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* 3430: Merge with pypa/distutils152c13d including pypa/distutils155 (improved compatibility for editable installs on homebrew Python 3.9), pypa/distutils150 (better handling of runtime_library_dirs on cygwin), and pypa/distutils151 (remove warnings for namespace packages).



Breaking Changes
* 3421: Drop setuptools' support for installing an entrypoint extra requirements at load time:
- the functionality has been broken since v60.8.0.
- the mechanism to do so is deprecated (`fetch_build_eggs`).
- that use case (e.g. a custom command class entrypoint) is covered by making sure the necessary build requirements are declared.

Documentation changes
* 3305: Updated the example pyproject.toml -- by :user:`jacalata`
* 3394: This updates the documentation for the ``file_finders`` hook so that
the logging recommendation aligns with the suggestion to not use
``distutils`` directly.
* 3397: Fix reference for ``keywords`` to point to the Core Metadata Specification
instead of PEP 314 (the live standard is kept always up-to-date and
consolidates several PEPs together in a single document).
* 3402: Reordered the User Guide's Table of Contents -- by :user:`codeandfire`



* 3253: Enabled using ``file:`` for requirements in setup.cfg -- by :user:`akx`
(this feature is currently considered to be in **beta** stage).
* 3255: Enabled using ``file:`` for dependencies and optional-dependencies in pyproject.toml -- by :user:`akx`
(this feature is currently considered to be in **beta** stage).
* 3391: Updated ``attr:`` to also extract simple constants with type annotations -- by :user:`karlotness`



* 3347: Changed warnings and documentation notes about *experimental* aspect of ``pyproject.toml`` configuration:
now ``[project]`` is a fully supported configuration interface, but the ``[tool.setuptools]`` table
and sub-tables are still considered to be in **beta** stage.
* 3383: In _distutils_hack, suppress/undo the use of local distutils when select tests are imported in CPython.

Documentation changes
* 3368: Added documentation page about extension modules -- by :user:`mkoeppe`
* 3371: Moved documentation from ``/userguide/commands`` to ``/depracted/commands``.
This change was motived by the fact that running ``python`` directly is
considered a deprecated practice.
* 3372: Consolidated sections about ``sdist`` contents and ```` into a single page.

Added a simple ```` example.
* 3373: Moved remarks about using :pypi:`Cython` to the newly created page for
extension modules.
* 3374: Added clarification that using ``python egg_info`` commands to
manage project versions is only supported in a *transitional* basis, and
that eventually ``egg_info`` will be deprecated.

Reorganized sections with tips for managing versions.
* 3378: Updated ``Quickstart`` docs to make it easier to follow for beginners.

* 3385: Modules used to parse and evaluate configuration from ``pyproject.toml`` files are
intended for internal use only and that not part of the public API.



* 3256: Added command to match -- by :user:`isuruf`
* 3366: Merge with pypa/distutils75ed79d including reformat using black, fix for Cygwin support (pypa/distutils139), and improved support for cross compiling (pypa/distutils144 and pypa/distutils145).

Documentation changes
* 3355: Changes to the User Guide's Entry Points page -- by :user:`codeandfire`
* 3361: Further minor corrections to the Entry Points page -- by :user:`codeandfire`
* 3363: Rework some documentation pages to de-emphasize ``distutils`` and the history
of packaging in the Python ecosystem. The focus of these changes is to make the
documentation easier to read for new users.
* 3364: Update documentation about dependency management, removing mention to
the deprecated ``dependency_links`` and adding some small improvements.
* 3367: Extracted text about automatic resource extraction and the zip-safe flag
from ``userguide/miscellaneous`` to ``deprecated/resource_extraction`` and

Extracted text about additional metadata files from
``userguide/miscellaneous`` into the existing ``userguide/extension``

Updated ``userguide/extension`` to better reflect the status of the
setuptools project.

Removed ``userguide/functionalities_rewrite`` (a virtually empty part of the



Documentation changes
* 3349: Fixed two small issues preventing docs from building locally -- by :user:`codeandfire`
* 3350: Added note explaining ``package_data`` glob pattern matching for dotfiles -- by :user:`comabrewer`
* 3358: Clarify the role of the ``package_dir`` configuration.

* 3354: Improve clarity in warning about unlisted namespace packages.



Documentation changes
* 3331: Replaced single backticks with double ones in ``CHANGES.rst`` -- by :user:`codeandfire`
* 3332: Fixed grammar/typos, modified example directory trees for src-layout and flat-layout -- by :user:`codeandfire`
* 3335: Changes to code snippets and other examples in the Data Files page of the User Guide -- by :user:`codeandfire`

* 3336: Modified ``test_setup_install_includes_dependencies`` to work with custom ``PYTHONPATH`` –- by :user:`hroncok`



* 3328: Include a first line summary to some of the existing multi-line warnings.



* 3320: Fixed typo which causes ``namespace_packages`` to raise an error instead of



* 3262: Formally added deprecation messages for ``namespace_packages``.
The methodology that uses ``pkg_resources`` and ``namespace_packages`` for
creating namespaces was already discouraged by the :doc:`setuptools docs
</userguide/package_discovery>` and the
:doc:`Python Packaging User Guide <PyPUG:guides/packaging-namespace-packages>`,
therefore this change just make the deprecation more official.
Users can consider migrating to native/implicit namespaces (as introduced in
* 3308: Relying on ``include_package_data`` to ensure sub-packages are automatically
added to the build wheel distribution (as "data") is now considered a
deprecated practice.

This behaviour was controversial and caused inconsistencies (3260).

Instead, projects are encouraged to properly configure ``packages`` or use
discovery tools. General information can be found in :doc:`userguide/package_discovery`.

* 1806: Allowed recursive globs (``**``) in ``package_data``. -- by :user:`nullableVoidPtr`
* 3206: Fixed behaviour when both ``install_requires`` (in ````) and
``dependencies`` (in ``pyproject.toml``) are specified.
The configuration in ``pyproject.toml`` will take precedence over ````
(in accordance with PEP 621). A warning was added to inform users.

Documentation changes
* 3307: Added introduction to references/keywords.

Added deprecation tags to test kwargs.

Moved userguide/keywords to deprecated section.

Clarified in deprecated doc what keywords came from distutils and which were added or changed by setuptools.

* 3274: Updated version of vendored ``pyparsing`` to 3.0.8 to avoid problems with
upcoming deprecation in Python 3.11.
* 3292: Added warning about incompatibility with old versions of



* 3299: Optional metadata fields are now truly optional. Includes merge with pypa/distutilsa7cfb56 per pypa/distutils138.

* 3282: Added CI cache for ``setup.cfg`` examples used when testing ``setuptools.config``.



* 3258: Merge pypa/distutils5229dad46b.

* 3249: Simplified ``package_dir`` obtained via auto-discovery.



Breaking Changes
* 3151: Made `` develop --user`` install to the user site packages directory even if it is disabled in the current interpreter.

* 3153: When resolving requirements use both canonical and normalized names -- by :user:`ldaniluk`
* 3167: Honor unix file mode in ZipFile when installing wheel via ``install_as_egg`` -- by :user:`delijati`

* 3088: Fixed duplicated tag with the ``dist-info`` command.
* 3247: Fixed problem preventing ``readme`` specified as dynamic in ``pyproject.toml``
from being dynamically specified in ````.



* 3233: Included missing test file ``setupcfg_examples.txt`` in ``sdist``.
* 3233: Added script that allows developers to download ``setupcfg_examples.txt`` prior to
running tests. By caching these files it should be possible to run the test suite



* 3229: Disabled automatic download of ``trove-classifiers`` to facilitate reproducibility.

* 3229: Updated ``pyproject.toml`` validation via ``validate-pyproject`` v0.7.1.
* 3229: New internal tool made available for updating the code responsible for
the validation of ``pyproject.toml``.
This tool can be executed via ``tox -e generate-validation-code``.



* 3215: Ignored a subgroup of invalid ``pyproject.toml`` files that use the ``[project]``
table to specify only ``requires-python`` (**transitional**).

.. warning::
Please note that future releases of setuptools will halt the build process
if a ``pyproject.toml`` file that does not match doc:`the PyPA Specification
<PyPUG:specifications/declaring-project-metadata>` is given.
* 3215: Updated ``pyproject.toml`` validation, as generated by ``validate-pyproject==0.6.1``.
* 3218: Prevented builds from erroring if the project specifies metadata via
``pyproject.toml``, but uses other files (e.g. ````) to complement it,
without setting ``dynamic`` properly.

.. important::
This is a **transitional** behaviour.
Future releases of ``setuptools`` may simply ignore externally set metadata
not backed by ``dynamic`` or even halt the build with an error.
* 3224: Merge changes from pypa/distutilse1d5c9b1f6

Documentation changes
* 3217: Fixed typo in ``pyproject.toml`` example in Quickstart -- by :user:`pablo-cardenas`.

* 3223: Fixed missing requirements with environment markers when
``optional-dependencies`` is set in ``pyproject.toml``.



* 3212: Fixed missing dependencies when running `` install``.
Note that calling `` install`` directly is still deprecated and
will be removed in future versions of ``setuptools``.
Please check the release notes for :ref:`setup_install_deprecation_note`.



* 3206: Changed ``setuptools.convert_path`` to an internal function that is not exposed
as part of setuptools API.
Future releases of ``setuptools`` are likely to remove this function.

* 3202: Changed behaviour of auto-discovery to not explicitly expand ``package_dir``
for flat-layouts and to not use relative paths starting with ``./``.
* 3203: Prevented ``pyproject.toml`` parsing from overwriting
``dist.include_package_data`` explicitly set in ```` with default
* 3208: Added a warning for non existing files listed with the ``file`` directive in
``setup.cfg`` and ``pyproject.toml``.
* 3208: Added a default value for dynamic ``classifiers`` in ``pyproject.toml`` when
files are missing and errors being ignored.
* 3211: Disabled auto-discovery when distribution class has a ``configuration``
attribute (e.g. when the ```` script contains ``setup(...,
configuration=...)``). This is done to ensure extension-only packages created
with ``numpy.distutils.misc_util.Configuration`` are not broken by the safe
behaviour to avoid accidental multiple top-level packages in a flat-layout.

.. note::
Users that don't set ``packages``, ``py_modules``, or ``configuration`` are
still likely to observe the auto-discovery behavior, which may halt the
build if the project contains multiple directories and/or multiple Python
files directly under the project root.

To disable auto-discovery please explicitly set either ``packages`` or
``py_modules``. Alternatively you can also configure :ref:`custom-discovery`.



* 3068: Deprecated ``setuptools.config.read_configuration``,
``setuptools.config.parse_configuration`` and other functions or classes
from ``setuptools.config``.

Users that still need to parse and process configuration from ``setup.cfg`` can
import a direct replacement from ``setuptools.config.setupcfg``, however this
module is transitional and might be removed in the future
(the ``setup.cfg`` configuration format itself is likely to be deprecated in the future).

Breaking Changes
* 2894: If you purposefully want to create an *"empty distribution"*, please be aware
that some Python files (or general folders) might be automatically detected and

Projects that currently don't specify both ``packages`` and ``py_modules`` in their
configuration and contain extra folders or Python files (not meant for distribution),
might see these files being included in the wheel archive or even experience
the build to fail.

You can check details about the automatic discovery (and how to configure a
different behaviour) in :doc:`/userguide/package_discovery`.
* 3067: If the file ``pyproject.toml`` exists and it includes project
metadata/config (via ``[project]`` table or ``[tool.setuptools]``),
a series of new behaviors that are not backward compatible may take place:

- The default value of ``include_package_data`` will be considered to be ``True``.
- Setuptools will attempt to validate the ``pyproject.toml`` file according
to PEP 621 specification.
- The values specified in ``pyproject.toml`` will take precedence over those
specified in ``setup.cfg`` or ````.

* 2887: **[EXPERIMENTAL]** Added automatic discovery for ``py_modules`` and ``packages``
-- by :user:`abravalheri`.

Setuptools will try to find these values assuming that the package uses either
the *src-layout* (a ``src`` directory containing all the packages or modules),
the *flat-layout* (package directories directly under the project root),
or the *single-module* approach (an isolated Python file, directly under
the project root).

The automatic discovery will also respect layouts that are explicitly
configured using the ``package_dir`` option.

For backward-compatibility, this behavior will be observed **only if both**
``py_modules`` **and** ``packages`` **are not set**.
(**Note**: specifying ``ext_modules`` might also prevent auto-discover from
taking place)

If setuptools detects modules or packages that are not supposed to be in the
distribution, please manually set ``py_modules`` and ``packages`` in your
``setup.cfg`` or ```` file.
If you are using a *flat-layout*, you can also consider switching to
* 2887: **[EXPERIMENTAL]** Added automatic configuration for the ``name`` metadata
-- by :user:`abravalheri`.

Setuptools will adopt the name of the top-level package (or module in the case
of single-module distributions), **only when** ``name`` **is not explicitly

Please note that it is not possible to automatically derive a single name when
the distribution consists of multiple top-level packages or modules.
* 3066: Added vendored dependencies for :pypi:`tomli`, :pypi:`validate-pyproject`.

These dependencies are used to read ``pyproject.toml`` files and validate them.
* 3067: **[EXPERIMENTAL]** When using ``pyproject.toml`` metadata,
the default value of ``include_package_data`` is changed to ``True``.
* 3068: **[EXPERIMENTAL]** Add support for ``pyproject.toml`` configuration
(as introduced by :pep:`621`). Configuration parameters not covered by
standards are handled in the ``[tool.setuptools]`` sub-table.

In the future, existing ``setup.cfg`` configuration
may be automatically converted into the ``pyproject.toml`` equivalent before taking effect
(as proposed in 1688). Meanwhile users can use automated tools like
:pypi:`ini2toml` to help in the transition.

Please note that the legacy backend is not guaranteed to work with
``pyproject.toml`` configuration.

-- by :user:`abravalheri`
* 3125: Implicit namespaces (as introduced in :pep:`420`) are now considered by default
during :doc:`package discovery </userguide/package_discovery>`, when
``setuptools`` configuration and project metadata are added to the
``pyproject.toml`` file.

To disable this behaviour, use ``namespaces = False`` when explicitly setting
the ``[tool.setuptools.packages.find]`` section in ``pyproject.toml``.

This change is backwards compatible and does not affect the behaviour of
configuration done in ``setup.cfg`` or ````.
* 3152: **[EXPERIMENTAL]** Added support for ``attr:`` and ``cmdclass`` configurations
in ``setup.cfg`` and ``pyproject.toml`` when ``package_dir`` is implicitly
found via auto-discovery.
* 3178: Postponed importing ``ctypes`` when hiding files on Windows.
This helps to prevent errors in systems that might not have ``libffi`` installed.
* 3179: Merge with pypa/distutils267dbd25ac

Documentation changes
* 3172: Added initial documentation about configuring ``setuptools`` via ``pyproject.toml``
(using standard project metadata).

