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:nail_care: Enhancement
  -  New sacred observer available at wandb.sacred.WandbObserver
  -  Improved artifact reference tracking for HTTP urls
  :bug: Bug Fix
  -  Print meaningful error message when runs are queried with `summary` instead of `summary_metrics`


:nail_care: Enhancement
  -  Sub paths of artifacts now expose an optional root directory argument to download()
  -  Artifact.new_file accepts an optional mode argument
  -  Removed legacy fastai docs as we're now packaged with fastai v2!
  :bug: Bug Fix
  -  Fix yaml parsing error handling logic
  -  Bad spelling in torch docstring, thanks mkkb473


:nail_care: Enhancement
  -  Remove unused y_probas in sklearn plots, thanks dreamflasher
  -  New deletion apis for artifacts
  :bug: Bug Fix
  -  Fix `wandb restore` when not logged in
  -  Fix artifact download paths on Windows
  -  Retry 408 errors on upload
  -  Fix mask numeric types, thanks numpee
  -  Fix artifact reference naming mixup


:nail_care: Enhancement
  -  Default pytorch histogram logging frequency from 100 -> 1000 steps
  :bug: Bug Fix
  -  Fix multiple prompts for login when using the command line
  -  Fix "no method rename_file" error
  -  Fixed edgecase histogram calculation in PyTorch
  -  Fix error in jupyter when saving session history
  -  Correctly return artifact metadata in public api
  -  Fix matplotlib / plotly rendering error


:nail_care: Enhancement
  -   New artifact cli commands!
  wandb artifact put path_file_or_ref
  wandb artifact get artifact:version
  wandb artifact ls project_name
  -   New artifact api commands!
  -   Improved syncing of large wandb-history.jsonl files for wandb sync
  -   New Artifact.verify method to ensure the integrity of local artifacts
  -   Better testing harness for api commands
  -   Run directory now store local time instead of utc time in the name, thanks aiyolo!
  -   Improvements to our doc strings across the board.
  -   wandb.Table now supports a `dataframe` argument for logging dataframes as tables!
  :bug: Bug Fix
  -   Artifacts work in python2
  -   Artifacts default download locations work in Windows
  -   GCS references now properly cache / download, thanks yoks!
  -   Fix encoding of numpy arrays to JSON
  -   Fix string comparison error message


:nail_care: Enhancement
  -   Major overhaul of artifact caching
  -   Configurable cache directory for artifacts
  -   Configurable download directory for artifacts
  -   New Artifact.verify method to ensure the integrity of local artifacts
  -   use_artifact no longer requires `type`
  -   Deleted artifacts can now be be recommitted
  -   Lidar scenes now support vectors
  :bug: Bug Fix
  -   Fix issue with artifact downloads returning errors.
  -   Segmentation masks now handle non-unint8 data
  -   Fixed path parsing logic in `api.runs()`


:bug: Bug Fix
  -   Fix issue where files were always logged to latest run in a project.
  -   Fix issue where url was not display url on first call to wandb.init


:bug: Bug Fix
  -   Handle multiple inits in Jupyter
  -   Handle ValueError's when capturing signals, thanks jsbroks
  -   wandb agent handles rate limiting properly
  :nail_care: Enhancement
  -   wandb.Artifact is now generally available!
  -   feature_importances now supports CatBoost, thanks neomatrix369


:bug: Bug Fix
  -   Catch all exceptions when saving Jupyter sessions
  -   validation_data automatically set in TF >= 2.2
  -   _implements_\* hooks now implemented in keras callback for TF >= 2.2
  :nail_care: Enhancement
  -   Raw source code saving now disabled by default
  -   We now support global settings on boot to enable code saving on the server
  -   New `code_save=True` argument to wandb.init to enable code saving manually


:bug: Bug Fix
  -   Ensure cells don't hang on completion
  -   Fixed jupyter integration in PyCharm shells
  -   Made session history saving handle None metadata in outputs


