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* Fix bug in font names in the Python distribution


* Support for double treble clefs and additional SMuFL clefs (rettinghaus)
  * Support for chords with cuesize notes (eNote-GmbH)
  * Improved horizontal layout with dots and flags (eNote-GmbH)
  * Improvement of the the positioning of mRest (eNote-GmbH)
  * Improvement of alignment for dots in different voices (eNote-GmbH)
  * Improvement of rendering of ties that collide with dots (eNote-GmbH)
  * Improvement of barLine positioning (eNote-GmbH)
  * Improvement of MusicXML import of chord symbol `<degree>` (th-we)
  * Improvement of input format auto-detection (JRegimbal)
  * Method renderToPAE added to the JS toolkit (davidrizo)
  * Preliminary support for tablature (experimental work)
  * Option --preserve-analytical-markup to preserve analytical markup (default is now off) (rettinghaus)
  * Option --mnum-interval for changing frequency of automatically-placed measure numbers (earboxer)
  * Option --harm-dist to control the minimal distance of harm (DavidBauer1984)
  * Option --output-format-raw for raw MEI output without indentation and line breaks
  * Option --multi-rest-style for better control over the rendering style of multiple measure rest (eNote-GmbH)
  * Option --octave-alternative-symbols to switch to alternate SMuFL glyphs (eNote-GmbH)


* Support for ``
  * Support for `accidglyph.num` and ``
  * Support for MusicXML compressed files
  * Improved consistency of logging functions across bindings
  * Improved PyPI packages for Linux (rettinghaus and musicEnfanthen)
  * Function loadZipDataBase64 and loadZipDataBuffer (JS) for loading MusicXML compressed files
  * Function enableLog(bool) to enable or disable logging
  * Function enableLogToBuffer(bool) to enable logging to a buffer instead of the stderr or the JS console
  * Option --clef-change-factor for adjusting clef change size (default is .66) (rettinghaus)
  * Option --svg-format-raw for raw SVG output without indentation and line breaks
  * New clefs, notehead parentheses and slashes glyphs (Leipzig 5.2.50) (rettinghaus)
  * Fix interpretation of perfecta for smaller note values in mensural notation (martha-thomae)
  * Fixes in the MusicXML importer (eNote-GmBH)


* Support for `clefvisible` (rettinghaus)
  * Support for `articglyph.num`
  * Support for arabic accidentals
  * Improved default rest positioning
  * Improved automatic cross staff rest positioning (eNote-GmbH)
  * Improved cross-staff spacing
  * Improved slurs
  * Improved positioning of ornaments with multiple layers
  * Improved articulations in normal and cross-staff contexts
  * Improved spacing of clef changes
  * Improved timestamp events alignments by avoiding extra-space to be added
  * Improved horizontal alignment of tempo indications (eNote-GmbH)
  * Embedding of Leland font from MuseScore
  * Method Toolkit::GetTimesForElement for accessing score times (wergo)
  * Option for sometimes using encoded breaks, at configurable threshold (`--breaks smart` and `--breaks-smart-sb`) (earboxer)
  * Options --top-margin-artic and --bottom-margin-artic for articulation margins
  * Option --tuplet-num-head for placing tuplet numbers on the side of the notehead


* Support for "old style" multiple measure rests (rettinghaus)
  * Support for `notevel` and `dynamicsval` in MusicXML import (earboxer)
  * Support for `multiRestloc` (rettinghaus)
  * Support for `mNumfontsize` (rettinghaus)
  * Support for `accidental-mark` in MusicXML import (rettinghaus)
  * Support for double-stemmed beams (eNote-GmbH)
  * Improved barline rendition (rettinghaus)
  * Improved cross-staff notation with multiple layers
  * Python Package Index (PyPI) distribution (musicEnfanthen and alastair)
  * Option --footer extended with 'always' value to show footer with --adjust-page-height