* 3065: Refactored ``setuptools.config`` by separating configuration parsing (specific
to the configuration file format, e.g. ``setup.cfg``) and post-processing
(which includes directives such as ``file:`` that can be used across different
configuration formats).



* 2971: Deprecated upload_docs command, to be removed in the future.
* 3137: Use samefile from stdlib, supported on Windows since Python 3.2.
* 3170: Adopt nspektr (vendored) to implement Distribution._install_dependencies.

Documentation changes
* 3144: Added documentation on using console_scripts from, which was previously only shown in setup.cfg -- by :user:`xhlulu`
* 3148: Added clarifications about ````, that include links to PyPUG docs
and more prominent mentions to using a revision control system plugin as an
* 3148: Removed mention to ``pkg_resources`` as the recommended way of accessing data
files, in favour of importlib.resources.
Additionally more emphasis was put on the fact that *package data files* reside
**inside** the *package directory* (and therefore should be *read-only*).

* 3120: Added workaround for intermittent failures of backend tests on PyPy.
These tests now are marked with `XFAIL
<>`_, instead of erroring
out directly.
* 3124: Improved configuration for :pypi:`rst-linker` (extension used to build the
* 3133: Enhanced isolation of tests using virtual environments - PYTHONPATH is not leaking to spawned subprocesses -- by :user:`befeleme`
* 3147: Added options to provide a pre-built ``setuptools`` wheel or sdist for being
used during tests with virtual environments.
Paths for these pre-built distribution files can now be set via the environment



* 3093: Repaired automated release process.



* 3035: When loading distutils from the vendored copy, rewrite ``__name__`` to ensure consistent importing from inside and out.



* 3102: Prevent vendored importlib_metadata from loading distributions from older importlib_metadata.
* 3103: Fixed issue where string-based entry points would be omitted.
* 3107: Bump importlib_metadata to 4.11.1 addressing issue with parsing requirements in egg-info as found in PyPy.



* 2876: In the build backend, allow single config settings to be supplied.
* 2993: Removed workaround in distutils hack for get-pip now that pypa/get-pip137 is closed.
* 3085: Setuptools no longer relies on ``pkg_resources`` for entry point handling.
* 3098: Bump vendored packaging to 21.3.
* Removed bootstrap script.

.. warning:: Users trying to install the unmaintained :pypi:`pathlib` backport
from PyPI/``sdist``/source code may find problems when using ``setuptools >= 60.9.0``.
This happens because during the installation, the unmaintained
implementation of ``pathlib`` is loaded and may cause compatibility problems
(it does not expose the same public API defined in the Python standard library).

Whenever possible users should avoid declaring ``pathlib`` as a dependency.
An alternative is to pre-build a wheel for ``pathlib`` using a separated
virtual environment with an older version of setuptools and install the
library directly from the pre-built wheel.



* 3091: Make ``concurrent.futures`` import lazy in vendored ``more_itertools``
package to a avoid importing threading as a side effect (which caused
`gevent/gevent1865 <>`__).
-- by :user:`maciejp-ro`



* 3084: When vendoring jaraco packages, ensure the namespace package is converted to a simple package to support zip importer.



* 3085: Setuptools now vendors importlib_resources and importlib_metadata and jaraco.text. Setuptools no longer relies on pkg_resources for ensure_directory nor parse_requirements.



* 3072: Remove lorem_ipsum from jaraco.text when vendored.



* 3061: Vendored jaraco.text and use line processing from that library in pkg_resources.

* 3070: Avoid AttributeError in easy_install.create_home_path when sysconfig.get_config_vars values are not strings.



* 3043: Merge with pypa/distutilsbb018f1ac3 including consolidated behavior in sysconfig.get_platform (pypa/distutils104).
* 3057: Don't include optional ``Home-page`` in metadata if no ``url`` is specified. -- by :user:`cdce8p`
* 3062: Merge with pypa/distutilsb53a824ec3 including improved support for lib directories on non-x64 Windows builds.

Documentation changes
* 2897: Added documentation about wrapping ``setuptools.build_meta`` in a in-tree
custom backend. This is a :pep:`517`-compliant way of dynamically specifying
build dependencies (e.g. when platform, OS and other markers are not enough).
-- by :user:`abravalheri`
* 3034: Replaced occurrences of the defunct distutils-sig mailing list with pointers
to GitHub Discussions.
-- by :user:`ashemedai`
* 3056: The documentation has stopped suggesting to add ``wheel`` to
:pep:`517` requirements -- by :user:`webknjaz`

* 3054: Used Py3 syntax ``super().__init__()`` -- by :user:`imba-tjd`



* 3009: Remove filtering of distutils warnings.
* 3031: Suppress distutils replacement when building or testing CPython.



* 3026: Honor sysconfig variables in easy_install.



* 2993: In _distutils_hack, for get-pip, simulate existence of setuptools.



* 2918: Correct support for Python 3 native loaders.



* 2990: Set the ``.origin`` attribute of the ``distutils`` module to the module's ``__file__``.



* 2839: Removed ``requires`` sorting when installing wheels as an egg dir.
* 2953: Fixed a bug that easy install incorrectly parsed Python 3.10 version string.
* 3006: Fixed startup performance issue of Python interpreter due to imports of
costly modules in ``_distutils_hack`` -- by :user:`tiran`

Documentation changes
* 2674: Added link to additional resources on packaging in Quickstart guide
* 3008: "In-tree" Sphinx extension for "favicons" replaced with ``sphinx-favicon``.
* 3008: SVG images (logo, banners, ...) optimised with the help of the ``scour``

* 2862: Added integration tests that focus on building and installing some packages in
the Python ecosystem via ``pip`` -- by :user:`abravalheri`
* 2952: Modified "vendoring" logic to keep license files.
* 2968: Improved isolation for some tests that where inadvertently using the project
root for builds, and therefore creating directories (e.g. ``build``, ``dist``,
``*.egg-info``) that could interfere with the outcome of other tests
-- by :user:`abravalheri`.
* 2968: Introduced new test fixtures ``venv``, ``venv_without_setuptools``,
``bare_venv`` that rely on the ``jaraco.envs`` package.
These new test fixtures were also used to remove the (currently problematic)
dependency on the ``pytest_virtualenv`` plugin.
* 2968: Removed ``tmp_src`` test fixture. Previously this fixture was copying all the
files and folders under the project root, including the ``.git`` directory,
which is error prone and increases testing time.

Since ``tmp_src`` was used to populate virtual environments (installing the
version of ``setuptools`` under test via the source tree), it was replaced by
the new ``setuptools_sdist`` and ``setuptools_wheel`` fixtures (that are build
only once per session testing and can be shared between all the workers for
read-only usage).



* 3002: Suppress AttributeError when detecting get-pip.



* 2993: In _distutils_hack, bypass the distutils exception for pip when get-pip is being invoked, because it imports setuptools.

* 2989: Merge with pypa/distutils788cc159. Includes fix for config vars missing from sysconfig.



* 2974: Setuptools now relies on the Python logging infrastructure to log messages. Instead of using ``distutils.log.*``, use ``logging.getLogger(name).*``.
* 2987: Sync with pypa/distutils2def21c5d74fdd2fe7996ee4030ac145a9d751bd, including fix for missing get_versions attribute (2969), more reliance on sysconfig from stdlib.

* 2962: Avoid attempting to use local distutils when the presiding version of Setuptools on the path doesn't have one.
* 2983: Restore 'add_shim' as the way to invoke the hook. Avoids compatibility issues between different versions of Setuptools with the distutils local implementation.



* 2980: Bypass distutils loader when setuptools module is no longer available on sys.path.



* 2958: In distutils_hack, only add the metadata finder once. In ensure_local_distutils, rely on a context manager for reliable manipulation.
* 2963: Merge with pypa/distutilsa5af364910. Includes revisited fix for pypa/distutils15 and improved MinGW/Cygwin support from pypa/distutils77.



* 2960: Install schemes fall back to default scheme for headers.



* 2954: Merge with pypa/distutilseba2bcd310. Adds platsubdir to config vars available for substitution.



* 2940: Avoid KeyError in distutils hack when pip is imported during ensurepip.



* 2938: Select 'posix_user' for the scheme unless falling back to stdlib, then use 'unix_user'.



* 2944: Add support for extended install schemes in easy_install.



Breaking Changes
* 2896: Setuptools once again makes its local copy of distutils the default. To override, set SETUPTOOLS_USE_DISTUTILS=stdlib.



* 2935: Merge pypa/distutils460b59f0e68dba17e2465e8dd421bbc14b994d1f.



* 2930: Require Python 3.7



* 2925: Merge with pypa/distutils92082ee42c including introduction of deprecation warning on Version classes.



* 2914: Merge with pypa/distutils8f2df0bf6.



* 2893: Restore deprecated support for newlines in the Summary field.



* 2902: Merge with pypa/distutils85db7a41242.

* 2906: In ensure_local_distutils, re-use DistutilsMetaFinder to load the module. Avoids race conditions when _distutils_system_mod is employed.



* 2875: Introduce changes from pypa/distutils514e9d0, including support for overrides from Debian and pkgsrc, unlocking the possibility of making SETUPTOOLS_USE_DISTUTILS=local the default again.



* 2885: Fixed errors when encountering LegacyVersions.



* 2497: Update packaging to 21.2.
* 2877: Back out deprecation of setup_requires and replace instead by a deprecation of setuptools.installer and fetch_build_egg. Now setup_requires is still supported when installed as part of a PEP 517 build, but is deprecated when an unsatisfied requirement is encountered.
* 2879: Bump packaging to 21.2.

Documentation changes
* 2867: PNG/ICO images replaced with SVG in the docs.
* 2867: Added support to SVG "favicons" via "in-tree" Sphinx extension.



* 2880: Removed URL requirement for ``pytest-virtualenv`` in ``setup.cfg``.
PyPI rejects packages with dependencies external to itself.
Instead the test dependency was overwritten via ``tox.ini``



* 2856: Support for custom commands that inherit directly from ``distutils`` is
**deprecated**. Users should extend classes provided by setuptools instead.

Breaking Changes
* 2870: Started failing on invalid inline description with line breaks :class:`ValueError` -- by :user:`webknjaz`

* 2698: Exposed exception classes from ``distutils.errors`` via ``setuptools.errors``.
* 2866: Incorporate changes from pypa/distutilsf1b0a2b.