:nail_care: Enhancement
  -   Save session history in jupyter notebooks
  -   Kaggle internet enable notification
  -   Extend wandb.plots.feature_importances to work with more model types, thanks neomatrix369!
  :bug: Bug Fix
  -   Code saving for jupyter notebooks restored
  -   Fixed thread errors in jupyter
  -   Ensure final history rows aren't dropped in jupyter


:nail_care: Enhancement
  -   Add default class labels for semantic segmentation
  -   Enhance bounding box API to be similar to semantic segmentation API
  :bug: Bug Fix
  -   Increase media table rows to improve ROC/PR curve logging
  -   Fix issue where pre binned histograms were not being handled properly
  -   Handle nan values in pytorch histograms
  -   Fix handling of binary image masks


:nail_care: Enhancement
  -   Improve semantic segmentation image mask logging


:nail_care: Enhancement
  -   Close all open files to avoice ResourceWarnings, thanks CrafterKolyan!
  :bug: Bug Fix
  -   Parse "tensor" protobufs, fixing issues with tensorboard syncing in 2.1


:nail_care: Enhancement
  -   Add ROC, precision_recall, HeatMap, explainText, POS, and NER to wandb.plots
  -   Add wandb.Molecule() logging
  -   Capture kaggle runs for metrics
  -   Add ability to watch from run object
  :bug: Bug Fix
  -   Avoid accidently picking up global debugging logs


:nail_care: Enhancement
  -   Improve bounding box annotations
  -   Log active GPU system metrics
  -   Only writing wandb/settings file if wandb init is called
  -   Improvements to wandb local command
  :bug: Bug Fix
  -   Fix GPU logging on some devices without power metrics
  -   Fix sweep config command handling
  -   Fix tensorflow string logging


:nail_care: Enhancement
  -   Added code saving of main python module
  -   Added ability to specify metadata for bounding boxes and segmentation masks
  :bug: Bug Fix
  -   Fix situations where uncommited data from wandb.log() is not persisted


:bug: Bug Fix
  -   Fix dependency conflict with new versions of six package


:nail_care: Enhancement
  -   Add best metric and epoch to run summary with Keras callback
  -   Added for environments required pickled config
  :bug: Bug Fix
  -   Fixed regression causing failures with and DataParallel
  -   Improved compatibility with python 3.8
  -   Fix model logging under windows


:bug: Bug Fix
  -   Fix exception when using in a notebook
  -   Improve support for sparse tensor gradient logging on GPUs


:bug: Bug Fix
  -   Relax version dependancy for PyYAML for users with old environments


:nail_care: Enhancement
  -   Added scikit-learn support
  -   Added ability to specify/exclude specific keys when building wandb.config
  :bug: Bug Fix
  -   Fix on sparse tensors
  -   Fix incompatibilty with ray 0.8.1
  -   Fix missing pyyaml requirement
  -   Fix "W&B process failed to launch" problems
  -   Improved ability to log large model graphs and plots


:nail_care: Enhancement
  -   Added ability to configure agent commandline from sweep config
  :bug: Bug Fix
  -   Fix prediction logging
  -   Fix logging of eager tensorflow tensors
  -   Fix jupyter issues with logging notebook name and


:nail_care: Enhancement
  -   Ignore wandb.init() specified project and entity when running a sweep
  :bug: Bug Fix
  -   Fix agent "flapping" detection
  -   Fix local controller not starting when sweep is pending


:nail_care: Enhancement
  -   Added support for LightGBM
  -   Added local board support (Experimental)
  -   Added ability to modify sweep configuration
  -   Added GPU power logging to system metrics
  :bug: Bug Fix
  -   Prevent sweep agent from failing continously when misconfigured


:nail_care: Enhancement
  -   Added beta support for ray/tune hyperopt search strategy
  -   Added ability to specify max runs per agent
  -   Improve experience starting a sweep without a project already created
  :bug: Bug Fix
  -   Fix repeated wandb.Api().Run(id).scan_history() calls get updated data
  -   Fix early_terminate/hyperband in notebook/python environments


