails when the platform is not up.


Not secure
- [Improvement] Provide much more comprehensive instructions when upgrading.
- [Bugfix] During the upgrade, make sure that the environment is up-to-date before prompting to rebuild the custom images.
- [Bugfix] Fix ownership of MySQL data, in particular when upgrading a Kubernetes cluster to Maple.
- [Bugfix] Ensure that ``tutor k8s upgrade`` is run during ``tutor k8s quickstart``, when necessary.
- 💥[Bugfix] By default, detect the current version during ``tutor k8s/local upgrade``.
- [Bugfix] Fix upgrading from Lilac to Maple on Kubernetes by deleting deployments and services.


Not secure
- [Security] Upgrade Django to 3.2.11 in edx-platform.
- [Security] Prevent non-staff users from searching usernames by email by abusing the logout URL.


Not secure
- [Security] Prevent non-staff users from searching usernames by email.


Not secure
- [Bugfix] Missing requirements file in `pip install tutor[full]`.


Not secure
- 💥[Improvement] Upgrade to Maple
- Install all official plugins as part of the `tutor[full]` package.
- Don't print error messages about loading plugins during autocompletion.
- Prompt for image building when upgrading from one release to the next.
- 💥 Allow concurrent logins to the LMS and the CMS.
- Add `tutor local start --skip-build` option to skip building Docker images.
- [Feature] Better support of Caddy as a load balancer in Kubernetes:
- Make it possible to start/stop a selection of resources with ``tutor k8s start/stop [names...]``.
- Make it easy to deploy an independent LoadBalancer by converting the caddy service to a ClusterIP when ``ENABLE_WEB_PROXY=false``.
- Add a `` loadbalancer`` label to the LoadBalancer service.
- Add ```` labels to all services.
- Preserve the LoadBalancer service in ``tutor k8s stop`` commands.
- Wait for the caddy deployment to be ready before running initialisation jobs.
- Fix running Caddy container in k8s, which should always be the case even if `ENABLE_WEB_PROXY` is false.
- [Security] On Kubernetes, convert all NodePort services to ClusterIP to guarantee network isolation from outside the cluster.
- 💥[Improvement] Move the Open edX forum to a [dedicated plugin]( (#450).
- 💥[Improvement] Drop Python 3.5 compatibility.
- 💥[Bugfix] No longer track the Tutor version number in resource labels (and label selectors, which breaks the update of Deployment resources), but instead do so in resource annotations.
- 💥[Improvement] Get rid of the "tutor-openedx" package, which is no longer supported.
- 💥[Improvement] Run all services as unprivileged containers, for better security. This has multiple consequences:
- The "openedx-dev" image is now built with `tutor dev dc build lms`.
- The "smtp" service now runs the "devture/exim-relay" Docker image, which is unprivileged. Also, the default SMTP port is now 8025.
- 💥[Feature] Get rid of the Nginx container and service, which is now replaced by Caddy. this has the following consequences:
- Patches "nginx-cms", "nginx-lms", "nginx-extra", "local-docker-compose-nginx-aliases" are replaced by "caddyfile-cms", "caddyfile-lms", "caddyfile", " local-docker-compose-caddy-aliases".
- Patches "k8s-deployments-nginx-volume-mounts", "k8s-deployments-nginx-volumes" were obsolete and are removed.
- The `NGINX_HTTP_PORT` setting is renamed to `CADDY_HTTP_PORT`.
- [Bugfix] Fix building of the `openedx` image on ARM64 due to missing `libgeos-dev`


Not secure
- [Bugfix] Fix incorrect "from" address in course bulk emails (see [pull request](
- 💥[Improvement] Fail on incorrect image name argument in `images build/pull/push/printtag` commands.
- [Bugfix] Remove trailing slashes in docker-compose files for [compatibility with docker-compose v2 in WSL](
- [Improvement] `settheme` now works with the preview domain.
- [Feature] Allow specifying extra pip packages through config.yml.


Not secure
- [Security] Timed exam security fix [29347](
- [Feature] Add [tutor-richie]( to the plugins that are bundled with the tutor binary.
- [Improvement] Make `tutor plugins list` print plugins sorted by name.
- [Improvement] Ignore Python plugins that cannot be loaded.
- [Bugfix] When configured with `RUN_FORUM: false`, omit forum-related [Jobs]( from the manifests that `tutor k8s` generates. (#525)


Not secure
- [Improvement] Upgrade all services to open-release/lilac.3.
- [Feature] Make it possible to override job configuration in development: if they exist, `dev/` and `dev/` will be loaded when running jobs.
- [Improvement] Faster `tutor local start` by building only necessary images.


