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  Backwards Incompatible Changes
  - The frames `~sunpy.coordinates.frames.HeliographicStonyhurst` and `~sunpy.coordinates.frames.HeliographicCarrington` now inherit from the new base class `~sunpy.coordinates.frames.BaseHeliographic`.
  This changes means that ``isinstance(frame, HeliographicStonyhurst)`` is no longer ``True`` when ``frame`` is `~sunpy.coordinates.frames.HeliographicCarrington`. (`3595 <>`__)
  - ``, `` and `` now only take `astropy.units` quantities instead of strings. (`3640 <>`__)
  - `` is now more strict when the metadata of a map cannot be validated, and
  an error is now thrown instead of a warning if metadata cannot be validated. In order to
  load maps that previously loaded without error you may need to pass ``silence_errors=True``
  to ``. (`3646 <>`__)
  - ```` will now return results from all clients which match a query, you no longer have to make the query specific to a single client. This means that searches involving the 'eve' and 'rhessi' instruments will now potentially also return results from the VSO. For `` you can now specify ``a.Physobs("summary_lightcurve")`` to only include the summary lightcurve data products not provided by the VSO. (`3770 <>`__)
  - The objects returned by the ``search`` methods on ``VSOClient``, ``JSOCClient`` and ``GenericClient`` have been changed to be based on ``. This introduces a few subtle breaking changes for people using the client search methods directly (not ````), or people using ``. When slicing an instance of ``QueryResponse`` it will now return an instance of itself, ``QueryResponse.blocks`` can be used to access the underlying records. Also, the ``.client`` attribute of the response no longer has to be the instance of the class the search was made with, however, it often is. (`3770 <>`__)
  - `~sunpy.coordinates.frames.HeliographicCarrington` is now an observer-based frame, where the observer location (specifically, the distance from the Sun) is used to account for light travel time when determining apparent Carrington longitudes.  Coordinate transformations using this frame now require an observer to be specified. (`3782 <>`__)
  - To enable the precise co-alignment of solar images from different observatories, the calculation of Carrington coordinates now ignores the stellar-aberration correction due to observer motion.
  For an Earth observer, this change results in an increase in Carrington longitude of ~20 arcseconds.
  See :ref:`sunpy-coordinates-carrington` for more information. (`3782 <>`__)
  - Fixed a bug where some of the coordinate transformations could raise `ValueError` instead of `~astropy.coordinates.ConvertError` when the transformation could not be performed. (`3894 <>`__)
  - Astropy 3.2 is now the minimum required version of that dependency. (`3936 <>`__)
  Deprecations and Removals
  - Fido search attrs available as `` i.e, ``a.Time``, ``a.Instrument`` etc are now deprecated as VSO attrs (``). (`3714 <>`__)
  - `sunpy.util.multimethod.MultiMethod` is deprecated, `functools.singledispatch` provides equivalent functionality in the standard library. (`3714 <>`__)
  - `` has been moved to `` and the original deprecated. (`3877 <>`__)
  - Deprecate `sunpy.instr.aia.aiaprep` in favor of the `register` function in the
  [aiapy]( package.
  `sunpy.instr.aia.aiaprep` will be removed in version 2.1 (`3960 <>`__)
  - Removed the module `sunpy.sun.sun`, which was deprecated in version 1.0.
  Use the module `sunpy.coordinates.sun` instead. (`4014 <>`__)
  - Removed Sun-associated functions in `sunpy.coordinates.ephemeris`, which were deprecated in 1.0.
  Use the corresponding functions in `sunpy.coordinates.sun`. (`4014 <>`__)
  - Remove the deprecated ```` ``.query_legacy`` and ``.latest`` methods. (`4109 <>`__)
  - Removed the sample datasets NOAAINDICES_TIMESERIES and NOAAPREDICT_TIMESERIES because they will invariably be out of date.
  Up-to-date versions of these NOAA indices can be downloaded using `` (see :ref:``). (`4169 <>`__)
  - Added `~sunpy.coordinates.metaframes.RotatedSunFrame` for defining coordinate frames that account for solar rotation. (`3537 <>`__)
  - Added a context manager (`~sunpy.coordinates.transform_with_sun_center`) to ignore the motion of the center of the Sun for coordinate transformations. (`3540 <>`__)
  - Updated the gallery example titled 'Downloading and plotting an HMI magnetogram' to rotate the HMI magnetogram such that solar North is pointed up. (`3573 <>`__)
  - Creates a function named ```` that samples the data from the map at the given set of coordinates. (`3592 <>`__)
  - Enabled the discovery of search attributes for each of our clients. (`3637 <>`__)
  - Printing `` or other "attrs" will show all attributes that exist under the corresponding "attr". (`3637 <>`__)
  - Printing `` will print out all the clients that Fido can use. (`3637 <>`__)
  - Updates `` to allow disabling the axes labels and the ticks on the top and right axes. (`3673 <>`__)
  - Creates a ``tables`` property for ``, which allows to access the `QueryResponse` as an `~astropy.table.Table`, which then can be used for indexing of results. (`3675 <>`__)
  - Change the APIs for :meth:`` and :meth:`` to be consistent with each other and to use keyword-only arguments for specifying the bounding box. (`3677 <>`__)
  - Updates the `` property to warn the user of specific missing metadata for each frame.
  Omits warning about frames where all metadata is missing or all meta is present. (`3692 <>`__)
  - Added `sunpy.util.config.copy_default_config` that copies the default config file to the user's config directory. (`3722 <>`__)
  - ``sunpy.database`` now supports adding database entries and downloading data from ``HEK`` query (`3731 <>`__)
  - Added a helper function (`~sunpy.coordinates.util.get_rectangle_coordinates`) for defining a rectangle in longitude and latitude coordinates. (`3737 <>`__)
  - Add a ``.data`` property in `~sunpy.timeseries.GenericTimeSeries`, so that users are encouraged to use `to_dataframe` to get the data of the timeseries. (`3746 <>`__)
  - It is now possible to turn on or off various corrections in :func:`~sunpy.coordinates.sun.L0` (the apparent Carrington longitude of Sun-disk center as seen from Earth). (`3782 <>`__)
  - Made skimage.transform import lazy to reduce import time of `sunpy.image.transform` by ~50% (`3818 <>`__)
  - Add support for parfive 1.1. This sets a limit on the number of open connections to JSOC when downloading files to 10. (`3822 <>`__)
  - Fido clients (subclasses of ``) can now register their own attrs modules with ``.
  This allows clients which require attr classes specific to that client to register modules that can be used by the user i.e. ``a.vso``.
  It also allows clients implemented externally to sunpy to register attrs. (`3869 <>`__)
  - Added the methods :meth:`` and :meth:`` to display an HTML summary of the instance, including interactive controls.
  When using Jupyter notebooks, this HTML summary is automatically shown instead of a text-only representation. (`3951 <>`__)
  - Added `_localfilelist` method in `~sunpy.util.scraper.Scraper` to scrap local data archives. (`3994 <>`__)
  - Added extra constants to `sunpy.sun.constants`:
  - Longitude of the prime meridian (epoch J2000.0) : ``sunpy.sun.constants.get('W_0')``
  - Sidereal rotation rate : `sunpy.sun.constants.sidereal_rotation_rate`
  - First Carrington rotation (JD TT) : `sunpy.sun.constants.first_carrington_rotation`
  - Mean synodic period : `sunpy.sun.constants.mean_synodic_period`
  - Right ascension (RA) of the north pole (epoch J2000.0) : ``sunpy.sun.constants.get('alpha_0')``
  - Declination of the north pole (epoch J2000.0) : ``sunpy.sun.constants.get('delta_0')`` (`4013 <>`__)
  - Adds to `` the ability to include regular expressions in the URL passed. (`4107 <>`__)
  Bug Fixes
  - Added support for passing ``TimeSeriesMetaData`` object to ``timeseries_factory`` and associated validation tests. (`3639 <>`__)
  - Now when `` fails to load a file, the filename that failed to load will now be part of the error message. (`3727 <>`__)
  - Work around incorrect Content-Disposition headers in some VSO downloads, which were leading to mangled filenames. (`3740 <>`__)
  - ```` can now service queries without ``a.Time`` being specified. This is currently only used by the ``. (`3770 <>`__)
  - Fixed a bug with the calculation of Carrington longitude as seen from Earth where it was using an old approach instead of the current approach (for example, the varying Sun-Earth distance is now taken into account).
  The old approach resulted in errors no greater than 7 arcseconds in Carrington longitude when using `~sunpy.coordinates.sun.L0` and `~sunpy.coordinates.frames.HeliographicCarrington`. (`3772 <>`__)
  - Updated `` to support a linewidths argument. (`3792 <>`__)
  - Fix a bug in `` where requesting data for export would not work if a non-time primekey was used. (`3825 <>`__)
  - Add support for passing paths of type `pathlib.Path` in ``. (`3838 <>`__)
  - Add explicit support for dealing with download urls for files, under 'as-is' protocol in ``. (`3838 <>`__)
  - Updated the method used to filter time in the VSO post-search filtering function. (`3840 <>`__)
  - Fix failing of fetching of the indexed JSOCResponses using `Fido.fetch`. (`3852 <>`__)
  - Prevented `GenericMap.plot` modifying in-place any items passed as ``imshow_kwargs``. (`3867 <>`__)
  - Changed the format of DATE-OBS in `GenericMap.wcs` from iso to isot (ie. with a "T" between the date and time) to conform with the FITS standard. (`3872 <>`__)
  - Fixed a minor error (up to ~10 arcseconds) in the calculation of the Sun's position angle (:func:`sunpy.coordinates.sun.P`). (`3886 <>`__)
  - `` was returning HTML and not JSON. (`3899 <>`__)
  - Updated to HTTPS for HEK. (`3917 <>`__)
  - The accuracy of the output of :func:`sunpy.coordinates.ephemeris.get_horizons_coord` is significantly improved. (`3919 <>`__)
  - Fixed a bug where the longitude value for the reference coordinate in the Map repr would be displayed with the unintended longitude wrapping. (`3959 <>`__)
  - It is now possible to specify a local file path to
  `` without having to prefix it
  with ``file://``. (`3970 <>`__)
  - Closed the session in the destructor of VSOClient thus solving the problem of socket being left open (`3973 <>`__)
  - Fixed a bug of where results of VSO searches would have inconsistent ordering in `` by always sorting the results by start time. (`3974 <>`__)
  - Fixes two bugs in `sunpy.util.decorator.deprecated`: correctly calculates the
  removal version and does not override the default and/or alternative functionality
  message. Providing a custom deprecation message now suppresses any
  mention of the removal version. Additionally, a `pending` keyword argument is
  provided to denote functions/classes that are pending deprecation. (`3982 <>`__)
  - Correctly generate labels for sliders in
  `~sunpy.visualization.animators.ArrayAnimatorWCS` when the number of pixel
  dimensions and the number of world dimensions are not the same in the WCS. (`3990 <>`__)
  - Updated VSOClient.response_block_properties to check if "None" is in the return. (`3993 <>`__)
  - Fix a bug with `sunpy.visualization.animator.ArrayAnimatorWCS` where animating
  a line with a masked array with the whole of the initial line masked out the
  axes limits for the x axis were not correctly set. (`4001 <>`__)
  - Fixed passing in a list of URLs into ``, before it caused an error due to the wrong type being returned. (`4007 <>`__)
  - Fixed a bug with :func:`~sunpy.coordinates.transformations.transform_with_sun_center` where the global variable was sometimes restored incorrectly.