:nail_care: Enhancement
  -   Added min_step and max_step to run.scan_history for grabbing sub-sections of metrics
  -   wandb.init(reinit=True) now automatically calls wandb.join() to better support multiple runs per process
  :bug: Bug Fix
  -   wandb.init(sync_tensorboard=True) works again for TensorFlow 2.0


:nail_care: Enhancement
  -   Handle tags being passed in as a string
  :bug: Bug Fix
  -   Pin graphql-core < 3.0.0 to fix install errors
  -   TQDM progress bars update logs properly
  -   Oversized summary or history logs are now dropped which prevents retry hanging


:bug: Bug Fix
  -   Fix regression syncing some versions of Tensorboard since 0.8.13
  -   Fix network error in Jupyter


:bug: Bug Fix
  -   Fix calling wandb.init with sync_tensorboard multiple times in Jupyter
  -   Fix RuntimeError race when using threads and calling wandb.log
  -   Don't initialize Sentry when error reporting is disabled
  :nail_care: Enhancement
  -   Added best_run() to wandb.sweep() public Api objects
  -   Remove internal tracking keys from wandb.config objects in the public Api


:bug: Bug Fix
  -   Improve large object warning when values reach maximum size
  -   Warn when isn't passed a string
  -   Run stopping from the UI works since regressing in 0.8.12
  -   Restoring a file that already exists locally works
  -   Fixed TensorBoard incorrectly placing some keys in the wrong step since 0.8.10
  -   wandb.Video only accepts uint8 instead of incorrectly converting to floats
  -   SageMaker environment detection is now more robust
  -   Resuming correctly populates config
  -   wandb.restore respects root when run.dir is set 658
  -   Calling multiple times properly namespaces histograms and graphs
  :nail_care: Enhancement
  -   Sweeps now work in Windows!
  -   Added sweep attribute to Run in the public api
  -   Added sweep link to Jupyter and terminal output
  -   TensorBoard logging now stores proper timestamps when importing historic results
  -   TensorBoard logging now supports configuring rate_limits and filtering event types
  -   Use simple output mirroring stdout doesn't have a file descriptor
  -   Write wandb meta files to the system temp directory if the local directory isn't writable
  -   Added beta api.reports to the public API
  -   Added wandb.unwatch to remove hooks from pytorch models
  -   Store the framework used in config.\_wandb


:bug: Bug Fix
  -   Create nested directory when videos are logged from tensorboard namespaces
  -   Fix race when using wandb.log `async=True`
  -   run.summary acts like a proper dictionary
  -   run.summary sub dictionaries properly render
  -   handle None when passing class_colors for segmentation masks
  -   handle tensorflow2 not having a SessionHook
  -   properly escape args in windows
  -   fix hanging login when in anonymode
  -   tf2 keras patch now handles missing callbacks args
  :nail_care: Enhancement
  -   Updates documentation autogenerated from docstrings in /docs
  -   wandb.init(config=config_dict) does not update sweep specified parameters
  -   wandb.config object now has a setdefaults method enabling improved sweep support
  -   Improved terminal and jupyter message incorporating :rocket: emojii!
  -   Allow to be called multiple times on different models
  -   Improved support for watching multple tfevent files
  -   Windows no longer requires `wandb run` simply run `python`
  -   `wandb agent` now works on windows.
  -   Nice error message when wandb.log is called without a dict
  -   Keras callback has a new `log_batch_frequency` for logging metrics every N batches


:bug: Bug Fix
  -   Fix compatibility issue with python 2.7 and old pip dependencies
  :nail_care: Enhancement
  -   Improved onboarding flow when creating new accounts and entering api_key


