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* fix!: fix World-related specification problem


* fix!: update Instance documentation (this made `region` and `photonRegion` into enums)
  * feature: add US East region
  * docs: flush out User and Avatar documentation


* feature: add IPS (Info Push System) endpoint (116)
  * feature: add avatarImageUrl description (114)


* feature: add Subscription/Transaction/License API (111)


* feature: add Instance API (106)
  * fix!: fix CSS asset path (110)
  * docs: update /time and /visits documentation, no longer plain (108)
  * docs: fix Invite Message-related documentation (109)


* **refactor!: remove use of unnamed Inline Requests and Responses (102)**<br>
  **This means if you use InlineObject or InlineResponse anywhere in your code, these will need to be changed to the respective classes with actual names.**
  * feature: add "Select Fallback Avatar" endpoint (99)
  * feature: friends endpoint returns `location` and `friendKey` (98)
  * fix: world capacity can be zero (105)
  * docs: specify enum defaults
  * docs: clarify "Respond Invite" docs
  * docs: fix incorrect comment on "Respond Invite" request
  * docs: fix 403 Error message title having wrong status code
  * docs: fixed minor typo in favorites tags documentation
  Project maintenance: (does not affect produced Docs or SDK)
  * refactor: sort endpoints in natural order for website (103)
  * chore(deps): bump redocly/openapi-cli (96)
  * ci: auto-deploy to Rust repository<br>
  (This means the Rust repo will from now on automatically update as well)


* fix!: instance ownerId is not required (95)
  * fix!: client number can be "unknown" (94)
  * docs: create (82)


* fix!: publicationDate on LimitedWorld can be none (92)
  * fix!: publicationDate on public world can be none (91)
  * fix!: mark added-on location fields to User as optional (90)


* feature!: allow editing of all 4 invite message types (77)
  * feature: expand LimitedWorld restrictions (88)
  * feature: allow `all` as releaseStatus query flag on `/avatars` (85)
  * feature: add JS and CSS download endpoints (80)
  * feature: add missing API Config fields (78)
  * fix!: deprecate `/health` (79)
  * fix: number to integer in World and LimitedWorld (86)
  * docs: correct `limit` to `n` in API description
  * chore!: replace number with integer where possible (89)
  Project maintenance: (does not affect produced Docs or SDK)
  * docs: add (81)
  * ci: autogenerate Node, Python, Java and C API SDK libraries
  * chore: sort yaml data with yq sortKeys (87)


* fix!: `fallbackAvatar` is not present on User (74)


* feature: add checkUserExists via /auth/exists endpoint to search for username/displayName/email (73)
  * docs: add Tags placeholder descriptions


* fix: `fallbackAvatar` on `CurrentUser` can be missing
  * fix: Added missing bodies to Invite endpoints
  * docs: Clarified `getCurrentUser` auth-related documentation
  Switched to [Conventional Commits 1.0.0]( for commit messages.


* Added Invite API endpoits, with `inviteUser`, `requestInvite` and `respondInvite`.
  * Added InviteMessage editing, allowing editing of response messages used to reply to invites.


* **Minor breaking:** `last_platform` can be more than just `standalonewindows` or `android`, but can pretty much be any random Unity version. So changed from Enum to string.


* **Minor breaking:** `location` is not returned by LimitedUser (gotten via `searchUsers`)


* **BREAKING:** `FileVersionUploadInfo` renamed to `FileVersionUploadStatus`.
  * **BREAKING:** `InlineResponse2003` renamed to `FriendStatus`.
  * **BREAKING:** Endpoints which should return Success on success were incorrectly defined to return Error on success. This has been fixed, and will therefore change some languages function declarations.
  * Previously deprecated endpoint `searchActiveUsers` has been removed (marked as x-internal).
  * Major refactoring on the back-end. This shouldn't be visible to end users due to bundling, but will make maintenance and fixing future merge conflicts *much* easier.


* Fix: `pastDisplayNames` should be array of objects, not array of strings.


* Fixed breaking-bug where `type` was missing from `addFavorite`, causing the request to fail.


* Added Permissions API endpoints
  * Logging in no longer requires apiKey, it will set it automatically.
  * Logging out will now clear all cookies except apiKey.
  * Logging out no longer requires apiKey.
  * Started refactoring for easier maintenance in the future
  * Fixed minor typos