  This bug was most likely encountered if there was a nested use of this context manager. (`4015 <>`__)
  - Fixes a bug in fido_factory to allow  path="./" in fido.fetch(). (`4058 <>`__)
  - Prevented `` modifying the passed header in-place. (`4067 <>`__)
  - Strip out any unknown unicode from the HEK response to prevent it failing to load some results. (`4088 <>`__)
  - Fixed a bug in :func:`~sunpy.coordinates.ephemeris.get_body_heliographic_stonyhurst` that resulted in a error when requesting an array of locations in conjuction with enabling the light-travel-time correction. (`4112 <>`__)
  - `` and ``
  have had their definitions clarified, and both have had off-by-one indexing
  errors fixed. (`4121 <>`__)
  - Fixed `` when scaled pixel units (e.g. ``u.mpix``)
  are used. (`4127 <>`__)
  - Fixed bugs in `~sunpy.util.scraper.Scraper.filelist`
  that resulted in error when the HTML page of URL opened by the scraper contains some "a" tags without "href" attribute
  and resulted in incorrect file urls when any href stores filepath relative to the URL's domain instead of just a filename. (`4132 <>`__)
  - Fixed inconsistencies in how `` behaves when passed corners in pixel and world coordinates.
  The behavior for submaps specified in pixel coordinates is now well-defined for pixels on the boundary of the rectangle
  and is consistent for all boundaries. Previously pixels on the lower left boundary were included, but excluded on the
  upper and right boundary. This means the shape of a submap may now be 1 pixel larger in each dimension.
  Added several more tests for `` for a range of cutout sizes in both pixel and world
  coordinates. (`4134 <>`__)
  - `` now fully propagates the coordinate
  frame of the input map to the output coordinates. Previously only the observer
  coordinate, and no other frame attributes, were propagated. (`4141 <>`__)
  - Fix an off-by-one error in the reference pixel returned by
  ``. (`4152 <>`__)
  - `` now uses zero-based indexing, in order
  to be consistent with the rest of the `` API. (`4154 <>`__)
  - Previously `` with ``method='linear'`` was
  using an incorrect and constant value to fill edges when upsampling a map. Values
  near the edges are now correctly extrapolated using the ``fill_value=extrapolate``
  option to `scipy.interpolate.interp1d`. (`4164 <>`__)
  - Fixed a bug where passing an `int` or `list` via the `hdus` keyword argument to
  `` threw an exception because the list of HDU objects was no longer
  of type ``. (`4183 <>`__)
  - Fix attr printing when the attr registry is empty for that attr (`4199 <>`__)
  - Improved the accuracy of :func:`~sunpy.coordinates.sun.angular_radius` by removing the use of the small-angle approximation.
  The inaccuracy had been less than 5 milliarcseconds. (`4239 <>`__)
  - Fixed a bug with the ``observer`` frame attribute for coordinate frames where an input that was not supplied as a `~astropy.coordinates.SkyCoord` would sometimes result in a transformation error. (`4266 <>`__)
  Improved Documentation
  - Fixed an issue with the scaling of class-inheritance diagrams in the online documentation by blocking the versions of `graphviz` containing a bug. (`3548 <>`__)
  - A new example gallery example "Plotting a difference image" has been added,
  which can be used for base difference or running difference images. (`3627 <>`__)
  - Removed obselete `Astropy Helpers` submodule section in `CONTRIBUTING.rst`;
  Also removed mentions of `astropy_helpers` in all files of the project. (`3676 <>`__)
  - Corrected misleading `~sunpy.timeseries.metadata.TimeSeriesMetaData` documentation about optional parameters. (`3680 <>`__)
  - Added an example for `` function in the Units & Coordinates guide. (`3776 <>`__)
  - Added a :ref:`page <sunpy-coordinates-carrington>` describing how SunPy calculates Carrington longitudes. (`3782 <>`__)
  - Changed padding value of an example in the example gallery to fix the overlap of titles and x-label axes. (`3835 <>`__)
  - More information and links about how to create changelogs. (`3856 <>`__)
  - Clarified some inputs to ``. (`3866 <>`__)
  - Changed quoted sentence (that we suggest authors add to their research papers) in CITATION.rst (`3896 <>`__)
  - Add example of how to use SunPy's HEK client to search for the GOES flare event list. (`3953 <>`__)
  - Improved the doc layout of ``. (`4034 <>`__)
  - Made improvements to the gallery example :ref:``. (`4039 <>`__)
  - Improved the documentation of ``. (`4043 <>`__)
  - Updated the gallery example :ref:`` to use all of the information in the star catalog. (`4116 <>`__)
  - Mini-galleries are now easier to create in the documentation thanks to a custom Sphinx directive (``minigallery``).
  The page :ref:`sunpy-coordinates-rotatedsunframe` has an example of a mini-gallery at the bottom. (`4124 <>`__)
  - Added `sunpy.visualization.colormaps.color_tables` to the docs. (`4182 <>`__)
  - Made minor improvments to the map histogramming example. (`4205 <>`__)
  - Add a warning to `` docs to recommend not using it for FITS (`4208 <>`__)
  Trivial/Internal Changes
  - Removed un-used and un-tested code paths in the private ``_remove_lytaf_events`` function
  in `sunpy.instr.lyra`. (`3570 <>`__)
  - Removed ``astropy_helpers`` and this means that ``python <test,build_docs>`` no longer works.
  So if you want to:
  * Run the tests: Use ``tox -e <env name>`` or call ``pytest`` directly
  * Build the docs: Use ``tox -e docs`` or cd into the docs folder and run ``make html`` or ``sphinx-build docs docs/_build/html -W -b html -d docs/_build/.doctrees`` (`3598 <>`__)
  - Cleaned up test warnings in sunpy.coordinates. (`3652 <>`__)
  - Fix Python version for requiring importlib_resources (`3683 <>`__)
  - `` no longer uses `sunpy.util.multimethod.MultiMethod` it uses a derivative of `functools.singledispatch` `sunpy.util.functools.seconddispatch` which dispatches on the second argument. (`3714 <>`__)
  - Errors from a VSO search will now be raised to the user. (`3719 <>`__)
  - Fixed the transformation test for `~sunpy.coordinates.metaframes.NorthOffsetFrame`, which would intermittently fail. (`3775 <>`__)
  - :func:`~sunpy.coordinates.sun.earth_distance` is now computed without using coordinate transformations for better performance. (`3782 <>`__)
  - Created a helper function for testing the equality/closeness of longitude angles (i.e., angles with wrapping). (`3804 <>`__)
  - Bump the astropy version figure tests are run with from 3.1.2 to 3.2.3 (`3925 <>`__)
  - Used `urllib.parse.urlsplit` in `~sunpy.util.scraper` for file scraping functionalities. (`3956 <>`__)
  - Added `` as a helper method
  to check if a query contains a set of required attributes, and is a subset of optional
  attributes. (`3979 <>`__)
  - Removes appending login details for ftp urls from scraper. (`4020 <>`__)
  - Re-factored the `` factory to dispatch argument parsing based on type. (`4037 <>`__)
  - Improved the error message raised by the Map factory when a map matches multiple source map types. (`4052 <>`__)
  - Added log messages when the sample data fails to download. (`4137 <>`__)
  - Remove an Astropy 3.1 comptibility wrapper for ``Quantity.to_string``. (`4172 <>`__)
  - Refactor the sphinx config to no longer depend on astropy-sphinx and more
  closely match the new sunpy package template (`4188 <>`__)


  Backwards Incompatible Changes
  - The `` function has been broken into two components, the new `` function takes no arguments (it used to take three) and now only returns an online VSO mirror or None.
  The construction of a `zeep.Client` object is now handled by `` which has a more flexible API for customising the `zeep.Client` interface. (`3330 <>`__)
  - Importing `sunpy.timeseries.timeseriesbase` no longer automatically imports
  Matplotlib. (`3376 <>`__)
  - `NOAAIndicesTimeSeries.peek` now checks that the `type` argument is a
  valid string, and raises a `ValueError` if it isn't. (`3378 <>`__)
  - Observer-based coordinate frames (`~sunpy.coordinates.frames.Heliocentric` and `~sunpy.coordinates.frames.Helioprojective`) no longer assume a default observer (Earth) if no observer is specified.  These frames can now be used with no observer specified, but most transformations cannot be performed for such frames.  This removal of a default observer only affects `sunpy.coordinates`, and has no impact on the default observer in ``. (`3388 <>`__)
  - The callback functions provided to
  `~sunpy.visualization.animator.BaseFuncAnimator` ``button_func`` keyword
  argument now take two positional arguments rather than one. The function
  signature is now ``(animator, event)`` where the first arg is the animator
  object, and the second is the matplotlib mouse event. (`3407 <>`__)
  - The colormap stored in SunPy's Map subclasses (ie. ``map.plot_settings['cmap']``)
  can now be colormap string instead of the full `matplotlib.colormap.Colormap`
  object. To get the full `Colormap` object use the new attribute
  ``map.cmap``. (`3412 <>`__)
  - Fix a warning in `` where the truth value of an array
  was being calculated. This changes the behaviour of
  `` when the ``angle=`` parameter is not an
  `~astropy.units.Quantity` object to raise `TypeError` rather than `ValueError`. (`3456 <>`__)
  Deprecations and Removals
  - Removed the step of reparing images (replacing non-finite entries with local mean) before coaligning them. The user is expected to do this themselves before coaligning images. If NaNs/non-finite entries are present, a warning is thrown.
  The function `sunpy.image.coalignment.repair_image_nonfinite` is deprecated. (`3287 <>`__)
  - The method to convert a `~sunpy.coordinates.frames.Helioprojective` frame from 2D to 3D has been renamed from `~sunpy.coordinates.frames.Helioprojective.calculate_distance` to `~sunpy.coordinates.frames.Helioprojective.make_3d`.  This method is not typically directly called by users. (`3389 <>`__)
  - `sunpy.visualization.animator.ImageAnimatorWCS` is now deprecated in favour of
  `~sunpy.visualization.animator.ArrayAnimatorWCS`. (`3407 <>`__)
  - ```` has been moved to `sunpy.visualization.colormaps` and will be
  removed in a future version. (`3410 <>`__)
  - Add a new `` and `` for dealing with versioned remote data within functions.
