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Bug Fixes
  - The `--file` option now works properly
  - Having an insufficient Deezer subscription now shows a helpful error message
  - Automatic updates have been removed due to numerous issues


New Features
  - This is an update with a small patch. See release notes for `v1.9`
  Bug Fixes
  - Fixes a major issue with the new cover art hash function
  - Fixes meta class related errors for Youtube Downloads


New Features
  - General performance improvements
  - The downloads directory and config path can now be specified as command line arguments
  - More robust hashing for cover urls
  - The `(Explicit)` tag can now be disabled in the config file
  Bug Fixes
  - SoundCloud downloads are back up!


Bug Fixes
  - Tidal downloads are back up, although they are now restricted to `quality = 2`.


Bug Fixes
  - Fix a bug that broke TIDAL Video downloads
  - Fixed an error when downloading certain TIDAL playlists
  - Add an explicit tag for track names
  - Fix an incorrect comment in `config.toml`


New Features
  - The Soundcloud client ID is now dynamically generated. This fixes the issues where SoundCloud downloads would stop working a few weeks after an update.
  - New GitHub issue templates that are much easier to use.
  Bug Fixes
  - `download_videos` key now works properly
  - Lastfm doesn't crash when there are no results found anymore
  - `KeyError: 'title'` when searching for artists


New Features
  - Asynchronous downloading of Tidal video and SoundCloud mp3 chunks. This will speed up downloads significantly for Tidal.
  - Tidal Videos and SoundCloud downloads now have proper progress bars
  - An `id` key has been added to `folder_format` to fix possible duplicate issues 150
  - The artwork size for singles can now be chosen 166
  - Filenames can now be restricted to ASCII characters 161
  Bug Fixes
  - SoundCloud downloads are back up 164
  - Tidal Video downloads are back up 169
  - Albums that don't have cover art download properly 160 168


New Features
  - `rip discover` can now be used for Deezer by specifying `--source deezer`. This is only available for paid Deezer accounts.
  - If there are multiple artists for a Qobuz release, all of them will be included in the metadata
  - A `metadata.exclude` entry in the config file that specifies tags that should not be written into the audio files
  - A new command named `rip db` that allows you to (currently) view the contents of the `downloads` and `failed_downloads` databases
  Internal Changes
  - The maximum line length has been set to `79`
  - `class YoutubeVideo` now complies with the `Media` ABC


New Features:
  - Automatic updates, when updates are available
  - After updating, the release notes (what you're reading right now) will be displayed
  - Asynchronous requests for Qobuz logins, which significantly improve startup times
  Bug Fixes
  - Deezloader should be working properly now, including FLAC downloads 142
  - Artist/Label downloads were stuck after running into unavailable tracks 138
  - Deezer downloads had the wrong bit depth and sampling rate 139
  - Deezer genres were wrong 147
  - AttributeError for Label downloads 144
  - Artwork embed sizes not working 140
  - Artist singles not included in TIDAL downloads 148
  - Tidal Video downloads broken 149


New Features
  - Setting `folder_format = ""` will allow you to dump tracks in a single folder. This is useful for automatically organizing libraries such as
  Bug Fixes
  - `simple_term_menu` should properly install now on linux machines 136
  - Added the `rip config --qobuz` command 132
  - Fixed `FileNotFoundError` for the config file 131
  - Fixed typo 137


This fixes a small typo. See the release notes for `v1.0` for the breaking changes in the last version.


New Features
  - CLI overhaul! New colors, help pages, and command structure. Most notably, `rip -u <url>` is now `rip url <url>`.
  - Themes, which can be set in the config file. Right now, we just have them for progress bars, but expect much more to be customizable!
  - Update checking is now done in the background, which will improve startup times
  - Paid Deezer accounts are now supported, along with the old Deezloader server. I had to do this because of the recent unreliability of the server (124 119). To request items from the Deezloader server, pass `--source deezloader` into the command
  - Concurrent downloads are now enabled by default, with `max_connections` set to 3.
  Internal Changes
  - The CLI manager has been moved from click to cleo
  - Everything is now documented