Not secure
- 💥[Improvement] Change the `settheme` command such that, by default, a custom theme is assigned to the LMS and the CMS, both in production and development mode.
- [Bugfix] Change the `local quickstart` command to check for adequate Docker memory allocation on macOS (463)


Not secure
- [Feature] Add configuration setting `PREVIEW_LMS_BASE` for custom preview domain.
- [Improvement] Enable milestones application flag `MILESTONES_APP` and prerequisite courses feature flags `ENABLE_PREREQUISITE_COURSES` by default.


Not secure
- [Bugfix] Fix 500 error during user registration.
- [Bugfix] Fix Mongodb compatibility version upgrade when upgrading from Koa to Lilac.
- [Feature] Ability to pass [docker build options]( via ``--docker-arg`` option in ``tutor images build`` command.


Not secure
- [Bugfix] Fix (again) forum starting issue: "NoMethodError: undefined method 'encode' for nil:NilClass".


Not secure
- [Bugfix] Fix forum starting issue: "NoMethodError: undefined method 'encode' for nil:NilClass".


Not secure
- [Improvement] Make it easier to run edx-platform unit tests.
- [Bugfix] Fix segmentation fault during `tutor config save` on Mac OS M1 (473). Thanks ghassanmas!
- [Bugfix] Fix a bug that prevented connecting to external MongoDB instances.
- [Improvement] Make sure that the logo included in email notifications (including discussion responses) is the same as the site logo.
- [Bugfix] Install IPython directly from PyPI instead of installing it from source (the reason it was installed from source is no longer relevant). The effect of this shall speed up the process of building the openedx-dev Docker image.
- [Feature] Add "openedx-dockerfile-post-git-checkout" patch.
- [Improvement] In the "openedx" Docker images, convert git patches to cherry-picks for a cleaner source tree.
- 💥[Feature] Make it possible to override local job configuration. This deprecates the older model for running jobs which dates back from a long time ago.


Not secure
- [Security] Apply security patch [28442](


Not secure
- [Improvement] Upgrade all services to open-release/lilac.2.
- [Bugfix] Fix "`sh` is not a recognized command" in some plugins, including minio.
- [Improvement] Set the default contact mailing email address
- [Bugfix] Fix minio initialisation in Kubernetes.


Not secure
- [Bugfix] Fix "Invalid command argument" during upgrade from Koa to Lilac.
- [Bugfix] Fix MySQL initialisation in docker-compose==2.0.0beta4.
- [Improvement] Tutor is now published on PyPI as "tutor".


Not secure
- [Bugfix] Fix double pulling MongoDB image when upgrading from Koa to Lilac.
- [Improvement] Better logging during `plugins disable`.
- [Bugfix] Fix "upstream sent too big header" error during login of existing users after a Koa to Lilac upgrade.
- [Feature] Added the ability to skip `config.yml` file modification while running `tutor config save` command with `-e` or `--env-only` flag.
- [Feature] Add new config value `FORUM_MONGODB_DATABASE` to set the forum database name.


- 💥[Improvement] Upgrade all services to open-release/lilac.master.
- 💥[Feature] Migrate Android app building and the WebUI frontend away from core Tutor and to dedicated plugins (see [TEP]( The `DOCKER_IMAGE_ANDROID` setting is thus renamed to `ANDROID_DOCKER_IMAGE`.
- [Feature] Run `docker-compose build` as part of `tutor local start`.


- [Improvement] Avoid permission issues in Kubernetes/Openshift for users who do not have the rights to edit their namespace.
- [Improvement] Better Kubernetes object creation.


- 💥[Security] Disable python-evaluated input by default as we don't run codejail.
- [Bugfix] Fix missing discussion notifications.
- [Improvement] Better error logging when loading a plugin from an incompatible version.


- [Feature] Add Redis database configuration for both cache and celery.


- [Security] Apply Django security patches by upgrading from 2.2.20 to 2.2.23.
- [Bugfix] Fix video unit completion (see [pull request](


- [Bugfix] Fix crashing installation because of a major release of all Pallets projects.
- [Bugfix] Fix crash in `local quickstart -p` command.
- [Bugfix] Fix 502 error on request to lms with header larger than the maximum uwsgi buffer size.


