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- Resolve run messages duplication issue for in progress runs (roubkar)
- Fix metric values inconsistency with steps (mihran113)
- Enable CLI for remote repos (mihran113)
- Safe force-acquire index lock using meta-locks (alberttorosyan, mihran113)
- Fix the issue with containers left open (mihran113)
- Fix issue with notebook extension start-up (mihran113)
- Disable SDK events tracking with Segment API (alberttorosyan)


- Fix the community popup overflowing issue (KaroMourad)
- Optimize images blobs URI loading performance (asynclee)


- Fix explorer crashing issue caused by adding a `displayName` property in Grouping component (KaroMourad)


- Avoid explorer crashing when accessing empty chart values (KaroMourad)


- Expose `run_name` and `run_hash` parameters to the `aim.sdk.adapters.pytorch_lightning.AimLogger` adapter (constd)
- Add navigation link to Experiment page from the Run page (roubkar)
- Add navigation to explorers from the Run page (roubkar)
- Implement Metrics Explorer v2 via Base Explorer (KaroMourad)
- Add Text Explorer to filter and compare text (roubkar)
- Add groundwork for the UI kit v2 for improved usability (arsengit)


- Add support for Path type to the repo attribute of the Run class (emekaokoli19)
- Add support for jax>0.4.0 (n-gao)
- Add -y option to Aim CLI commands (emekaokoli19)
- Fix issue with toggling lines visibility during live update (roubkar)
- Fix the issue when HF model doesn't have `num_labels` attribute (mihran113)
- Fix table cell scrolling issue in the Texts tab of the Run page (roubkar)


- Add exception-free mode to Aim (alberttorosyan)
- Expose `capture_terminal_logs` argument for `aim.sdk.adapters` classes (mihran113)
- Handle inconsistency between Sequence data and metadata (alberttorosyan)

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