Changelogs » Transformers-lightning

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- Added `SortingLanguageModeling` technique and tests.
  - Added `SwappingLanguageModeling` technique and tests.
  - Added `add_adapter_specific_args` method to `SuperAdapter` to allow adding parameters to the CLI.
  - Fixed typo with which `AdapterDataModule` was not receiving `collate_fn` argument.
  - Fixed typos in `imports`.
  - Refactored `datamodules` section.


- Added `get_dataset` method to `AdaptersDataModule` to facilitate creation of dataset from adapters.
  - Dropped support for `drop_last` in every dataloader: lightning uses `False` everywhere by default.
  - Fixed `TransformersModel.num_training_steps` that in some cases was providing slightly wrong numbers due to rounding.
  - Fixed `whole_words_tail_mask` in `language_modeling` which was not working correctly.
  - Improved testing of `models` and `language_models`.


- Added tests for `optimizers` package.
  - Fixed some imports.
  - Fixed some calls to **super** method in optimizers and schedulers.


- Fixed `metrics` package imports and added tests.


- Added `LineAdapter` to read files line by line.
  - Every `add_*_specific_args` method now should return nothing.
  - Added `predict` capability to `AdaptersDataModule`.
  - Added `predict` capability to `CompressedDataModule`.
  - Added `do_predict()` and `predict_dataloader()` to `SuperDataModule`.
  - Added `do_preprocessing` init argument to `MapDataset` and `IterableDataset` to eventually avoid calling the preprocessing function defined in the `Adapter`.
  - Added check over tokenizer type in `whole_word_tails_mask()`.
  - Added functions `get_optimizer`, `get_scheduler`, `num_training_steps` and corresponding CLI parameters to `TransformersModel` to allow for more flexible definition of optimizers and schedulers.
  - Added optimizer wrappers to be instantiated through CLI parameters. You can still use your own optimizer in `configure_optimizers` without problems.
  - Added scheduler wrappers to be instantiated through CLI parameters. You can still use your own scheduler in `configure_optimizers` without problems.
  - (Re)Added metrics package with `HitRate`. However, this will likely be moved to `torchmetrics` in the next releases.
  - Changed `hparams` attribute of every class (`models`, `adapters`, `datamodules`, `optimizers`, `schedulers`, `callbacks` and `datasets`) to `hyperparameters` to avoid conflict with new lightning `hparams` getters and setters.
  - Changed logic of `TransformersModelCheckpointCallback` since training loop has changed in `pytorch-lightning` **v1.4**.
  - Removed `TransformersAdapter` because it was too specific and useless.
  - General refactoring of classes. Cleaned and removed unused imports. Refactored also some tests.


- Added `CompressedDataModule` based on `CompressedDataset`
  - Added `CompressedDataset` based on [`CompressedDictionary`](
  - Removed `IterableDataset`
  - Metrics has been moved to the `torchmetrics` library ([81](
  - Removed losses package because it has been empty for months.


- Language models do not modify `inputs` anymore ([74](
  - All `Language Models` have now a generic `probability` parameter (signature of all language models has been updated).
  - Improved efficiency of `ElectraAdamW`.