New Features:
  - `rip discover` now has a `--scrape` flag that downloads all of the results, and an `-n` flag for the number of results, if you're into data hoarding.
  - There are more useful messages on edge case panics
  - When downloading an item from the search menu, the database is now checked for the ID
  - An `albumcomposer` key was added in the file formatter to differentiate between the track composer, which is still called `composer`
  - The `rip convert` command now searches for tracks recursively
  - Artists can now be queried using `rip search -t artist`
  - FFmpeg shows the output when in debug mode
  - Improved error message when the Deezloader server is down
  Bug Fixes:
  - Booklet file names are now properly sanitized
  - Misc bugs related to the new database system
  - The `SoundCloudClient` has been updated to match SoundClouds new API calls 122
  Internal Changes:
  - `Media` are now properly subclassed by a `Media` Abstract Base Class
  - The groundwork for a sphinx documentation website has been laid


New Features:
  - Ability to write scripts with streamrip (see the wiki)
  - The embedded cover art can now be downsized 113
  - A `repair` command and a failed downloads database has been added 98
  - New documentation for some commands
  Bug Fixes:
  - Fix typo that caused crashes for some commands 111
  - Add `kwargs` to the `load_meta` function 112
  Internal Changes:
  - The `rip` command has its own folder now, and will be updated separately from the `streamrip` library


I was having some issues with Pypi where 0.6.6 wouldn't upload. This is just a reupload of it using a different version name.


Bug Fixes:
  - Deezer downloads should work properly now 109


Bug Fixes:
  - Bit depth and sampling rate is now correct for folder names 106
  - Album artwork is the correct size for playlists 107
  - Deezer downloads won't crash when downloading a playlist and a track is not available 108


Bug Fixes:
  - Url parsing bug that joined characters with spaces 103
  - Issues with config file path 104


Bug Fixes:
  - Fix broken config command 100 101 102
  - Fix `ValueError: could not convert string to float` for Tidal downloads 96 99


New Features:
  - The `-u` parameter can be used multiple times to specify multiple downloads
  - `streamrip` won't check for updates for commands that do not download anything. This should improve startup times.
  Internal Changes
  - Moved package management to `poetry`
  - Added documentation


New Features:
  - Deezer urls of the form `{id}` are now supported #92
  - A new option named `add_singles_to_folder` 91
  Default configuration:
  Create folders for single tracks within the downloads directory using the folder_format
  add_singles_to_folder = false
  Bug Fixes:
  - `config.toml` is now included with the pip install 93


New Features:
  - The config file format has been switched to TOML. This will improve startup times and remove a large dependency.
  Bug Fixes:
  - The `set_playlist_to_album` option now works properly for Deezer 89


Bug Fixes:
  - Fix incorrect folder names for lower quality requests 84
  - Require an up to date version of mutagen 82
  - Fix SoundCloud album search


New Features:
  - Config comments for `conversion` and `lastfm fallback_source`
  - `--update` and `--path` options for `rip config`
  - Added a testing script
  Bug Fixes:
  - Fix SoundCloud downloads
  - Made pycryptodome an optional dependency to fix M1 chip related issues 79


Bug Fixes:
  - Fix typo


New Features:
  - fallback source 74
  - Cover art and booklet downloads are skipped if it already exists 72
  - If the `-u` option is mistakenly used for urls, a help message will show
  - A `composer` key is now available for folder format templates
  - (Internal) Everything is now documented
  - (Internal) Line length is limited to 79 characters
  Bug Fixes:
  - Tidal albums not available in FLAC no longer break 75
  - Soundcloud searches for are now working


New Features:
  - (Internal) Compliance with mypy typing
  Bug Fixes:
  - Fix bug where only 25 Deezer tracks were downloaded 63
  - Label downloads now create subdirectories
  - HTML artifacts in titles removed
  - Fix bug where artist was set to "Various Artists" in album with multiple artists


New Features:
  - `youtube-dl` integration; 1
  Bug Fixes:
  - `non_albums` filter fixed; 62


New Features:
  - Deezer downloads are now working!
  Bug Fixes:
  - Fix minor bugs related to Deezer downloads


New Features:
  - There is now documentation in the config file
  - Config files should smoothly update between versions
  - Tidal Videos and Qobuz booklets are now supported
  - The Qobuz interpreter urls found from the Qobuz store should now work for artists
  - Internal refactoring
  Bug Fixes:
  - Fix lastfm downloads
  - Fix bugs related to downloading Tidal single tracks