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- Now the short circuit includes the loading results again (bug fix)
- Merged Short circuit contribution from user Ameer Carlo Lubang
- The HELM algorithm is now able to stop before reaching the iteration limit



- Added HiGHS as an optional MIP solver
- Added NTC optimization time series
- Tweak improvements in the NTC optimization calculation
- Moved to the more standard ZIP model, instead of the embedded ZIP model
- Further Bentayga Integration:
- Translated the power flow report
- Added fast decoupled power flow
- Refactored the code for all power flow numerical methods (No external changes should be appreciated)
- Cleaned the backtracking process in Newton-Raphson



- Integrated Bentayga's PTDF / LODF calculation
- Improved HVDC oscillation control when acting in free mode
- Integrated the Highs solver into the custom pulp implementation



- Added HVDC oscillation control when acting in free mode



- Changed the license to LGPL
- Improved HVDC power flow control management
- Added the license directly in the about box, featuring the linking exceptions for Bentayga and Newton.
- Rearranged menus oon the GUI.



- Fixed State Estimation error.
- Fixed: The buses name change immediately change the GUI bus name tag.

- Added NTC-OPF pre-solve diagnostic.
- Added ATC clustering simulation.
- Added DC power flow phase shifter effects.
- Added Proper HVDC losses calculation.
- Added HVDC "free" control to the power flow. This changes the HVDC set point using the angular difference.
- Added Newton interface for power flow.
- Added bentayga interface for power flow and time series.
- Added device fusion per node: this add all the devices of the same type connected to a node.
- Added functions with expert rules to correct and delete inconsistencies.

- Improved: Better island detection when buses are disconnected.

- Modified the ATC report to be similar to the NTC-OPF report.

- Rearranged the settings (added ML and Areas tabs)

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