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New features:
- added `user_rt`: name of the user at the time which retweeted
- extended `user_rt_id` to any retweet and not just specific ones
- added `retweet_id`
- added `reply_to`: list of `{user_id, username}` of users which you'd reply to


- changed `user_rt_id` from `long` to `keyword`
- added entries for new fields

SQLite Database
- extended `retweets` table
- added `replies` table

File output
Updated `tweetFieldnames` according to new fields


Among little fixes and improvements, a lot of new features and filters have been added:

New Filters

- `--popular-tweets` (Scrape popular tweets instead of recent ones.)
- `--native-retweets` (Filter the results for retweets only.)
- `--min-likes` (Filter the tweets by minimum number of likes.)
- `--min-retweets` (Filter the tweets by minimum number of retweets.)
- `--min-replies` (Filter the tweets by minimum number of replies.)
- `--links` (Include or exclude tweets containing one o more links. If not specified you will get both tweets that might contain links or not.)
- `--source` (Filter the tweets for specific source client.)
- `--members-list` (Filter the tweets sent by users in a given list.)
- `--filter-retweets` (Exclude retweets from the results.)

Bug fixes

- upgraded resume option
- fixed format issue
- updated SQLite database schema


-  updated compatibility with Elasticsearch 7.x

- Limit

- Elasticsearch support for "full users" option


What's New?
- Dates, Times & Timezones are now converted to local system time
- Cleaner Code & Optimized performance
- Ability to collect Retweets - 2 ways:
Fast: (Limited)
- [+] Finished: Successfully collected 828 Tweets from realdonaldtrump.

Slow: (Not Limited)
- `c.Profile_full`
- Added mentions, retweet, rt_user, essid fields, and more
- Added proxy support to
- Added userlist support to
- Bug Fixes
- JSON output can now be customized.
- Complete User profile option

Compiled sources for `Twint Graph Explorer`.

Unzip the file corresponding to your platform and arch, open `twint`.

Your DB file must be in the same directory of `twint`.

To compile by your own see [the Wiki](


- Custom CSV Formatting
- New CSV Style

- Various outputting fixes


Whats new
- Module
- Graph Visualizer
- Ability to scrape Followers, Followings, and Favorites
- Rebranding