- [Bugfix] Fix parsing of YAML-formatted values in ``config save --set KEY=VALUE`` commands, in use for instance with Ecommerce.


- [Security] Apply security patch [27394](
- [Feature] Add patches to extend python requirements installation process in openedx and openedx-dev Dockerfiles.
- [Improvement] Apply edx-platform patches during Docker image build using tutor patch 'openedx-dockerfile-git-patches-default'.


- [Improvement] Upgrade all services to open-release/koa.3.
- [Feature] Make it possible to build the openedx Docker image with a custom openedx-i18n version with the ``--build-arg OPENEDX_I18N_VERSION=custom`` command line argument.


- [Bugfix] Fix edge case where `PLUGINS` entry is null in config.yml.
- [Bugfix] Fix missing py2neo dependency in `images build openedx` (411).


- [Bugfix] Fix "Invalid Request" error during SAML authentication (thanks Ant1x!).
- [Feature] Add `make pull-base-images` command to update base images.
- [Improvement] Annotate types all over the Tutor code base.
- [Bugfix] Fix parsing of YAML CLI arguments that include equal "=" signs.
- [Bugfix] Fix minor edge case in `long_to_base64` utility function.
- [Improvement] Add openedx patches to add settings during the build process.


- [Bugfix] Make LMS celery workers actually process LMS tasks and not CMS tasks.


- [Security] Apply security patch [26592](


- [Bugfix] Actually persist Redis data.


- [Bugfix] Upgrade all services to open-release/koa.2.


- [Security] Apply security patch [26432](
- [Bugfix] Print warnings to stderr.


- [Security] Apply security patch [26358](


- [Security] Apply security patch [26253](


- [Bugfix] Fix django setting value and static asset loading in openedx-dev image.


- [Feature] Add a `tutor images build --target=...` argument for [multi-stage Docker builds](
- [Feature] Create a test version of the openedx-dev Docker image for running edx-platform unit tests.
- [Security] Apply security patch [26112](
- [Bugfix] Fix `local exec` command which crashed with a `AttributeError`.


- [Bugfix] Fix "Read-only file system" errors when running `tutor dev runserver` commands on Mac OS (again, see 392).
- [Feature] Automatically bind-mount volumes from the `volumes/` directory with the `--volume=/...` syntax.


- [Security] Apply security patch [26029](


- [Security] Apply security patch [25974](


- [Bugfix] Fix "Invalid type for parameter ContentType" error on js upload in Scorm xblock ([openedx-scorm-xblock 16](


- [Bugfix] Fix "Read-only file system" errors when running `tutor dev runserver` commands on Mac OS (392).


- [Bugfix] Fix upload of video transcripts to S3 (again).


- [Bugfix] Fix missing celery tasks from edx-platform (see [upstream PR](


- [Security] Apply security patch [25834](
- [Bugfix] Fix Android apk directory mount path.


- 💥[Improvement] Upgrade Open edX to Koa.
- 💥 Setting changes:
- The ``ACTIVATE_HTTPS`` setting was renamed to ``ENABLE_HTTPS``.
- Other ``ACTIVATE_*`` variables were all renamed to ``RUN_*``.
- The ``WEB_PROXY`` setting was removed and ``RUN_CADDY`` was added.
- The ``NGINX_HTTPS_PORT`` setting is deprecated.
- Architectural changes:
- Use Caddy as a web proxy for automated SSL/TLS certificate generation:
- Nginx no longer listens to port 443 for HTTPS traffic.
- The Caddy configuration file comes with a new ``caddyfile`` patch for much simpler SSL/TLS management.
- Configuration files for web proxies are no longer provided.
- Kubernetes deployment no longer requires setting up a custom Ingress resource or custom manager.
- Gunicorn and Whitenoise are replaced with uwsgi: this increases bootstrap performance and makes it no longer necessary to mount media folders in the Nginx container.
- Replace Memcached and RabbitMQ with Redis.
- Additional features:
- Make it possible to disable all plugins at once with ``plugins disable all``.
- Add ``tutor k8s wait`` command to wait for a pod to become ready.
- Faster, more reliable static assets with local memory caching.
- Deprecation: proxy files for Apache and Nginx are no longer provided out of the box.
- Removed plugin `{{ patch (...) }}` statements:
- "https-create", "k8s-ingress-rules", "k8s-ingress-tls-hosts": these are no longer necessary. Instead, declare your app in the "caddyfile" patch.
- "local-docker-compose-nginx-volumes": this patch was primarily used to serve media assets. The recommended solution is now to serve assets with uwsgi.