:bug: Bug Fix
  -   Fix public api returning incorrect data when config value is 0 or False
  -   Resumed runs no longer overwrite run names with run id
  :nail_care: Enhancement
  -   Added recording of id in config


:bug: Bug Fix
  -   wandb magic handles the case of tf.keras and keras being loaded
  -   tensorboard logging won't drop steps if multiple loggers have different global_steps
  -   keras gradient logging works in the latest tf.keras
  -   keras validation_data is properly set in tensorflow 2
  -   wandb pull command creates directories if they don't exist, thanks chmod644
  -   file upload batching now asserts a minimum size
  -   sweeps works in python2 again
  -   scan_history now iterates the full set of points
  -   jupyter will run local mode if credentials can't be obtained
  :nail_care: Enhancement
  -   Sweeps can now be run from within jupyter / directly from python!
  -   New openai gym integration will automatically log videos, enabled with the monitor_gym keyword argument to wandb.init
  -   Ray Tune logging callback in wandb.ray.WandbLogger
  -   New global config file in ~/.config/wandb for global settings
  -   Added tests for fastai, thanks borisdayma
  -   Public api performance enhancements
  -   Deprecated username in favor of enitity in the public api for consistency
  -   Anonymous login support enabled by default
  -   New wandb.login method to be used in jupyter enabling anonymous logins
  -   Better dependency error messages for data frames
  -   Initial integration with
  -   All images are now rendered as PNG to avoid JPEG artifacts
  -   Public api now has a projects field


:bug: Bug Fix
  -   run.summary updates work in jupyter before log is called
  -   don't require numpy to be installed
  -   Setting nested keys in summary works
  -   notebooks in nested directories are properly saved
  -   Don't retry 404's / better error messaging from the server
  -   Strip leading slashes when loading paths in the public api
  :nail_care: Enhancement
  -   Small files are batch uploaded as gzipped tarballs
  -   TensorBoardX gifs are logged to wandb


:bug: Bug Fix
  -   wandb.init properly handles network failures on startup
  -   Keras callback only logs examples if data_type or input_type is set
  -   Fix edge case PyTorch model logging bug
  -   Handle patching tensorboard multiple times in jupyter
  -   Sweep picks up config.yaml from the run directory
  -   Dataframes handle integer labels
  -   Handle invalid JSON when querying jupyter servers
  :nail_care: Enhancement
  -   fastai uses a fixed seed for example logging
  -   increased the max number of images for fastai callback
  -   new wandb.Video tag for logging video
  -   sync=False argument to wandb.log moves logging to a thread
  -   New local sweep controller for custom search logic
  -   Anonymous login support for easier onboarding
  -   Calling wandb.init multiple times in jupyter doesn't error out


:bug: Bug Fix
  -   keras callback no longer guesses input_type for 2D data
  -   wandb.Image handles images with 1px height
  :nail_care: Enhancement
  -   wandb Public API now has `run.scan_history` to return all history rows
  -   wandb.config prints helpful errors if used before calling init
  -   wandb.summary prints helpful errors if used before calling init
  -   filestream api points to new url on the backend


:bug: Bug Fix
  -   fastai callback uses the default monitor instead of assuming val_loss
  -   notebook introspections handles error cases and doesn't print stacktrace on failure
  -   Don't print description warning when setting name
  -   Fixed dataframe logging error with the keras callback
  -   Fixed line offsets in logs when resuming runs
  -   wandb.config casts non-builtins before writing to yaml
  -   vendored backports.tempfile to address missing package on install
  :nail_care: Enhancement
  -   Added `api.sweep` to the python export api for querying sweeps
  -   Added `WANDB_NOTEBOOK_NAME` for specifying the notebook name in cases we can't infer it
  -   Added `WANDB_HOST` to override hostnames
  -   Store if a run was run within jupyter
  -   Client now supports stopping runs from the web ui
  -   Handle floats passed as step to `wandb.log`
  -   wandb.config has full unicode support
  -   sync the main file to wandb if code saving is enabled and it's untracked by git
  -   XGBoost callback: wandb.xgboost.wandb_callback()


