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* Removing whitenoise for now, does not work


* Adding proper from email address so sending email works
  * Updating the ansible hosts file
  * Removing crednetials from ansible host_vars and ignoring non-templated file
  * Update ansible configuration for bash and nginx
  * Revert "Add SSL settings to the nginx template"
  * This reverts commit eeffe9618ddacc79e7d4ea623b9b3124034a9491.
  * Merge pull request 3 from waffle-iron/master
  * Badge
  * add badge
  * Add SSL settings to the nginx template
  * Remove status.gif from styles.css that's missing
  * Adding woff2 font for fontawesome
  * Move secret key up to default, but unset


* Fixing bug in settings with MEDIA_ROOT
  * Add whitenoise for static file delivery
  * Updating ansible roles to work properly and adding changelogbuilder to reqs


* Pulling twine and wheel out of
  * Moving changelog versions
  * Remove unused ansible roles
  * Adding more robust ansible roles


* Adding celery and celerybeat tasks to settings
  * Adding a task to send out emails for notifications
  * Clean up setup information
  * Remove unused deploy files and fix javascript
  * Adding a trash icon and changing styles a bit
  * Update the setup file with wheel
  * Updating the manifest file
  * Adding a cfg file for twine


* Update setup file
  * Update templates and views
  * updated base
  * initial retemplating
  * Ading initial data
  * Fix unicode function in email2sms and add fixtures
  * added setup for home page
  * django 1.9ified
  * Adding migrations for email2sms and notifications
  * Fixing a few Py3 issues with notifications and adding email2sms app
  * added crispy forms
  * added notifications to urls and fixed forms  bug
  * Updating project to use Python 3 by default
  * rename templates
  * added files from django builder
  * flatten
  * Remove unittest and mock for now
  * Removing mock and adding basic urls
  * Adding testing for exceptions
  * Adding mock and a test for pickup dates
  * Fixing missing comma in setup file
  * Updating the travis badge
  * Removing human time which is replaced by recurrent
  * Finishing models and adding recurrence lookup
  * Remove second gitter badge
  * Merge pull request 1 from gitter-badger/gitter-badge
  * Add a Gitter chat badge to
  * Add Gitter badge
  * Updating README from bootstrapping
  * Fix makefile
  * Updating makefile and adding env file
  * Initial commit