  Please see the `Remote Data Manager <>`__ guide. (`3124 <>`__)
  - Added the coordinate frames `~sunpy.coordinates.frames.HeliocentricEarthEcliptic` (HEE), `~sunpy.coordinates.frames.GeocentricSolarEcliptic` (GSE), `~sunpy.coordinates.frames.HeliocentricInertial` (HCI), and `~sunpy.coordinates.frames.GeocentricEarthEquatorial` (GEI). (`3212 <>`__)
  - Added SunPy Map support for GOES SUVI images. (`3269 <>`__)
  - - Support APE14 for ``ImageAnimatorWCS`` in SunPy's visualization module (`3275 <>`__)
  - Add ability to disable progressbars when dowloading files using `` and edited docstrings to mention this feature. (`3280 <>`__)
  - Adds support for searching and downloading SUVI data. (`3301 <>`__)
  - Log all VSO XML requests and responses to the SunPy logger at the ``DEBUG``
  level. (`3330 <>`__)
  - Transformations between frames in `sunpy.coordinates` can now provide detailed debugging output.  Set the `logging` level to ``DEBUG`` to enable this output. (`3339 <>`__)
  - Added the `sunpy.coordinates.sun.carrington_rotation_time` function to
  compute the time of a given Carrington rotation number. (`3360 <>`__)
  - A new method has been added to remove columns from a
  `sunpy.timeseries.GenericTimeSeries`. (`3361 <>`__)
  - Add `shape` property to TimeSeries. (`3380 <>`__)
  - Added ASDF schemas for the new coordinate frames (`~sunpy.coordinates.frames.GeocentricEarthEquatorial`, `~sunpy.coordinates.frames.GeocentricSolarEcliptic`, `~sunpy.coordinates.frames.HeliocentricEarthEcliptic`, `~sunpy.coordinates.frames.HeliocentricInertial`).  See the gallery for an example of using `asdf` to save and load a coordinate frame. (`3398 <>`__)
  - `sunpy.visualization.animator.ArrayAnimatorWCS` was added which uses the WCS
  object to get the coordinates of all axes, including the slider labels. It also provides the
  ability to customise the plot by specifying arguments to
  `~astropy.visualization.wcsaxes.WCSAxes` methods and supports animation of
  WCS aware line plots with Astroy 4.0. (`3407 <>`__)
  - The returned list of `` objects is now sorted by filename when
  passing a directory or glob pattern to ``. (`3408 <>`__)
  - Single character wildcards and character ranges can now be passed as
  glob patterns to ``. (`3408 <>`__)
  - `` now accepts filenames and directories as `pathlib.Path`
  objects. (`3408 <>`__)
  - `` objects now have a ``.cmap`` attribute, which returns the full `~matplotlib.colormap.Colormap`.
  object. (`3412 <>`__)
  - `` now accepts `~pathlib.Path` objects as filename inputs. (`3469 <>`__)
  - `` now accepts a `tuple` representing the shape of an array as well as the actual array as the ``data`` argument. (`3483 <>`__)
  - Made a couple of module imports lazy to reduce the import time of by
  ~40%. (`3495 <>`__)
  - `` now uses the full FITS header to construct the WCS.
  This adds support for instruments with more complex projections, such as WISPR,
  however does mean that Map will be more sensitive to incorrect or invalid FITS
  headers. If you are using custom headers with SunPy Map you might encounter
  issues relating to this change. (`3501 <>`__)
  - `sunpy.visualization.animator.BaseFuncAnimator` now takes an optional
  ``slider_labels`` keyword argument which draws text labels in the center of the
  sliders. (`3504 <>`__)
  - Added a more helpful error message when trying to load a file or directory
  that doesn't exist with `Map`. (`3568 <>`__)
  - Add ``__repr__`` for `` objects  so that users can view the
  critical information of all the ``Map`` objects, in a concise manner. (`3636 <>`__)
  Bug Fixes
  - Fixed accuracy issues with the calculations of Carrington longitude (`~sunpy.coordinates.sun.L0`) and Carrington rotation number (`~sunpy.coordinates.sun.carrington_rotation_number`). (`3178 <>`__)
  - Updated `` to be more strict on the inputs it accepts. (`3183 <>`__)
  - Fix the calculation of ``rsun_ref`` in `` and and
  ensure that the default reference pixel is indexed from 1. (`3184 <>`__)
  - Fixed the missing transformation between two `~sunpy.coordinates.HeliographicCarrington` frames with different observation times. (`3186 <>`__)
  - `` and `` will no longer assume
  the existance of certain header keys. (`3217 <>`__)
  - `` now supports specifying the map projection
  rather than defaulting to ``TAN``. (`3218 <>`__)
  - Fix the behaviour of
  `sunpy.coordinates.frames.Helioprojective.calculate_distance` if the
  representation isn't Spherical. (`3219 <>`__)
  - Fixed a bug where the longitude of a coordinate would not wrap at the expected angle following a frame transformation. (`3223 <>`__)
  - Fixed a bug where passing a time or time interval to the differential rotation function threw an error because the new observer was not in HGS. (`3225 <>`__)
  - Fixed bug where `~sunpy.coordinates.ephemeris.get_horizons_coord` was unable to accept `~astropy.time.Time` arrays as input. (`3227 <>`__)
  - Fix the ticks on the default heliographic grid overlay so they are not white
  (and normally invisible) by default. (`3235 <>`__)
  - Fixed a bug with `` when the results returned were a mixed dataset. (`3240 <>`__)
  - Fix `sunpy.physics.differential_rotation.differential_rotate` to rotate in the
  correct direction and to account for the rotation of the heliographic
  coordinate frame with time. (`3245 <>`__)
  - Fixed a bug with the handling of changing observation times for transformations between `~astropy.coordinates.HCRS` and `~sunpy.coordinates.frames.HeliographicStonyhurst`, which also indirectly affected other transformations when changing observation times. (`3246 <>`__)
  - Fixed all coordinate transformations to properly handle a change in observation time. (`3247 <>`__)
  - Fixed the handling of coordinates with velocity information when transforming between Astropy frames and SunPy frames. (`3247 <>`__)
  - Fixed `~sunpy.physics.solar_rotation.calculate_solar_rotate_shift` so that it does not calculate a shift between the reference layer and itself, which would sometimes incorrectly result in a shift of a pixel due to numerical precision. (`3255 <>`__)
  - Stop crash when ``LineAnimator`` ``axes_ranges`` entry given as ``1D`` array when data is ``>1D``, i.e. as an independent axis. (`3283 <>`__)
  - Fixed a `sunpy.coordinates` bug where a frame using the default observer of Earth could have its observer overwritten during a transformation. (`3291 <>`__)
  - Fixed a bug where the transformation from `~sunpy.coordinates.frames.Helioprojective` to `~sunpy.coordinates.frames.Heliocentric` used the Sun-observer distance from the wrong frame when shifting the origin, and thus might not give the correct answer if the observer was not the same for the two frames. (`3291 <>`__)
  - Fixed a bug with the transformations between `~sunpy.coordinates.frames.Heliocentric` and `~sunpy.coordinates.frames.HeliographicStonyhurst` when the frame observation time was not the same as the observer observation time.  The most common way to encounter this bug was when transforming from `~sunpy.coordinates.frames.Helioprojective` to any non-observer-based frame while also changing the observation time. (`3291 <>`__)
  - VSO client `fetch` should not download when `wait` keyword argument is specified. (`3298 <>`__)
  - Fixed a bug with `~sunpy.coordinates.wcs_utils.solar_frame_to_wcs_mapping` that assumed that the supplied frame was a SunPy frame. (`3305 <>`__)
  - Fixed bugs with `~sunpy.coordinates.wcs_utils.solar_frame_to_wcs_mapping` if the input frame does not include an observation time or an observer. (`3305 <>`__)
  - `~sunpy.coordinates.utils.GreatArc` now accounts for the start and end points of the arc having different observers. (`3334 <>`__)
  - Fixed situations where 2D coordinates provided to `~sunpy.coordinates.frames.HeliographicStonyhurst` and `~sunpy.coordinates.frames.HeliographicCarrington` were not converted to 3D as intended.  Furthermore, the stored data will always be the post-conversion, 3D version. (`3351 <>`__)
  - Fix off by one error in `` where when using the
  default ``reference_pixel=None`` keyword argument the pixel coordinate of the
  reference pixel was off by +1. (`3356 <>`__)
  - Updated both GOES XRS and LYRA dataretriever clients to use `~sunpy.util.scraper.Scraper`, to make sure that files are actually on the servers being queried. (`3367 <>`__)
  - Fixing the ordering of lon and lat inputs into make_fitswcs_header (`3371 <>`__)
  - Updated the URL for Fermi spacecraft-pointing files to use an HTTPS connection to HEASARC. (`3381 <>`__)
  - Fixed a bug where permission denied errors when downloading files are very verbose by adding an error message in ``. (`3417 <>`__)
  - Fixed a malformed call to `astropy.time.Time` in a test, which resulted in an incorrect time scale (UTC instead of TT). (`3418 <>`__)
  - Fix incorrect files being included in the tarball, and docs missing from the
  tarball (`3423 <>`__)
  - Fixed a bug where clipping behavior had been enabled by default in the plotting normalizers for ``Map`` objects.  Clipping needs to be disabled to make use of the over/under/masked colors in the colormap. (`3427 <>`__)
  - Fix a bug with observer based frames that prevented a coordinate with an array of obstimes being transformed to other frames. (`3455 <>`__)
  - `` will no longer raise a warning if the posisition of the
  observer is not known for frames that don't need an observer, i.e. heliographic
  frames. (`3462 <>`__)
  - Apply `os.path.expanduser` to `` input
  before passing to `glob.glob` (`3477 <>`__)
  - Fix multiple instances of `` assuming the type of FITS Header
  values. (`3497 <>`__)
  - Fixed a bug with `~sunpy.coordinates.NorthOffsetFrame` where non-spherical representations for the north pole produced an error. (`3517 <>`__)
  - Fixed ``map.__repr__`` when the coordinate system information contained in the
  ``CUNIT1/2`` metadata is not set to a known value. (`3569 <>`__)
  - Fixed bugs with some coordinate transformations when ``obstime`` is ``None`` on the destination frame but can be assumed to be the same as the ``obstime`` of the source frame. (`3576 <>`__)
  - Updated `` so that calling ``_derotate()`` raises ``NotImplementedError``.