Documentation changes
* 2227: Added sphinx theme customisations to display the new logo in the sidebar and
use its colours as "accent" in the documentation -- by :user:`abravalheri`
* 2227: Added new setuptools logo, including editable files and artwork documentation
-- by :user:`abravalheri`
* 2698: Added mentions to ``setuptools.errors`` as a way of handling custom command
* 2698: Added instructions to migrate from ``distutils.commands`` and
``distutils.errors`` in the porting guide.
* 2871: Added a note to the docs that it is possible to install
````-less projects in editable mode with :doc:`pip v21.1+
<pip:index>`, only having ``setup.cfg`` and ``pyproject.toml`` in
project root -- by :user:`webknjaz`



* 2849: Add fallback for custom ``build_py`` commands inheriting directly from
:mod:`distutils`, while still handling ``include_package_data=True`` for



* 2847: Suppress ' install' warning under bdist_wheel.



* 2846: Move PkgResourcesDeprecationWarning above implicitly-called function so that it's in the namespace when version warnings are generated in an environment that contains them.



* 1461: Fix inconsistency with ``include_package_data`` and ``packages_data`` in sdist
by replacing the loop breaking mechanism between the ``sdist`` and
``egg_info`` commands -- by :user:`abravalheri`



* 2497: Officially deprecated PEP 440 non-compliant versions.

Documentation changes
* 2832: Removed the deprecated ``data_files`` option from the example in the
declarative configuration docs -- by :user:`abravalheri`
* 2832: Change type of ``data_files`` option from ``dict`` to ``section`` in
declarative configuration docs (to match previous example) -- by

.. _setup_install_deprecation_note:



* 917: `` install`` and ``easy_install`` commands are now officially deprecated. Use other standards-based installers (like pip) and builders (like build). Workloads reliant on this behavior should pin to this major version of Setuptools. See `Why you shouldn't invoke directly <>`_ for more background.
* 1988: Deprecated the ``bdist_rpm`` command. Binary packages should be built as wheels instead.
-- by :user:`hugovk`
* 2785: Replace ``configparser``'s ``readfp`` with ``read_file``, deprecated since Python 3.2.
-- by :user:`hugovk`
* 2823: Officially deprecated support for ``setup_requires``. Users are encouraged instead to migrate to PEP 518 ``build-system.requires`` in ``pyproject.toml``. Users reliant on ``setup_requires`` should consider pinning to this major version to avoid disruption.

* 2762: Changed codecov.yml to configure the threshold to be lower
-- by :user:`tanvimoharir`



* 2757: Add windows arm64 launchers for scripts generated by easy_install.
* 2800: Added ``--owner`` and ``--group`` options to the ``sdist`` command,
for specifying file ownership within the produced tarball (similarly
to the corresponding distutils ``sdist`` options).

Documentation changes
* 2792: Document how the legacy and non-legacy versions are compared, and reference to the PEP 440 scheme.



* 2796: Merge with pypa/distutils02e9f65ab0



* 2773: Retain case in setup.cfg during sdist.



* 2777: Build does not fail fast when ``use_2to3`` is supplied but set to a false value.



* 2769: Build now fails fast when ``use_2to3`` is supplied.



* 2765: In Distribution.finalize_options, suppress known removed entry points to avoid issues with older Setuptools.



Breaking Changes
* 2086: Removed support for 2to3 during builds. Projects should port to a unified codebase or pin to an older version of Setuptools using PEP 518 build-requires.

Documentation changes
* 2746: add python_requires example



* 2712: Added implicit globbing support for ``[options.data_files]`` values.

Documentation changes
* 2737: fix various syntax and style errors in code snippets in docs



* 2722: Added support for ``SETUPTOOLS_EXT_SUFFIX`` environment variable to override the suffix normally detected from the ``sysconfig`` module.



* 2465: Documentation is now published using the Furo theme.



* 2724: Added detection of Windows ARM64 build environments using the ``VSCMD_ARG_TGT_ARCH`` environment variable.



* 2692: Globs are now sorted in 'license_files' restoring reproducibility by eliminating variance from disk order.
* 2714: Update to distutils at pypa/distutilse2627b7.
* 2715: Removed reliance on deprecated ssl.match_hostname by removing the ssl support. Now any index operations rely on the native SSL implementation.

Documentation changes
* 2604: Revamped the backward/cross tool compatibility section to remove
some confusion.
Add some examples and the version since when ``entry_points`` are
supported in declarative configuration.
Tried to make the reading flow a bit leaner, gather some information
that were a bit dispersed.



Breaking Changes
* 2645: License files excluded via the ```` but matched by either
the ``license_file`` (deprecated) or ``license_files`` options,
will be nevertheless included in the source distribution. - by :user:`cdce8p`

* 2628: Write long description in message payload of PKG-INFO file. - by :user:`cdce8p`
* 2645: Added ``License-File`` (multiple) to the output package metadata.
The field will contain the path of a license file, matched by the
``license_file`` (deprecated) and ``license_files`` options,
relative to ``.dist-info``. - by :user:`cdce8p`
* 2678: Moved Setuptools' own entry points into declarative config.
* 2680: Vendored :pypi:`more_itertools` for Setuptools.
* 2681: Setuptools own no longer declares setup_requires, but instead expects wheel to be installed as declared by pyproject.toml.

* 2650: Updated the docs build tooling to support the latest version of
Towncrier and show the previews of not-yet-released setuptools versions
in the changelog -- :user:`webknjaz`



* 2640: Fixed handling of multiline license strings. - by :user:`cdce8p`
* 2641: Setuptools will now always try to use the latest supported
metadata version for ``PKG-INFO``. - by :user:`cdce8p`



* 2653: Incorporated assorted changes from pypa/distutils.
* 2657: Adopted docs from distutils.
* 2663: Added Visual Studio Express 2017 support -- by :user:`dofuuz`

* 2644: Fixed ``DeprecationWarning`` due to ``threading.Thread.setDaemon`` in tests -- by :user:`tirkarthi`
* 2654: Made the changelog generator compatible
with Towncrier >= 19.9 -- :user:`webknjaz`
* 2664: Relax the deprecation message in the distutils hack.



* 2620: The ``license_file`` option is now marked as deprecated.
Use ``license_files`` instead. -- by :user:`cdce8p`

Breaking Changes
* 2620: If neither ``license_file`` nor ``license_files`` is specified, the ``sdist``
option will now auto-include files that match the following patterns:
``LICEN[CS]E*``, ``COPYING*``, ``NOTICE*``, ``AUTHORS*``.
This matches the behavior of ``bdist_wheel``. -- by :user:`cdce8p`

* 2620: The ``license_file`` and ``license_files`` options now support glob patterns. -- by :user:`cdce8p`
* 2632: Implemented ``VendorImporter.find_spec()`` method to get rid
of ``ImportWarning`` that Python 3.10 emits when only the old-style
importer hooks are present -- by :user:`webknjaz`

Documentation changes
* 2620: Added documentation for the ``license_files`` option. -- by :user:`cdce8p`



Breaking Changes
* 2566: Remove the deprecated ``bdist_wininst`` command. Binary packages should be built as wheels instead. -- by :user:`hroncok`



* 2608: Added informative error message to PEP 517 build failures owing to
an empty ```` -- by :user:`layday`



No significant changes.



* 2595: Reduced scope of dash deprecation warning to Setuptools/distutils only -- by :user:`melissa-kun-li`



Documentation changes
* 2584: Added ``sphinx-inline-tabs`` extension to allow for comparison of ```` and its equivalent ``setup.cfg`` -- by :user:`amy-lei`

* 2592: Made option keys in the ``[metadata]`` section of ``setup.cfg`` case-sensitive. Users having
uppercase option spellings will get a warning suggesting to make them to lowercase
-- by :user:`melissa-kun-li`



* 1608: Removed the conversion of dashes to underscores in the :code:`extras_require` and :code:`data_files` of :code:`setup.cfg` to support the usage of dashes. Method will warn users when they use a dash-separated key which in the future will only allow an underscore. Note: the method performs the dash to underscore conversion to preserve compatibility, but future versions will no longer support it -- by :user:`melissa-kun-li`



Breaking Changes
* 2582: Simplified build-from-source story by providing bootstrapping metadata in a separate egg-info directory. Build requirements no longer include setuptools itself. Sdist once again includes the pyproject.toml. Project can no longer be installed from source on pip 19.x, but install from source is still supported on pip < 19 and pip >= 20 and install from wheel is still supported with pip >= 9.

* 1932: Handled :code:`AttributeError` by raising :code:`DistutilsSetupError` in :code:`dist.check_specifier()` when specifier is not a string -- by :user:`melissa-kun-li`
* 2570: Correctly parse cmdclass in setup.cfg.

Documentation changes
* 2553: Added userguide example for markers in extras_require -- by :user:`pwoolvett`



* 1937: Preserved case-sensitivity of keys in setup.cfg so that entry point names are case-sensitive. Changed sensitivity of configparser. NOTE: Any projects relying on case-insensitivity will need to adapt to accept the original case as published. -- by :user:`melissa-kun-li`
* 2573: Fixed error in uploading a Sphinx doc with the :code:`upload_docs` command. An html builder will be used.
Note: :code:`upload_docs` is deprecated for PyPi, but is supported for other sites -- by :user:`melissa-kun-li`



Breaking Changes
* 1527: Removed bootstrap script. Now Setuptools requires pip or another pep517-compliant builder such as 'build' to build. Now Setuptools can be installed from Github main branch.



Breaking Changes
* 2537: Remove fallback support for fetch_build_eggs using easy_install. Now pip is required for setup_requires to succeed.
* 2544: Removed 'easy_install' top-level model (runpy entry point) and 'easy_install' console script.
* 2545: Removed support for eggsecutables.

* 2459: Tests now run in parallel via pytest-xdist, completing in about half the time. Special thanks to :user:`webknjaz` for hard work implementing test isolation. To run without parallelization, disable the plugin with ``tox -- -p no:xdist``.



* 2539: Fix AttributeError in Description validation.



* 1390: Validation of Description field now is more lenient, emitting a warning and mangling the value to be valid (replacing newlines with spaces).



* 2536: Reverted tag deduplication handling.



* 1390: Newlines in metadata description/Summary now trigger a ValueError.
* 2481: Define ``create_module()`` and ``exec_module()`` methods in ``VendorImporter``
to get rid of ``ImportWarning`` -- by :user:`hroncok`
* 2489: ``pkg_resources`` behavior for zipimport now matches the regular behavior, and finds
``.egg-info`` (previously would only find ``.dist-info``) -- by :user:`thatch`
* 2529: Fixed an issue where version tags may be added multiple times



* 2493: Use importlib.import_module() rather than the deprecated loader.load_module()
in pkg_resources namespace declaration -- by :user:`encukou`

Documentation changes
* 2525: Fix typo in the document page about entry point. -- by :user:`jtr109`

* 2534: Avoid hitting network during test_easy_install.



* 2505: Disable inclusion of package data as it causes 'tests' to be included as data.



* 2534: Avoid hitting network during test_virtualenv.test_test_command.



* 2486: Project adopts jaraco/skeleton for shared package maintenance.

* 2477: Restore inclusion of rst files in sdist.
* 2484: Setuptools has replaced the master branch with the main branch.
* 2485: Fixed failing test when pip 20.3+ is present.
-- by :user:`yan12125`
* 2487: Fix tests with pytest 6.2
-- by :user:`yan12125`



Breaking Changes
* 2435: Require Python 3.6 or later.

Documentation changes
* 2430: Fixed inconsistent RST title nesting levels caused by 2399
-- by :user:`webknjaz`
* 2430: Fixed a typo in Sphinx docs that made docs dev section disappear
as a result of PR 2426 -- by :user:`webknjaz`

* 2471: Removed the tests that guarantee that the vendored dependencies can be built by distutils.



Documentation changes
* 2394: Extended towncrier news template to include change note categories.
This allows to see what types of changes a given version introduces
-- by :user:`webknjaz`
* 2427: Started enforcing strict syntax and reference validation
in the Sphinx docs -- by :user:`webknjaz`
* 2428: Removed redundant Sphinx ``Makefile`` support -- by :user:`webknjaz`

* 2401: Enabled test results reporting in AppVeyor CI
-- by :user:`webknjaz`
* 2420: Replace Python 3.9.0 beta with 3.9.0 final on GitHub Actions.
* 2421: Python 3.9 Trove classifier got added to the dist metadata
-- by :user:`webknjaz`



Documentation changes
* 2093: Finalized doc revamp.
* 2097: doc: simplify index and group deprecated files
* 2102: doc overhaul step 2: break main doc into multiple sections
* 2111: doc overhaul step 3: update userguide
* 2395: Added a ``:user:`` role to Sphinx config -- by :user:`webknjaz`
* 2395: Added an illustrative explanation about the change notes to fragments dir -- by :user:`webknjaz`

* 2379: Travis CI test suite now tests against PPC64.
* 2413: Suppress EOF errors (and other exceptions) when importing lib2to3.



* 2368: In distutils, restore support for monkeypatched CCompiler.spawn per pypa/distutils15.



* 2355: When pip is imported as part of a build, leave distutils patched.
* 2380: There are some setuptools specific changes in the
``setuptools.command.bdist_rpm`` module that are no longer needed, because
they are part of the ``bdist_rpm`` module in distutils in Python
3.5.0. Therefore, code was removed from ``setuptools.command.bdist_rpm``.



* 2350: Setuptools reverts using the included distutils by default. Platform maintainers and system integrators and others are *strongly* encouraged to set ``SETUPTOOLS_USE_DISTUTILS=local`` to help identify and work through the reported issues with distutils adoption, mainly to file issues and pull requests with pypa/distutils such that distutils performs as needed across every supported environment.



* 2363: Restore link_libpython support on Python 3.7 and earlier (see pypa/distutils9).



* 2352: In distutils hack, use absolute import rather than relative to avoid bpo-30876.



* 2357: Restored Python 3.5 support in distutils.util for missing ``subprocess._optim_args_from_interpreter_flags``.
* 2358: Restored AIX support on Python 3.8 and earlier.
* 2361: Add Python 3.10 support to _distutils_hack. Get the 'Loader' abstract class
from rather than (alias removed in Python



Breaking Changes
* 2232: Once again, Setuptools overrides the stdlib distutils on import. For environments or invocations where this behavior is undesirable, users are provided with a temporary escape hatch. If the environment variable ``SETUPTOOLS_USE_DISTUTILS`` is set to ``stdlib``, Setuptools will fall back to the legacy behavior. Use of this escape hatch is discouraged, but it is provided to ease the transition while proper fixes for edge cases can be addressed.

* 2334: In MSVC module, refine text in error message.



* 2129: In pkg_resources, no longer detect any pathname ending in .egg as a Python egg. Now the path must be an unpacked egg or a zip file.



* 2306: When running as a PEP 517 backend, setuptools does not try to install
``setup_requires`` itself. They are reported as build requirements for the
frontend to install.



* 2310: Updated vendored packaging version to 20.4.



Documentation changes
* 2300: Improve the ``safe_version`` function documentation

* 2297: Once again, in stubs prefer exec_module to the deprecated load_module.



* 2316: Removed warning when ``distutils`` is imported before ``setuptools`` when ``distutils`` replacement is not enabled.



* 2259: Setuptools now provides a .pth file (except for editable installs of setuptools) to the target environment to ensure that when enabled, the setuptools-provided distutils is preferred before setuptools has been imported (and even if setuptools is never imported). Honors the SETUPTOOLS_USE_DISTUTILS environment variable.



* 2257: Fixed two flaws in distutils._msvccompiler.MSVCCompiler.spawn.



* 2230: Now warn the user when setuptools is imported after distutils modules have been loaded (exempting PyPy for 3.6), directing the users of packages to import setuptools first.



* 2212: (Distutils) Allow spawn to accept environment. Avoid monkey-patching global state.
* 2249: Fix extension loading technique in stubs.



* 2232: In preparation for re-enabling a local copy of distutils, Setuptools now honors an environment variable, SETUPTOOLS_USE_DISTUTILS. If set to 'stdlib' (current default), distutils will be used from the standard library. If set to 'local' (default in a imminent backward-incompatible release), the local copy of distutils will be used.



* 2094: Removed pkg_resources.py2_warn module, which is no longer reachable.



* 2228: Disabled distutils adoption for now while emergent issues are addressed.



* 2228: Applied fix for pypa/distutils3, restoring expectation that spawn will raise a DistutilsExecError when attempting to execute a missing file.



Breaking Changes
* 2165: Setuptools no longer installs a file during easy_install or develop installs. As a result, .eggs on PYTHONPATH will no longer take precedence over other packages on sys.path. If this issue affects your production environment, please reach out to the maintainers at 2165.

* 2137: Removed (private) pkg_resources.RequirementParseError, now replaced by packaging.requirements.InvalidRequirement. Kept the name for compatibility, but users should catch InvalidRequirement instead.
* 2180: Update vendored packaging in pkg_resources to 19.2.

* 2199: Fix exception causes all over the codebase by using ``raise new_exception from old_exception``



Breaking Changes
