Changelogs » Swepy

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Minor update to improve code consistency and fix a bug that prevented proper use of the scrape_all() functionality when looking for a full hemisphere image


This release includes adding black and flake8 to help manage code formatting. The code should be easier to read and understand, however functionality has not changed.


This release marks the official support for years of the dataset prior to 1992.


The first 1.3.0 release failed CI due to a weird shared library issue that has resolved itself. This release contains some minor changes in code to make things cleaner but ultimately brings all the same benefits of v1.3.0 with a passing build.


This update comes with the most significant speed gains yet. All of the processing intense tasks are now designed to automatically make use of every available core using a Pool in python. Speed increases are significant over previous versions.
  This release also comes with the first iteration of the Analysis module for SWEpy. This module will give users quick access to information like the change in summer length over each pixel in the study area. Or the date of full melt conditions each year per pixel. This module will continue being upgraded and added to throughout v1.3.x


Added a processing module for opening and cleaning/smoothing tb or swe


Creating new release for Zenodo to generate DOI


There shouldn't be any issues using scrape_all with 25km resolution data anymore. Everything seems to be sorted out. (Dec 2, 2018 Updating Release)


25km scraping was broken after v1.3 of the dataset was released. That has been fixed by scraping next best options on those days.


Shifting back to ease2transform from cartopy for full functionality. Also switched from MIT to LGPL v3 license




This release introduced testing scripts for SWEpy and implemented continuous development through travis-ci


class constructor for swepy is now more flexible with input parameters to allow for easier use of the entire package. Further updates needed to better allow users to input data later without re-instantiating the class.


Mapbox functionality will be replaced with a jupyter notebook for using map box for plotting.






This is the initial SWEpy release to facilitate the creation of a conda package for easier distribution!