  Added associated tests. (`3613 <>`__)
  - Fixed pandas plotting registration in `sunpy.timeseries`. (`3633 <>`__)
  - Correctly catch and emit a warning when converting a map metadata to a FITS
  header and it contains a keyword with non-ascii characters. (`3645 <>`__)
  Improved Documentation
  - Clean up the docstring for `sunpy.physics.differential_rotation.solar_rotate_coordinate` to make the example clearer. (`2708 <>`__)
  - Added new gallery examples and cleaned up various gallery examples. (`3181 <>`__)
  - Cleaned and expanded upon the docstrings for each Fido Client. (`3220 <>`__)
  - Added clarifying hyperlinks to the gallery example `getting_lasco_observer_location` to link to `astroquery` docs page. (`3228 <>`__)
  - Added more details to docstrings in `sunpy.coordinates.frames`. (`3262 <>`__)
  - Added a link to package maintainer list in the API Stability page. (`3281 <>`__)
  - Improved the contributing guide by updating commands and highlighting text. (`3394 <>`__)
  - Removing `.fits` from the end of path kwargs in `` docs to change output file extension from `{file}.fits.fits` to `{file}.fits`. (`3399 <>`__)
  - A new example gallery section "Using SunPy with Other Packages" has been added,
  which contains a set of new examples using the `reproject
  <>`__ with solar data. (`3405 <>`__)
  - Added a table of supported coordinate systems and other miscellaneous improvements to the :ref:`coordinates documentation <sunpy-coordinates>`. (`3414 <>`__)
  - Clarified the meaning of :attr:`GenericMap.dsun`. (`3430 <>`__)
  - Fixed the plots with multiple subplots in the ``Map`` user guide to properly use `~astropy.visualization.wcsaxes` and to be appropriately sized. (`3454 <>`__)
  - Fixed various issues with the gallery example of saving/loading coordinates using `asdf`. (`3473 <>`__)
  - Added ``sunpy.__citation__`` with a BibTex entry for citing sunpy. (`3478 <>`__)
  - Added an example showing how to display two maps and fade between them. (`3488 <>`__)
  - Clarified the meaning of some `GenericMap` observer properties. (`3585 <>`__)
  - Added inherited members of `` classes to the docs. (`3587 <>`__)
  - Fixed documentation of `` by adding ``Returns`` docstring. (`3593 <>`__)
  - Updated the docstring for the parameter ``sortby`` in `` with the default value, valid value and how to disable sorting. (`3601 <>`__)
  - Updated the tour guide to reflect that the time series is not random data. (`3603 <>`__)
  - Fixes bold type and extra line breaks of remote data manager example
  in ``. (`3615 <>`__)
  Trivial/Internal Changes
  - Allow running our sphinx-gallery examples as Jupyter notebooks via Binder (`3256 <>`__)
  - Improve error messages and type checking in
  `sunpy.visualization.animator.image.ImageAnimatorWCS`. (`3346 <>`__)
  - Copy the library `distro` into `sunpy/extern`: replaces the deprecated `platform/linux_distribution` (`3396 <>`__)
  - The version of Matplotlib used to generate figure tests has been bumped from
  3.0.3 to 3.1.1. (`3406 <>`__)
  - Corrected spelling of 'plotting' in timeseries method (changed 'ploting' to 'plotting'). (`3429 <>`__)
  - Switched to "importlib_metadata" to get package version to speed up import of SunPy. (`3449 <>`__)
  - Fix tests for `` and ensure they are correctly executed with pytest. (`3550 <>`__)


  Backwards Incompatible Changes
  - Move the matplotlib animators from ``sunpy.visualisation.imageanimator`` and
  ``sunpy.visualization.mapcubeanimator`` to `sunpy.visualization.animator`. (`2515 <>`__)
  - Make `sunpy.time.parse_time` return `astropy.time.Time` instead of `datetime.datetime`. (`2611 <>`__)
  - The properties and methods of `sunpy.time.TimeRange` returns `astropy.time.Time` and `astropy.time.TimeDelta` instead of `datetime.datetime` and `datetime.timedelta` respectively. (`2638 <>`__)
  - The `sunpy.instr.goes` module now accepts and returns
  `sunpy.timeseries.XRSTimeSeries` objects only. (`2666 <>`__)
  - ``obstime`` keyword param of ``sunpy.instr.goes._goes_lx`` takes a non-scalar `astropy.time.Time` object instead of `numpy.ndarray`. The precision of times contained in `sunpy.timeseries` has been increased to 9 from 6. (`2676 <>`__)
  - Removed ```` because it served the same purpose as `` after the switch to `astropy.time.Time`. (`2694 <>`__)
  - Remove unused ``**kwargs`` within TimeSeries functions. (`2717 <>`__)
  - Rotation matrices inside map objects were previously stored as numpy matrices, but are now
  stored as numpy arrays, as numpy will eventually remove their matrix datatype. See for more information. (`2719 <>`__)
  - The `` function now accepts the keyword 'search' instead of 'filter'. (`2731 <>`__)
  - The keyword arguments to all client ``.fetch`` methods have been changed to
  support the new parfive downloader and to ensure consisteny across all Fido
  clients. (`2797 <>`__)
  - The Helioviewer client has been switched to using the newer Helioviewer API.
  This has meant that we have changed some of the keywords that were passed into client's methods.
  We have enforced that several keywords (observatory,instrument,detector,measurement) need to be defined otherwise the functions cannot return any data. (`2801 <>`__)
  - Maps no longer assume that the pixel units are arcseconds if the units aren't
  explicitly set. In addition to this if critical metadata is missing from when
  creating a map, the map will fail to initialize and will raise an error. (`2847 <>`__)
  - axis_ranges kwarg of `sunpy.visualization.animator.base.ArrayAnimator`, `sunpy.visualization.animator.image.ImageAnimator` and `sunpy.visualization.animator.line.LineAnimator` now must be entered as None, [min, max] or pixel edges of each array element. Previously, pixel centers were expected.  This change removes ambiguity in interpretation and ensures the extent of the plot can always be accurately derived. (`2867 <>`__)
  - All keywords have been added (with defaults) to each `` function.
  This means that there will be some changes to the style of the PNG screenshot that is returned.
  Returns for the JPEG 2000 and the other functions should be the same but not guaranteed. (`2883 <>`__)
  - Changed `sunpy.sun.models.interior` and `sunpy.sun.models.evolution` from `pandas.DataFrame` to `astropy.table.QTable` (`2936 <>`__)
  - Minimum numpy version is now >=1.14.5 (`2954 <>`__)
  - Removed ``sunpy.time.julian_day``, ``sunpy.time.julian_centuries``, ``sunpy.time.day_of_year``, ``sunpy.time.break_time``, ``sunpy.time.get_day``. (`2999 <>`__)
  - Updated the solar values in `sunpy.sun.constants` to IAU 2015 values. (`3001 <>`__)
  - Renamed `eccentricity_sunearth_orbit` to `eccentricity_sun_earth_orbit`. (`3001 <>`__)
  - Renamed ``sunpy.image.rescale`` to `sunpy.image.resample`. (`3044 <>`__)
  - Remove the ``basic_plot`` keyword argument from
  ``. An example has been added to the gallery
  showing how to make a plot like this. (`3109 <>`__)
  - `` will no longer use the key `solar_b0` as a value for heliographic latitude. (`3115 <>`__)
  - `` now checks for a complete observer location rather than
  individually defaulting coordinates (lat, lon, distance) to Earth position. If
  any one of the three coordinates is missing from the header the observer will
  be defaulted to Earth and a warning raised. (`3115 <>`__)
  - `sunpy.sun.sun` functions have been re-implemented using Astropy for significantly improved accuracy.  Some functions have been removed. (`3137 <>`__)
  - All of the functions in `sunpy.sun.sun` and all of the Sun-specific functions in `sunpy.coordinates.ephemeris` have been moved to the new module `sunpy.coordinates.sun`. (`3163 <>`__)
  Deprecations and Removals
  - The deprecated ``sunpy.lightcurve``, ``sunpy.wcs`` and ``sunpy.spectra`` modules have now
  been removed. (`2666 <>`__)
  - ``sunpy.instr.rhessi.get_obssumm_dbase_file`` ``sunpy.instr.rhessi.get_obssum_filename``, ``sunpy.instr.rhessi.get_obssumm_file`` have been removed. `Fido <>` should be used to download these files. (`2808 <>`__)
  - Removed ``heliographic_solar_center`` in favour of `~sunpy.coordinates.ephemeris.get_sun_L0` and `~sunpy.coordinates.ephemeris.get_sun_B0` (`2830 <>`__)
  - Removed ``GenericClient.query`` in favour of `` (`2830 <>`__)
  - Removed ``sunearth_distance`` in favour of ``get_sunearth_distance`` (`2830 <>`__)
  - Removed ``remove_lytaf_events_from_lightcurve`` in favour of `sunpy.instr.lyra.remove_lytaf_events_from_timeseries` (`2830 <>`__)
  - Removed ```` in favour of ``plt.get_cmap`` (`2830 <>`__)
  - Removed ``database.query`` in favour of `` (`2830 <>`__)
  - Removed ```` (`2830 <>`__)
  - Removed ``MapCube`` in favour of `` (`2830 <>`__)
  - Removed ``solar_north`` in favour of ``get_sun_P`` (`2830 <>`__)
  - Removed ```` in favour of `sunpy.database.Database.fetch` (`2830 <>`__)
  - Removed ```` in favour of `` (`2830 <>`__)
  - Removed ``GenericClient.get`` in favour of ``. This changes applies to the other clients as well. (`2830 <>`__)
  - Removed `Map.xrange` and `Map.yrange` (`2830 <>`__)
  - Removed ```` in favour of `a.Wavelength <>` (`2830 <>`__)
  - Removed ``JSOCClient.check_request`` in favour of `drms.ExportRequest.status` (`2830 <>`__)
  - `` and `` have been deprecated as we strongly recommend people use `` for all queries. (`2866 <>`__)
  - The deprecated ``sunpy.physics.transforms`` module has been removed, it is
  replaced by `sunpy.physics.solar_rotation` and
  `sunpy.physics.differential_rotation`. (`2994 <>`__)
  - Removed `~sunpy.sun.sun.solar_cycle_number` because it was fundamentally flawed (`3150 <>`__)
  - Change arguments to `sunpy.test` from ``offline=`` and ``online=`` to ``online`` and ``online_only``. This matches the behavior of the figure keyword arguments and comes as a part of a move to using a modified version of the Astropy test runner. (`1983 <>`__)
  - asdf schemas and tags were added for the SunPy coordinate frames and `` allowing these objects to be saved to and restored from `asdf <>`__ files. (`2366 <>`__)
  - The images from image tests are now saved in a local folder for easy access. (`2507 <>`__)
  - ```` has been renamed to `` to better reflect its use as a collection of map objects. (`2603 <>`__)
  - Net search attributes now support tab completion of values and display a table of possible values when printed, to allow easier discoverability of possible search values. (`2663 <>`__)
  - Running the figure tests now creates a page showing the differences between
  the expected figures and the figures produced from running the tests. (`2681 <>`__)
  - Add support for Dask arrays in ``. The map factory now checks a whitelist
  of array types rather than strictly checking if the array is of type `numpy.ndarray`. (`2689 <>`__)
  - Persist the name of a coordinate, i.e. "earth" even though a concrete
  coordinate object has been calculated and use this string representation to change
  the way the sunpy frames are printed. This is primarily to facilitate displaying
  the name of the body rather than the concrete coordinate when printing a
  `~astropy.coordinates.SkyCoord`. (`2723 <>`__)