* 2143: Setuptools adopts distutils from the Python 3.9 standard library and no longer depends on distutils in the standard library. When importing ``setuptools`` or ``setuptools.distutils_patch``, Setuptools will expose its bundled version as a top-level ``distutils`` package (and unload any previously-imported top-level distutils package), retaining the expectation that ``distutils``' objects are actually Setuptools objects.
To avoid getting any legacy behavior from the standard library, projects are advised to always "import setuptools" prior to importing anything from distutils. This behavior happens by default when using ``pip install`` or ````. Workflows that rely on `` (anything)`` will need to first ensure setuptools is imported. One way to achieve this behavior without modifying code is to invoke Python thus: ``python -c "import setuptools; exec(open('').read())" (anything)``.



* 2071: Replaced references to the deprecated imp package with references to importlib



* 1973: Removed ``pkg_resources.py31compat.makedirs`` in favor of the stdlib. Use ``os.makedirs()`` instead.
* 2198: Restore ``__requires__`` directive in easy-install wrapper scripts.



* 2197: Console script wrapper for editable installs now has a unified template and honors importlib_metadata if present for faster script execution on older Pythons.

* 2195: Fix broken entry points generated by easy-install (pip editable installs).



* 2194: Editable-installed entry points now load significantly faster on Python versions 3.8+.
* 1471: Incidentally fixed by 2194 on Python 3.8 or when importlib_metadata is present.



Documentation changes
* 2156: Update mailing list pointer in developer docs



* 2070: In wheel-to-egg conversion, use simple pkg_resources-style namespace declaration for packages that declare namespace_packages.



Breaking Changes
* 2094: Setuptools now actively crashes under Python 2. Python 3.5 or later is required. Users of Python 2 should use ``setuptools<45``.

* 1700: Document all supported keywords by migrating the ones from distutils.



* 1753: ``attr:`` now extracts variables through rudimentary examination of the AST,
thereby supporting modules with third-party imports. If examining the AST
fails to find the variable, ``attr:`` falls back to the old behavior of
importing the module. Works on Python 3 only.



No significant changes.



* 2089: Package index functionality no longer attempts to remove an md5 fragment from the index URL. This functionality, added for distribute 163 is no longer relevant.

* 2041: Preserve file modes during pkg files copying, but clear read only flag for target afterwards.
* 2105: Filter ``2to3`` deprecation warnings from ``TestDevelop.test_2to3_user_mode``.



* 2040: Deprecated the ``bdist_wininst`` command. Binary packages should be built as wheels instead.
* 2062: Change 'Mac OS X' to 'macOS' in code.
* 2075: Stop recognizing files ending with ``.dist-info`` as distribution metadata.
* 2086: Deprecate 'use_2to3' functionality. Packagers are encouraged to use single-source solutions or build tool chains to manage conversions outside of setuptools.

Documentation changes
* 1698: Added documentation for ``build_meta`` (a bare minimum, not completed).

* 2082: Filter ``lib2to3`` ``PendingDeprecationWarning`` and ``DeprecationWarning`` in tests,
because ``lib2to3`` is `deprecated in Python 3.9 <>`_.



No significant changes.



* 1458: Added template for reporting Python 2 incompatibilities.



No significant changes.



* 308: Allow version number normalization to be bypassed by wrapping in a 'setuptools.sic()' call.
* 1424: Prevent keeping files mode for package_data build. It may break a build if user's package data has read only flag.
* 1431: In ``easy_install.check_site_dir``, ensure the installation directory exists.
* 1563: In ``pkg_resources`` prefer ``find_spec`` (PEP 451) to ``find_module``.



Breaking Changes
* 65: Once again as in 3.0, removed the Features feature.

* 1890: Fix vendored dependencies so importing ``setuptools.extern.some_module`` gives the same object as ``setuptools._vendor.some_module``. This makes Metadata picklable again.
* 1899: Test suite now fails on warnings.

Documentation changes
* 2011: Fix broken link to distutils docs on package_data

* 1991: Include pkg_resources test data in sdist, so tests can be executed from it.



* 1557: Deprecated eggsecutable scripts and updated docs.
* 1904: Update to use CPython 3.8.0 mechanism to find msvc 14+



* 1905: Fixed defect in _imp, introduced in 41.6.0 when the 'tests' directory is not present.
* 1941: Improve editable installs with PEP 518 build isolation:

* The ``--user`` option is now always available. A warning is issued if the user site directory is not available.
* The error shown when the install directory is not in ``PYTHONPATH`` has been turned into a warning.
* 1981: Setuptools now declares its ``tests`` and ``docs`` dependencies in metadata (extras).
* 1985: Add support for installing scripts in environments where bdist_wininst is missing (i.e. Python 3.9).

* 1968: Add flake8-2020 to check for misuse of sys.version or sys.version_info.



* 1458: Add minimum sunset date and preamble to Python 2 warning.
* 1704: Set sys.argv[0] in setup script run by build_meta.__legacy__
* 1974: Add Python 3 Only Trove Classifier and remove universal wheel declaration for more complete transition from Python 2.



Breaking Changes
* 1458: Drop support for Python 2. Setuptools now requires Python 3.5 or later. Install setuptools using pip >=9 or pin to Setuptools <45 to maintain 2.7 support.

* 1959: Fix for Python 4: replace unsafe six.PY3 with six.PY2



* 2158: Avoid loading working set during ``Distribution.finalize_options`` prior to invoking ``_install_setup_requires``, broken since v42.0.0.



* 1704: Set sys.argv[0] in setup script run by build_meta.__legacy__
* 1959: Fix for Python 4: replace unsafe six.PY3 with six.PY2
* 1994: Fixed a bug in the "setuptools.finalize_distribution_options" hook that lead to ignoring the order attribute of entry points managed by this hook.



Breaking Changes
* 1908: Drop support for Python 3.4.



Breaking Changes
* 1634: Include ``pyproject.toml`` in source distribution by default. Projects relying on the previous behavior where ``pyproject.toml`` was excluded by default should stop relying on that behavior or add ``exclude pyproject.toml`` to their file.

* 1927: Setuptools once again declares 'setuptools' in the ``build-system.requires`` and adds PEP 517 build support by declaring itself as the ``build-backend``. It additionally specifies ``build-system.backend-path`` to rely on itself for those builders that support it.




* 1921: Fix support for easy_install's ``find-links`` option in ``setup.cfg``.
* 1922: Build dependencies (setup_requires and tests_require) now install transitive dependencies indicated by extras.



* 1918: Fix regression in handling wheels compatibility tags.



Breaking Changes
* 1830, 1909: Mark the easy_install script and setuptools command as deprecated, and use `pip <>`_ when available to fetch/build wheels for missing ``setup_requires``/``tests_require`` requirements, with the following differences in behavior:
* support for ``python_requires``
* better support for wheels (proper handling of priority with respect to PEP 425 tags)
* PEP 517/518 support
* eggs are not supported
* no support for the ``allow_hosts`` easy_install option (``index_url``/``find_links`` are still honored)
* pip environment variables are honored (and take precedence over easy_install options)
* 1898: Removed the "upload" and "register" commands in favor of :pypi:`twine`.

* 1767: Add support for the ``license_files`` option in ``setup.cfg`` to automatically
include multiple license files in a source distribution.
* 1829: Update handling of wheels compatibility tags:
* add support for manylinux2010
* fix use of removed 'm' ABI flag in Python 3.8 on Windows
* 1861: Fix empty namespace package installation from wheel.
* 1877: Setuptools now exposes a new entry point hook "setuptools.finalize_distribution_options", enabling plugins like :pypi:`setuptools_scm` to configure options on the distribution at finalization time.



* 479: Replace usage of deprecated ``imp`` module with local re-implementation in ``setuptools._imp``.



* 1891: Fix code for detecting Visual Studio's version on Windows under Python 2.



* 1811: Improve Visual C++ 14.X support, mainly for Visual Studio 2017 and 2019.
* 1814: Fix ``pkg_resources.Requirement`` hash/equality implementation: take PEP 508 direct URL into account.
* 1824: Fix tests when running under ``python3.10``.
* 1878: Formally deprecated the ``test`` command, with the recommendation that users migrate to ``tox``.

Documentation changes
* 1860: Update documentation to mention the egg format is not supported by pip and dependency links support was dropped starting with pip 19.0.
* 1862: Drop ez_setup documentation: deprecated for some time (last updated in 2016), and still relying on easy_install (deprecated too).
* 1868: Drop most documentation references to (deprecated) EasyInstall.
* 1884: Added a trove classifier to document support for Python 3.8.

* 1886: Added Python 3.8 release to the Travis test matrix.



* 1847: In declarative config, now traps errors when invalid ``python_requires`` values are supplied.



* 1690: When storing extras, rely on OrderedSet to retain order of extras as indicated by the packager, which will also be deterministic on Python 2.7 (with PYTHONHASHSEED unset) and Python 3.6+.

* 1858: Fixed failing integration test triggered by 'long_description_content_type' in packaging.



* 479: Remove some usage of the deprecated ``imp`` module.

* 1565: Changed html_sidebars from string to list of string as per



* 1697: Moved most of the constants from to setup.cfg
* 1749: Fixed issue with the PEP 517 backend where building a source distribution would fail if any tarball existed in the destination directory.
* 1750: Fixed an issue with PEP 517 backend where wheel builds would fail if the destination directory did not already exist.
* 1756: Force metadata-version >= 1.2. when project urls are present.
* 1769: Improve ``package_data`` check: ensure the dictionary values are lists/tuples of strings.
* 1788: Changed compatibility fallback logic for ``html.unescape`` to avoid accessing ``HTMLParser.unescape`` when not necessary. ``HTMLParser.unescape`` is deprecated and will be removed in Python 3.9.
* 1790: Added the file path to the error message when a ``UnicodeDecodeError`` occurs while reading a metadata file.

Documentation changes
* 1776: Use license classifiers rather than the license field.



* 1671: Fixed issue with the PEP 517 backend that prevented building a wheel when the ``dist/`` directory contained existing ``.whl`` files.
* 1709: In test.paths_on_python_path, avoid adding unnecessary duplicates to the PYTHONPATH.
* 1741: In package_index, now honor "current directory" during a checkout of git and hg repositories under Windows



Breaking Changes
* 1735: When parsing setup.cfg files, setuptools now requires the files to be encoded as UTF-8. Any other encoding will lead to a UnicodeDecodeError. This change removes support for specifying an encoding using a 'coding: ' directive in the header of the file, a feature that was introduces in 40.7. Given the recent release of the aforementioned feature, it is assumed that few if any projects are utilizing the feature to specify an encoding other than UTF-8.



* 1675: Added support for ``setup.cfg``-only projects when using the ``setuptools.build_meta`` backend. Projects that have enabled PEP 517 no longer need to have a ```` and can use the purely declarative ``setup.cfg`` configuration file instead.
* 1720: Added support for ``pkg_resources.parse_requirements``-style requirements in ``setup_requires`` when ```` is invoked from the ``setuptools.build_meta`` build backend.
* 1664: Added the path to the ``PKG-INFO`` or ``METADATA`` file in the exception
text when the ``Version:`` header can't be found.

Documentation changes
* 1705: Removed some placeholder documentation sections referring to deprecated features.



* 1652: Added the ``build_meta:__legacy__`` backend, a "compatibility mode" PEP 517 backend that can be used as the default when ``build-backend`` is left unspecified in ``pyproject.toml``.
* 1635: Resource paths are passed to ``pkg_resources.resource_string`` and similar no longer accept paths that traverse parents, that begin with a leading ``/``. Violations of this expectation raise DeprecationWarnings and will become errors. Additionally, any paths that are absolute on Windows are strictly disallowed and will raise ValueErrors.
* 1536: ``setuptools`` will now automatically include licenses if ``setup.cfg`` contains a ``license_file`` attribute, unless this file is manually excluded inside ````.



* 1670: In package_index, revert to using a copy of splituser from Python 3.8. Attempts to use ``urllib.parse.urlparse`` led to problems as reported in 1663 and 1668. This change serves as an alternative to 1499 and fixes 1668.



* 1666: Restore port in URL handling in package_index.



* 1660: On Python 2, when reading config files, downcast options from text to bytes to satisfy distutils expectations.



Breaking Changes
* 1551: File inputs for the ``license`` field in ``setup.cfg`` files now explicitly raise an error.

* 1180: Add support for non-ASCII in setup.cfg (1062). Add support for native strings on some parameters (1136).
* 1499: ``setuptools.package_index`` no longer relies on the deprecated ``urllib.parse.splituser`` per Python 27485.
* 1544: Added tests for (for git URLs).
* 1625: In PEP 517 build_meta builder, ensure that sdists are built as gztar per the spec.



* 1594: PEP 517 backend no longer declares setuptools as a dependency as it can be assumed.



* 1592: Fix invalid dependency on external six module (instead of vendored version).



* 1590: Fixed regression where packages without ``author`` or ``author_email`` fields generated malformed package metadata.



* 1541: Officially deprecated the ``requires`` parameter in ``setup()``.

* 1519: In ``pkg_resources.normalize_path``, additional path normalization is now performed to ensure path values to a directory is always the same, preventing false positives when checking scripts have a consistent prefix to set up on Windows.
* 1545: Changed the warning class of all deprecation warnings; deprecation warning classes are no longer derived from ``DeprecationWarning`` and are thus visible by default.
* 1554: ``build_meta.build_sdist`` now includes ```` in source distributions by default.
* 1576: Started monkey-patching ``get_metadata_version`` and ``read_pkg_file`` onto ``distutils.DistributionMetadata`` to retain the correct version on the ``PKG-INFO`` file in the (deprecated) ``upload`` command.

Documentation changes
* 1395: Changed Pyrex references to Cython in the documentation.
* 1456: Documented that the ``rpmbuild`` packages is required for the ``bdist_rpm`` command.
* 1537: Documented how to use ``setup.cfg`` for ``src/ layouts``
* 1539: Added minimum version column in ``setup.cfg`` metadata table.
* 1552: Fixed a minor typo in the python 2/3 compatibility documentation.
* 1553: Updated installation instructions to point to ``pip install`` instead of ````.
* 1560: Updated ``setuptools`` distribution documentation to remove some outdated information.
* 1564: Documented ``setup.cfg`` minimum version for version and project_urls.

* 1533: Restricted the ``recursive-include setuptools/_vendor`` to contain only .py and .txt files.
* 1572: Added the ``concurrent.futures`` backport ``futures`` to the Python 2.7 test suite requirements.



* 1335: In ``pkg_resources.normalize_path``, fix issue on Cygwin when cwd contains symlinks.
* 1502: Deprecated support for downloads from Subversion in package_index/easy_install.
* 1517: Dropped use of six.u in favor of ``u""`` literals.
* 1520: Added support for ``data_files`` in ``setup.cfg``.

Documentation changes
* 1525: Fixed rendering of the deprecation warning in easy_install doc.



* 1480: Bump vendored pyparsing in pkg_resources to 2.2.1.



* 1497: Updated gitignore in repo.



* 1480: Bump vendored pyparsing to 2.2.1.



* 1481: Join the sdist ``--dist-dir`` and the ``build_meta`` sdist directory argument to point to the same target (meaning the build frontend no longer needs to clean manually the dist dir to avoid multiple sdist presence, and setuptools no longer needs to handle conflicts between the two).



* 1402: Fixed a bug with namespace packages under Python 3.6 when one package in
current directory hides another which is installed.
* 1427: Set timestamp of ``.egg-info`` directory whenever ``egg_info`` command is run.
* 1474: ``build_meta.get_requires_for_build_sdist`` now does not include the ``wheel`` package anymore.
* 1486: Suppress warnings in pkg_resources.handle_ns.

* 1479: Remove internal use of six.binary_type.



* 1466: Fix handling of Unicode arguments in PEP 517 backend



* 1465: Fix regression with ``egg_info`` command when tagging is used.



* 1410: Deprecated ``upload`` and ``register`` commands.
* 1312: Introduced find_namespace_packages() to find PEP 420 namespace packages.
* 1420: Added find_namespace: directive to config parser.
* 1418: Solved race in when creating egg cache directories.
* 1450: Upgraded vendored PyParsing from 2.1.10 to 2.2.0.
* 1451: Upgraded vendored appdirs from 1.4.0 to 1.4.3.
* 1388: Fixed "Microsoft Visual C++ Build Tools" link in exception when Visual C++ not found.
* 1389: Added support for scripts which have unicode content.
* 1416: Moved several Python version checks over to using ``six.PY2`` and ``six.PY3``.

* 1441: Removed spurious executable permissions from files that don't need them.



Breaking Changes
* 1342: Drop support for Python 3.3.

* 1366: In package_index, fixed handling of encoded entities in URLs.
* 1383: In pkg_resources VendorImporter, avoid removing packages imported from the root.