- [Security] Apply upstream edx-platform [security patch](


- [Improvement] Increase the timeout of the gunicorn worker command in openedx Dockerfile.


- [Bugfix] Fix Dockerfile parsing on Windows.
- [Improvement] Add option to patch lms and cms Nginx server blocks.


- 💥[Improvement] Remove `dev/local pullimages`. Instead, run `dev/local dc pull`.
- 💥[Improvement] Add `dev dc` and `local dc` commands as thin wrappers of the `docker-compose` CLI.
- 💥[Improvement] Remove the undocumented `local run_hook` command. Instead, run `local init --limit=...`.
- 💥[Improvement] Remove `tutor android pullimage` command. Instead, run `tutor images pull android`.
- [Bugfix] Fix `config save` on Windows.
- [Bugfix] Fix platform checking in user ID function.


- [Bugfix] Fix dependency error during `pip install tutor` due to urllib3 incompatibility.
- [Bugfix] Fix user ID checking under Windows.
- [Bugfix] Fix template rendering for Windows users.
- [Improvement] Switch to `bcrypt` for htpasswd password generation, for better portability on Windows.
- [Improvement] In the openedx production docker image, add some jitter to the gunicorn worker restart process to prevent all workers from restarting at the same time.


**Note for users of the [Tutor AMI](** To upgrade from a previous v10 release, run:

curl -fsSL | sh

- [Improvement] Mount config and setting files in read-only mode.
- 💥[Improvement] Enable unit completion tracking by default.
- [Bugfix] Run `apt update` before `apt install` when installing deps in the openedx Dockerfile.


- [Improvement] Make all commands considerably faster.
- [Improvement] Make it easier to override Mongodb connection parameters.
- [Bugfix] Add support for .woff and .woff2 font files in themes (thanks mrtndwrd!).


- 💥[Improvement] Simplify CORS configuration.


- [Bugfix] Fix Apache proxy configuration when HTTPS is enabled (370).


- [Feature] Add ``images printtag`` command.
- [Improvement] Make it possible to override individual contact email addresses with plugins.
- [Bugfix] Replace "no-replyLMS_BASE" email address by regular contact email address.
- [Bugfix] Disable learner records globally by default.
- [Improvement] Upgrade to the latest release of MySQL 5.6.
- [Improvement] Non-plugin settings added by "set" directives are now automatically removed when the plugin is disabled (241).


- [Improvement] Add CORS basic configuration to LMS for subdomains of the LMS.
- [Feature] Add support for `images build --add-host` option (thanks grinderz!).
- [Bugfix] Fix podman compatibility by replacing `docker-compose rm` command with `docker-compose stop` when stopping containers.
- [Improvement] Improve plugin data deletion.
- [Improvement] Introduce the `OPENEDX_COMMON_VERSION` setting.
- [Bugfix] Make it possible to run init jobs without starting the entire platform.
- [Improvement] Reduce "openedx" Docker image size with static asset de-duplication.


- [Bugfix] Upgrade all services to open-release/juniper.3.
- [Bugfix] Fix upload of video transcripts to S3.
- [Improvement] Memorize whether the user is running a production platform during interactive configuration.


- [Bugfix] Fix incorrect loading of some resources from localhost:18000 in development.
- [Bugfix] Fix Samesite=None Secure=False cookie error for users accessing the LMS with the latest release of Google Chrome.
- [Security] Apply javascript security patch ([pull request](
- [Bugfix] Fix "FileError" on Scorm package upload in Scorm XBlock.
- 💥[Improvement] Serve openedx static assets with [whitenoise]( instead of Nginx. This removes the `k8s-deployments-nginx-init-containers` patch. Plugins are encouraged to implement static asset serving with Whitenoise as well.
- [Bugfix] Fix dependency on MySQL service when MySQL is not activated.
- [Improvement] Improve openedx Docker image build time and size with the multi-stage build.
- 💥[Feature] Get rid of outdated sysadmin dashboard in LMS at /sysadmin.


- [Security] Apply edx-platform upstream xss security fixes ([pull request](
- 💥[Feature] Make it possible to override the docker registry for just a few services by setting `DOCKER_IMAGE_SERVICENAME` values.


- [Feature] Upgrade all repositories to open-release/juniper.3.
- [Bugfix] Fix `reload-gunicorn` command.
- [Feature] Enable sysadmin dashboard in LMS at /sysadmin.