  - `` now returns an `astropy.table.Table` instead of list of a `dict`. (`2759 <>`__)
  - Add a downscaled HMI image to the sample data. (`2782 <>`__)
  - Now able to create a `` using an array and a `astropy.wcs.WCS` object. (`2793 <>`__)
  - The download manager for `Fido.fetch <>` has been replaced with
  `parfive <>`__. This provides advanced
  progress bars, proper handling of overwriting and the ability to retry failed
  downloads. (`2797 <>`__)
  - `` can now save out rice compressed FITS files. (`2826 <>`__)
  - Now any SunPyDeprecationWarnings will cause an error when using pytest. (`2830 <>`__)
  - Added full Tox support for SunPy tests, documentation build and figure tests. (`2839 <>`__)
  - Transition the `` from using suds to `zeep <>`__ as the SOAP
  library. This is a more actively maintained library, and should provide better
  support for the VSOs https endpoints. This change should have no effect on the
  public API of the ``. (`2866 <>`__)
  - Provided access to the Helioviewer header information using `` function. (`2904 <>`__)
  - Add a new WSDL URL and port to support SunPy use of VSO instance at SDAC. (`2912 <>`__)
  - Add support for COSMO K-Coronograph (KCOR) FITS data. (`2916 <>`__)
  - Add logger messaging system based on `~astropy.logger.AstropyLogger`, cleaned up all warnings, removed all print statements. (`2980 <>`__)
  - The function `sunpy.image.coalignment.get_correlation_shifts` now issues an error when the number of dimensions
  are not correct instead of a warning and returning None. (`2980 <>`__)
  - The default location of the sunpy sample data has changed to be in the platform
  specific data directory as provided by `appdirs <>`__. (`2993 <>`__)
  - Add timeseries support for EVE/ESP level 1 data in `sunpy.timeseries.sources.eve` (`3032 <>`__)
  - The default style for Map plots have changed to reflect the changes in Astropy
  3.2. (`3054 <>`__)
  - `sunpy.coordinates.ephemeris.get_body_heliographic_stonyhurst` can now account for light travel time when computing the (apparent) body position, as long as the observer location is provided. (`3055 <>`__)
  - Added a helper function (``) that allows users to create a meta header for custom created ``. (`3083 <>`__)
  - Map plotting now accepts the optional keyword `clip_interval` for specifying a percentile interval for clipping.  For example, if the interval (5%, 99%) is specified, the bounds of the z axis are chosen such that the lowest 5% of pixels and the highest 1% of pixels are excluded. (`3100 <>`__)
  - The new function `~sunpy.coordinates.get_horizons_coord` enables querying JPL HORIZONS for the locations of a wide range of solar-system bodies, including spacecraft. (`3113 <>`__)
  Bug Fixes
  - Fix the bug that prevented VSO queries for HMI data from downloading file
  without specifying ``a.Physobs``. (`2621 <>`__)
  - Fix ``. The code had not been updated to support the changes to the wcsaxes helper functions. (`2627 <>`__)
  - Replace all use of the deprecated ```` with `matplotlib.pyplot.get_cmap` to prevent deprecation warnings being raised. (`2635 <>`__)
  - Fix generation of the coordinate transformation graph with Astropy (`2636 <>`__)
  - Prevent helioviewer from erroring when downloading file to a directory that
  does not exist. It will now create the directory when required. (`2642 <>`__)
  - Fix transformations into/out of Heliographic Stonyhurst frame when
  the coordinate representation is Cartesian. (`2646 <>`__)
  - Running the figure tests with `` test`` now saves the figures and the hashes to the same directory as (`2658 <>`__)
  - `sunpy.instr.fermi.met_to_utc` now returns the correct utc time which takes into account the leap seconds that have passed. (`2679 <>`__)
  - Support passing Python file objects to ``. (`2688 <>`__)
  - Added DRMS to so sunpy[all] installs it as a dependancy. (`2693 <>`__)
  - Fix eve 0cs timeseries seperator regex to support Python 3.7 (`2697 <>`__)
  - Fix the bug which crashes `` for when 'date-obs' is reformatted agian from a self applied function. (`2700 <>`__)
  - Change all instances of quantity_allclose to `astropy.units.allclose` this prevents pytest being needed to import `sunpy.coordinates` on Astropy 3 (`2701 <>`__)
  - Fix RHESSI obssum file downloading to include the final day in the time range. (`2714 <>`__)
  - Raise an error when transforming between HPC and HCC frames if the observer is not the same. (`2725 <>`__)
  - Replaces the existing LASCO C2 and C3 color maps with new ones that perform better with JP2 and Level 0.5, 1 data. (`2731 <>`__)
  - Do not attempt to save a FITS header comment for a keyword which is not in the header. This prevents an error on saving some maps after the metadata had been modified but not the comments. (`2748 <>`__)
  - Add support for `` objects as input to `sunpy.instr.aia.aiaprep`. (`2749 <>`__)
  - User can convert between HPC and HCC coordinates with different observers. This is implemented by automatically transforming the coordinate into HGS and then changing observer, and then transforming back to HCC. (`2754 <>`__)
  - Changed default file type for Helioviewer to prevent decode errors. (`2771 <>`__)
  - Increase figure size to avoid cutting off longer colormap names in ``. (`2824 <>`__)
  - The sample data directory will no longer be created until files are downloaded
  to it. (`2836 <>`__)
  - Timeseries and lightcurve will now respect updated config values for download directory. (`2844 <>`__)
  - Always use _default_wrap_angle rather than hard coding a wrap angle in the init
  of a sunpy coordinate frame (`2853 <>`__)
  - Ensure imageanimators only slice arrays with integers (`2856 <>`__)
  - Fixed `` to handle the keyword ``COMMENT`` correctly. (`2880 <>`__)
  - If Carrington longitude ("crln_obs") is found in the FITS header, `` converts this to the correct Heliographic longitude. (`2946 <>`__)
  - `` now resolves the correct input time format. (`2969 <>`__)
  - Fixes the calculation of the solar rotation of coordinates and the differential rotation of ``. (`2972 <>`__)
  - Added back the FERMI GBM client to ``. (`2983 <>`__)
  - Fix bug in `` which raised and error if a search returned zero results, now returns an empty ``. (`3046 <>`__)
  - `` now uses the provided HAE coordinates instead of the provided HGS coordinates to determine the observer location. (`3056 <>`__)
  - Correctly zero pad milliseconds in the `sunpy.util.scraper.Scraper` formatting to prevent errors when the millisecond value was less than 100. (`3063 <>`__)
  - Fix `sunpy.util.scraper.Scraper` failing if a directory is not found on a remote server. (`3063 <>`__)
  - Correctly extract observer location from MDI and EIT data (`3067 <>`__)
  - Fix HGS <> HCRS test due to Ecliptic frame changes in astropy 3.2 (`3075 <>`__)
  - Fixes bug when creating a timeseries from a URL and bug when creating a TimeSeries from  older GOES/XRS fits files. (`3081 <>`__)
  - Added ``. It returns a quantity in arcsec consistent with other `` and overwrites mapbase's assumption of a photospheric limb as seen from Earth. (`3099 <>`__)
  - Fixed bugs related to using `` and `` with the ``inline`` Matplotlib backend in Jupyter notebook. (`3103 <>`__)
  - Make a correction to `sunpy.coordinates.wcs_utils.solar_wcs_frame_mapping` so
  that `astropy.wcs.WCS` objects are correctly converted to
  `sunpy.coordinates.frames` objects irrespective of the ordering of the axes. (`3116 <>`__)
  - The `solar_rotate_coordinate` function returns a coordinate that accounts for the location of the new observer. (`3123 <>`__)
  - Add support for rotation parameters to ``. (`3139 <>`__)
  - Improve the implementation of `~sunpy.physics.differential_rotation.differential_rotate` the image warping when transforming Maps for differential rotation and change in observer position. (`3149 <>`__)
  - Fix a bug where new helioviewer sources potentially cause `` to error. (`3162 <>`__)
  Improved Documentation
  - Organise the gallery into sections based on example type and tidy up a little. (`2624 <>`__)
  - Added gallery example showing the conversion of Helioprojective Coordinates to Altitude/Azimuth Coordinates to and back. (`2656 <>`__)
  - Add contribution guidelines for the sunpy example gallery. (`2682 <>`__)
  - Added a gallery example for "Downloading and plotting a HMI image" and "Creating a Composite map". (`2746 <>`__)
  - Added an example for `~sunpy.visualization.animator.ImageAnimatorWCS`. (`2752 <>`__)
  - Minor changes to the developer guide regarding sprint labels. (`2765 <>`__)
  - Copyedited and corrected the solar cycles example. (`2770 <>`__)
  - Changed "online" mark to "remote_data" and made formatting of marks consistent. (`2799 <>`__)
  - Add a missing plot to the end of the units and coordinates guide. (`2813 <>`__)
  - Added gallery example showing how to access the SunPy colormaps (`2865 <>`__)
  - Added gallery example showing how to access the SunPy solar physics constants. (`2882 <>`__)
  - Major clean up of the developer documentation. (`2951 <>`__)
  - Overhaul of the install intructions for the guide section of our documentation. (`3147 <>`__)
  Trivial/Internal Changes
  - `~sunpy.time.parse_time` now uses `singledispatch` underneath. (`2408 <>`__)
  - Revert the handling of ``quantity_allclose`` now that `astropy/astropy7252 <>`__ is merged. This also bumps the minimum astropy version to 3.0.2. (`2598 <>`__)
  - Replace the subclasses of matplotlib Slider and Button in `sunpy.visualization` with partial functions. (`2613 <>`__)
  - Sort the ana C source files before building to enable reproducible builds. (`2637 <>`__)
  - We are now using `towncrier <>`__ to
  generate our changelogs. (`2644 <>`__)
  - Moved figure tests to Python 3.6. (`2655 <>`__)
  - Removed old metaclass used for Map and TimeSeries as we have now moved to Python 3.6. (`2655 <>`__)
  - Updated astropy_helpers to v3.0.2. (`2655 <>`__)
  - When running image tests, a comparison HTML page is now generated to show
  the generated images and expected images. (`2660 <>`__)
  - Change to using pytest-cov for coverage report generation to enable support for parallel builds (`2667 <>`__)
  - Use of `textwrap` to keep source code indented when multiline texts is used (`2671 <>`__)
  - Fix mispelling of private attribute ``_default_heliographic_latitude`` in map. (`2730 <>`__)
  - Miscellaneous fixes to developer docs about building sunpy's documentation. (`2825 <>`__)
  - Changed `sunpy.instr.aia.aiaprep` to update BITPIX keyword to reflect the float64 dtype. (`2831 <>`__)
  - Remove warning from ``GenericMap.submap`` when using pixel ``Quantities`` as input. (`2833 <>`__)
  - Remove the usage of six and all ``__future__`` imports (`2837 <>`__)
  - Fix SunPy Coordinate tests with Astropy 3.1 (`2838 <>`__)
  - Stores entries from directories into database sorted by name. It adds mocks to the database user guide examples. (`2873 <>`__)
  - Fix all DeprecationWarning: invalid escape sequence. (`2885 <>`__)
  - Used `unittest.mock` for creating offline tests for simulating online tests for `` (`2900 <>`__)
