Changelogs » Tmtk



* Make compatible with pandas 0.25


* Add dimension_type and sort_order columns to the dimension_description
* Add end dates to the observation_fact export in skinny loader (end date dimension still missing)


* 16.2 template validation
* Allow reuse of column names in separate source files used by template reader
* Template reader source data can be provided in single sheet Excel files


* Create transmart-copy files without setting ``FAS`` on study node.


* You can now create a template from an existing tree in BaaS
* file2df() now reads floats as is


* Support for Date observations with value type 'D'
* Fixed issue with lower case top node in deprecated template reader


* Support for Excel templates for 17.1+
* Added data density for the random study generator
* Added package wide options under tmtk.options
* Added builds for Anaconda
* Automated testing on Windows


* Fixed call_boris and related tests and examples.


* Data types and modifiers support in blueprint.
* Fixed issue with empty date columns
* Export studies without including a top node
* Better support for modifiers other than MISSVAL


* Added support to export to skinny format (toolbox.SkinnyExport)
* Support for modifiers and ontology concepts
* known issue: the Arborist does not have full support yet.
* Variable objects are more powerful with more setters.


* Better support for building pipelines from code books using Blueprints
* Set data label, concept path, and word mapping from clinical variable abstraction
* Arborist support for _ and +
* Improved stability of Arborist
* Fixes in Validator for word map file


* More easily extensible validator functionality
* Added multiple validation methods
* Fix issue with namespace cleaner


* Replaced deprecated pandas functionality
* More reliably start batch job


* Create studies from TraIT data templates, see :ref:`data_templates`.
* Create fully randomized studies of any size: ``tmtk.toolbox.RandomStudy``.
* Load data right from Jupyter using transmart-batch, with progress bars!! Also works in
as a command line tool ``transmart-batch``.
* Set name and id from the main study object.


* Minor bug fix for Arborist installation


* The Arborist is now implemented as a Jupyter Notebook extension
* Metadata tags are automatically sorted in Arborist.


* Create and apply tree templates in Arborist
* Improved interaction with metadata tags in Arborist
* Resolved issues with the validator
* R is now an optional dependency