Latest version: v3.1.0

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- Make support for Python 3.10 and 3.11 official.



- **Breaking:** The minimal required Python release is 3.6.
- **Breaking:** rohrpost has now an explicit dependency on Channels >= 3.
- Make support for Python 3.9 official.
- ``TolerantJSONEncoder.default()`` now properly delegates to ``JSONEncoder.default()``
- ``TolerantJSONEncoder`` supports generic Mappings and Collections



- Make support for Python 3.8 official.



- **Breaking:** Utility functions no longer accept ``**additional_data``
- **Breaking:** Utility functions that previously required a kwargs ``message``
require now a kwarg ``consumer`` which should be an instance of
``channels.generic.websocket.WebsocketConsumer``. The type is not enforced.
- **Breaking:** The utility functions no longer accept ``close`` as an argument.
This was previously introduced due to Channel 1's interface. Since closing a
connection with Channels 2 is a simple call to ``consumer.close()`` and
because this feature was used only in a small amout of actual calls, this has
been removed. The caller of the utility functions needs a reference to the
``consumer`` anyway and can therefore easily close the connection itself.
- **Breaking:** The minimal required Python release is 3.5.
- **Breaking:** rohrpost has now an explicit dependency on Channels >= 2.
Since we do not know of any alternatives, we removed this possible
abstraction. Feel free to open an issue if this is a problem.
- A ``rohrpost.sync_consumer.SyncRohrpostConsumer`` was added. It includes
convenience methods to add/remove a client to/from a group.



- Deprecate ``**additional_data`` in utility functions



- Add long description to project page at