  - Fix support for pip 19 and isolated builds (`2915 <>`__)
  - Moved to using `AppDirs <>`__ as the place to host our configuration file. (`2922 <>`__)
  - Users can now use fewer keywords in our `` to access the available sources. Either by `observatory` and `measurement` or `instrument` and `measurement` as this much information is enough to get the source ID for most of the cases. (`2926 <>`__)
  - Remove the pytest dependancy on the ``GenericMap`` asdf tag. (`2943 <>`__)
  - Fix initialization of `` when no WSDL link is found. (`2981 <>`__)


  New Features
  - Added TimeUTime class to support utime. [2409]
  - Example for fine-grained use of ticks and grids [2435]
  - Maintiners Workflow Guide [2411]
  - Decorator to append and/or prepend doc strings [2386]
  - Adding `python test --figure-only` [2557]
  - Fido.fetch now accepts pathlib.Path objects for path attribute.[2559]
  - The `~sunpy.coordinates.HeliographicStonyhurst` coordinate system can now be specified
  using a cartesian system, which is sometimes known as the
  "Heliocentric Earth equatorial" (HEEQ) coordinate system. [2437]
  API Changes
  - `sunpy.coordinates.representation` has been removed. Longitude wrapping is now done in the constructor of the frames. [2431]
  - Propagation of ``obstime`` in the coordinate frame transformation has changed, this means in general when transforming directly between frames (not `~astropy.coordinates.SkyCoord`) you will have to specify ``obstime`` in more places. [2461]
  - Transforming between Heliographic Stonyhurst and Carrington now requires that ``obstime`` be defined and the same on both the input and output frames. [2461]
  - Removed the figure return from .peek() [2487]
  Bug Fixes
  - Improve TimeSeriesBase docstring [2399]
  - Validate that pytest-doctestplus is installed [2388]
  - Fix use of self.wcs in plot in mapbase [2398]
  - Updated docstring with pointer to access EVE data for other levels [2402]
  - Fix broken links and redirections in documentation [2403]
  - Fixes Documentation changes due to NumPy 1.14 [2404]
  - Added docstrings to functions in [2415]
  - Clean up database doc [2414]
  - now uses instead of [2416]
  - Remove Gamma usage in Map [2424]
  - Changed requirements to python-dateutil [2426]
  - Clarify coordinate system definitions [2429]
  - Improve Map Peek when using draw_grid [2442]
  - Add HCC --> HGS test [2443]
  - Testing the transformation linking SunPy and Astropy against published values [2454]
  - Fixed title bug in sunpy.timeseries.rhessi [2477]
  - Allow LineAnimator to accept a varying x-axis [2491]
  - Indexing Bug Fix to LineAnimator [2560]
  - Output sphinx warnings to stdout [2553]
  - Docstring improvement for LineAnimator [2514]
  - move the egg_info builds to circleci [2512]
  - Added tests for TraceMap [2504]
  - Fix HGS frame constructor and HPC ``calculate_distance`` with SkyCoord constructor. [2463]
  - removed `wavelnth` keyword in meta desc of Maps to avoid using non standard FITS keyword like `nan` [2456]
  - The documentation build now uses the Sphinx configuration from sphinx-astropy rather than from astropy-helpers.[2494]
  - Migrate to hypothesis.strategies.datetimes [2368]
  - Prevent a deprecation warning due to truth values of Quantity [2358]
  - Print a warning when heliographic longitude is set to it's default value of 0 [2480]
  - parse_time now parses numpy.datetime64 correctly. [2572]


  Bug Fixes
  - Removed AstropyDeprecationWarning from sunpy.coordinates.representation [2476]
  - Fix for NorthOffsetFrame under Astropy 3.0 [2486]
  - Fix lightcurve tests under numpy dev [2505]
  - Updated depecration link of radiospectra [2481]
  - Fixed Padding values in some of the documentation pages [2497]
  - Move documentation build to circleci [2509]
  - Fix Issue 2470 hgs_to_hcc(heliogcoord, heliocframe) [2502]
  - Fixing CompositeMap object so that it respects masked maps [2492]


  Bug Fixes
  - Improve detection of ``SkyCoord`` frame instantiation when distance is
  `1*`. This fixes a plotting bug with ``WCSAxes`` in Astropy 3.0 [2465]
  - removed `wavelnth` keyword in meta desc of Maps to avoid using non standard FITS keyword like `nan` [2427]
  - Change the default units for HPC distance from `` to `None`. [2465]


  Bug Fixes
  - `` now reports time ranges of files correctly. [2364]
  - Make parse_time work with datetime64s and pandas series [2370]
  - CompositeMap axes scaling now uses map spatial units [2310]
  - Moved license file to root of repository and updated README file [2326]
  - Fix docstring formatting for net.vso.attrs [2309]]
  - Fix coloring of ticks under matplotlib 2.0 default style [2320]
  - Always index arrays with tuples in `ImageAnimator` [2320]
  - Added links to possible attrs for FIDO in guide [2317] [2289]
  - Updated GitHub Readme [2281] [2283]
  - Fix matplotlib / pandas 0.21 bug in examples [2336]
  - Fixes the off limb enhancement example [2329]
  - Changes to masking hot pixels and picking bright pixels examples [2325] [2319]
  - Travis CI fix for numpy-dev build [2340]
  - Updated masking brightest pixel example [2338]
  - Changed TRAVIS cronjobs [2338]
  - Support array values for `obstime` for coordinates and transformations [2342] [2346]
  - Updated Gallery off limb enhance example [2337]
  - Documentation fixes for VSO [2354] [2353]
  - All tests within the documentation have been fixed [2343]
  - Change to using pytest-remotedata for our online tests [2345]
  - Fixed upstream astropy/numpy documentation issues [2359]
  - Documentation for Map improved [2361]
  - Fix the output units of pixel_to_world [2362]
  - Documentation for Database improved [2355]
  - Added test for mapsave [2365]
  - Documentation for Sun improved [2369]


  Bug Fixes
  - Shows a warning if observation time is missing [2293]
  - Updates MapCube to access the correct properties of the namedtuple SpatialPair [2297]


  Bug fixes
  - Fixed TimeSeries test failures due to missing test files [2273]
  - Refactored a GOES test to avoid a Py3.6 issue [2276]


  New Features
  -  Solar differential rotation for maps and submaps included.
  -  Solar rotation calculation and mapcube derotation now use sunpy coordinates.
  -  Sample data now downloads automatically on import if not available
  and is now pluggable so can be used by affiliated packages. Shortcut
  names have been normalized and all LIGHTCURVE shortcuts have changed
  -  Calculation of points on an arc of a great circle connecting two
  points on the Sun.
  -  Removed ``extract_time`` function from ``sunpy.time`` and also tests
  related to the function from ``sunpy.time.tests``
  -  User can now pass a custom time format as an argument inside
  ``sunpy.database.add_from_dir()`` in case the ``date-obs`` metadata
  cannot be read automatically from the files.
  -  Add time format used by some SDO HMI FITS keywords
  -  Now the ``sunpy.database.tables.display_entries()`` prints an astropy
  -  Additional methods added inside the ``sunpy.database`` class to make
  it easier to display the database contents.
  -  Remove unused ``sunpy.visualization.plotting`` module
  -  Port the pyana wrapper to Python 3
  -  ``Map.peek(basic_plot-True)`` no longer issues warnings
  -  Remove the ```` module, this makes
  ```` and ``Map.meta`` read only.
  -  Add a ``NorthOffsetFrame`` class for generating HGS-like coordinate
  systems with a shifted north pole.
  -  Remove deprecated ```` method.
  -  Deprecate ``sunpy.wcs``: ``sunpy.coordinates`` and ```` now
  provide all that functionality in a more robust manner.
  -  Added hdu index in ``sunpy.database.tables.DatabaseEntry`` as a
  column in the table.
  -  Removed ``HelioviewerClient`` from the ```` namespace. It
  should now be imported with
  ``from import HelioviewerClient``.
  -  Removed compatibility with standalone ``wcsaxes`` and instead depend
  on the version in astropy 1.3. SunPy now therefore depends on
  -  Update to ``TimeRange.__repr__``; now includes the qualified name and
  ``id`` of the object.
  -  A new ``sunpy.visualization.imageanimator.LineAnimator`` class has
  been added to animate 1D data. This has resulted in API change for
  the ``sunpy.visualization.imageanimator.ImageAnimator`` class. The
  updateimage method has been renamed to update\_plot.
  -  Drop support for Python 3.4.
  -  SunPy now requires WCSAxes and Map.draw\_grid only works with
  -  ``Helioprojective`` and ``HelioCentric`` frames now have an
  ``observer`` attribute which itself is a coordinate object
  (``SkyCoord``) instead of ``B0``, ``L0`` and ``D0`` to describe the
  position of the observer.
  -  ``GenericMap.draw_grid`` now uses ``WCSAxes``, it will only work on a
  ``WCSAxes`` plot, this may be less performant than the previous
  -  ``GenericMap.world_to_pixel`` and ``GenericMap.pixel_to_world`` now
  accept and return ``SkyCoord`` objects only.
  -  ``GenericMap`` has a new property ``observer_coordinate`` which
  returns a ``SkyCoord`` describing the position of the observer.
  -  ``GenericMap.submap`` now takes arguments of the form ``bottom_left``
  and ``top_right`` rather than ``range_a`` and ``range_b``. This
  change enables submap to properly handle rotated maps and take input
  in the form of ``SkyCoord`` objects.
  -  When referring to physical coordinates ``Pair.x`` has been replaced
  with ``SpatialPair.axis1``. This means values returned by
  ``GenericMap`` now differentiate between physical and pixel
  -  The physical radius of the Sun (length units) is now passed from Map
  into the coordinate frame so a consistent value is used when
  calculating distance to the solar surface in the
  ``HelioprojectiveFrame`` coordinate frame.
  -  A new ``sunpy.visualization.imageanimator.ImageAnimatorWCS`` class
  has been added to animate N-Dimensional data with the associated WCS
  -  Moved Docs to docs/ to follow the astropy style
  -  Added SunPy specific warnings under util.
  -  SunPy coordinate frames can now be transformed to and from Astropy
  coordinate frames
  -  The time attribute for SunPy coordinate frames has been renamed from
  ``dateobs`` to ``obstime``
  -  Ephemeris calculations with higher accuracy are now available under
  -  Add support for SunPy coordinates to specify observer as a string of
  a major solar-system body, with the default being Earth. To make
  transformations using an observer specified as a string, ``obstime``
  must be set.
  -  Added VSO query result block level caching in the database module.
  This prevents re-downloading of files which have already been
  downloaded. Especially helpful in case of overlapping queries.
  -  Change the default representation for the Heliographic Carrington
  frame so Longitude follows the convention of going from 0-360
  -  All Clients that are able to search and download data now have a
  uniform API that is `search` and `fetch`. The older functions are
  still there but are deprecated for 0.8.
  Bug fixes
  -  Add tests for RHESSI instrument
  -  Maps from Helioviewer JPEG2000 files now have correct image scaling.
