Changelogs » Species



- Compatibility with petitCODE atmospheric models (clear and cloudy).
- Function to create color-color data from isochrones.
- Option to include isochrone data in color-color plot.
- Functions to return the most probable sample and the median sample from the MCMC results.
- Improved documentation.
- Documentation example for fitting photometry.


- Reading functionalities for isochrone data, including the computation of synthetic photometry.
- Support for BT-Setll, AMES-Cond, and AMES-Dusty model spectra.
- Parameters `inc_phot` and `inc_spec` in the fitting routines.
- Many small improvements and several minor bug fixes.
- Additional parameters in the plot functions.
- Improved documentation.


- Synchronizing with the version on PyPI.


- Improved fit tools for atmospheric models and calibration spectra.
- Reading functionalities for calibration spectra.
- New data added of directly imaged objects.
- Plot function for color-color diagram.
- Additional examples in the documentation.
- Additional test cases.
- Many small functionalities added or improved.


- Improved plot functionalities.
- Additional reading functionalities.
- Dictionary with photometry of directly imaged companions.
- Compatibility with model data from BT-NextGen.
- General improvements in the package structure.
- Several small bug fixes.


- Restructuring of the package.
- MCMC and chi-square fitting routines.
- Plot functions for the MCMC analysis.
- Query functions to SIMBAD and VIZIER.
- Boxing of results with ``.
- Data retrieval of SpeX, IRTF, vlm-plx, DRIFT-PHOENIX, and Vega.
- Tools to analyse model spectra.


- First public release of *species*!
- Storage of photometric libraries, spectral libraries, atmospheric models, photometry of individual objects, and filter transmission curves in the central database.
- Computation of synthetic photometry.
- Color-magnitude diagrams.
- Interpolation of atmospheric model grids.
- Photometric calibration, zero point flux.
- Plot spectra with filter curves and photometry.
- Retrieve parallax by object name.