Latest version: v0.7.2

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- Replaces **requests** with **httpx** as a dependency
- Requires **python 3.7+** from here on out


- Updates documentation


- Adds Poetry as the package installer/manager.
- Removes CLI, API, CONFIG modules and features due to unstable dependencies and feature creep
- Working to migrate documentation from the github wiki to readthedocs.


- Adds support for **WhatsApp** via the [Twilio-WhatsApp API](
- Adds code formating with Black
- Removes __setattr__ from Message Interface (ABC) and instead uses a property factory defined in


- Changes CLI structure to break out each message type into its own subcommand
- Changes each message interface to accept an **auth** param instead of naming each credential param separately. If a message requires more than one input for **auth**, then it will expect a tuple or a list.
- Redesigns the **** module to be more readable and easier
to interface with inside the message classes.


- Adds **--verbose**, **-V** option to the CLI to enable verbose output for each message invocation.

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