Changelogs » Vds-api-client

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  - Added `provide_coverage` keyword to roi-time series and --provide-coverage, -cov to cli


  - Roi options expanded in python api: filter, update, hide-all, show-all
  - Use unambiguous date and time formats in logs
  - fix cli user info command


  - Add --backward to cli
  - fix CLI


  - Bugfix: Delete method supplied with incorrect authentication


  - Re-introduce tests for CI
  - Explicit documentation for parallel point time-series
  - Refactor for Requester object shared accross modules


  - Add option backward average on time-series
  - Set debug level in init as integer between 0-50


  Major overhaull on the package API. basic functionalities remain the same.
  The most important changes:
  - Documentation update
  - Dropped support for Python 2.7
  - Removed all api/v1 endpoints from the codebase
  - Refractored the command line from `$ vds api` to `$ vds-api`
  - Removed unnecessary properties
  - Retrieve DataFrames using the `roi-time-series-sync` endpoint
  - VdsApiV2 class was simplified to 3 steps
  - VdsApiV2 methods reflect their functionality
  Refer to the documentation for the current syntax


  Added features
  - request from `staging` and `test` hosts aside from `maps`
  - impersonating an account can also be done using the api client
  Removed features
  - dropped python 2.7 tests


  Added features
  - Filter ROIS based on id, name, area or description
  - Deletion of a list of ROIS


  Much change in this new version
  Some added features:
  - time-series returned as DataFrame
  - roi request by name
  - submit v2 jobs simultaneously
  - get point value endpoint added in python api
  and some stability enhancements:
  - joblib and retrying dependencies added for parallel jobs and exception handling
  - retry status update if no response
  - save uuids to textfile until download finished,
  enables you to retry a request if the script failed in between
  submission and retrieval of the request


  This version includes some minor bugfixes and enhancements:
  - fixed the cli login procedure
  - login the api client using environment variables also in the python api
  - fixed testing for new time-series file naming
  - fixed cli info when no rois were added to the account
  - __repr__ of api base now returns __str__
  - Rois class now has a py2/3 compatible bool() method (empty / non-empty)


  This version has some changes in the Python API
  - VanderSat API v2 gridded data downloads
  - VanderSat API v2 time-series downloads
  - CLI overhaul, v1 commands still included
  - Overall consistency and stability upgrade


  - PEP8 improvements
  - Refractor from one class to base, cli, v1, v2 and wms
  - Simplified and more consistent
  - Enhanced flexibility
  - negative latlon for filenames
  - credentials parsing improved
  - writing of tempfile for streamed time-series for linux systems
  added features
  - testing functions added for cli, base and v1 commands
  - removed credentials from logging
  - Python 3 compatibility added
  - Linux and Windows supported
  - added info command to cli
  - added login and logout methods to cli
  - get credentials from environment variables (cli)
  - automated check for existing products during configure


  - multithreading implemented
  - auto retry implemented
  - click implementation for command line requests
  - test command added to cli
  - remove pandas from requirements for date_range
  - added pandas when using streamed time-series
  - retry all calls that were rejected by the server
  - set different server though self.base
  - KeyboardInterrupt implementation fixed for multithreading
  - overwrite files swith added
  - debug switch implemented
  - log everything
  - implemented option for using stream
  - added multiple products to getarea command
  - added multiple dates to getarea commands
  - summary of performed operations