Latest version: v1.0.2

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Graphical interface and text one were not used anymore, this version is removing them as old code.


As the software is 2 years old I decided to move to version 1.0.0 although no significant new capabilities have been developed.

The differences with the previous version are the following:

- Date of latest modification available in Geni
- New websites for checking available
- First version of quality checker


Some dependencies of python packages are fixed, together with some improvements in the matcher algorithm, like avoiding duplicated inclusions.


Mainly trying to fix dependencies as described in issues and

There are minor evolutions on the Geni profile, like taking into account merged profiles in case the reference is provided.


Code is now able to investigate a database (i.e. RootsMagic) and match with another one (i.e. Geni) linking profiles in one database with the other.
As well a retry mechanism has been introduced when rate limit in Geni is exceeded.


This release includes the following major modifications:
- Profiles now consider several marriages. Different behaviour in marriages events.
- Matcher between databases included
- Methods for set and update in RootsMagic included.

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