* Add missing default footer file


* Fix bug with mensural notation notes


* Support for buzz roll tremolos (rettinghaus)
  * Support for `Sprechgesang` stems (rettinghaus)
  * Support for `<phrase>`
  * Support (limited) for preserving XML comments in the MEI output
  * Support for `hairpinopening` (rettinghaus)
  * Support for `dynam.dist` and `harm.dist` (rettinghaus)
  * Support for pedal lines (rettinghaus)
  * Options for controlling output tabs (--output-indent and --output-indent-tab)
  * Option to remove ids in the MEI output (--remove-ids) to be passed to GetMEI with the JS toolkit
  * Fix tremolo tuplets (rettinghaus)


* Fix bug with memory in beams (valeriyvan)


* Fix bug with mensural clefs not displaying


* Support for `pname.ges` and `pnum` in MIDI output (rettinghaus)
  * Support for `xml:space` in MusicXML import (rettinghaus)
  * Support for `staffDeflines.visible` (rettinghaus)
  * Support for gliss (rettinghaus)
  * Improved bTrem handling (rettinghaus)
  * Improved trill support (rettinghaus)
  * Option for using encoded line breaks, but automatic page breaks (--breaks=line) (earboxer)
  * Support for `trillextender` (rettinghaus)
  * Support for `notehead.visible` (rettinghaus)
  * Improved spacing with crossing voices (rettinghaus)
  * Complete beam refactoring
  * Support for mSpace elements (rettinghaus)
  * Improved header in MusicXML import (rettinghaus)
  * Improved header generation with additional names (earboxer)
  * Fix tremolo beaming (rettinghaus)


* Support for Plaine and Easie output (limited features)
  * Support for lyrics on chords (rettinghaus)
  * Support for `scoreDefsystem.leftline` (rettinghaus)
  * Support for reh elements (rettinghaus)
  * Improved extender lines in MusicXML import (rettinghaus)
  * Improved backup handling in MusicXML import (wergo)
  * Options for adjusting page width (--adjust-page-width) (palgranum)
  * Fix overlapping group symbols (rettinghaus)
  * Fix bug with choice and mdiv (rettinghaus)
  * Fix tempo placement (rettinghaus)
  * Fix Leipzig font validation issues


* Support for expansion implementation with --expand option (wergo)
  * Adjust stem length with double-stemmed writing
  * Option for forcing first page to be condensed (--condense-first-page)
  * Option for forcing pages qwith tempo to be condensed (--condense-tempo-pages)
  * Option for forcing encoded layout rendering to be condensed (--condense-encoded)
  * Single file bundle for WASM build
  * Options --format and --type deprecated (use --from and --to instead)


* Support for short and tick barlines with `measurebar.len` and `` (earboxer)
  * Support for dashed and dotted slurs and ties (earboxer and napulen)
  * Option to use xml entities for SMuFL charachters (--outputSmuflXmlEntities)
  * Options for controlling system divider display (--systemDivider "none|left|left-right")
  * Fix coloring of ties and slurs (rettinghaus)
  * Fix bug with tuplet number placement (rettinghaus)
  * LibMEI output generated from MEI 4.0.1


* Fix bug with NPM build (allow access to verovio.module and use wasm)


* Fix bug with NPM build (remove init function for adjusting memory)


* Fix bug with mordent when loading MEI 3.0 files


* Fix bug with scoreDef / staffDef redefinition


* Support for 512th and 1024th duration
  * Support for iOS cocoapods build (eltiren)
  * Support for SVG currentColor (rettinghaus)
  * Options for controlling header and footer (--header / --footer "auto|none|encoded") (rettinghaus)
  * Bug fix with grace notes and mRests
  * Options --no-header and --no-footer deprecated


* Fix bug with mensural notation layout


* Support for superscript and subscript in `<rend>`
  * Support for chord-symbol parsing in MusicXML (earboxer)
  * Support for dynamics with mixed text and music fonts
  * Support for non-standard keys from MusicXML (rettinghaus)
  * Support for `<graceGrp>` (rettinghaus)
  * Support for `<keyAccid>` for custom key signatures
  * Support for `vel` on `<note>` in MIDI playback (rettinghaus)
  * Support for `<turn>` in MusicXML import (wergo)
  * Support for `<arpgeg>` in MusicXML import (wergo)
  * Support iOS Framework build (Noroxs)
  * Improved support for pedal marks in MusicXML import (wergo)
  * Improved import of key signatures from PAE (show cancellation accidentals)
  * Improved import of tuplets from PAE
  * Improved element attribute access also when not rendered in a page
  * Options for vertical justication (--justify-include-last-page, --justify-system-only, --justify-vertically)
  * Option to set minimum width for justification (--min-last-justification) (earboxer).
  * Method getMIDIValuesForElement (JS) return a JSON object


