Changelogs » Zeam.utils.batch

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  * ...


  * Add a new type of batch, AlphabeticalBatch, that like the DateBatch,
  and can be used to iterate through a fixed set of items like letters
  or digits.
  * Fix a bug when the ``start`` value is higher than the number of
  element in the batch in the regular batch.
  * Add two options ``min`` and ``max`` to the date batch in order to
  define possible limits for it.


  * Add a new batch component, ``DateBatch``, which is able to browser
  period of years or months.
  * ``batch`` is renamed into ``Batch``. Methods have been renamed to
  follow pep8 recommandations (i.e. ``batchLen`` into ``batch_length``).
  * Template have been reviewed: values are accessible via the template
  variable ``batch`` insted of directly. This fix an issue of
  compatiblity with Chameleon, where ``next`` could not be defined
  (that's a Python built-in).


  * Add a __len__ method do a batch object, which returns the number of
  objects viewable via this current batch. Like this, it can be used
  with tal:condition in templates.
  * An option keep_form_data on the view prevent to include posted form
  data in generated links (sometime you want them, some other you


  * Generated batch links can include other parameters in the link. That
  let you batch form results for instance.


  * Batching views have two new properties: ``first`` and ``last`` which
  gives links to the first and last batch.


  * Corrected the broken distribution that was missing the i18n folder.


  .. note::
  This release is incompatible with previous ones. You are recomanded
  to review and adapt your code in order to use it.
  * Added README.txt as a doctest [trollfot]
  * The rendering is made by a IPageTemplate component, not longer by
  the Batching itself. [trollfot]
  * We no longer use the IBatchedContent. It has been removed. [trollfot]
  * `zeam.utils.batch` is now fully grokked. [trollfot]
  * batchView has been renamed Batching. [trollfot]
  * You adapt the batch with the view on which you display the batch:
  its name will keep when generating links,
  * Batch can be *disabled* with a count of 0,
  * Add translations for french, english and dutch.


  * Fix and add tests,
  * Don't display batch navigation if everything fits on one page,
  * No more special links are generated for the first page of the batch.


  * Initial release