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Fixes a bug with LVM installs.


Fixes an issue where WereSync would fail when run in a locale other than English.


Fixes packaging issues to make WereSync install nicely.
  This is also the first release available through the package managers Debian and Arch Linux.
  The package can be installed on a Debian unstable (sid) install with: `sudo apt install weresync` or by downloading the .deb binary below and running `sudo dpkg -i weresync_1.0.7-1_all.deb`.
  WereSync is also found on the [Arch User Repository]( ([Installation Instructions]( If you like WereSync, feel free to vote for it on the AUR.


This is the pre-release for testing for the final release of version 1.0. It includes the following new features:
  * Support for creating bootable LVM drives
  * Support for more bootloaders, including syslinux and refind (through the UUID Copy plugin)
  * Support for translation
  * Updated GUI
  * Numerous bug fixes
  Documentation for the pre-release can be find on the [pre-v1.0 branch]( of read the docs.
  Any and all testing would be much appreciated. Additionally, translations for WereSync are needed. If you know a second language and would like to help translate, you can read about the process [here](
  Please report any test results to the [issue tracker](
  Installing this pre-release
  This version can be installed with pip, optionally inside a virtualenv:
  virtualenv ENV  Optional
  . ENV/bin/activate
  pip install WereSync-1.0b1-py3-none-any.whl




This release adds better support for bootloaders. Full support for Grub2 is included. Most EFI systems are supported by the `uuid_copy` plugin, including rEFInd.
  This update also fixes several bugs.


Adds support for Logical Volume Management systems and includes several bug fixes.
  This system is still in alpha and will have many more bugs.


Includes some of the following features:
  - GUI
  - Better bootloader support
  - Bug Fixes