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  Bugfix release
  * Adapt to newer Sphinx math nodes.  Required for compatibility with Sphinx 3.


  Bugfix release
  * Fix misspelled test-requirements.txt


  Bugfix release
  * Include requirements files - thanks to Douglas Fenstermacher.


  Bugfix release:
  * Always import `math` node from docutils - thanks to Chris Markiewicz.
  * Always use setuptools
  * Simplify and fix requirements specification.


  Bugfix release:
  * Try importing `math` node from docutils by default to avoid warning - thanks
  to Jerry James for this fix.
  * Adapt tests to changes in Sphinx 1.8 and 2.0 output.


  Bugfix release:
  * Adapt to Sphinx 1.8 imports - particularly mathcode.


  Bugfix release:
  * Adapt testing to Sphinx 1.7 variants.
  * Use pytest for tests.
  * Add documentation to sdist.


  Bugfix release:
  * Change return value from math_dollar doctest parser to be list of strings,
  one per line, rather than a single multiline string.  This makes it possible
  for other ReST transforms to run correctly on the output, such as links and
  substitutions.  Add tests to confirm this works correctly.
  * Add ability to import ``math_dollar`` and ``mathcode`` from top level import
  of ``texext``.
  * Refactor testing to use ``sphinxtesters`` module.


  Bugfix release for compatibility with Sphinx >= 1.6
  * Refactor math_dollar extension to use docutils transform instead of
  NodeVisitor.  This works round a change in Sphinx >= 1.6 which resulted in
  the node "rawsource" being discarded during the transform phase, making it
  impossible to correctly replace the math


  Bugfix release:
  * Fix and test mathcode equation labeling for different versions of Sphinx.


  Bugfix release:
  * Mathcode creates a displaymath node, but was not adding a ``number``
  attribute to the node.  ``sphinx.ext.mathjax`` later expects to see
  ``number`` as a node attribute (but it can be None).  Set ``number`` to None
  by default.


  Configuration change:
  * Changed method of pointing mathcode directive at the context for plots.  The
  old method attached a module to the sphinx config, making the config
  impossible to pickle, so forcing a rebuild of all pages for each call to
  sphinx-build.  The new method uses a string that we use to import the
  attribute containing the plot context.


  Bugfix release:
  * Fixed processing of backslash escape characters in ReST input with dollars.


  Bugfix release:
  * Use different method to get text to parse in Sphinx pages.  We were
  previously getting the raw ReST text and trying to do partial parsing with
  regexps, but this was getting brittle, and there were already some nasty
  bugs to do with the order we were putting back stuff we had taken out.
  Instead, look for math dollars in the parsed doctree, so we can avoid
  things like literal blocks via the ReST parser.  We continue to use the
  regex parser on docstrings though;
  * Deal with multiple backticks used as sphinx section underlines, confusing
  the regex parser;
  * No longer exclude all indented lines from math dollar parsing, because it's
  fairly common to have math dollars in list items, which are indented;
  * Extend tests to cover math in list elements;


  Bugfix release:
  * Fix use of custom plot_directive;
  * Some testing fixes;


  Initial release:
  * Refactored ``math_dollar`` extension to exclude more potential false
  positives, add tests;
  * Add ``mathcode`` directive.