:bug: Bug Fix
  -   Fixed plotly charts with large numpy arrays not rendering
  -   `wandb docker` works when nvidia is present
  -   Better error when non string keys are sent to log
  -   Relaxed pyyaml dependency to fix AMI installs
  -   Magic works in jupyter notebooks.
  :nail_care: Enhancement
  -   New preview release of auto-dataframes for Keras
  -   Added input_type and output_type to the Keras callback for simpler config
  -   public api supports retrieving specific keys and custom xaxis


:bug: Bug Fix
  -   WANDB_IGNORE_GLOBS is respected on the final scan of files
  -   Unified,, and run.notes across all apis
  -   Handle funky terminal sizes when setting up our psuedo tty
  -   Fixed Jupyter notebook introspection logic
  -   run.summary.update() persists changes to the server
  -   tensorboard syncing is robust to invalid histograms and truncated files
  :nail_care: Enhancement
  -   preview release of magic, calling wandb.init(magic=True) should automatically track config and metrics when possible
  -   cli now supports local installs of the backend
  -   fastai callback supports logging example images


:bug: Bug Fix
  -   image logging works in Windows
  -   wandb sync handles tfevents with a single timestep
  -   fix incorrect command in overview page for running runs
  -   handle histograms with > 512 bins when streaming tensorboard
  -   better error message when calling wandb sync on a file instead of a directory
  :nail_care: Enhancement
  -   new helper function for handling hyperparameters in sweeps `wandb.config.user_items()`
  -   better mocking for improved testing


:bug: Bug Fix
  -   entity is persisted on when queried from the server
  -   tmp files always use the temporary directory to avoid syncing
  -   raise error if file shrinks while uploading
  -   images log properly in windows
  -   upgraded pyyaml requirement to address CVE
  -   no longer store a history of rows to prevent memory leak
  :nail_care: Enhancement
  -   summary now supports new dataframe format
  -   WANDB_SILENT environment variable writes all wandb messages to debug.log
  -   Improved error messages for windows and tensorboard logging
  -   output.log is uploaded at the end of each run
  -   metadata, requirements, and patches are uploaded at the beginning of a run
  -   when not running from a git repository, store the main python file
  -   added WANDB_DISABLE_CODE to prevent diffing and code saving
  -   when running in jupyter store the name of the notebook
  -   auto-login support for colab
  -   store url to colab notebook
  -   store the version of this library in config
  -   store sys.executable in metadata
  -   fastai callback no longer requires path
  -   wandb.init now accepts a notes argument
  -   The cli replaced the message argument with notes and name

0.8.1 not secure

:bug: Bug Fix
  -   wandb sync handles tensorboard embeddings
  -   wandb sync correctly handles images in tensorboard
  -   tf.keras correctly handles single input functional models
  -   wandb.Api().runs returns an iterator that's reusable
  -   WANDB_DIR within a hidden directory doesn't prevent syncing
  -   run.files() iterates over all files
  -   pytorch recurssion too deep error
  :nail_care: Enhancement
  -   wandb sync accepts an --ignore argument with globs to skip files
  -   run.summary now has an items() method for iterating over all keys

0.8.0 not secure

:bug: Bug Fix
  -   Better error messages on access denied
  -   Better error messages when optional packages aren't installed
  -   Urls printed to the termial are url-escaped
  -   Namespaced tensorboard events work with histograms
  -   Public API now retries on failures and re-uses connection pool
  -   Catch git errors when remotes aren't pushed to origin
  -   Moved keras graph collection to on_train_begin to handle unbuilt models
  -   Handle more cases of not being able to save weights
  -   Updates to summary after resuming are persisted
  -   PyTorch histc logging fixed in 0.4.1
  -   Fixed `wandb sync` tensorboard import
  :nail_care: Enhancement
  -   wandb.init(tensorboard=True) works with Tensorflow 2 and Eager Execution
  -   wandb.init(tensorboard=True) now works with tb-nightly and PyTorch
  -   Automatically log examples with tf.keras by adding missing validation_data
  -   Socket only binds to localhost for improved security and prevents firewall warnings in OSX
  -   Added user object to public api for getting the source user
  -   Added run.display_name to the public api
  -   Show display name in console output
  -   Added --tags, --job_group, and --job_type to `wandb run`
  -   Added environment variable for minimum time to run before considering crashed
  -   Added flake8 tests to CI, thanks cclauss!

