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Filter are a great way to control updates for a single dependency.

Ignoring a dependency

If you want to ignore a single package, append the # pyup: ignore filter

flask # pyup: ignore

Using ranges with upper and lower bounds

If you want to use e.g. the long term support version of Django, which is 1.8 currently, without updating to the latest version 1.9, just add this filter:

Django # pyup: >=1.8,<1.9

This tells pyup to use a version that is greater or equal to 1.8 but smaller than 1.9. If you are a user of requires.io and you are using the rq.filter directive in your files: Pyup supports that, too.

Excluding a file

To exclude a file from processing, add # pyup: ignore file to the first line of the file.

# pyup: ignore file

Please note: When using filters, with additional comments in the same line, separate them by a #.


the-package=1.2.3 # pyup: != 1.2.4 disable 1.2.4, breaks tests


the-package=1.2.3 # pyup: != 1.2.4 # disable 1.2.4, breaks tests