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  - Update changelog. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Bump version: 0.5.2 → 0.6.0. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Merge pull request 2 from pytroll/develop. [Panu Lahtinen]
  Add Python 3 support
  - Merge pull request 1 from pytroll/feature-python3-support. [Panu
  Python 3 compatibility
  - Change print statements to functions, fix exceptions. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Remove mpop examples as there's no Python 3 support. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Use six to import queue, cast dict_items to tuple. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Delete potentially large internal variables to reduce memory use.
  [Panu Lahtinen]


  - Update changelog. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Bump version: 0.5.1 → 0.5.2. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Rename to more descriptive filename. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Update example to match current package structures. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Update readme. [Panu Lahtinen]


  - Update changelog. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Bump version: 0.5.0 → 0.5.1. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Fix PyYAML case as dependency in setup.cfg. [Martin Raspaud]


  - Update changelog. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Bump version: 0.4.0 → 0.5.0. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Fix restarting crashed workers/daemons. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Catch ValueError. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Add "flush_queue" kwarg. [Panu Lahtinen]
  When setting flush_queue=False, the queued items can be kept when
  restarting worker
  - If previous worker died, release its lock. [Panu Lahtinen]
  NOTE: this need to be done so that all the downstream workers have
  finished working so that there won't be synchronisation issues
  - Clarify log message. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Remove exception handling for MemoryError. [Panu Lahtinen]
  In this way the thread "watchdog" can restart the worker without losing
  all the existing items in the queues
  - Find dead workers only when not shutting down. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Use also old output queues so possibly existing data are kept. [Panu
  - Recreate dead threads, reconnect queues and locks. [Panu Lahtinen]


  - Update changelog. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Bump version: 0.3.2 → 0.4.0. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Add optional forced garbage collection. [Panu Lahtinen]


  - Update changelog. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Bump version: 0.3.1 → 0.3.2. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Add missing import. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Use UTC timestamps in log files by default. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Catch MemoryError. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Fix finally/except misuse. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Make loop exit cleaner. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Catch all errors, not only KeyboardInterrupt. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Daemonize all worker threads. [Panu Lahtinen]


  - Update changelog. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Bump version: 0.3.0 → 0.3.1. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Make views lists so that also Python 3 should work. [Panu Lahtinen]


  - Update changelog. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Bump version: 0.2.0 → 0.3.0. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Merge branch 'master' into develop. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Merge branch 'release-0.2.0' [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Merge branch 'release_0.1.0' [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Remove tests dependencies. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Fix test requirement. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Change RLock to Lock, adjust tests. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Make import Python3 compatible. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Fix syntax by adding install group. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Move stremere init to setUp(), test stop() [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Fix typos, add placeholders for testin start() and stop() [Panu
  - Add pyyaml to test requirements. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Add test_workflow_streamer, test WorkflowStreamer.__init__ [Panu
  - Add tests for workflow_component. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Remove unused import. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Adjust docstring, remove unused import. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Add tests for trollflow.utils. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Enable tests. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Remove unused function. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Make tests a package. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Add travis config. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Move lock acquire/release from trollflow_sat. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Remove redefinition of items at each run, use Rlock instead of Lock.
  [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Remove unnecesary "content" dictionary. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Move locking from WorkflowComponent to WorkflowStreamer. [Panu
  - Adjust lock messages. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Handle workers without locking. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Fix lock name, fix typo in function name. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Catch ThreadError if releasing unlocked lock. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Create local lock at init time, set use_lock to False by default.
  [Panu Lahtinen]
  - PEP8 and remove obsolete stuff. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Add locks. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Add missing file. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Remove obsolete files. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Add a methods to stop workers and get data from workers. [Panu
  - Add serial processing. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Rename create_workers() to create_threaded_workers() [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Remove broken "serial" workflow generator, rename run() to wait()
  [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Remove extra layer of threading. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Make sure all the queued items have been marked as done. [Panu
  - Apply task_done() after data is read from the input queue. [Panu
  - Add main, cleanup, pep8. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Remove unused import, fix config reader to use the argument. [Panu
  - Remove unused import. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Merge branch 'develop' of into
  develop. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Add ordered load, restructure code, add serial processing. [Panu


  - Update changelog. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Bump version: 0.1.0 → 0.2.0. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Fix order of functions and dict using them. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Add docstrings. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Clean main() to separate functions. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Fix style warnings, remove unused imports. [Panu Lahtinen]


  - Update changelog. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Bump version: 0.0.1 → 0.1.0. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Initial commit. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Remove test requirements for now. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Set execute bit. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Adjust requirements. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Adjust install requirements, add installable scripts. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Change directory name. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Convert from json to YAML. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Move WorkflowStreamer to own file. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Reorganize imports. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Reorganize imports, rewrap lines, delete obsolet files. [Panu
  - Move to bin, update from trollduction. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Remove from installed scripts, as it was moved to
  trollduction. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Change segment gatherer to use yaml config. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Add SegmentGatherer (.ini variant) [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Fix logging from daemon threads. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Expose more arguments as config options. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Add logging and log config. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Add log config, add writer. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Add configuration for pansharpener, give better names for workflows.
  [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Remove unnecessary error handling. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Add input and output queues to context, remove hard-coded items. [Panu
  - Move queue initial value to correct place. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Add all working trollduction plugins. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Work on workflowstreamer. [Martin Raspaud]
  - Add first draft of trollduction flow. [Martin Raspaud]
  - Test example runs with YAML. [Martin Raspaud]
  - YAML example configs. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Fix import. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Change file modes to executable. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Fix import, add main(), pep8. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Separate versions for JSON and YAML config files. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Fix import, fix usage of reserved names, pep8. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Make examples a package. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Pep8. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Add example packages to install list. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Fix syntax error. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Add to the list of installed scripts. [Panu
  - Move main() to bin/ [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Move the main() to bin directory. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Restructure directory structure. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Add version file. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Modify to reflect the new directory structure. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Add gitignore. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Create setup for trollflow. [Panu Lahtinen]
  - Remove java stuff. [Martin Raspaud]
  - Removed empty module. [HelgeDMI]
  - Removed an unnecessary module from the example workflows. [HelgeDMI]
  - Now there is a component finder returning components in a search path.
  Furthermore, there is an initial version of a documenter module, which
  generates a visualisation of the dataflow in a workflow. The generated
  graph is currently incomplete. This is fixed in a next commit.
  - Added missing files for second example. [HelgeDMI]
  - Initial commit. [HelgeDMI]