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**New features**
  - Support for 'wmic qfe' output in case the list of KBs in the systeminfo output is cut off
  - Parameter to use the most recent KB installed as reference point to filter out all vulnerabilities of KBs prior this date
  - Parameter to show version
  - (Hidden) flag to debug supersedes
  - Added comments to the code for improved readability
  - Some minor improvements


- Microsoft Update Catalog lookup feature by Dominic Breuker


- Resolved exception when using --output with Python 2
  - Removed legacy definitions file (


- Support for Windows 10 Redstone 6 (1903)
  - Added option to filter on severity
  - Fixup for French systeminfo file

  **New features**
  - Support for manually specified updates in file
  - Feature to remove duplicate results in case of Windows Server
  - Extended debugging supersedes functionality
  - Cleanup of buildnumbers
  - Added title field to console results
  - Bugfix where in case a Windows version without Service Packs was provided, vulnerabilities of that Windows version _with_ Service Packs would be listed
  - Some minor improvements
  - Added support to include manually specified updates in file
  - Added csv with manual improvements to the MSRC/Bulletin Excel lists containing:
  - Services Packs
  - MS17-010 (EternalBlue) patches for all operating systems

  **New features**
  - Updated database format:
  - Filename of new format:
  - The CVEs file won't be extracted to disk but instead be directly read from the zip which greatly reduces the on-disk size of WES-NG.
  - The database format now contains the date at which the definitions have been created and a version number in case the database format will be updated again in the future. In that case the user will be informed to update tool.
  - Legacy updates file ( will still be maintained for a while for whoever is still using a previous version of WES-NG.
  - Update to the latest version of using the `--update-wes` parameter.
  - Output shows summary of missing patches and the number of vulnerabilities this patch would patch.
  - Option to output to a .csv file instead of to the screen using the `--output` or `-o` parameter, for example `-o vulns.csv`.
  - Manually specify KBs that have been installed (or should be ignored) using the `--patches` or `-p` parameter, for example `-p KB4345421 KB4487017`. See (this)[/todo] article on how to use this feature to reduce false-positives.
  - For readability restructured code into separate functions.
  - Bugfix in case a record would supersede multiple other records, it would not correctly be processed.
  - Added a banner so when the output is redirected to a file, it is clear which version of WES-NG was used.
  - Various minor changes and fixes.
  - collect_bulletin: Merge multiple supersedes instead of splitting them up
  - collect_msrc: Bugfix for multiple supersedes
  - collect_nvd: Added support for outputting the new format