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4.0.2 not secure

Adds new constraint options for strings.

4.0.0 not secure

This release is created to address the following issue:
  The change in PR mitigates that specific issue. We are unaware of any backwards incompatibility with the introduction of this fix, but we wanted to increment the major version number in case there are users with more complex schemas than what we test again.
  We've also included the following warning in our README:
  > ⚠️ Ensure that your schema definitions come from internal or trusted sources. Yamale does not protect against intentionally malicious schemas.

3.0.8 not secure

This release fixes a bug where a well-formed schema file can execute arbitrary code on the system running Yamale.

3.0.2 not secure

Fixes 119, strict mode was not the default on the command line....but it was for the API. This fix ensures strict mode is the default in all uses.

3.0.0 not secure

**Note**: Due to a packaging bug, users running Python 2.x should pin the major version of Yamale to 2.x.
  We're doing a major version jump to include the following changes:
  * Remove Python 2.x support
  * Make the default validation "strict". The `--strict` command line is now replaced with `--no-strict` for those that want the old behavior. See the README for more details.
  * Prevent int and num validators from accepting bool values. 109

2.2.0 not secure

Ability to specify schema and data without a filename 104

2.1.0 not secure

Removed the printing of stacktraces to the command line (83)
  Add support for a "key" constraint to the "map" validator (95)
  Make any() accept anything (93)
  Empty data file should fail if schema requires something (81)
  Add a check for an empty schema file (70)

2.0.1 not secure

Fixed a bug when using a schema with a static list and trying to validate a list with a missing element.

2.0 not secure

This release brings `strict` mode to Yamale. With strict mode, elements defined in your YAML that aren't specified in the schema will cause a validation error. You can also validate dynamic keys and include validators.
  We've bumped the version to 2.x due to an incompatibility. In the 1.x branch, if all the children of a node are optional, then the parent is optional as well. In the 2.x branch, the parent will no longer be optional in this case.

1.9.0 not secure

New regex validator! See README for details.

1.8.1 not secure

Added fixes for Python 3.8.

1.8.0 not secure

Added `none` kwarg to all validators. See documentation for usage.

1.7.1 not secure

Just updating so the README displays correctly in PyPI.

1.4.0 not secure

Added the `day` and `timestamp` validators.
  Added `min` and `max` to the `list` validator.
  Bug fixes.

1.3.0 not secure

See README for details.

1.2.0 not secure

Check out the readme, near the bottom.

1.1.3 not secure

Added support for Python 3.4+
  Older versions of Python 3 may work, but only 3.4 is tested.