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- `ESMF.LocStream` support (81) by raphaeldussin. See this [tutorial notebook]( .


- Add option to allow degenerated grid cells 61


Major updates:
  - Lazy evaluation on dask arrays (uses `xarray.apply_ufunc` and `dask.array.map_blocks`) 798db9e195fa0a385b22ddcade93f738b73f5b5a
  - Automatic looping over variables in an xarray Dataset cf8644fd572acd615e61a6bf16779a1b6aa20f45.
  - Add tutorial notebooks on those new features fed8befe46f3f4d504b50c54edeb371ff852df6f
  All user-facing APIs in `v0.1.x` should still work exactly the same. That said, because some internal codes have changed a lot, there might be unexpected edge cases that break current user code. If that happens, you can revert to the previous version by `pip install xesmf==0.1.2` and follow old docs at


This release mostly contains internal clean-ups to facilitate future development.
  No changes in user API.
  List of updates:
  - Deprecates `regridder.A` in favor of `regridder.weights` 792e2288f883713ec206c2c837fd3bd6ed345894
  - Speed-up test suites by using coarser grids 4152b417700bad68d505b757218fbf0b7b7624c8
  - Use parameterized tests when appropriate 3cf78b9bc1e10b57b29c76468070ef56c7fe2ce2
  - Fix small memory leaks from `ESMF.Grid` 9963d9566ce7138c67ee6d84ee13454e36a3ebe7
  - Properly  assert ESMF enums bce5bc3dffb5bddb276e2a19288ade3480e2b97b