  -  Get and set methods for composite maps now use Map plot\_settings.
  -  Simplified map names when plotting.
  -  Fix bug in ``wcs.convert_data_to_pixel`` where crpix[1] was used for
  both axes.
  -  Fix some leftover instances of ``GenericMap.units``
  -  Fixed bugs in ``sun`` equations
  -  ```` will now return any parse-able HDUs even if
  some raise an error.
  -  ``VSOClient`` no longer prints a lot of XML junk if the query fails.
  -  Fix Map parsing of some header values to allow valid float strings
  like 'nan' and 'inf'.
  -  Fix Map parsing of some header values to allow valid float strings
  like 'nan' and 'inf'.


  -  The SunPy data directory "~/sunpy" is no longer created until it is
  used (issue 2018)
  -  Change the default representation for the Heliographic Carrington
  frame so Longitude follows the convention of going from 0-360
  -  Fix for surface gravity unit.
  -  Support for Pandas 0.20.1


  -  Fix errors with Numpy 1.12


  -  Add Astropy 1.3 Support


  -  Fix test faliure (mapbase) with 1.7.4
  -  Restrict supported Astropy version to 1.0<astropy<1.3
  -  Add Figure test env to SunPy repo.


  -  Remove Map always forcing warnings on.
  -  ```` now uses ``Map.wcs`` to correctly handle rotation.
  -  Fix link in coordinates documentation.
  -  Update helioviewer URL to HTTPS (fixes access to Helioviewer).
  -  Fix processing of TRACE and YOHKOH measurement properties.
  -  Remove warnings when using ``Map.peek(basic_plot-True)``
  -  Update docstrings for HPC and HCC frames.


  -  Fix ConfigParser for Python 3.5.2 - This allows SunPy to run under
  Python 3.5.2
  -  Fix incorrect ordering of keys in ``MapMeta``
  -  Add ``sunpy.util.scraper`` to the API documentation.


  -  Fixed bugs in ``sun`` equations


  -  Fix bug in ``wcs.convert_data_to_pixel`` where crpix[1] was used for
  both axes.
  -  Fix some leftover instances of ``GenericMap.units``
  -  Fixed bugs in ``sun`` equations
  -  Now the ``sunpy.database.tables.display_entries()`` prints an astropy
  -  Additional methods added inside the ``sunpy.database`` class to make
  it easier to display the database contents.
  -  ```` will now return any parse-able HDUs even if
  some raise an error.
  -  ``VSOClient`` no longer prints a lot of XML junk if the query fails.
  -  Remove unused ``sunpy.visualization.plotting`` module
  -  ``Map.peek(basic_plot-True)`` no longer issues warnings
  -  Remove the ```` module, this makes
  ```` and ``Map.meta`` read only.
  -  Add a ``NorthOffsetFrame`` class for generating HGS-like coordinate
  systems with a shifted north pole.
  -  Remove deprecated ```` method.
  -  Deprecate ``sunpy.wcs``: ``sunpy.coordinates`` and ```` now
  provide all that functionality in a more robust manner.
  -  Added hdu index in ``sunpy.database.tables.DatabaseEntry`` as a
  column in the table.
  -  Removed ``HelioviewerClient`` from the ```` namespace. It
  should now be imported with
  ``from import HelioviewerClient``.
  -  Removed compatibility with standalone ``wcsaxes`` and instead depend
  on the version in astropy 1.3. SunPy now therefore depends on
  -  Update to ``TimeRange.__repr__``; now includes the qualified name and
  ``id`` of the object.
  -  Change the default representation for the Heliographic Carrington
  frame so Longitude follows the convention of going from 0-360
  -  Fix Map parsing of some header values to allow valid float strings
  like 'nan' and 'inf'.


  -  Fixed test failures with numpy developer version.[1808]
  -  Added ``timeout`` parameter in ````
  -  Fixed ``aiaprep`` to return properly sized map.
  -  Deprecation warnings fixed when using image coalignment.
  -  Sunpy is now Python 3.x compatible (3.4 and 3.5).
  -  Added a unit check and warnings for map metadata.
  -  Added IRIS SJI color maps.
  -  Updated ``show_colormaps()`` with new string filter to show a subset
  of color maps.
  -  Fixed MapCube animations by working around a bug in Astropy's
  -  Remove ``vso.QueryResponse.num_records()`` in favour of ``len(qr)``
  -  Add a ``draw_rectangle`` helper to ``GenericMap`` which can plot
  rectangles in the native coordinate system of the map.
  -  Added the ability to shift maps to correct for incorrect map
  location, for example.
  -  Bug fix for RHESSI summary light curve values.
  -  Mapcube solar derotation and coalignment now pass keywords to the
  routine used to shift the images, scipy.ndimage.interpolation.shift.
  -  Add automatic registration of ``GenericMap`` subclasses with the
  factory as long as they define an ``is_datasource_for`` method.
  -  Added functions ``flareclass_to_flux`` and ``flux_to_flareclass``
  which convert between GOES flux to GOES class numbers (e.g. X12,
  -  Removed old ``sunpy.util.goes_flare_class()``
  -  Bug fix for RHESSI summary light curve values.
  -  The ``MapCube.as_array`` function now returns a masked numpy array if
  at least one of the input maps in the MapCube has a mask.
  -  Map superpixel method now respects maps that have masks.
  -  Map superpixel method now accepts numpy functions as an argument, or
  any user-defined function.
  -  Map superpixel method no longer has the restriction that the number
  of original pixels in the x (or y) side of the superpixel exactly
  divides the number of original pixels in the x (or y) side of the
  original map data.
  -  ``sunpy.physics.transforms`` has been deprecated and the code moved
  into ``sunpy.physics``.
  -  Add the ``sunpy.coordinates`` module, this adds the core physical
  solar coordinates frame within the astropy coordinates framework.
  -  Added ability of maps to draw contours on top of themselves
  -  Added concatenate functionality to lightcurve base class.
  -  Fix Map to allow Header objects as valid input for
  meta arguments.
  -  Added an examples gallery using ``sphinx-gallery``.
  -  API clean up to constants. Removed constant() function which is now
  replaced by get().
  -  Prevent helioviewer tests from checking access to the API endpoint
  when running tests offline.
  -  ``GenericMap.units`` is renamed to ``GenericMap.spatial_units`` to
  avoid confusion with ``NDData.unit``.
  -  ``GenericMap`` now has a ``coordinate_frame`` property which returns
  an ``astropy.coordinates`` frame with all the meta data from the map
  -  ``GenericMap`` now has a ``_mpl_axes`` method which allows it to be
  specified as a projection to ``matplotlib`` methods and will return a
  ``WCSAxes`` object with ``WCS`` projection.


  -  The draw\_grid keyword of the peek method of Map now accepts booleans
  or astropy quantities.
  -  Fix bug in ``wcs.convert_data_to_pixel`` where crpix[1] was used for
  both axes.
  -  Fixed bugs in ``sun`` equations


  -  Bug fix for rhessi summary lightcurve values.
  -  Fix docstring for ``pixel_to_data`` and ``data_to_pixel``.
  -  Fix the URL for the Helioviewer API. (This fixes Helioviewer.)
  -  Fix the way ``reshape_image_to_4d_superpixel`` checks the dimension
  of the new image.
  -  Fix Map to allow Header objects as valid input for
  meta arguments.
  -  Prevent helioviewer tests from checking access to API when running
  tests in offline mode.


  -  Change extras to install suds-jurko not suds.


  -  Changed start of GOES 2 operational time range back to 1980-01-04 so
  data from 1980 can be read into GOESLightCurve object
  -  Fix bug with numpy 1.10
  -  update astropy\_helpers
  -  Added new sample data


  -  Fixed MapCube animations by working around a bug in Astropy's
  -  Small fix to RTD builds for Affiliated packages
  -  SunPy can now be installed without having to install Astropy first.
  -  MapCubes processed with ``coalignment.apply_shifts`` now have correct
  -  Multiple fixes for WCS transformations, especially with solar-x,
  solar-y CTYPE headers.


  -  Enforced the use of Astropy Quantities through out most of SunPy.
  -  Dropped Support for Python 2.6.
  -  Remove old style string formatting and other 2.6 compatibility lines.
  -  Added vso like querying feature to JSOC Client.
  -  Refactor the JSOC client so that it follows the .query() .get()
  interface of VSOClient and UnifedDownloader.
  -  Provide ``__str__`` and ``__repr__`` methods on vso ``QueryResponse``
  deprecate ``.show()``.
  -  Downloaded files now keep file extensions rather than replacing all
  periods with underscores.
  -  Update to TimeRange API, removed t1 and t0, start and end are now
  read-only attributes.
  -  Added ability to download level3 data for lyra Light Curve along with
  corresponding tests.
  -  Added support for gzipped FITS files.
  -  Add STEREO HI Map subclass and color maps.
  -  Map.rotate() no longer crops any image data.
  -  For accuracy, default Map.rotate() transformation is set to
  -  ``sunpy.image.transform.affine_transform`` now casts integer data to
  float64 and sets NaN values to 0 for all transformations except
  scikit-image rotation with order <- 3.
  -  CD matrix now updated, if present, when Map pixel size is changed.
  -  Removed now-redundant method for rotating IRIS maps since the
  functionality exists in Map.rotate()
  -  Provide ``__str__`` and ``__repr__`` methods on vso ``QueryResponse``
  deprecate ``.show()``
  -  SunPy colormaps are now registered with matplotlib on import of
  -  ```` no longer defaults to 'sdoaia94'
  -  Added database url config setting to be setup by default as a sqlite
  database in the sunpy working directory
  -  Added a few tests for the sunpy.roi module
  -  Added capability for figure-based tests
  -  Removed now-redundant method for rotating IRIS maps since the
  functionality exists in Map.rotate().
  -  SunPy colormaps are now registered with matplotlib on import of
  -  ```` no longer defaults to 'sdoaia94'.
  -  Added database url config setting to be setup by default as a sqlite
  database in the sunpy working directory.
  -  Added a few tests for the sunpy.roi module.
  -  Refactored mapcube co-alignment functionality.
  -  Removed sample data from distribution and added ability to download
  sample files
  -  Changed start of GOES 2 operational time range back to 1980-01-04 so
  data from 1980 can be read into GOESLightCurve object
  -  Require JSOC request data calls have an email address attached.
  -  Calculation of the solar rotation of a point on the Sun as seen from
  Earth, and its application to the de-rotation of mapcubes.
  -  Downloaded files now keep file extensions rather than replacing all
  periods with underscores
  -  Fixed the downloading of files with duplicate names in sunpy.database
  -  Removed sample data from distribution and added ability to download
  sample files.
  -  Added the calculation of the solar rotation of a point on the Sun as
  seen from Earth, and its application to the de-rotation of mapcubes.
  -  Changed default for GOESLightCurve.create() so that it gets the data
  from the most recent existing GOES fits file.
