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* Unit handling: renaming summary headers
* Unit handling: new cellpy-file-format version
* Unit handling: tool for converting old to new format
* Templates: using one repository with sub-folders
* Templates: adding more documentation
* Readers: neware.txt (one version/model)
* Batch plotting: collectors for both data collection, plotting and saving
* Internals: rename main classes (CellpyData -> CellpyCell, Cell -> Data)
* Internals: rename .cell property to .data
* Internals: allow for only one Data-object pr CellpyCell object



* Neware txt loader (supports one specific format only, other formats will have to wait for v.1.0)



* Changed definition of Coulombic Difference (negative of previous)
* Updated loaders with hooks and additional base class TxtLoader with configuration mechanism
* Support for Maccor txt files
* Supports only python 3.8 and up
* Optional parameters through batch and pages
* Several bug fixes and minor improvements / adjustments
* Restrict use of instrument label to only one option
* Fix bug in example file (kevinsmia1939)



* Updated documentations
* CLI improvements
* New argument for get_cap: max_cycle
* Reverting from using Documents to user home for location of prm file in windows.
* Easyplot by Amund
* Arbin sql reader by Muhammad



* New column names (lowercase and underscore)
* New batch concatenating and plotting routines



* Switching from git-flow to github-flow
* New cli options for running batches
* cli option for creating template notebooks
* Using ruamel.yaml instead of pyyaml
* Using python-box > 4
* Several bug-fixes

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