* Update pugixml
  * Support for SMUFL figured bass figures
  * Support for `spacing` on `<staffDef>`
  * Support for `sameas` on `<beam>`, `<chord>`, `<layer>`, `<note>`, `<rest>`, and `<tuplet>`
  * Support for editorial markup in `<label>` and `<labelAbbr>`
  * Support of ties and slurs starting or ending with timestamp (but not both)
  * Support for ABC notation import (rettinghaus)
  * Improved cross-staff MusicXML import (wergo)
  * Improved clef changes in MusicXML import (wergo)
  * Improved hairpin MusicXML import (wergo)
  * Improved slur MusicXML import (wergo)
  * Support for `<ending>` in MusicXML import (wergo)
  * Preserve MusicXML `<duration>` on notes, rests, and chords (rettinghaus)
  * Import MusicXML `<division>` with `ppq` on `<staffDef>` (rettinghaus)
  * Avoid system optimisation when a tempo change occurs
  * Improved tuplets and support for additional attributes
  * Improved slur placement
  * Option to use svg viewBox on root node (dchisolm)
  * Option for adjusting MIDI tempo output (--midi-tempo-adjustment)
  * Option for top/bottom margin `<harm>` (--top/bottom-margin-harm)
  * Option to use first footer / header for all pages (--use-pg-footer/header-for-all)
  * Embedding of Petaluma font (1.055) from Steinberg
  * Option inputFormat (JS) deprecated (use input instead)


* Fix issue with <app> and multiple <mdiv>


* Fix for Plaine & Easie empty beams


  * Support for `<bracketSpan>`
  * Support for extending line in `<f>`
  * Support for `beam.with` on `<beam>`
  * Support for `stem.pos` values "left" and "right" (rettinghaus)
  * Support for dynamic silent staff hiding (implements `optimize` on `<scoreDef>`)
  * Support for `<subst>` with child (`<add>`, `<del>` or `<subst>`) to be selected with `substXPathQuery`
  * Support for `<dir>` and `<dynam>` connectors (triggered with `next` and `extender`)
  * Sutomatic positioning of rests within beam (CCInc)
  * Fix for Plaine & Easie mensur changes in mensural notation
  * Use SMuFL glyphs for mensural signs (rettinghaus)
  * Barline segmentation with text and dynamic indications overlapping measures
  * Improved layout with text (dir, tempo, etc.) at the end of a system
  * Support for dashed bar lines
  * Improvement of MIDI output for mensural notation
  * Support for `stem.visible` on `<note>` and `<chord>`
  * Fix for Plaine & Easie chords and ties
  * Fix for Plaine & Easie dots in mensural notation
  * Support for MIDI playback of `<beatRpt>`
  * Additional options for controlling grace notes alignment
  * Support for `<instrDef>` (rettinghaus)
  * Support for `mnum.visible` on `<scoreDef>` (rettinghaus)
  * Implementation of `<mNum>` and generation from `measuren` if necessary (rettinghaus)
  * Support for mulitple lines or `<harm>` according to `n` value
  * Adjustment of `<hairpin>` length with surrounding `<dynam>` or `<hairpin>`
  * Automatic vertical alignment of `<dynam>` and `<haripin>` starting / ending at the same xml:id or tstamp
  * Support for `vgrp` on `<dynam>` and `<hairpin>`
  * Preservation of unsupported attributes in the MEI output and in JS getElementAttr
  * Support for `<ref>` elements (preserved in the SVG but with no predefined behaviour)
  * Support for chords with mixed durations
  * Adding Travis CI (Linux and OS X)
  * Preservation of the full `<body>` subtree (`<mdiv>`, `<score>`) in the MEI output
  * Allowing multiple JS instances
  * Adding support for `metcon` on measure
  * Adding getAvailableOptions and getOptions(bool) methods to the JS toolkit
  * Adding several layout options
  * Support for `<pgHead>`, `<pgHead2>`, `<pgFoot>` and `<pgFoot2>`
  * Support for `<lb>` within `<rend>`, `<dir>`, `<label>` and `<labelAbbr>`
  * Generation of header and footer form the MEI header when none provided
  * Support for `<fig>` and `<svg>`
  * Distribution as NPM package
  * Adding Qt binding (yeonoson)
  * Support for `<arpeg>`
  * Adding mmOutput option for better PDF generation
  * Support for trill extensions
  * Upgrade to MEI 4.0 (in preparation)
  * Method renderPage (JS) deprecated (use renderToSVG instead)
  * Method renderToMidi (JS) deprecated (use renderToMIDI instead)
  * Option --appXPathQueries (JS) deprecated (use appXPathQuery instead)
  * Option --choiceXPathQueries (JS) deprecated (use choiceXPathQuery instead)
  * Output CLI help and version to standard output
  * Option -b/--border (CLI) and border (JS) deprecated
  * Option -h/--height and -w/--width (CLI) deprecated
  * Option --ignore-layout (CLI) and ignoreLayout deprecated (use breaks instead)
  * Option --no-layout (CLI) and noLayout deprecated (use breaks instead)
  * Handling `tie` on `<note>` as `<tie>` internally
  * Handling `fermata` as `<fermata>` internally