- [Bugfix] Fix pycontracts installation error when building openedx Docker image.
- [Bugfix] Fix access to the discussion forum in development mode.


- [Bugfix] Share grade download settings between the LMS and the CMS.


- [Bugfix] Fix android user creation during init.
- [Bugfix] Fix undefined settings in k8s scripts, such as `createuser`.


- [Bugfix] Fix TypeError on viewing xblock.
- [Bugfix] Fix authentication in Android mobile application.


- [Bugfix] Fix unsent activation emails and other asynchronous tasks.


- [Security] Apply edx-platform upstream xss security fixes ([pull request](


- [Bugfix] Fix broken `tutor ui` command in binary.


- [Bugfix] Fix error on android user creation.


- [Bugfix] Fix crash when viewing the problem in LMS.
- [Bugfix] Fix missing webpack-stats.json in openedx Docker image.


- [Bugfix] Fix KeyError when running ``local quickstart`` for the first time.


- 💥[Improvement] Upgrade to Juniper 🍾.
- [Bugfix] Fix Nginx resolver address to address container restarts.
- [Feature] Add `--limit=myplugin` option to `init` commands to limit the execution of initialisation to certain services and plugins.


- [Improvement] Add `dig`, `ping` utilities to openedx-dev Docker image.
- [Bugfix] Resolve "Can't connect to MySQL server" on init.
- [Improvement] Make it possible to customise the MySQL root username, for connecting to external MySQL databases.


- [Improvement] Upgrade Android app to v2.21.1 and enable many features, such as downloading videos to SD card. Thanks for the help ejklock!.
- [Bugfix] Fix Android app crash when accessing the course.


- [Improvement] Add ability to rescore SCORM units.
- [Bugfix] Fix scoring of graded SCORM units.
- [Improvement] Increase maximum uploaded file size in the CMS from 10 to 100 Mb.


- [Security] Apply most recent edx-platform [security patches](


- [Bugfix] Fix oauth2 authentication with 3rd-party services, such as discovery.
- [Bugfix] Upgrade scorm xblock to solve caching issue.


- [Improvement] Increase max upload allowed size to 250Mb in CMS.


- 💥[Improvement] Do not deploy an ingress or SSL/TLS certificate issuer resource by default in Kubernetes.
- [Improvement] Fix tls certificate generation in k8s.
- 💥[Improvement] Radically change the way jobs are run: we no longer "exec", but instead run a dedicated container.
- 💥[Improvement] Upgrade k8s certificate issuer to
- [Feature] Add SCORM XBlock to default openedx docker image.


- [Feature] Make it easy to add custom translation strings to the openedx Docker image.
- [Improvement] Make it possible to rely on a different npm registry for faster image building.


- [Bugfix] Make sure all emails (including "password reset") are properly saved to a local file in development mode (315).
- [Improvement] Add `openedx-development-settings` patch to patch the LMS and the CMS simultaneously in development.
- [Bugfix] Fix missing celery tasks in the CMS.


- [Bugfix] Fix updates to the course structure in the LMS (302).


- [Bugfix] Fix Android app build for domain names that include a dash ("-").


- [Feature] Add `encrypt` template filter to conveniently add htpasswd-based authentication to Nginx.
- [Bugfix] Fix "missing tty" during init in cron jobs.


- [Bugfix] Fix missing js translations.
- [Bugfix] Fix tls certificate generation in cron jobs.


- [Bugfix] Fix "Unable to resolve dependency" error during forum initialisation.
- [Feature] Add `settheme` command to easily assign a theme to a domain name.
- [Improvement] Modify Nginx access logs to include request scheme and server name (plugin developers should use the "tutor" log format).
- [Bugfix] Fix DNS resolution of restarted service.
- [Feature] Restart multiple services with `local restart`.
- [Feature] Make it possible to easily reload the openedx gunicorn process with `tutor local exec lms reload-gunicorn`.
- [Improvement] Rename lms/cms_worker to lms/cms-worker in local deployment.
- [Improvement] Add the management plugin to the RabbitMQ container.
- [Improvement] Make it possible to run an Elasticsearch service on HTTPS.


- [Improvement] Switch edx-platform from open-release/ironwood.2 tag to the open-release/ironwood.master branch.
- [Security] Upgrade django to 1.11.28.
- [Improvement] Make it possible to configure the Elasticsearch heap size.
- [Bugfix] Fix broken Elasticsearch environment variables.
- [Improvement] Restore more recent Android app version (289).