0.7.3 not secure

:bug: Bug Fix
  -   wandb-docker-run accepts image digests
  -   keras callback works in tensorflow2-alpha0
  -   keras model graph now puts input layer first
  :nail_care: Enhancement
  -   PyTorch log frequency added for gradients and weights
  -   PyTorch logging performance enhancements
  -   wandb.init now accepts a name parameter for naming runs
  - reflects custom display names
  -   Improvements to nested summary values
  -   Deprecated wandb.Table.add_row in favor of wandb.Table.add_data
  -   Initial support for a callback thanks to borisdayma!

0.7.2 not secure

:bug: Bug Fix
  -   run.get_url resolves the default entity if one wasn't specified
  -   wandb restore accepts run paths with only slashes
  -   Fixed PyYaml deprecation warnings
  -   Added entrypoint shell script to manifest
  -   Strip newlines from cuda version

0.7.1 not secure

:bug: Bug Fix
  -   handle case insensitive docker credentials
  -   fix app_url for private cloud login flow
  -   don't retry 404's when starting sweep agents

0.7.0 not secure

:bug: Bug Fix
  -   ensure DNS lookup failures can't prevent startup
  -   centralized debug logging
  -   wandb agent waits longer to send a SIGKILL after sending SIGINT
  :nail_care: Enhancement
  -   support for logging docker images with the WANDB_DOCKER env var
  -   WANDB_DOCKER automatically set when run in kubernetes
  -   new wandb-docker-run command to automatically set env vars and mount code
  -   wandb.restore supports launching docker for runs that ran with it
  -   python packages are now recorded and saved in a requirements.txt file
  -   cpu_count, gpu_count, gpu, os, and python version stored in wandb-metadata.json
  -   the export api now supports docker-like paths, i.e. username/project:run_id
  -   better first time user messages and login info

0.6.35 not secure

:bug: Bug Fix
  -   Improve error reporting for sweeps

0.6.34 not secure

:bug: Bug Fix
  -   fixed Jupyter logging, don't change logger level
  -   fixed resuming in Jupyter
  :nail_care: Enhancement
  -   wandb.init now degrades gracefully if a user hasn't logged in to wandb
  -   added a **force** flag to wandb.init to require a machine to be logged in
  -   Tensorboard and TensorboardX logging is now automatically instrumented when enabled
  -   added a **tensorboard** to wandb.init which patches tensorboard for logging
  - handles now accepts a base path to files in sub directories
  -   wandb.tensorflow and wandb.tensorboard can now be accessed without directly importing
  -   `wandb sync` will now traverse a wandb run directory and sync all runs

0.6.33 not secure

:bug: Bug Fix
  -   Fixed race where wandb process could hang at the end of a run

0.6.32 not secure

:bug: Bug Fix
  -   Fix resuming in Jupyter on kernel restart
  - ensures files are pushed regardless of growth
  :nail_care: Enhancement
  -   Added replace=True keyword to init for auto-resuming
  -   New run.resumed property that can be used to detect if we're resuming
  -   New run.step property to use for setting an initial epoch on resuming
  -   Made Keras callback save the best model as it improves

