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* Skip similar frequencies: With the -ssa flag it is now possible to skip an area of similar frequencies and continue analysing a given dataset
* Skip cutoff: With this flag you can ignore the cutoff behaviour (stop after 10 similar frequencies). It will go on until the SNR goes the given level
* SMURFS can handle TESS data now. It will automatically download and analyse a TIC dataset if a TIC number is given.
* SMURFS now generates lightcurve ASCII files. With full mode, every single lightcurve is saved.
* Input data is sorted automatically now
* Computing frequency spacing and plotting it automatically
* Duty cycle and rumtine are now printed
* Results are now properly saved so that they are machine readable
* Fixed a bug in the computation of the nyquist frequency when the most common value is 0
* Fixed handling of NaNs
* Added more documentation for the README file
* Flags are now truly flags (no more =True)
* Folders are now differently named, depending on the run


** BUGFIX **

- SMURFS can now handle also only one frequency in a given chunk
- Flags are now truly flags and the README reflects that


- Duty cycle and total Runtime are now printed
- Frequency spacing is calculated and saved accordingly
- Added a flag for skipping ranges within the timeseries


- Added Residual noise ratio
- Fixed release bugs 👍 (wrong parameter)
- Nyquist frequency is now more stable


* Added a flag to ignore gap to signal ratio. With this flag, it will also attempt to calculate the spectra in area with a high gap to signal ratio.
* Nyquist frequency is now verbose in output
* Results are saved in a csv format
* Nyquist frequency is now visible in the results
* Full uncertainties computation is now available with two modes: Montgomery and least square
* A spectral window is now also computed
* Added a version file that represents the current version of SMURFS

* If no flags were given, SMURFS would raise an exception
* If the overlap was too small, the spectrogram would not work properly
* Phase computation is now between 0 and 2 pi
* The results weren't saved if there was an error with the spectrogram

* Updated requirements
* Updated README to better reflect the usage


- Errors are now put through to results
- Results file are created as csv
- Nyquist frequency is added to results
- Final fix to phase corrections :)


* SMURFS catches Control+c in terminal and dies graciously
* SMURFS creates dynamic fourier plots, including the possibility for markers (_-fm_ parameter)

* Gap Ratio is only calculated when the whole dataset is used, i.e. _-trs_ is not set
* Nyquist frequency calculation is now fixed. Used to use the mean of the difference between two datapoints, now applies a histogram and uses the most common value.


With this release, the code should handle fitting as well as problematic data better


Initial release for SMURFS.

Should be generally feature complete, but we will wait for a short beta period until we will it release properly