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* Support Python 3.
  * Integrate Travis CI, Coveralls, and PyPI badges.
  * Preprocessor allows precise reconstruction of input.
  * Sections can be extracted and replaced (edit sections).
  * Generator fixes:
  ** Table of content generation fixed.
  ** I18n and l10n for Table of content header.
  ** Internal link generation fixed.
  ** Section edit links fixed.
  * Syntax fixes:
  ** Allow comment at end of heading line.


* Support lxml 2.x.
  * Generator fixes:
  ** Run preprocessor in MediaWiki class.
  ** Use canonical name for template callback.
  ** Localise missing template links.
  * Syntax fixes:
  ** Allow whitespace before closing tr and table tags.
  ** Fix if and ifeq.
  ** Implement switch.
  ** Allow nowiki in quoted HTML attributes.


* Initial release.