- [Bugfix] Fix auth problem in Android app (289).


- [Bugfix] Fix incorrectly parsed empty strings for `config save --set ...=...` commands.


- [Bugfix] Make sure `docker-compose.override.yml` is loaded in dev and local contexts.


- [Feature] Add `config render` command.


- [Feature] Add support for simple, YAML-based plugins.
- 💥[Improvement] The output of `plugins list` now includes plugin version numbers.


- [Improvement] Explicitly point to images, when necessary, for [podman]( compatibility.


- [Bugfix] Fix OAuth authentication in dev mode.
- [Improvement] Upgrade to the 3.7 docker-compose syntax.
- [Improvement] The `dev runserver` command can now be run for just any service.
- 💥[Feature] `dev run/exec` commands now support generic options which are passed to docker-compose. Consequently, defining the `TUTOR_EDX_PLATFORM_PATH` environment variable no longer works. Instead, users are encouraged to explicitly pass the `-v` option, define a command alias or create a `docker-compose.override.yml` file.


- [Improvement] Make it possible to override the project name in development mode.
- [Bugfix] Fix user switching in development mode.
- [Bugfix] Fix "k8s quickstart" crash.


- [Security] Apply django 1.11.21 -> 1.11.27 security patches.
- [Bugfix] Fix running dev image with `sudo`.
- [Improvement] Add `cms/lms-env-features` patches (276).
- [Feature] Add plugin subcommands.
- 💥[Improvement] Move ``-r/--root`` option to parent command level.
- [Bugfix] Fix course about page visibility.
- [Improvement] Print gunicorn access logs in the console.
- 💥[Improvement] Get rid of the `indexcourses` and `portainer` command (269).


- [Improvement] Add `k8s-deployments-nginx-volume-mounts` patch.
- [Bugfix] Fix running forum locally when both Elasticsearch and MongoDB are not activated (266).
- [Bugfix] Fix MongoDB URL in the forum when running a separate service (267).
- 💥[Improvement] Better `dev` commands, with dedicated development docker image. One of the consequences is that the `dev watchthemes` command is replaced by `dev run lms watchthemes`.
- [Improvement] `images` commands now accept multiple `image` arguments.


- [Bugfix] Fix missing requirements file in PyPI package (261).
- [Improvement] Add missing cms/lms production/development setting patches.
- [Improvement] Allow SigV4 authentication for video upload to S3.
- [Bugfix] Fix cms development settings.


- [Improvement] Upgrade openedx locales to Ironwood.


- [Improvement] Properly set studio title (246).
- [Improvement] Enable Mysql strict mode.


- [Feature] Introduce tutor docker image.
- [Feature] Introduce `local hook` command for plugin development.
- [Bugfix] Persist `private.txt` file between two runs of `config save` (247).
- [Improvement] Added configuration values to limit the number of gunicorn workers for the LMS and CMS.


- 💥[Improvement] Get rid of mysql-client container.
- [Improvement] Add "local-docker-compose-lms/cms-dependencies" plugin patches.
- [Improvement] Use "exec" instead of "run" to initialise local platform.


- [Security] Fix CustomTagModule mako template injection.
- [Improvement] Move all plugins outside of the tutor repo.
- [Bugfix/Improvement] Add all plugins (with data) into binary bundle (242).


- [Bugfix] Fix missing templates in bundled plugins.
- [Bugfix] Enable HTML certificate view.


- [Bugfix] Fix missing patches from minio plugin (thanks Wejie!).


- [Feature] Modify ``createuser`` commands to define a password from the command line.
- [Improvement] Better YAML value parsing from the command line.
- [Feature] Add `dev exec` command.
- [Bugfix] Fix incorrect notes settings definition.
- [Improvement] Make it possible to start/stop/reboot a selection of services.
- [Improvement] Add `local/k8s reboot` commands.
- [Improvement] Add `-U/--unset` option to `config save`.
- [Bugfix] Fix insecure static asset loading when web proxy is enabled.
- [Improvement] Rename `SECRET_KEY` configuration parameter to `OPENEDX_SECRET_KEY`.
- [Improvement] Add support for SSL and TLS in external SMTP server (231).
- [Bugfix] Fix missing video transcripts in LMS (229).
- [Improvement] Make it possible to enable/disable multiple plugins at once.
- [Improvement] Add a few local and k8s patches for plugins.


