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- Fix bug in Bitcoin Taproot address encoding, when the tweaked public key had leading zeros


- Add support for Icon
- Use *pynacl* library for Monero ed25519 arithmetics, speeding it up a lot (around 5 times faster on my machine)


- Fix CIP1852 Cardano Icarus/Ledger extended key prefix
- Fix `Bip32ChainCode.Length` and `Bip32FingerPrint.Length` methods that were conflicting with the base class method
- Reformat files with `isort`


- Add support for Cardano:
- Cardano Byron legacy (old Daedalus addresses, i.e. `Ddz...`)
- Cardano Byron-Icarus (Yoroi addresses in the `Ae2...` format)
- Cardano Shelley (Yoroi addresses in the `addr1...` format)
- Add support for Ergo (`Bip44Coins.ERGO`, `Bip44Coins.ERGO_TESTNET`)
- Add `ChainCode` method to Bip32 and Bip44 key classes to quickly get it
- Add `PublicKey` method to `Bip44PrivateKey`
- `Bip32Base` class:
- Add `Curve` method
- Remove `IsPrivateUnhardenedDerivationSupported` method (same meaning of `IsPublicDerivationSupported`)
- `Bip32KeyIndex` class:
- `Bip32Utils` methods move to `Bip32KeyIndex`
- Add `Harden`/`Unharden` methods to `Bip32KeyIndex`
- `DataBytes` class:
- Add possibility to get length (`Length`, `Size`, `__len__`)
- Add possibility to check for equality (`__eq__`)
- Add possibility to iterate over bytes (`__iter__`)
- Add `Curve` method to `Bip32PublicKey`/`Bip32PrivateKey` classes
- Add possibility to create a `Bip32PublicKey` class from an `IPoint` instance
- Add `CurveType` method to `IPoint` classes
- BIP32 classes were renamed in a consistent way:
- `Bip32Ed25519Slip` -> `Bip32Slip10Ed25519`
- `Bip32Ed25519Blake2bSlip` -> `Bip32Slip10Ed25519Blake2b`
- `Bip32Nist256p1` -> `Bip32Slip10Nist256p1`
- `Bip32Secp256k1` -> `Bip32Slip10Secp256k1`
- `Bip32Ed25519Kholaw` -> `Bip32KholawEd25519`

Old classes kept for compatibility
- Update key net version to get `xprv` prefix for BIP32 Kholaw private extended keys


- Fix public derivation for `ElectrumV1` and `ElectrumV2` classes
- Check for master key object when constructing a `ElectrumV2Base` class
- Add some utility methods to `ElectrumV1` class (`FromPrivateKey`, `FromPublicKey`)


- Add support for Electrum mnemonics and keys derivation (both v1 and v2)
- Module for BIP32 keys serialization/deserialization available for external use
- Add support for Axelar coin
- Add support for uncompressed public keys to `P2PKHAddrEncoder`
- Add support for [SLIP-0032](
- `Bip32Path` can distinguish between absolute and relative paths
- `Bip32PathParser` discards empty elements
- Some rework on the *bech32* and *bip32_key_ser* modules

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