0.6.31 not secure

:bug: Bug Fix
  -   Really don't require numpy
  -   Better error message if wandb.log is called before wandb.init
  -   Prevent calling multiple times
  -   Handle datetime attributes in logs / plotly
  :nail_care: Enhancement
  -   Add environment to sweeps
  -   Enable tagging in the public API and in wandb.init
  -   New media type wandb.Html for logging arbitrary html
  -   Add Public api.create_run method for custom integrations
  -   Added glob support to, files save as they're written to
  -   Added wandb.restore for pulling files on resume

0.6.30 not secure

:bug: Bug Fix
  -   Added a timeout for generating diffs on large repos
  -   Fixed edge case where file syncing could hang
  -   Ensure all file changes are captured before exit
  -   Handle cases of sys.exit where code isn't passed
  -   Don't require numpy
  :nail_care: Enhancement
  -   New `wandb sync` command that pushes a local directory to the cloud
  -   Support for syncing tfevents file during training
  -   Detect when running as TFJob and auto group
  -   New Kubeflow module with initial helpers for pipelines

0.6.29 not secure

:bug: Bug Fix
  -   Fixed history / summary bug


:nail_care: Enhancement
  -   Initial support for AWS SageMaker
  -   `hook_torch` renamed to `watch` with a deprecation warning
  -   Projects are automatically created if they don't exist
  -   Additional GPU memory_allocated metric added
  -   Keras Graph stores edges
  :bug: Bug Fix
  -   PyTorch graph parsing is more robust
  -   Fixed PyTorch 0.3 support
  -   File download API supports WANDB_API_KEY authentication


:nail_care: Enhancement
  -   Sweeps work with new backend (early release).
  -   Summary tracks all history metrics unless they're overridden by directly writing
  to summary.
  -   Files support in data API.
  :bug: Bug Fix
  -   Show ongoing media file uploads in final upload progress.

0.6.26 not secure

:nail_care: Enhancement
  -   wandb.Audio supports duration
  :bug: Bug Fix
  -   Pass username header in filestream API

0.6.25 not secure

:nail_care: Enhancement
  -   New wandb.Audio data type.
  -   New step keyword argument when logging metrics
  -   Ability to specify run group and job type when calling wandb.init() or via
  environment variables. This enables automatic grouping of distributed training runs
  in the UI
  -   Ability to override username when using a service account API key
  :bug: Bug Fix
  -   Handle non-tty environments in Python2
  -   Handle non-existing git binary
  -   Fix issue where sometimes the same image was logged twice during a Keras step

0.6.23 not secure

:nail_care: Enhancement
  -   PyTorch
  -   Added a new `wandb.hook_torch` method which records the graph and logs gradients & parameters of pytorch models
  -   `wandb.Image` detects pytorch tensors and uses **torchvision.utils.make_grid** to render the image.
  :bug: Bug Fix
  -   `wandb restore` handles the case of not being run from within a git repo.

0.6.22 not secure

:bug: Bug Fix
  -   We now open stdout and stderr in raw mode in Python 2 ensuring tools like bpdb work.

0.6.21 not secure

:nail_care: Enhancement
  -   Catastrophic errors are now reported to Sentry unless WANDB_ERROR_REPORTING is set to false
  -   Improved error handling and messaging on startup

0.6.20 not secure

:bug: Bug Fix
  -   The first image when calling wandb.log was not being written, now it is
  -   `wandb.log` and `run.summary` now remove whitespace from keys

0.6.19 not secure

:bug: Bug Fix
  -   Vendored prompt_toolkit < 1.0.15 because the latest ipython is pinned > 2.0
  -   Lazy load wandb.h5 only if `summary` is accessed to improve Data API performance
  :nail_care: Enhancement
  -   Jupyter
  -   Deprecated `wandb.monitor` in favor of automatically starting system metrics after the first wandb.log call
  -   Added new **%%wandb** jupyter magic method to display live results
  -   Removed jupyter description iframe
  -   The Data API now supports `per_page` and `order` options to the `api.runs` method
  -   Initial support for wandb.Table logging
  -   Initial support for matplotlib logging