Documentation changes
* 1379: Minor doc fixes after actually using the new release process.
* 1385: Removed section on non-package data files.
* 1403: Fix developer's guide.

* 1404: Fix PEP 518 configuration: set build requirements in ``pyproject.toml`` to ``["wheel"]``.



* 1359: Support using "file:" to load a PEP 440-compliant package version from
a text file.
* 1360: Fixed issue with a mismatch between the name of the package and the
name of the .dist-info file in wheel files
* 1364: Add ``__dir__()`` implementation to ``pkg_resources.Distribution()`` that
includes the attributes in the ``_provider`` instance variable.
* 1365: Take the package_dir option into account when loading the version from
a module attribute.

Documentation changes
* 1353: Added coverage badge to README.
* 1356: Made small fixes to the developer guide documentation.
* 1357: Fixed warnings in documentation builds and started enforcing that the
docs build without warnings in tox.
* 1376: Updated release process docs.

* 1343: The ``setuptools`` specific ``long_description_content_type``,
``project_urls`` and ``provides_extras`` fields are now set consistently
after any ``distutils`` ``setup_keywords`` calls, allowing them to override
* 1352: Added ``tox`` environment for documentation builds.
* 1354: Added ``towncrier`` for changelog management.
* 1355: Add PR template.
* 1368: Fixed tests which failed without network connectivity.
* 1369: Added unit tests for PEP 425 compatibility tags support.
* 1372: Stop testing Python 3.3 in Travis CI, now that the latest version of
``wheel`` no longer installs on it.



* 1340: Update all PyPI URLs to reflect the switch to the
new Warehouse codebase.
* 1337: In ``pkg_resources``, now support loading resources
for modules loaded by the ``SourcelessFileLoader``.
* 1332: Silence spurious wheel related warnings on Windows.



* 1297: Restore Unicode handling for Maintainer fields in



* 1296: Setuptools now vendors its own direct dependencies, no
longer relying on the dependencies as vendored by pkg_resources.

* 296: Removed long-deprecated support for iteration on
Version objects as returned by ``pkg_resources.parse_version``.
Removed the ``SetuptoolsVersion`` and
``SetuptoolsLegacyVersion`` names as well. They should not
have been used, but if they were, replace with
``Version`` and ``LegacyVersion`` from ``packaging.version``.



* 1288: Add support for maintainer in PKG-INFO.



* 1292: Avoid generating ``Provides-Extra`` in metadata when
no extra is present (but environment markers are).



* 1286: Add support for Metadata 2.1 (PEP 566).



* 1285: Fixed RuntimeError in pkg_resources.parse_requirements
on Python 3.7 (stemming from PEP 479).



* 1271: Revert to Cython legacy ``build_ext`` behavior for



* 1229: Expand imports in ``build_ext`` to refine detection of
Cython availability.

* 1270: When Cython is available, ``build_ext`` now uses the



* 1257: In bdist_egg.scan_module, fix ValueError on Python 3.7.



* 1231: Removed warning when PYTHONDONTWRITEBYTECODE is enabled.



* 1210: Add support for PEP 345 Project-URL metadata.
* 1207: Add support for ``long_description_type`` to setup.cfg
declarative config as intended and documented.



* 1232: Fix trailing slash handling in ``pkg_resources.ZipProvider``.



* 1220: Fix ``data_files`` handling when installing from wheel.



* fix Travis' Python 3.3 job.



* 1214: fix handling of namespace packages when installing
from a wheel.



* 1212: fix encoding handling of metadata when installing
from a wheel.



* 1200: easy_install now support installing from wheels:
they will be installed as standalone unzipped eggs.



* 1208: Improve error message when failing to locate scripts
in egg-info metadata.



* 458: In order to support deterministic builds, Setuptools no
longer allows packages to declare ``install_requires`` as
unordered sequences (sets or dicts).



* 878: Drop support for Python 2.6. Python 2.6 users should
rely on 'setuptools < 37dev'.



* 1190: In SSL support for package index operations, use SNI
where available.



* 1175: Bug fixes to ``build_meta`` module.



* 701: Fixed duplicate test discovery on Python 3.



* 1193: Avoid test failures in bdist_egg when



* 1054: Support ``setup_requires`` in ``setup.cfg`` files.



* 1132: Removed redundant and costly serialization/parsing step
in ``EntryPoint.__init__``.

* 844: ``bdist_egg --exclude-source-files`` now tested and works
on Python 3.



* 1143: Added ``setuptools.build_meta`` module, an implementation
of PEP-517 for Setuptools-defined packages.

* 1143: Added ``dist_info`` command for producing dist_info



* 170: When working with Mercurial checkouts, use Windows-friendly
syntax for suppressing output.

* Inspired by 1134, performed substantial refactoring of
``pkg_resources.find_on_path`` to facilitate an optimization
for paths with many non-version entries.



* 1075: Add new ``Description-Content-Type`` metadata field. `See here for
documentation on how to use this field.

* 1068: Sort files and directories when building eggs for
deterministic order.

* 196: Remove caching of easy_install command in fetch_build_egg.
Fixes issue where ``pytest-runner-N.N`` would satisfy the installation
of ``pytest``.

* 1129: Fix working set dependencies handling when replacing conflicting
distributions (e.g. when using ``setup_requires`` with a conflicting
transitive dependency, fix 1124).

* 1133: Improved handling of README files extensions and added
Markdown to the list of searched READMES.

* 1135: Improve performance of pkg_resources import by not invoking
``access`` or ``stat`` and using ``os.listdir`` instead.



* 1131: Make possible using several files within ``file:`` directive
in metadata.long_description in ``setup.cfg``.



* fix 1105: Fix handling of requirements with environment
markers when declared in ``setup.cfg`` (same treatment as
for 1081).



* 462: Don't assume a directory is an egg by the ``.egg``
extension alone.



* 1093: Fix test command handler with extras_require.
* 1112, 1091, 1115: Now using Trusty containers in
Travis for CI and CD.



* 1092: ``pkg_resources`` now uses ``inspect.getmro`` to
resolve classes in method resolution order.



* 1102: Restore behavior for empty extras.



* 1099: Revert commit a3ec721, restoring intended purpose of
extras as part of a requirement declaration.



* fix 1086
* fix 1087
* support extras specifiers in install_requires requirements



* 1081: Environment markers indicated in ``install_requires``
are now processed and treated as nameless ``extras_require``
with markers, allowing their metadata in requires.txt to be
correctly generated.

* 1053: Tagged commits are now released using Travis-CI
build stages, meaning releases depend on passing tests on
all supported Python versions (Linux) and not just the latest
Python version.



* 1083: Correct ``py31compat.makedirs`` to correctly honor
``exist_ok`` parameter.
* 1083: Also use makedirs compatibility throughout setuptools.



* 1083: Avoid race condition on directory creation in

* Removed deprecation of and restored support for
``upload_docs`` command for sites other than PyPI.
Only warehouse is dropping support, but services like
`devpi <>`_ continue to
support docs built by setuptools' plugins. See
`this comment <>`_
for more context on the motivation for this change.



* 1042: Fix import in py27compat module that still
referenced six directly, rather than through the externs
module (vendored packages hook).



* 980 and others: Once again, Setuptools vendors all
of its dependencies. It seems to be the case that in
the Python ecosystem, all build tools must run without
any dependencies (build, runtime, or otherwise). At
such a point that a mechanism exists that allows
build tools to have dependencies, Setuptools will adopt



* 1015: Fix test failures on Python 3.7.

* 1024: Add workaround for Jython 2581 in monkey module.



* 992: Revert change introduced in v34.4.1, now
considered invalid.

* 1016: Revert change introduced in v35.0.0 per 1014,
referencing 436. The approach had unintended
consequences, causing sdist installs to be missing



* 436: In egg_info.manifest_maker, no longer read
the file list from the manifest file, and instead
re-build it on each build. In this way, files removed
from the specification will not linger in the manifest.
As a result, any files manually added to the manifest
will be removed on subsequent egg_info invocations.
No projects should be manually adding files to the
manifest and should instead use or SCM
file finders to force inclusion of files in the manifest.



* 1008: In MSVC support, use always the last version available for Windows SDK and UCRT SDK.

* 1008: In MSVC support, fix "vcruntime140.dll" returned path with Visual Studio 2017.

* 992: In msvc.msvc9_query_vcvarsall, ensure the
returned dicts have str values and not Unicode for
compatibility with os.environ.



* 995: In MSVC support, add support for "Microsoft Visual Studio 2017" and "Microsoft Visual Studio Build Tools 2017".

* 999 via 1007: Extend support for declarative package
config in a setup.cfg file to include the options
``python_requires`` and ``py_modules``.



* 967 (and 997): Explicitly import submodules of
packaging to account for environments where the imports
of those submodules is not implied by other behavior.



* 993: Fix documentation upload by correcting
rendering of content-type in _build_multipart
on Python 3.



* 988: Trap ``os.unlink`` same as ``os.remove`` in
``auto_chmod`` error handler.

* 983: Fixes to invalid escape sequence deprecations on
Python 3.6.



* 941: In the upload command, if the username is blank,
default to ``getpass.getuser()``.

* 971: Correct distutils findall monkeypatch to match
appropriate versions (namely Python 3.4.6).



* 966: Add support for reading dist-info metadata and
thus locating Distributions from zip files.

* 968: Allow '+' and '!' in egg fragments
so that it can take package names that contain
PEP 440 conforming version specifiers.



* 953: More aggressively employ the compatibility issue
originally added in 706.



* 930: ``build_info`` now accepts two new parameters
to optimize and customize the building of C libraries.



* 947: Loosen restriction on the version of six required,
restoring compatibility with environments relying on
six 1.6.0 and later.



* 882: Ensure extras are honored when building the
working set.
* 913: Fix issue in develop if package directory has
a trailing slash.



* 935: Fix glob syntax in graft.



* 581: Instead of vendoring the growing list of
dependencies that Setuptools requires to function,
Setuptools now requires these dependencies just like
any other project. Unlike other projects, however,
Setuptools cannot rely on ``setup_requires`` to
demand the dependencies it needs to install because
its own machinery would be necessary to pull those
dependencies if not present (a bootstrapping problem).
As a result, Setuptools no longer supports self upgrade or
installation in the general case. Instead, users are
directed to use pip to install and upgrade using the
``wheel`` distributions of setuptools.

Users are welcome to contrive other means to install
or upgrade Setuptools using other means, such as
pre-installing the Setuptools dependencies with pip
or a bespoke bootstrap tool, but such usage is not
recommended and is not supported.

As discovered in 940, not all versions of pip will
successfully install Setuptools from its pre-built
wheel. If you encounter issues with "No module named
six" or "No module named packaging", especially
following a line "Running egg_info for package
setuptools", then your pip is not new enough.

There's an additional issue in pip where setuptools
is upgraded concurrently with other source packages,
described in pip 4253. The proposed workaround is to
always upgrade Setuptools first prior to upgrading
other packages that would upgrade Setuptools.



* 921: Correct issue where certifi fallback not being
reached on Windows.



Installation via pip, as indicated in the `Python Packaging
User's Guide <>`_,
is the officially-supported mechanism for installing
Setuptools, and this recommendation is now explicit in the
much more concise README.

Other edits and tweaks were made to the documentation. The
codebase is unchanged.



* 619: Removed support for the ``tag_svn_revision``
distribution option. If Subversion tagging support is
still desired, consider adding the functionality to
setuptools_svn in setuptools_svn 2.



* 866: Use ``dis.Bytecode`` on Python 3.4 and later in



* 889: Backport proposed fix for disabling interpolation in



* 884: Restore support for running the tests under
`pytest-runner <>`_
by ensuring that PYTHONPATH is honored in tests invoking
a subprocess.



* 706: Add rmtree compatibility shim for environments where
rmtree fails when passed a unicode string.



* 893: Only release sdist in zip format as warehouse now
disallows releasing two different formats.



* 704: More selectively ensure that 'rmtree' is not invoked with
a byte string, enabling it to remove files that are non-ascii,
even on Python 2.

* 712: In 'sandbox.run_setup', ensure that ``__file__`` is
always a ``str``, modeling the behavior observed by the
interpreter when invoking scripts and modules.



* 891: In 'test' command on test failure, raise DistutilsError,
suppression invocation of subsequent commands.



* 890: Revert 849. ``global-exclude .foo`` will not match all
``*.foo`` files any more. Package authors must add an explicit
wildcard, such as ``global-exclude *.foo``, to match all
``.foo`` files. See 886, 849.



* 885: Fix regression where 'pkg_resources._rebuild_mod_path'
would fail when a namespace package's '__path__' was not
a list with a sort attribute.



* 250: Install '-nspkg.pth' files for packages installed
with ' develop'. These .pth files allow
namespace packages installed by pip or develop to
co-mingle. This change required the removal of the
change for 805 and pip 1924, introduced in 28.3.0 and implicated
in 870, but means that namespace packages not in a
site packages directory will no longer work on Python
earlier than 3.5, whereas before they would work on
Python not earlier than 3.3.



* 879: For declarative config:

- read_configuration() now accepts ignore_option_errors argument. This allows scraping tools to read metadata without a need to download entire packages. E.g. we can gather some stats right from GitHub repos just by downloading setup.cfg.

- packages find: directive now supports fine tuning from a subsection. The same arguments as for find() are accepted.



* 394 via 862: Added support for `declarative package
config in a setup.cfg file



* 850: In test command, invoke unittest.main with
indication not to exit the process.



* 854: Bump to vendored Packaging 16.8.



* 846: Also trap 'socket.error' when opening URLs in

* 849: Manifest processing now matches the filename
pattern anywhere in the filename and not just at the
start. Restores behavior found prior to 28.5.0.



* 864: Drop support for Python 3.2. Systems requiring
Python 3.2 support must use 'setuptools < 30'.

* 825: Suppress warnings for single files.

* 830 via 843: Once again restored inclusion of data
files to sdists, but now trap TypeError caused by
techniques employed rjsmin and similar.



* 861: Re-release of v29.0.1 with the executable script
launchers bundled. Now, launchers are included by default
and users that want to disable this behavior must set the
environment variable
a false value like "false" or "0".



* 841: Drop special exception for packages invoking
win32com during the build/install process. See
Distribute 118 for history.



* 629: Per the discussion, refine the sorting to use version
value order for more accurate detection of the latest
available version when scanning for packages. See also

* 837: Rely on the config var "SO" for Python 3.3.0 only
when determining the ext filename.



* 827: Update PyPI root for dependency links.

* 833: Backed out changes from 830 as the implementation
seems to have problems in some cases.



* 832: Moved much of the namespace package handling
functionality into a separate module for re-use in something
like 789.
* 830: ``sdist`` command no longer suppresses the inclusion
of data files, re-aligning with the expectation of distutils
and addressing 274 and 521.



* 816: Fix manifest file list order in tests.



* 629: When scanning for packages, ``pkg_resources`` now
ignores empty egg-info directories and gives precedence to
packages whose versions are lexicographically greatest,
a rough approximation for preferring the latest available



* 810: Tests are now invoked with tox and not test.
* 249 and 450 via 764: Avoid scanning the whole tree
when building the manifest. Also fixes a long-standing bug
where patterns in ```` had implicit wildcard
matching. This caused ``global-exclude .foo`` to exclude
all ``*.foo`` files, but also ``global-exclude`` to
exclude ````.



* 732: Now extras with a hyphen are honored per PEP 426.
* 811: Update to pyparsing 2.1.10.
* Updated ``setuptools.command.sdist`` to re-use most of
the functionality directly from ``distutils.command.sdist``
for the ``add_defaults`` method with strategic overrides.
See 750 for rationale.
* 760 via 762: Look for certificate bundle where SUSE
Linux typically presents it. Use ``certifi.where()`` to locate
the bundle.



* 809: In ``find_packages()``, restore support for excluding
a parent package without excluding a child package.

* 805: Disable ``-nspkg.pth`` behavior on Python 3.3+ where
PEP-420 functionality is adequate. Fixes pip 1924.



* 803: Bump certifi to 2016.9.26.



* 733: Do not search excluded directories for packages.
This introduced a backwards incompatible change in ``find_packages()``
so that ``find_packages(exclude=['foo']) == []``, excluding subpackages of ``foo``.
Previously, ``find_packages(exclude=['foo']) == ['']``,
even though the parent ``foo`` package was excluded.

* 795: Bump certifi.