* Fix for Plaine & Easie ties
  * Fix for Plaine & Easie mensural incipits


* Fix for Plaine & Easie grace notes (rettinghaus)


* Improved stem direction for grace notes (back-ported)
  * Improved stem direction with multiple layers (back-ported)
  * Improved shared accidental rendering (back-ported)
  * Fix for missing slash with grace notes (back-ported)


* Fix missing slash on grace notes


* Fix visibility attribute handling (rettinghaus)


* Fix for breath placement
  * Fix for control event placement


* Support for breath elements (rettinghaus)
  * Support for nested tuplets and ratio number display (rettinghaus)
  * Support for label attribute passed to the SVG (rettinghaus)
  * Support to breaks, key and time changes in MusicXML import (rettinghaus)
  * Improved multi rests (rettinghaus)
  * Improved tuplets (rettinghaus)
  * Improved rest positioning (rettinghaus)
  * Improved SVG stem structure (rettinghaus)
  * Improved ledge line thickness (rettinghaus)
  * Fix for the Python setup
  * Update of pugixml (version 1.8)


* Support for multi-layer layout (accidental and note placement)
  * Support for figured bass (xhero)
  * Support for mordents and turns
  * Support for SMuFL substitution in /harm and /f
  * Support for xml:space on rend (rettinghaus)
  * Support (experimental) for WebAssembly
  * Support for type attribute set as SVG class
  * Support for SMuFL glyph anchor points for accidental layout
  * Support for coloring (rettinghaus)
  * Support for loc attribute placement
  * Support for stemless chords
  * Upgrading page-based MEI to version 3.0.0
  * Improved of Humdrum import (craigsapp)
  * Improved mensural notation support (donbyrd)
  * Improved SVG structure (e.g., for dots, stems and flags)
  * Improved SVG font style (rettinghaus)
  * Improved horizontal layout
  * Improved cross-staff notation
  * Improved grace note layout
  * Improved direct MusicXML import (rettinghaus)
  * Improved meterSig support
  * Improved ledger lines
  * Additional SMuFL glyphs to Leipzig (version 5.2.28)
  * Several bug fixes and code refactoring enhancement
  [Pre-release versions]
  - [0.9.13](
  - [0.9.12](
  - [0.9.11](
  - [0.9.10](
  - [0.9.9](
  - [0.9.8](
  - [0.9.7](
  - [0.9.6](
  - [0.9.5](
  - [0.9.4](
  - [0.9.3](
  - [0.9.2](
  - [0.9.1](
  - [0.9.0](