- [Bugfix] Add pre-init hook for correct initialisation of minio.


- [Security] Apply certificate XSS security patch.


- [Feature] Make it possible for plugins to patch the build templates.
- [Improvement] Move Xqueue and Student notes to a dedicated plugin.


- [Bugfix] Fix missing password values from generated configuration.


- [Bugfix] Fix incorrect settings during lms/cms init (224).


- [Bugfix] Fix install from PyPI.
- [Improvement] Get rid of Kubernetes python package dependency.


- [Feature] Creation of a plugin system.
- [Feature] Kubernetes support out of beta.
- [Improvement] Switch to pinned image tags for easier upgrades.
- 💥[Improvement] Remove the `-y/--yes` option: `tutor config save` is now non-interactive by default. Use `-i/--interactive` to force interactive mode.
- 💥[Improvement] Replace the `databases` command with `init`.
- [Improvement] Upgrade to ironwood.2.
- [Improvement] Add `-y/--yes` option to `local quickstart` for non-interactive quickstart.
- [Improvement] Persist LMS/CMS logs to disk by default (with collaboration from silviot 💪).
- [Bugfix] Fix installing a locally cloned requirement repository.
- [Improvement] Add `--no-cache` option to `images build`.
- [Improvement] Make it possible to configure the notes service hostname.
- [Improvement] Better, more robust MySQL initialisation.


- [Bugfix] Fix boolean configuration choices.


- [Improvement] Add `local exec` command for running commands inside existing containers.
- [Bugfix] Fix triple display of courses in LMS search (upstream patch, 189).


- [Bugfix] Reduce the number of gunicorn workers to address RAM usage (207).


- [Bugfix] Fix "Timeout after 20s" on running migrations.


- [Bugfix] Fix KeyError on the first quickstart.
- [Improvement] De-duplication of prod/dev settings. Thanks, silviot! 😺.


- [Feature] Pluggable LMS/CMS/forum.
- [Improvement] Safer environment overwrite. Thanks, silviot! 👐.
- [Security] Fix Jinja2 vulnerability.
- [Improvement] Improve CLI cold start performance.
- [Improvement] Allow uppercase "Y" and "N" as answers to boolean questions.


- [Improvement] Rename `--silent` option to `-y/--yes`.
- [Bugfix] Fix (again) login from studio when HTTPS is activated (193).


- [Bugfix] Fix `pip install tutor-openedx`.


- [Bugfix] Fix login from localhost.
- [Bugfix] Fix Android app image build.


- [Improvement] Improve assets building for development.
- [Improvement] Support CMS login when the CMS is not a subdomain of the LMS.


- [Feature] Upgrade from Hawthorn to Ironwood.


- [Feature] Multiple platforms on a single server \o/.
- [Feature] Easily configure web proxy on the host.
- [Bugfix] Fix `images pull all` command which failed on "all" image.
- [Improvement] Add configurable MongoDB, SMTP and RabbitMQ authentication.
- [Improvement] Harmonize MySQL username/password configuration parameters.
- [Feature] Configurable and pluggable data storage backends (114).


- [Feature] Enable grade downloads by default (143).
- [Improvement] Remove orphan containers on `local start`.


- [Improvement] `images pull` now also pulls vendor images.
- [Feature] Add convenient `config printvalue` command.
- [Feature] Customise docker registry.
- [Feature] Load configuration parameters from the system environment.
- [Improvement] Automatic environment re-generation after re-configuration.
- [Improvement] Error and interrupt handling in UI and web UI.
- [Bugfix] Fix missing webui env directory.


- [Improvement] Install python requirements in virtual env in docker image.
- [Bugfix] Add missing volume for theme development.
- [Improvement] Rename "config [non]interactive" command to "config save [--silent]".
- [Improvement] More explicit logging during environment generation.
- [Improvement] Configurable docker images (122).
- [Bugfix] Fix "android pullimage" command.
- [Improvement] Do not upgrade images as part of quickstart.
- [Bugfix] Fix USERID setup in development mode and various dev-related docs (177).


- [Bugfix] Fix import/export of demo course (175).


- [Feature] Add cloud deployment script.
- [Improvement] Run `images pull` command.
- [Improvement] Run `indexcourses` on importing demo course.
- [Improvement] Add `runserver stop` command.


- [Minor] Minimum required `click` version is 7.0 (171).
- [Bugfix] Fix `runserver` dev command (172).
- [Minor] Fix non-https link to documentation in PyPI.
- [Minor] Fix `createuser` documentation.


