Latest version: v4.8.10

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This patch fixes a small bug introduced in v4.8.9 regarding static categorical properties being added to blocked wells.


This release improves support for sampling grid categorical properties onto blocked wells. When adding such a property to a blocked well, the code now maintains the reference to the string lookup table (copying the table when needed).


This patch adds an inclinations() method to the Trajectory class. It returns a numpy array of wellbore inclinations computed for the trajectory control point intervals. The returned inclinations are in degrees, with zero indicating vertical downwards.


The resqpy.well.well_name() function identifies the best citation to use as the well name, given a well object and related objects. This patch updates the function to give higher priority to the presence of digits when comparing possible names.

Also, the Model catalogue functions now include a strip() when using the title argument as a filter.


This patch improves the effect of the derived model add_faults() function when a fault reaches the edge of the grid. Previously, the throw was always reduced to zero at the end pillars of the fault. The new code preserves the throw at an end pillar if it is on the edge of the grid.


This patch fixes a bug which was causing relationships with referenced objects to be missing after copying a part where the referenced object already exists in the destination model.

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