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  Released: 2019-02-20
  **Incompatible changes:**
  * The ``lpar deactivate`` command is now non-forceful by default, but
  can be made to behave like previously by specifying the new ``--force``
  option. In force mode, the deactivation operation is permitted when the
  LPAR status is "operating".
  **Bug fixes:**
  * Aligned the check for when to use pyreadline instead of readline in
  zhmcclient/ to be consistent with the platform check in
  requirements.txt: By checking for the win32 platform.
  Related to issue 47.
  * Fixes and improvements in Makefile.
  * Added initial set of function tests for zhmc command.
  * Improved the table output of complex properties (arrays or nested objects),
  to use nested tables, where possible. See issue 9.
  * Added support for a ``--force`` option in the ``lpar activate``,
  ``lpar deactivate``, and ``lpar load`` commands. It controls whether
  the operation is permitted when the LPAR status is "operating".
  Note that this changes ``lpar deactivate`` to be non-forceful by default
  (force=True was hard coded for deactivate, before this change).
  * Added support for a ``--activation-profile-name`` option in LPAR activate.
  * Added support for ``cpc set-power'save``, ``cp set-power-capping``
  and ``cpc get-em-data`` operations.
  - Improved support for logging to the system log in
  Added support for retrying multiple addresses if creating a Python system
  log handler fails. Added localhost:514 as a second choice for Linux and
  OS-X. This fixes the system log issue on the Travis CI with Ubuntu 14.04
  (Issue 35). Added support for system log in CygWin, using /dev/log and
  localhost:514 as the addresses to try.
  - Removed the assertions in zhmccli.reset_logger() that verified
  the result of resetting the log handlers. It turned out that recently,
  a log capture logger is present that is caused by the test environment.
  These assertions were probably a bit overkill anyway (Issue 35).


  Released: 2017-10-19
  This is the base version for this change log. The zhmccli project was
  split off of the python-zhmcclient project based upon its released
  version 0.17.0. For prior changes, see the change log of the
  python-zhmcclient project.
  Additional changes:
  * Fixed the issue that the readline module is not available in
  standard python on Windows, by using the pyreadline module
  in that case.
  * Fixed a flawed setup of setuptools in Python 2.7 on the Travis CI, where
  the metadata directory of setuptools existed twice, by adding a script
  `` that removes the moot copy of the metadata
  directory (python-zhmcclient issue 434).
  * Added the version of the zhmcclient package to the output of
  ``zhmc --version``.