  -  Map plot functionality now uses the mask property if it is present,
  allowing the plotting of masked map data
  -  Map Expects Quantities and returns quantities for most parameters.
  -  Map now used Astropy.wcs for world <-> pixel conversions.
  -\_to\_pixel now has a similar API to map.pixel\_to\_world.
  -  map.shape has been replaced with map.dimensions, which is ordered x
  -  map.rsun\_arcseconds is now map.rsun\_obs as it returns a quantity.
  -  Map properties are now named tuples rather than dictionaries.
  -  Improvement for Map plots, standardization and improved color tables,
  better access to plot variables through new plot\_settings variable.
  -  Huge improvements in Instrument Map doc strings. Now contain
  instrument descriptions as well as reference links for more info.
  -  net.jsoc can query data series with time sampling by a Sample
  attribute implemented in vso.
  -  MapCube.plot and MapCube.peek now support a user defined
  plot\_function argument for customising the animation.
  -  Added new sample data file, an AIA cutout file.
  -  Moved documentation build directory to doc/build


  -  Changed default for GOESLightCurve.create() so that it gets the data
  from the most recent existing GOES fits file.
  -  Improvements to the Map documentation.
  -  Typo fixes in sunpy.wcs documentation.


  -  ``sunpy.image.transform.affine_transform`` now casts integer data to
  float64 and sets NaN values to 0 for all transformations except
  scikit-image rotation with order <- 3.
  -  Updated SWPC/NOAA links due to their new website.
  -  Exposed the raw AIA color tables in ````.
  -  Fixes ``map`` compatibility with Astropy 1.0.x.


  -  Goes peek() plot now works with matplotlib 1.4.x
  -  The ANA file reading C extensions will no longer compile under
  windows. Windows was not a supported platform for these C extensions


  -  If no CROTA keyword is specified in Map meta data, it will now
  default to 0 as specified by the FITS WCS standard.
  -  Map now correctly parses and converts the CD matrix, as long as CDELT
  is specified as well. (Fixes SWAP files)
  -  Fix of HELIO webservice URLs
  -  MapCube.plot() is now fixed and returns a
  matplotlib.animation.FuncAnimation object.


  -  MAJOR FIX: map.rotate() now works correctly for all submaps and off
  center rotations.
  -  HELIO URL updated, querys should now work as expected.
  -  All tabs removed from the code base.
  -  All tests now use tempfile rather than creating files in the current
  -  Documentation builds under newer sphinx versions.
  -  ANA and JP2 tests are skipped if dependancies are missing.
  -  ANA tests are skipped on windows.


  -  Added additional functionality to the GOES module i.e. the ability to
  calculate GOES temperature and emission measure from GOES fluxes.
  -  changed \_maps attribute in MapCube to a non-hidden type
  -  Added Nobeyama Radioheliograph data support to Lightcurve object.
  -  Fixed some tests on map method to support Windows
  -  Added a window/split method to time range
  -  Updates to spectrogram documentation
  -  Added method Database.add\_from\_hek\_query\_result to HEK database
  -  Added method\_from\_vso\_query\_result
  -  GOES Lightcurve now makes use of a new source of GOES data, provides
  metadata, and data back to 1981.
  -  Removed sqlalchemy as a requirement for SunPy
  -  Added support for NOAA solar cycle prediction in lightcurves
  -  Some basic tests for GenericLightCurve on types of expected input.
  -  Fix algorithm in sunpy.sun.equation\_of\_center
  -  Added Docstrings to LightCurve methods.
  -  Added tests for classes in Note that some classes
  (TRACE, RHESSI) were left out because SunPy is not able to read their
  FITS files.
  -  Added functions that implement image coalignment with support for
  -  Cleaned up the sunpy namespace, removed .units, /ssw and .sphinx.
  Also moved .coords .physics.transforms.
  -  Added contains functionality to TimeRange module
  -  Added t-'now' to parse\_time to privide utcnow datetime.
  -  Fixed time dependant functions (.sun) to default to t-'now'
  -  Fixed solar\_semidiameter\_angular\_size
  -  Improved line quality and performances issues with map.draw\_grid()
  -  Remove deprecated make\_map command.


  -  Fixes to the operational range of GOES satellites
  -  Fix the URL for HELIO queries.


  -  Fix map.rotate() functionality
  -  Change of source for GOES data.
  -  Fix EIT test data and sunpy FITS saving
  -  Some documentation fixes
  -  fix file paths to use os.path.join for platform independance.


  -  **Major** documentation refactor. A far reaching re-write and
  -  Add a SunPy Database to store and search local data.
  -  Add beta support for querying the HELIO HEC
  -  Add beta HEK to VSO query translation.
  -  Add the ability to download the GOES event list.
  -  Add support for downloading and querying the LYTAF database.
  -  Add support for ANA data.
  -  Updated sun.constants to use astropy.constants objects which include
  units, source, and error instide. For more info check out
  -  Add some beta support for IRIS data products
  -  Add a new MapCubeAnimator class with interactive widgets which is
  returned by mapcube.peek().
  -  The Glymur library is now used to read JPEG2000 files.
  -  GOESLightCurve now supports all satellites.
  -  Add support for VSO queries through proxies.
  -  Fix apparent Right Ascension calulations.
  -  LightCurve meta data member now an OrderedDict Instance


  -  Pass draw\_limb arguments to patches.Circle
  -  Pass graw\_grid arguments to pyplot.plot()
  -  Fix README code example
  -  Fix Documentation links in potting guide
  -  Update to new EVE data URL
  -  Update LogicalLightcurve example in docs
  -  Improved InteractiveVSOClient documentation
  -  GOESLightCurve now fails politely if no data is avalible.
  Known Bugs:
  -  sunpy.util.unit\\_angstrom does not work if 'nm' is
  passed in.


  -  Bug Fix: Fix a regression in CompositeMap that made contor plots
  -  Bug Fix: Allow Map() to accept dict as metadata.
  -  Bug Fix: Pass arguments from Map() to\_file.


  -  Removal of Optional PIL dependancy
  -  Parse\_time now looks through nested lists/tuples
  -  Draw\_limb and draw\_grid are now implemented on MapCube and
  -  Caculations for differential roation added
  -  mapcube.plot() now runs a mpl animation with optional controls
  -  A basic Region of Interest framework now exists under sunpy.roi
  -  STEREO COR colour maps have been ported from solarsoft.
  -  sunpy.time.timerange has a split() method that divides up a time
  range into n equal parts.
  -  Added download progress bar
  -  pyfits is depricated in favor of Astropy
  -  Plotting has been refactorted to use a consistent interface
  -  spectra now no-longer inherits from numpy.ndarray instead has a .data
  Map: \* map now no-longer inherits from numpy.ndarray instead has a
  .data attribute. \* make\_map is deprecated in favor of Map which is a
  new factory class \* is now \*
  mymap.header is now mymap.meta \* attributes of the map class are now
  read only, changes have to be made through map.meta \* new MapMeta class
  to replace MapHeader, MapMeta is not returned by \* The
  groundwork for GenericMap inherting from astropy.NDData has been done,
  there is now a NDDataStandin class to provide basic functionality.
  io: \* top level file\_tools improved to be more flexible and support
  multiple HDUs \* all functions in now assume mutliple HDUs,
  even JP2 ones. \* there is now a way to override the automatic filetype
  detection \* Automatic fits file detection improved \* extract\_waveunit
  added to io.fits for detection of common ways of storing wavelength unit
  in fits files.
  -  A major re-work of all interal imports has resulted in a much cleaner
  namespace, i.e. sunpy.util.util is no longer used to import util.
  -  Some SOHO and STEREO files were not reading properly due to a
  date\_obs parameter.
  -  Sunpy will now read JP2 files without a comment parameter.
  -  Memory leak in Crotate patched
  -  Callisto: Max gap between files removed


  -  Completely re-written plotting routines for most of the core
  -  JPEG 2000 support as an input file type.
  -  Improved documentation for much of the code base, including
  re-written installation instructions.
  -  New lightcurve object
  -  LYRA support
  -  GOES/XRS support
  -  SDO/EVE support
  -  New Spectrum and Spectrogram object (in development)
  -  Spectrogram plotting routines
  -  Callisto spectrum type and support
  -  STEREO/SWAVES support
  -  Map Object
  -  Added support for LASCO, Yohkoh/XRT maps
  -  A new CompositeMap object for overlaying maps
  -  Resample method
  -  Superpixel method
  -  The addition of the rotate() method for 2D maps.
  The SunPy project is happy to announce the release of SunPy 2.0!
  SunPy is an open-source Python library for Solar Physics data analysis and visualization.
  This release is our second long(er) term support release, that we will be supporting with bug fixes until 3.0 in roughly a year's time.
  With this release, the 1.0 and 1.1 releases will no longer recieve bug fixes and we encourage everyone to upgrade to 2.0.
  The major highlights of this release are:
  * `` now supports tab completion of search attributes.
  This allows you to do ``a.Instrument.AIA``, and print ``a.Instrument`` to see the list of known supported instruments.
  * `~sunpy.instr.aia.aiaprep` has been deprecated in favor of the functionality in the `aiapy <>`__ package.
  * Various fixes and clarifications to pixel indexing in the `` subpackage.
  * Standardization of specifying rectangles in coordinate space in the :meth:`` and :meth:`` methods of ``.
  * HTML quicklook previews of `` and `` instances are available with the new :meth:`` and :meth:`` methods, respectively.
  This is also the default display in `Jupyter <>`__ notebooks.
  * Integration of differential rotation into the `sunpy.coordinates` framework.
  This enables, amongst other things, the warping of images with the `reproject <>`__ package and the plotting of rotated grid lines with :ref:`WCSAxes <astropy:wcsaxes>`.
  See `What's New in SunPy 2.0 <>`__ for more details and the `Full Changelog <>`__ for the full list of over 100 changes in 2.0.
  This release of SunPy contains 1044 commits in 290 merged pull requests closing 144 issues from 33 people, 16 of which are first-time contributors to SunPy.
  The people who have contributed to the code for this release are:
  Abhijeet Manhas  *
  Abijith B  *
  Albert Y. Shih
  Amogh J  *
  Arfon Smith  *
  Arib Alam  *
  David Pérez-Suárez
  David Stansby
  Deepankar Sharma
  Jack Ireland
  Jai Ram Rideout
  James Paul Mason
  Kris Akira Stern  *
  Laura Hayes
  Lazar Zivadinovic  *
  Mark Cheung  *
  Monica Bobra
  Nabil Freij
  Ole Streicher
  Pankaj Mishra  *
  Raahul Singh
  Rajiv Ranjan Singh
  Rutuja Surve  *
  Sarthak Jain
  Sashank Mishra  *
  Steven Christe
  Stuart Mumford
  Swapnil Kannojia  *
  Utkarsh Parkhi  *
  Will Barnes
  abijith-bahuleyan  *
  honey  *
  mridulpandey  *
  Where a * indicates their first contribution to SunPy.