* 719: Suppress decoding errors and instead log a warning
when metadata cannot be decoded.



* 790: In MSVC monkeypatching, explicitly patch each
function by name in the target module instead of inferring
the module from the function's ``__module__``. Improves
compatibility with other packages that might have previously
patched distutils functions (i.e. NumPy).



* 794: In test command, add installed eggs to PYTHONPATH
when invoking tests so that subprocesses will also have the
dependencies available. Fixes `tox 330

* 795: Update vendored pyparsing 2.1.9.



* 520 and 513: Suppress ValueErrors in fixup_namespace_packages
when lookup fails.

* Nicer, more consistent interfaces for msvc monkeypatching.



* 779 via 781: Fix circular import.



* 778: Fix MSVC monkeypatching.



* Introduce the (private) ``monkey`` module to encapsulate
the distutils monkeypatching behavior.



* Now use Warehouse by default for
``upload``, patching ``distutils.config.PyPIRCCommand`` to
affect default behavior.

Any config in .pypirc should be updated to replace


Similarly, any passwords stored in the keyring should be
updated to use this new value for "system".

The ``upload_docs`` command will continue to use the
site, but the command is now deprecated. Users are urged to use
Read The Docs instead.

* 776: Use EXT_SUFFIX for py_limited_api renaming.

* 774 and 775: Use LegacyVersion from packaging when
detecting numpy versions.



* Re-release of 26.1.0 with pytest pinned to allow for automated
deployment and thus proper packaging environment variables,
fixing issues with missing executable launchers.



* 763: ``pkg_resources.get_default_cache`` now defers to the
:pypi:`appdirs` project to
resolve the cache directory. Adds a vendored dependency on
appdirs to pkg_resources.



* 748: By default, sdists are now produced in gzipped tarfile
format by default on all platforms, adding forward compatibility
for the same behavior in Python 3.6 (See Python 27819).

* 459 via 736: On Windows with script launchers,
sys.argv[0] now reflects
the name of the entry point, consistent with the behavior in
distlib and pip wrappers.

* 752 via 753: When indicating ``py_limited_api`` to Extension,
it must be passed as a keyword argument.



* Add Extension(py_limited_api=True). When set to a truthy value,
that extension gets a filename appropriate for code using Py_LIMITED_API.
When used correctly this allows a single compiled extension to work on
all future versions of CPython 3.
The py_limited_api argument only controls the filename. To be
compatible with multiple versions of Python 3, the C extension
will also need to set -DPy_LIMITED_API=... and be modified to use
only the functions in the limited API.



* 739 Fix unquoted libpaths by fixing compatibility between ``numpy.distutils`` and ``distutils._msvccompiler`` for numpy < 1.11.2 (Fix issue 728, error also fixed in Numpy).

* 731: Bump certifi.

* Style updates. See 740, 741, 743, 744, 742, 747.

* 735: include license file.



* 612 via 730: Add a LICENSE file which needs to be provided by the terms of
the MIT license.



* 725: revert ``library_dir_option`` patch (Error is related to ``numpy.distutils`` and make errors on non Numpy users).



* 720
* 723: Improve patch for ``library_dir_option``.



* 717
* 713
* 707: Fix Python 2 compatibility for MSVC by catching errors properly.
* 715: Fix unquoted libpaths by patching ``library_dir_option``.



* 714 and 704: Revert fix as it breaks other components
downstream that can't handle unicode. See 709, 710,
and 712.



* 704: Fix errors when installing a zip sdist that contained
files named with non-ascii characters on Windows would
crash the install when it attempted to clean up the build.
* 646: MSVC compatibility - catch errors properly in
* 702: Prevent UnboundLocalError when initial working_set
is empty.



* 686: Fix issue in sys.path ordering by pkg_resources when
rewrite technique is "raw".
* 699: Fix typo in msvc support.



* 609: Setuptools will now try to download a distribution from
the next possible download location if the first download fails.
This means you can now specify multiple links as ``dependency_links``
and all links will be tried until a working download link is encountered.



* 688: Fix AttributeError in when invoked not from
the current directory.



* Cleanup of script.

* Fixed documentation builders by allowing
to be imported without having bootstrapped the

* More style cleanup. See 677, 678, 679, 681, 685.



* 674: Default ``sys.path`` manipulation by easy-install.pth
is now "raw", meaning that when writing easy-install.pth
during any install operation, the ``sys.path`` will not be
rewritten and will no longer give preference to easy_installed

To retain the old behavior when using any easy_install
operation (including `` install`` when setuptools is
present), set the environment variable:


This project hopes that that few if any environments find it
necessary to retain the old behavior, and intends to drop
support for it altogether in a future release. Please report
any relevant concerns in the ticket for this change.



* 398: Fix shebang handling on Windows in script
headers where spaces in ``sys.executable`` would
produce an improperly-formatted shebang header,
introduced in 12.0 with the fix for 188.

* 663, 670: More style updates.



* 516: Disable ```` to avoid hard linking
in ``sdist.make_distribution``, avoiding errors on
systems that support hard links but not on the
file system in which the build is occurring.



* 667: Update Metadata-Version to 1.2 when
``python_requires`` is supplied.



* 631: Add support for ``python_requires`` keyword.



* More style updates. See 660, 661, 641.



* 659: ```` now will fail fast and with a helpful
error message when the necessary metadata is missing.
* More style updates. See 656, 635, 640,
644, 650, 652, and 655.



* Updated style in much of the codebase to match
community expectations. See 632, 633, 634,
637, 639, 638, 642, 648.



* If MSVC++14 is needed ``setuptools.msvc`` now redirect
user to Visual C++ Build Tools web page.



* 625 and 626: Fixes on ``setuptools.msvc`` mainly
for Python 2 and Linux.



* Pull Request 174: Add more aggressive support for
standalone Microsoft Visual C++ compilers in
msvc9compiler patch.
Particularly : Windows SDK 6.1 and 7.0
(MSVC++ 9.0), Windows SDK 7.1 (MSVC++ 10.0),
Visual C++ Build Tools 2015 (MSVC++14)
* Renamed ``setuptools.msvc9_support`` to



Re-release of v23.2.0, which was missing the intended

* 623: Remove used of deprecated 'U' flag when reading



* 619: Deprecated ``tag_svn_revision`` distribution



* 611: Removed ARM executables for CLI and GUI script
launchers on Windows. If this was a feature you cared
about, please comment in the ticket.
* 604: Removed docs building support. The project
now relies on documentation hosted at



* 604: Restore repository for upload_docs command
to restore publishing of docs during release.



* 589: Upload releases to using the upload
hostname and legacy path.



* 589: Releases are now uploaded to (Warehouse)
even when releases are made on Twine via Travis.



* 589: Releases are now uploaded to (Warehouse).



* 190: On Python 2, if unicode is passed for packages to
``build_py`` command, it will be handled just as with
text on Python 3.



Intended to be v21.3.0, but jaraco accidentally released as
a major bump.

* 598: Setuptools now lists itself first in the User-Agent
for web requests, better following the guidelines in
`RFC 7231



* Minor fixes to changelog and docs.



* 261: Exclude directories when resolving globs in



* 539: In the easy_install get_site_dirs, honor all
paths found in ``site.getsitepackages``.



* 572: In build_ext, now always import ``_CONFIG_VARS``
from ``distutils`` rather than from ``sysconfig``
to allow ``distutils.sysconfig.customize_compiler``
configure the OS X compiler for ``-dynamiclib``.



* Removed from Setuptools sdist. The
bootstrap script will be maintained in its own
branch and should be generally be retrieved from
its canonical location at



* 553: egg_info section is now generated in a
deterministic order, matching the order generated
by earlier versions of Python. Except on Python 2.6,
order is preserved when existing settings are present.
* 556: Update to Packaging 16.7, restoring support
for deprecated ``python_implmentation`` marker.
* 555: Upload command now prompts for a password
when uploading to PyPI (or other repository) if no
password is present in .pypirc or in the keyring.



* 548: Update certify version to 2016.2.28
* 545: Safely handle deletion of non-zip eggs in rotate



* Issue 544: Fix issue with extra environment marker
processing in WorkingSet due to refactor in v20.7.0.



* Issue 543: Re-release so that latest release doesn't
cause déjà vu with distribute and setuptools 0.7 in
older environments.



* Refactored extra environment marker processing
in WorkingSet.
* Issue 533: Fixed intermittent test failures.
* Issue 536: In msvc9_support, trap additional exceptions
that might occur when importing
``distutils.msvc9compiler`` in mingw environments.
* Issue 537: Provide better context when package
metadata fails to decode in UTF-8.



* Issue 523: Restored support for environment markers,
now honoring 'extra' environment markers.



* Issue 523: Disabled support for environment markers
introduced in v20.5.



* Issue 503: Restore support for PEP 345 environment
markers by updating to Packaging 16.6.



* New release process that relies on
`bumpversion <>`_
and Travis CI for continuous deployment.
* Project versioning semantics now follow
`semver <>`_ precisely.
The 'v' prefix on version numbers now also allows
version numbers to be referenced in the changelog,



* BB Pull Request 185, 470: Add support for environment markers
in requirements in install_requires, setup_requires,
tests_require as well as adding a test for the existing
extra_requires machinery.



* Issue 422: Moved hosting to
`Github <>`_
from `Bitbucket <>`_.
Issues have been migrated, though all issues and comments
are attributed to bb-migration. So if you have a particular
issue or issues to which you've been subscribed, you will
want to "watch" the equivalent issue in Github.
The Bitbucket project will be retained for the indefinite
future, but Github now hosts the canonical project repository.



* Issue 519: Remove import hook when reloading the
``pkg_resources`` module.
* BB Pull Request 184: Update documentation in ``pkg_resources``
around new ``Requirement`` implementation.



* BB Pull Request 179: ``pkg_resources.Requirement`` objects are
now a subclass of ``packaging.requirements.Requirement``,
allowing any environment markers and url (if any) to be
affiliated with the requirement
* BB Pull Request 179: Restore use of RequirementParseError
exception unintentionally dropped in 20.2.



* Issue 502: Correct regression in parsing of multiple
version specifiers separated by commas and spaces.



* Issue 499: Restore compatibility for legacy versions
by bumping to packaging 16.4.



* Changelog now includes release dates and links to PEPs.
* BB Pull Request 173: Replace dual PEP 345 _markerlib implementation
and PEP 426 implementation of environment marker support from
packaging 16.1 and PEP 508. Fixes Issue 122.
See also BB Pull Request 175, BB Pull Request 168, and
BB Pull Request 164. Additionally:

- ``Requirement.parse`` no longer retains the order of extras.
- ``parse_requirements`` now requires that all versions be
PEP-440 compliant, as revealed in 499. Packages released
with invalid local versions should be re-released using
the proper local version syntax, e.g. ``mypkg-1.0+myorg.1``.



* Update ``upload_docs`` command to also honor keyring
for password resolution.



* Added support for using passwords from keyring in the upload
command. See `the upload docs
for details.



* Issue 118: Once again omit the package metadata (egg-info)
from the list of outputs in ``--record``. This version of setuptools
can no longer be used to upgrade pip earlier than 6.0.



* Off-project PR: `0dcee79 <>`_ and `f9bd9b9 <>`_
For FreeBSD, also `honor root certificates from ca_root_nss <>`_.



* Issue 491: Correct regression incurred in 19.4 where
a double-namespace package installed using pip would
cause a TypeError.



* Restore compatibility for PyPy 3 compatibility lost in
19.4.1 addressing Issue 487.
* ``setuptools.launch`` shim now loads scripts in a new
namespace, avoiding getting relative imports from
the setuptools package on Python 2.



* Added a new entry script ``setuptools.launch``,
implementing the shim found in
``pip.util.setuptools_build``. Use this command to launch
distutils-only packages under setuptools in the same way that
pip does, causing the setuptools monkeypatching of distutils
to be invoked prior to invoking a script. Useful for debugging
or otherwise installing a distutils-only package under
setuptools when pip isn't available or otherwise does not
expose the desired functionality. For example::

$ python -m setuptools.launch develop

* Issue 488: Fix dual manifestation of Extension class in
extension packages installed as dependencies when Cython
is present.



* Issue 486: Correct TypeError when getfilesystemencoding
returns None.
* Issue 139: Clarified the license as MIT.
* BB Pull Request 169: Removed special handling of command
spec in scripts for Jython.



* Issue 487: Use direct invocation of ``importlib.machinery``
in ``pkg_resources`` to avoid missing detection on relevant



* Issue 341: Correct error in path handling of package data
files in ``build_py`` command when package is empty.
* Distribute 323, Issue 141, Issue 207, and
BB Pull Request 167: Another implementation of
``pkg_resources.WorkingSet`` and ``pkg_resources.Distribution``
that supports replacing an extant package with a new one,
allowing for setup_requires dependencies to supersede installed
packages for the session.



* Issue 229: Implement new technique for readily incorporating
dependencies conditionally from vendored copies or primary
locations. Adds a new dependency on six.



* BB Pull Request 163: Add get_command_list method to Distribution.
* BB Pull Request 162: Add missing whitespace to multiline string



* Issue 476: Cast version to string (using default encoding)
to avoid creating Unicode types on Python 2 clients.
* Issue 477: In Powershell downloader, use explicit rendering
of strings, rather than rely on ``repr``, which can be
incorrect (especially on Python 2).



* Issue 215: The bootstrap script ```` now
automatically detects
the latest version of setuptools (using PyPI JSON API) rather
than hard-coding a particular value.
* Issue 475: Fix incorrect usage in _translate_metadata2.



* Issue 442: Use RawConfigParser for parsing .pypirc file.
Interpolated values are no longer honored in .pypirc files.



* Issue 440: Prevent infinite recursion when a SandboxViolation
or other UnpickleableException occurs in a sandbox context
with setuptools hidden. Fixes regression introduced in Setuptools



* Deprecated ``egg_info.get_pkg_info_revision``.
* Issue 471: Don't rely on repr for an HTML attribute value in
* Issue 419: Avoid errors in FileMetadata when the metadata directory
is broken.
* Issue 472: Remove deprecated use of 'U' in mode parameter
when opening files.



* Issue 469: Refactored logic for Issue 419 fix to re-use metadata
loading from Provider.



* Update dependency on certify.
* BB Pull Request 160: Improve detection of gui script in
* Made ``test.test_args`` a non-data property; alternate fix
for the issue reported in BB Pull Request 155.
* Issue 453: In ``ez_setup`` bootstrap module, unload all
``pkg_resources`` modules following download.
* BB Pull Request 158: Honor PEP-488 when excluding
files for namespace packages.
* Issue 419 and BB Pull Request 144: Add experimental support for
reading the version info from distutils-installed metadata rather
than using the version in the filename.



* Issue 464: Correct regression in invocation of superclass on old-style
class on Python 2.



* Issue 439: When installing entry_point scripts under development,
omit the version number of the package, allowing any version of the
package to be used.



* In preparation for dropping support for Python 3.2, a warning is
now logged when pkg_resources is imported on Python 3.2 or earlier
Python 3 versions.
* `Add support for python_platform_implementation environment marker
* `Fix dictionary mutation during iteration



* Issue 446: Test command now always invokes unittest, even
if no test suite is supplied.



* Correct another regression in setuptools.findall
where the fix for Python 12885 was lost.



* Issue 425: Correct regression in setuptools.findall.



* BB Pull Request 135: Setuptools now allows disabling of
the manipulation of the sys.path
during the processing of the easy-install.pth file. To do so, set
the environment variable ``SETUPTOOLS_SYS_PATH_TECHNIQUE`` to
anything but "rewrite" (consider "raw"). During any install operation
with manipulation disabled, setuptools packages will be appended to
sys.path naturally.

Future versions may change the default behavior to disable
manipulation. If so, the default behavior can be retained by setting
the variable to "rewrite".

* Issue 257: ``easy_install --version`` now shows more detail
about the installation location and Python version.

* Refactor setuptools.findall in preparation for re-submission
back to distutils.



* Issue 412: More efficient directory search in ``find_packages``.



* Upgrade to vendored packaging 15.3.



* Issue 401: Fix failure in test suite.



* Dropped support for builds with Pyrex. Only Cython is supported.
* Issue 288: Detect Cython later in the build process, after
``setup_requires`` dependencies are resolved.
Projects backed by Cython can now be readily built
with a ``setup_requires`` dependency. For example::

ext = setuptools.Extension('mylib', ['src/CythonStuff.pyx', 'src/CStuff.c'])

For compatibility with older versions of setuptools, packagers should
