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- re-add Brian Harring as author for pkgcore

- properly close open file handlers during tests (Arthur Zamarin)

- various code cleanups, refactoring and modernization (Brian Harring)

- domain: fix parsing of multiple USE_EXAPNDs
(Arthur Zamarin, 391,

- portage_conf: add support for make.profile as its own directory, behaving as
specialized user profile (Arthur Zamarin, 390)




- _const: fallback to sys.base_prefix when installed in venv (Arthur Zamarin)

- pquery: fix crash with verbose single uris attr (Arthur Zamarin)

- docs: use snakeoil.dist sphinx extension (Arthur Zamarin)

- pkgcore: atom: fix typo in error message (Sam James, 378)

- eclass: fix exported bash functions leak (Arthur Zamarin)

- remove plugins support from pkgcore, simplifying installation and stopping
the need for users to update cache after upgrade (Arthur Zamarin, 379)

- add REQUIRED_USE satisfaction solver (Arthur Zamarin, 380)

- pmerge: add ``--pdb-intercept`` as a way to ``pdb.set_trace()`` into the
resolver (Brian Harring)

- pmerge: sort target processing to stabilize the graph (Brian Harring)

- restricts: fix use default dep matching when working against IUSE defaults
(Brian Harring)

- ebd: make EAPI=8 ``--disable-static`` logic libtool-specific, matching
portage (David Seifert, 386)

- force stable sorting of ``/etc/portage/*`` files loading (Brian Harring)

- add USE_EXPAND expansion awareness for ``/etc/portage/package.use/*`` files
(Brian Harring)

- add use flag validation for ``/etc/portage/package.use/*`` content (Brian

- throw an exception for any EBD var starting with ``_`` (Brian Harring)

- ignore both empty and non-existent ``repos.conf`` files (Brian Harring)

- format code with ``black`` (Brian Harring, 382)

- various code cleanups, refactoring and modernization (Brian Harring)




- profiles: support package.bashrc files as an extension (370, Arthur Zamarin)

- patom: new command for working with atoms, like qatom (362, Arthur Zamarin)

- ebuild.repository: fix manifest entries generation with precise restricts
(371, Arthur Zamarin)

- operations.fetch: better error messages when fetching fails (Arthur Zamarin)

- ebuild.profiles: error out when USE_EXPAND syntax is used in package.mask
(Arthur Zamarin)

- drop Python 3.8 support (Arthur Zamarin)

- Use flit with custom wrapper as build backend (372, 374, Arthur Zamarin,
with special thanks to Michał Górny for reviewing and helping with it)




- portage_conf: fix timeout settings for rsync (368, Arthur Zamarin)

- fetch.custom: fix commands with `\` variable escaping (Arthur Zamarin)

- repository: check issues with distdir only if fetch failed (Arthur Zamarin)




- Better reporting of issues during manifest operation over a repository
(Arthur Zamarin)




- ebd: helpers: allow zstd for prepalldocs/prepinfo/prepman (Sam James, 358)

- pquery: fix ``--maintainer maintainer-needed`` (Arthur Zamarin, 359)

- Modernize all the tests to use pytest (Arthur Zamarin)

- ebuild: improve malformed atom error messages (Arthur Zamarin)

- bash completion: add for pquery (Arthur Zamarin, 360)

- metadata.xsd: import ``savannah``, ``savannah-non-gnu``,
``freedesktop-gitlab``, ``gnome-gitlab`` remote-ids (Matt Turner, 363)


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