Changelogs » Sigsci-site-manager

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New Features
  - Adds support for site rules, replacing request rules and signal rules (PR 45)
  Bug Fixes
  - Fixes error in backup/cloning related to API changes around site rules (PR 45)


New Features
  - Adds user management commands for managing users independently of site management.
  - Advanced rules can be directly copied instead of requesting SigSci support perform the copy
  - Block duration for templated rules included in site backup
  - Site list output now includes agent mode
  Bug Fixes
  - Fixed error in help text
  - pysigsci requirement bumped to v3.10.0


New Features
  - Add `User-Agent` header during `validation` operation
  Bug Fixes
  - Fix bug where validation returned success when test could not be sent
  - Fix bug where exception would be thrown during validation if auth was unsuccessful.


New Features
  - Adds `validate` command to run a set of tests requests against a site to ensure Signal Sciences is operating.


New Features
  - Can now filter the output of `list` using a wildcard string (adds `--filter` CLI option)
  - Can now run `merge` against multiple sites at once by supporting wildcard strings in the `--dest` CLI parameter
  - Can now limit `merge`/`deploy`/`clone` to a subset of data (adds `--include` and `--exclude` CLI options)
  Bug Fixes
  - No longer throws an error when backing up a site with no advanced rules
  - No longer throws an error when merging onto a site with no advanced rules