still include ``src/CythonMod.c`` in the source distributions or
require that Cython be present before building source distributions.
However, for systems with this build of setuptools, Cython will be
downloaded on demand.
* Issue 396: Fixed test failure on OS X.
* BB Pull Request 136: Remove excessive quoting from shebang headers
for Jython.



* Backed out unintended changes to pkg_resources, restoring removal of
deprecated imp module (`ref



* Issue 380: Add support for range operators on environment
marker evaluation.



* Issue 378: Do not use internal importlib._bootstrap module.
* Issue 390: Disallow console scripts with path separators in
the name. Removes unintended functionality and brings behavior
into parity with pip.



* BB Pull Request 130: Better error messages for errors in
parsed requirements.
* BB Pull Request 133: Removed ``setuptools.tests`` from the
installed packages.
* BB Pull Request 129: Address deprecation warning due to usage
of imp module.



* Issue 373: Provisionally expose
``pkg_resources._initialize_master_working_set``, allowing for
imperative re-initialization of the master working set.



* Updated to Packaging 15.1 to address Packaging 28.
* Fix ``setuptools.sandbox._execfile()`` with Python 3.1.



* BB Pull Request 126: DistributionNotFound message now lists the package or
packages that required it. E.g.::

pkg_resources.DistributionNotFound: The 'colorama>=0.3.1' distribution was not found and is required by smlib.log.

Note that zc.buildout once dependended on the string rendering of this
message to determine the package that was not found. This expectation
has since been changed, but older versions of buildout may experience
problems. See Buildout 242 for details.



* Issue 307: Removed PEP-440 warning during parsing of versions
in ``pkg_resources.Distribution``.
* Issue 364: Replace deprecated usage with recommended usage of



* Issue 254: When creating temporary egg cache on Unix, use mode 755
for creating the directory to avoid the subsequent warning if
the directory is group writable.



* Issue 137: Update ``Distribution.hashcmp`` so that Distributions with
None for pyversion or platform can be compared against Distributions
defining those attributes.



* Issue 360: Removed undesirable behavior from test runs, preventing
write tests and installation to system site packages.



* BB Pull Request 125: Add ``__ne__`` to Requirement class.
* Various refactoring of easy_install.



* Bootstrap script now accepts ``--to-dir`` to customize save directory or
allow for re-use of existing repository of setuptools versions. See
BB Pull Request 112 for background.
* Issue 285: ``easy_install`` no longer will default to installing
packages to the "user site packages" directory if it is itself installed
there. Instead, the user must pass ``--user`` in all cases to install
packages to the user site packages.
This behavior now matches that of "pip install". To configure
an environment to always install to the user site packages, consider
using the "install-dir" and "scripts-dir" parameters to easy_install
through an appropriate distutils config file.



* Issue 359: Include pytest.ini in the sdist so invocation of py.test on the
sdist honors the pytest configuration.



Re-release of 13.0. Intermittent connectivity issues caused the release
process to fail and PyPI uploads no longer accept files for 13.0.



* Issue 356: Back out BB Pull Request 119 as it requires Setuptools 10 or later
as the source during an upgrade.
* Removed build_py class from According to 892f439d216e, this
functionality was added to support upgrades from old Distribute versions,
0.6.5 and 0.6.6.



* BB Pull Request 119: Restore writing of ``setup_requires`` to metadata
(previously added in 8.4 and removed in 9.0).



* Documentation is now linked using the rst.linker package.
* Fix ``setuptools.command.easy_install.extract_wininst_cfg()``
with Python 2.6 and 2.7.
* Issue 354. Added documentation on building setuptools



* Issue 345: Unload all modules under pkg_resources during
* Issue 336: Removed deprecation from ``ez_setup.use_setuptools``,
as it is clearly still used by buildout's bootstrap. ``ez_setup``
remains deprecated for use by individual packages.
* Simplified implementation of ``ez_setup.use_setuptools``.



* BB Pull Request 118: Soften warning for non-normalized versions in



* Issue 339: Correct Attribute reference in ``cant_write_to_target``.
* Issue 336: Deprecated ``ez_setup.use_setuptools``.



* Issue 335: Fix script header generation on Windows.



* Fixed incorrect class attribute in ``install_scripts``. Tests would be nice.



* Issue 331: Fixed ``install_scripts`` command on Windows systems corrupting
the header.



* Restore ``setuptools.command.easy_install.sys_executable`` for pbr
compatibility. For the future, tools should construct a CommandSpec



* Issue 188: Setuptools now support multiple entities in the value for
``build.executable``, such that an executable of "/usr/bin/env my-python" may
be specified. This means that systems with a specified executable whose name
has spaces in the path must be updated to escape or quote that value.
* Deprecated ``easy_install.ScriptWriter.get_writer``, replaced by ``.best()``
with slightly different semantics (no force_windows flag).



* Issue 327: Formalize and restore support for any printable character in an
entry point name.



* Expose ``EntryPoint.resolve`` in place of EntryPoint._load, implementing the
simple, non-requiring load. Deprecated all uses of ``EntryPoint._load``
except for calling with no parameters, which is just a shortcut for
``ep.require(); ep.resolve();``.

Apps currently invoking ``ep.load(require=False)`` should instead do the
following if wanting to avoid the deprecating warning::

getattr(ep, "resolve", lambda: ep.load(require=False))()



* Pip 2326: Report deprecation warning at stacklevel 2 for easier diagnosis.



* Issue 281: Since Setuptools 6.1 (Issue 268), a ValueError would be raised
in certain cases where VersionConflict was raised with two arguments, which
occurred in ``pkg_resources.WorkingSet.find``. This release adds support
for indicating the dependent packages while maintaining support for
a VersionConflict when no dependent package context is known. New unit tests
now capture the expected interface.



* Interop 3: Upgrade to Packaging 15.0; updates to PEP 440 so that >1.7 does
not exclude 1.7.1 but does exclude 1.7.0 and 1.7.0.post1.



* Issue 323: Fix regression in entry point name parsing.



* Deprecated use of EntryPoint.load(require=False). Passing a boolean to a
function to select behavior is an anti-pattern. Instead use
* Substantial refactoring of all unit tests. Tests are now much leaner and
re-use a lot of fixtures and contexts for better clarity of purpose.



* Issue 320: Added a compatibility implementation of
so that systems relying on that interface do not fail (namely, Ubuntu 12.04
and similar Debian releases).



* Issue 319: Fixed issue installing pure distutils packages.



* Issue 313: Removed built-in support for subversion. Projects wishing to
retain support for subversion will need to use a third party library. The
extant implementation is being ported to :pypi:`setuptools_svn`.
* Issue 315: Updated setuptools to hide its own loaded modules during
installation of another package. This change will enable setuptools to
upgrade (or downgrade) itself even when its own metadata and implementation



* Prefer vendored packaging library `as recommended



* Issue 312: Restored presence of pkg_resources API tests (doctest) to sdist.



* Issue 314: Disabled support for ``setup_requires`` metadata to avoid issue
where Setuptools was unable to upgrade over earlier versions.



* BB Pull Request 106: Now write ``setup_requires`` metadata.



* Issue 311: Decoupled pkg_resources from setuptools once again.
``pkg_resources`` is now a package instead of a module.



* Issue 306: Suppress warnings about Version format except in select scenarios
(such as installation).



* BB Pull Request 85: Search egg-base when adding egg-info to manifest.



* Upgrade ``packaging`` to 14.5, giving preference to "rc" as designator for
release candidates over "c".
* PEP-440 warnings are now raised as their own class,
``pkg_resources.PEP440Warning``, instead of RuntimeWarning.
* Disabled warnings on empty versions.



* Upgrade ``packaging`` to 14.4, fixing an error where there is a
different result for if 2.0.5 is contained within >2.0dev and > even
though normalization rules should have made them equal.
* Issue 296: Add warning when a version is parsed as legacy. This warning will
make it easier for developers to recognize deprecated version numbers.



* Issue 296: Restored support for ``__hash__`` on parse_version results.



* Issue 296: Restored support for ``__getitem__`` and sort operations on
parse_version result.



* Issue 296: Restore support for iteration over parse_version result, but
deprecated that usage with a warning. Fixes failure with buildout.



* Implement PEP 440 within
pkg_resources and setuptools. This change
deprecates some version numbers such that they will no longer be installable
without using the ``===`` escape hatch. See `the changes to test_resources
for specific examples of version numbers and specifiers that are no longer
supported. Setuptools now "vendors" the `packaging
<>`_ library.



* Issue 80, Issue 209: Eggs that are downloaded for ``setup_requires``,
``test_requires``, etc. are now placed in a ``./.eggs`` directory instead of
directly in the current directory. This choice of location means the files
can be readily managed (removed, ignored). Additionally,
later phases or invocations of setuptools will not detect the package as
already installed and ignore it for permanent install (See 209).

This change is indicated as backward-incompatible as installations that
depend on the installation in the current directory will need to account for
the new location. Systems that ignore ``*.egg`` will probably need to be
adapted to ignore ``.eggs``. The files will need to be manually moved or
will be retrieved again. Most use cases will require no attention.



* Issue 268: When resolving package versions, a VersionConflict now reports
which package previously required the conflicting version.



* Issue 262: Fixed regression in pip install due to egg-info directories
being omitted. Re-opens Issue 118.



* Issue 259: Fixed regression with namespace package handling on ``single
version, externally managed`` installs.



* Issue 100: When building a distribution, Setuptools will no longer match
default files using platform-dependent case sensitivity, but rather will
only match the files if their case matches exactly. As a result, on Windows
and other case-insensitive file systems, files with names such as
'readme.txt' or 'README.TXT' will be omitted from the distribution and a
warning will be issued indicating that 'README.txt' was not found. Other
filenames affected are:

- README.rst
- setup.cfg
- (or the script name)
- test/test*.py

Any users producing distributions with filenames that match those above
case-insensitively, but not case-sensitively, should rename those files in
their repository for better portability.
* BB Pull Request 72: When using ``single_version_externally_managed``, the
exclusion list now includes Python 3.2 ``__pycache__`` entries.
* BB Pull Request 76 and BB Pull Request 78: lines in top_level.txt are now
ordered deterministically.
* Issue 118: The egg-info directory is now no longer included in the list
of outputs.
* Issue 258: Setuptools now patches distutils msvc9compiler to
recognize the specially-packaged compiler package for easy extension module
support on Python 2.6, 2.7, and 3.2.



* Issue 237: ``pkg_resources`` now uses explicit detection of Python 2 vs.
Python 3, supporting environments where builtins have been patched to make
Python 3 look more like Python 2.



* Issue 240: Based on real-world performance measures against 5.4, zip
manifests are now cached in all circumstances. The
``PKG_RESOURCES_CACHE_ZIP_MANIFESTS`` environment variable is no longer
relevant. The observed "memory increase" referenced in the 5.4 release
notes and detailed in Issue 154 was likely not an increase over the status
quo, but rather only an increase over not storing the zip info at all.



* Issue 242: Use absolute imports in svn_utils to avoid issues if the
installing package adds an xml module to the path.



* Issue 239: Fix typo in 5.5 such that fix did not take.



* Issue 239: Setuptools now includes the setup_requires directive on
Distribution objects and validates the syntax just like install_requires
and tests_require directives.



* Issue 236: Corrected regression in execfile implementation for Python 2.6.



* Python 7776: (ssl_support) Correct usage of host for validation when
tunneling for HTTPS.



* Issue 154: ``pkg_resources`` will now cache the zip manifests rather than
re-processing the same file from disk multiple times, but only if the
environment variable ``PKG_RESOURCES_CACHE_ZIP_MANIFESTS`` is set. Clients
that package many modules in the same zip file will see some improvement
in startup time by enabling this feature. This feature is not enabled by
default because it causes a substantial increase in memory usage.



* Issue 185: Make svn tagging work on the new style SVN metadata.
Thanks cazabon!
* Prune revision control directories (e.g .svn) from base path
as well as sub-directories.



* Added a `Developer Guide
<>`_ to the official
* Some code refactoring and cleanup was done with no intended behavioral
* During install_egg_info, the generated lines for namespace package .pth
files are now processed even during a dry run.



* Issue 202: Implemented more robust cache invalidation for the ZipImporter,
building on the work in Issue 168. Special thanks to Jurko Gospodnetic and



* Issue 220: Restored script templates.



* Renamed script templates to end with .tmpl now that they no longer need
to be processed by 2to3. Fixes spurious syntax errors during build/install.



* Issue 218: Re-release of 3.8.1 to signal that it supersedes 4.x.
* Incidentally, script templates were updated not to include the triple-quote



* Issue 210: `` develop`` now copies scripts in binary mode rather
than text mode, matching the behavior of the ``install`` command.



* Extend Issue 197 workaround to include all Python 3 versions prior to



* Issue 213: Use legacy StringIO behavior for compatibility under pbr.
* Issue 218: Setuptools 3.8.1 superseded 4.0.1, and 4.x was removed
from the available versions to install.



* Issue 193: Improved handling of Unicode filenames when building manifests.



* Issue 203: Honor proxy settings for Powershell downloader in the bootstrap



* Issue 168: More robust handling of replaced zip files and stale caches.
Fixes ZipImportError complaining about a 'bad local header'.



* Issue 199: Restored ``install._install`` for compatibility with earlier
NumPy versions.



* Issue 195: Follow symbolic links in find_packages (restoring behavior
broken in 3.4).
* Issue 197: On Python 3.1, PKG-INFO is now saved in a UTF-8 encoding instead
of ``sys.getpreferredencoding`` to match the behavior on Python 2.6-3.4.
* Issue 192: Preferred bootstrap location is now (mirrored from former location).



* Issue 184: Correct failure where find_package over-matched packages
when directory traversal isn't short-circuited.



* Issue 183: Really fix test command with Python 3.1.



* Issue 183: Fix additional regression in test command on Python 3.1.



* Issue 180: Fix regression in test command not caught by py.test-run tests.



* Issue 176: Add parameter to the test command to support a custom test
runner: --test-runner or -r.
* Issue 177: Now assume most common invocation to install command on
platforms/environments without stack support (issuing a warning). Setuptools
now installs naturally on IronPython. Behavior on CPython should be



* Add ``include`` parameter to ``setuptools.find_packages()``.



* BB Pull Request 39: Add support for C++ targets from Cython ``.pyx`` files.
* Issue 162: Update dependency on certifi to 1.0.1.
* Issue 164: Update dependency on wincertstore to 0.2.



* Issue 161: Restore Features functionality to allow backward compatibility
(for Features) until the uses of that functionality is sufficiently removed.



* Correct typo in previous bugfix.



* Issue 157: Restore support for Python 2.6 in bootstrap script where
``zipfile.ZipFile`` does not yet have support for context managers.



* Issue 125: Prevent Subversion support from creating a ~/.subversion
directory just for checking the presence of a Subversion repository.
* Issue 12: Namespace packages are now imported lazily. That is, the mere
declaration of a namespace package in an egg on ``sys.path`` no longer
causes it to be imported when ``pkg_resources`` is imported. Note that this
change means that all of a namespace package's ```` files must
include a ``declare_namespace()`` call in order to ensure that they will be
handled properly at runtime. In 2.x it was possible to get away without
including the declaration, but only at the cost of forcing namespace
packages to be imported early, which 3.0 no longer does.
* Issue 148: When building (bdist_egg), setuptools no longer adds
```` files to namespace packages. Any packages that rely on this
behavior will need to create ```` files and include the
* Issue 7: Setuptools itself is now distributed as a zip archive in addition to
tar archive. now uses zip archive. This approach avoids the potential
security vulnerabilities presented by use of tar archives in
It also leverages the security features added to ZipFile.extract in Python 2.7.4.
* Issue 65: Removed deprecated Features functionality.
* BB Pull Request 28: Remove backport of ``_bytecode_filenames`` which is
available in Python 2.6 and later, but also has better compatibility with
Python 3 environments.
* Issue 156: Fix spelling of __PYVENV_LAUNCHER__ variable.