- [Bugfix] Add missing template data to the PyPI package.
- [Bugfix] Fix quickstart on Kubernetes (164).
- [Improvement] Add databases task to Kubernetes quickstart (167).


- [Bugfix] Fix import paths -- 🚀 thanks silviot!.
- [Bugfix] Properly set docker project name in MySQL logs -- 🦊 thanks again silviot!.


- [Bugfix] fix MySQL initialisation (159, 160).
- [Improvement] Better handling of continuous integration.
- [Bugfix] fix `tutor --version` (156).
- [Improvement] Absolute settings imports -- 📯 thanks tonytan4ever!.


- [Improvement] Complete rewrite of Tutor: switch from a make-based project to a single binary that runs all commands.
- [Feature] An web user interface can be created with `tutor webui start`.
- [Bugfix] Add missing Elasticsearch to Kubernetes deployment (147).
- [Improvement] Upload `tutor-openedx` to PyPI .

Older changes

- 2019-01-27 [Bugfix] Fix video transcript/srt upload and download of user-uploaded files. Thanks dannielariola!.
- 2019-01-20 [Improvement] Make it easy to load custom settings for the local production install.
- 2019-01-19 [Improvement] Upgrade to Ironwood.
- 2019-01-16 [Improvement] Switch license from MIT to AGPL.
- 2019-01-04 [Bugfix] Fix xqueue consumer command.
- 2018-12-26 [Improvement] Upgrade nodejs to 5.5.1.
- 2018-12-07 [Improvement] Bundle theme and production static assets in the openedx docker image.
- 2018-12-02 [Feature] Download extra locales from [openedx-i18n]( to the Open edX Docker image.
- 2018-11-28 [Feature] Easily change openedx docker image.
- 2018-11-28 [Feature] Enable comprehensive theming!.
- 2018-11-28 [Improvement] Get rid of datadog.
- 2018-11-28 [Improvement] Upgrade docker images to ubuntu 18.04 for android, forum, notes, xqueue.
- 2018-11-28 [Feature] Make it possible to define default platform language interactively.
- 2018-11-26 [Improvement] Make it easier to run a forked version of edx-platform.
- 2018-11-25 [Feature] Use local filesystem for open assessment file upload.
- 2018-11-23 [Improvement] Faster container bootstrapping without "chmod", as suggested by silviot.
- 2018-11-20 [Bugfix] Fix cross-platform theme assets generation.
- 2018-11-17 [Improvement] Custom Nginx port mapping. :crossed_swords: frob frohro.
- 2018-11-17 [Improvement] Add "make restart-openedx" command. :+1: frob.
- 2018-11-13 [Improvement] Facilitate install of extra XBlocks. Thanks frob!.
- 2018-10-30 [Bugfix] Fix RabbitMQ restart policy.
- 2018-10-03 [Improvement/Bugfix] Fix and accelerate Android application build.
- 2018-10-02 [Improvement] Bump Open edX version to hawthorn.2.
- 2018-09-30 [Bugfix] Fix CMS celery worker, including export tasks.
- 2018-09-30 [Improvement] Simplify boolean feature flags definition.
- 2018-09-29 [Improvement] Add logging commands.
- 2018-09-29 [Improvement] Add self-documented help with "make help".
- 2018-09-29 [Feature] Add [Portainer]( as an optional web UI to administer docker containers.
- 2018-09-15 [Feature] Add student notes as an optional feature.
- 2018-09-15 [Feature] Add templates to configurator container, which can now be run separately.
- 2018-09-15 [Improvement] Rename "up" and "daemon" commands to "run" and "daemonize".
- 2018-09-15 [Feature] Activate course search and discovery.
- 2018-09-15 [Bugfix] Deduplicate console logs from lms/cms.
- 2018-09-05 [Improvement] Use a single email address for all inbound email.
- 2018-09-04 [Bugfix] Get make commands to work with 'sudo'.
- 2018-09-02 [Bugfix] Get HTTPS to work for CMS. Thanks flytreeleft!.
- 2018-08-28 [Bugfix] Fix certbot image updating.
- 2018-08-27 [Improvement] Add development requirements to openedx image.
- 2018-08-27 [Bugfix] Upgrade MongoDB.
- 2018-08-19 [Improvement] Make Xqueue an optional feature.
- 2018-08-16 [Feature] Add HTTPS support.