Changelogs » Simplabel

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Bug fixes and improvements:
  - Added progress bar to flow_to_directory if `tqdm` is installed
  - Made `flow_to_directory` compatible with Windows file systems
  - Restored ability to pass labels from command line


Improvements to the user interface:
  - Reduced default size of the window to a width of 800px
  - Ensure that the window is always smaller than the screen size
  - Introduced resizing of small images (up to 2X their original size)
  - Truncate long filenames


Bug fixes and improvements:
  - Refactored command line script to make it executable on Windows.
  - Fixed memory leak in lock
  - Fixed bug that crashed the app when 5 labels where used
  - Implemented testing framework


Make the app independent of command line arguments.
  `simplabel` can now be called without any arguments. It will launch the GUI, request that the user select a directory and open an empty list of labels for the user to fill out.


Bug fixes and UI improvements:
  - Corrected bug where label button colors did not change on Windows.
  - Made UI robust to resizing of the window.
  - Improved display of small images by resampling them as appropriate.
  - Fixed flow_to_directory script to work with multi-user files.


This release implements multi-user labeling capability.