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Breaking changes
  - The `Row.lpush/rpush` logic was reversed. `lpush` was appending while `rpush`
  and `append` were prepending. This was fixed (reversed behavior). If you
  counted on the broken behavior, please update your code (453).
  - Fixed minimal openpyxl dependency version to 2.6.0 (457).
  - Dates from xls files are now read as Python datetime objects (373).
  - Allow import of "ragged" xlsx files (465).
  - When importing an xlsx file, Tablib will now read cell values instead of formulas (462).


  - Upcoming breaking change in Tablib 2.0.0: the `Row.lpush/rpush` logic is reversed.
  `lpush` is appending while `rpush` and `append` are prepending. The broken behavior
  will remain in Tablib 1.x and will be fixed (reversed) in Tablib 2.0.0 (453). If you
  count on the broken behavior, please update your code when you upgrade to Tablib 2.x.
  - Tablib is now able to import CSV content where not all rows have the same
  length. Missing columns on any line receive the empty string (226).


Breaking changes
  - Dropped Python 2 support
  - Dependencies are now all optional. To install `tablib` as before with all
  possible supported formats, run `pip install tablib[all]`
  - Formats can now be dynamically registered through the
  `tablib.formats.registry.refister` API (256).
  - Tablib methods expecting data input (`detect_format`, `import_set`,
  `Dataset.load`, `Databook.load`) now accepts file-like objects in addition
  to raw strings and bytestrings (440).
  - Fixed a crash when exporting an empty string with the ReST format (368)
  - Error cells from imported .xls files contain now the error string (202)


  - The 0.14.x series will be the last to support Python 2
  Breaking changes
  - Dropped Python 3.4 support
  - Added Python 3.7 and 3.8 support
  - The project is now maintained by the Jazzband team,
  - Improved format autodetection and added autodetection for the odf format.
  - Added search to all documentation pages
  - Open xlsx workbooks in read-only mode (316)
  - Unpin requirements
  - Only install backports.csv on Python 2
  - Fixed `DataBook().load` parameter ordering (first stream, then format).
  - Fixed a regression for xlsx exports where non-string values were forced to
  strings (314)
  - Fixed xlsx format detection (which was often detected as `xls` format)


- Added reStructuredText output capability (336)
  - Added Jira output capability
  - Stopped calling openpyxl deprecated methods (accessing cells, removing sheets)
  (openpyxl minimal version is now 2.4.0)
  - Fixed a circular dependency issue in JSON output (332)
  - Fixed Unicode error for the CSV export on Python 2 (215)
  - Removed usage of optional `ujson` (311)
  - Dropped Python 3.3 support


- Favor `Dataset.export(<format>)` over `Dataset.<format>` syntax in docs
  - Make Panda dependency optional


- Add initial Panda DataFrame support
  - Dropped Python 2.6 support


- Use `yaml.safe_load` for importing yaml.


- Use built-in `json` package if available
  - Support Python 3.5+ in classifiers
  - Fixed textual representation for Dataset with no headers
  - Handle decimal types

0.11.3 not secure

- Release fix.

0.11.2 not secure

  - Fix export only formats.
  - Fix for xlsx output.

0.11.1 not secure

  - Fixed packaging error on Python 3.

0.11.0 not secure

New Formats!
  - Added LaTeX table export format (`Dataset.latex`).
  - Support for dBase (DBF) files (`Dataset.dbf`).
  - New import/export interface (`Dataset.export()`, `Dataset.load()`).
  - CSV custom delimiter support (`Dataset.export('csv', delimiter='$')`).
  - Adding ability to remove duplicates to all rows in a dataset (`Dataset.remove_duplicates()`).
  - Added a mechanism to avoid `datetime.datetime` issues when serializing data.
  - New `detect_format()` function (mostly for internal use).
  - Update the vendored unicodecsv to fix `None` handling.
  - Only freeze the headers row, not the headers columns (xls).
  Breaking Changes
  - `detect()` function removed.
  - Fix XLSX import.
  - Bugfix for `Dataset.transpose().transpose()`.

0.10.0 not secure

* Unicode Column Headers
  * ALL the bugfixes!

0.9.11 not secure

* Bugfixes

0.9.10 not secure

* Bugfixes

0.9.9 not secure

* Dataset API Changes
  * `stack_rows` => `stack`, `stack_columns` => `stack_cols`
  * column operations have their own methods now (`append_col`, `insert_col`)
  * List-style `pop()`
  * Redis-style `rpush`, `lpush`, `rpop`, `lpop`, `rpush_col`, and `lpush_col`

0.9.8 not secure

* OpenDocument Spreadsheet support (.ods)
  * Full Unicode TSV support

0.9.7 not secure

* Full XLSX Support!
  * Pickling Bugfix
  * Compat Module

0.9.6 not secure

* `seperators` renamed to `separators`
  * Full unicode CSV support

0.9.5 not secure

* Python 3.1, Python 3.2 Support (same code base!)
  * Formatter callback support
  * Various bug fixes

0.9.4 not secure

* Python 2.5 Support!
  * Tox Testing for 2.5, 2.6, 2.7
  * AnyJSON Integrated
  * OrderedDict support
  * Caved to community pressure (spaces)

0.9.3 not secure

* Databook duplication leak fix.
  * HTML Table output.
  * Added column sorting.

0.9.2 not secure

* Transpose method added to Datasets.
  * New frozen top row in Excel output.
  * Pickling support for Datasets and Rows.
  * Support for row/column stacking.

0.9.1 not secure

* Minor reference shadowing bugfix.

0.9.0 not secure

* Massive documentation update!
  * Row tagging and Dataset filtering!
  * Column insert/delete support
  * Column append API change (header required)
  * Internal Changes (Row object and use thereof)


* New import system. All dependencies attempt to load from site-packages,
  then fallback on tenderized modules.

0.8.4 not secure

* Updated XLS output: Only wrap if '\\n' in cell.

0.8.3 not secure

* Ability to append new column passing a callable
  as the value that will be applied to every row.

0.8.2 not secure

* Added alignment wrapping to written cells.
  * Added separator support to XLS.

0.8.1 not secure

* Packaging Fix

0.8.0 not secure

* New format plugin system!
  * Imports! ELEGANT Imports!
  * Tests. Lots of tests.

0.7.1 not secure

* Reverting methods back to properties.
  * Windows bug compensated in documentation.

0.7.0 not secure

* Renamed DataBook Databook for consistency.
  * Export properties changed to methods (XLS filename / StringIO bug).
  * Optional Dataset.xls(path='filename') support (for writing on windows).
  * Added utf-8 on the worksheet level.

0.6.4 not secure

* Updated unicode export for XLS.
  * More exhaustive unit tests.

0.6.3 not secure

* Added Dataset.append() support for columns.

0.6.2 not secure

* Fixed Dataset.append() error on empty dataset.
  * Updated Dataset.headers property w/ validation.
  * Added Testing Fixtures.

0.6.1 not secure

* Packaging hotfixes.


* Public Release.
  * Export Support for XLS, JSON, YAML, and CSV.
  * DataBook Export for XLS, JSON, and YAML.
  * Python Dict Property Support.