Not secure

* Issue 141: Restored fix for allowing setup_requires dependencies to
override installed dependencies during setup.
* Issue 128: Fixed issue where only the first dependency link was honored
in a distribution where multiple dependency links were supplied.


Not secure

* Issue 144: Read long_description using codecs module to avoid errors
installing on systems where LANG=C.


Not secure

* Issue 139: Fix regression in re_finder for CVS repos (and maybe Git repos
as well).


Not secure

* Issue 129: Suppress inspection of ``*.whl`` files when searching for files
in a zip-imported file.
* Issue 131: Fix RuntimeError when constructing an egg fetcher.


Not secure

* Fix NameError during installation with Python implementations (e.g. Jython)
not containing parser module.
* Fix NameError in ``sdist:re_finder``.


Not secure

* Issue 124: Fixed error in list detection in upload_docs.


Not secure

* Issue 121: Exempt lib2to3 pickled grammars from DirectorySandbox.
* Issue 41: Dropped support for Python 2.4 and Python 2.5. Clients requiring
setuptools for those versions of Python should use setuptools 1.x.
* Removed ``setuptools.command.easy_install.HAS_USER_SITE``. Clients
expecting this boolean variable should use ``site.ENABLE_USER_SITE``
* Removed ``pkg_resources.ImpWrapper``. Clients that expected this class
should use ``pkgutil.ImpImporter`` instead.


Not secure

* Issue 116: Correct TypeError when reading a local package index on Python


Not secure

* Issue 114: Use ``sys.getfilesystemencoding`` for decoding config in
``bdist_wininst`` distributions.

* Issue 105 and Issue 113: Establish a more robust technique for
determining the terminal encoding::

1. Try ``getpreferredencoding``
2. If that returns US_ASCII or None, try the encoding from
``getdefaultlocale``. If that encoding was a "fallback" because Python
could not figure it out from the environment or OS, encoding remains
3. If the encoding is resolved, then make sure Python actually implements
the encoding.
4. On the event of an error or unknown codec, revert to fallbacks
(UTF-8 on Darwin, ASCII on everything else).
5. On the encoding is 'mac-roman' on Darwin, use UTF-8 as 'mac-roman' was
a bug on older Python releases.

On a side note, it would seem that the encoding only matters for when SVN
does not yet support ``--xml`` and when getting repository and svn version
numbers. The ``--xml`` technique should yield UTF-8 according to some
messages on the SVN mailing lists. So if the version numbers are always
7-bit ASCII clean, it may be best to only support the file parsing methods
for legacy SVN releases and support for SVN without the subprocess command
would simple go away as support for the older SVNs does.


Not secure

* Issue 27: ``easy_install`` will now use credentials from .pypirc if
present for connecting to the package index.
* BB Pull Request 21: Omit unwanted newlines in ``package_index._encode_auth``
when the username/password pair length indicates wrapping.


Not secure

* Issue 99: Fix filename encoding issues in SVN support.


Not secure

* Remove exuberant warning in SVN support when SVN is not used.


Not secure

* Address security vulnerability in SSL match_hostname check as reported in
Python 17997.
* Prefer :pypi:`backports.ssl_match_hostname` for backport
implementation if present.
* Correct NameError in ``ssl_support`` module (``socket.error``).


Not secure

* Issue 26: Add support for SVN 1.7. Special thanks to Philip Thiem for the
* Issue 93: Wheels are now distributed with every release. Note that as
reported in Issue 108, as of Pip 1.4, scripts aren't installed properly
from wheels. Therefore, if using Pip to install setuptools from a wheel,
the ``easy_install`` command will not be available.
* Setuptools "natural" launcher support, introduced in 1.0, is now officially


Not secure

* Fixed behavior of NameError handling in 'script template (dev).py' (script
launcher for 'develop' installs).
* ```` now ensures partial downloads are cleaned up following
a failed download.
* Distribute 363 and Issue 55: Skip an sdist test that fails on locales
other than UTF-8.


Not secure

* Distribute 349: ``sandbox.execfile`` now opens the target file in binary
mode, thus honoring a BOM in the file when compiled.


Not secure

* Issue 69: Second attempt at fix (logic was reversed).


Not secure

* Issue 77: Fix error in upload command (Python 2.4).


Not secure

* Fix NameError in previous patch.


Not secure

* Issue 69: Correct issue where 404 errors are returned for URLs with
fragments in them (such as egg=).


Not secure

* Issue 75: Add ``--insecure`` option to to accommodate
environments where a trusted SSL connection cannot be validated.
* Issue 76: Fix AttributeError in upload command with Python 2.4.


Not secure

* Issue 71 (Distribute 333): EasyInstall now puts less emphasis on the
condition when a host is blocked via ``--allow-hosts``.
* Issue 72: Restored Python 2.4 compatibility in ````.


Not secure

* Issue 60: On Windows, Setuptools supports deferring to another launcher,
such as Vinay Sajip's `pylauncher <>`_
(included with Python 3.3) to launch console and GUI scripts and not install
its own launcher executables. This experimental functionality is currently
only enabled if the ``SETUPTOOLS_LAUNCHER`` environment variable is set to
"natural". In the future, this behavior may become default, but only after
it has matured and seen substantial adoption. The ``SETUPTOOLS_LAUNCHER``
also accepts "executable" to force the default behavior of creating launcher
* Issue 63: Bootstrap script ( now prefers Powershell, curl, or
wget for retrieving the Setuptools tarball for improved security of the
install. The script will still fall back to a simple ``urlopen`` on
platforms that do not have these tools.
* Issue 65: Deprecated the ``Features`` functionality.
* Issue 52: In ``VerifyingHTTPSConn``, handle a tunnelled (proxied)

Backward-Incompatible Changes

This release includes a couple of backward-incompatible changes, but most if
not all users will find 1.0 a drop-in replacement for 0.9.

* Issue 50: Normalized API of environment marker support. Specifically,
removed line number and filename from SyntaxErrors when returned from
``pkg_resources.invalid_marker``. Any clients depending on the specific
string representation of exceptions returned by that function may need to
be updated to account for this change.
* Issue 50: SyntaxErrors generated by ``pkg_resources.invalid_marker`` are
normalized for cross-implementation consistency.
* Removed ``--ignore-conflicts-at-my-risk`` and ``--delete-conflicting``
options to easy_install. These options have been deprecated since 0.6a11.


Not secure

* Issue 53: Fix NameErrors in ``_vcs_split_rev_from_url``.


Not secure

* Issue 49: Correct AttributeError on PyPy where a hashlib.HASH object does
not have a ``.name`` attribute.
* Issue 34: Documentation now refers to bootstrap script in code repository
referenced by bookmark.
* Add underscore-separated keys to environment markers (markerlib).


Not secure

* Issue 44: Test failure on Python 2.4 when MD5 hash doesn't have a ``.name``


Not secure

* Python 17980: Fix security vulnerability in SSL certificate validation.


Not secure

* Issue 43: Fix issue (introduced in 0.9.1) with version resolution when
upgrading over other releases of Setuptools.


Not secure

* Issue 42: Fix new ``AttributeError`` introduced in last fix.


Not secure

* Issue 42: Fix regression where blank checksums would trigger an


Not secure

* Distribute 386: Allow other positional and keyword arguments to
* Corrected dependency on certifi mis-referenced in 0.9.


Not secure

* ``package_index`` now validates hashes other than MD5 in download links.


Not secure

* Code base now runs on Python 2.4 - Python 3.3 without Python 2to3


Not secure

* Distribute 375: Yet another fix for yet another regression.


Not secure

* Distribute 375: Repair AttributeError created in last release (redo).
* Issue 30: Added test for get_cache_path.


Not secure

* Distribute 375: Repair AttributeError created in last release.


Not secure

* Issue 21: Restore Python 2.4 compatibility in ``test_easy_install``.
* Distribute 375: Merged additional warning from Distribute 0.6.46.
* Now honor the environment variable


Not secure

* Issue 20: Fix comparison of parsed SVN version on Python 3.


Not secure

* Issue 1: Disable installation of Windows-specific files on non-Windows systems.
* Use new sysconfig module with Python 2.7 or >=3.2.


Not secure

* Issue 14: Use markerlib when the ``parser`` module is not available.
* Issue 10: ```` now uses HTTPS to download setuptools from PyPI.



* Fix NameError (Issue 3) again - broken in bad merge.



* Merged Setuptools and Distribute. See docs/merge.txt for details.

Added several features that were slated for setuptools 0.6c12:

* Index URL now defaults to HTTPS.
* Added experimental environment marker support. Now clients may designate a
PEP-426 environment marker for "extra" dependencies. Setuptools uses this
feature in ```` for optional SSL and certificate validation support
on older platforms. Based on Distutils-SIG discussions, the syntax is
somewhat tentative. There should probably be a PEP with a firmer spec before
the feature should be considered suitable for use.
* Added support for SSL certificate validation when installing packages from
an HTTPS service.



* Issue 3: Fixed NameError in SSL support.



* Move warning check in ``get_cache_path`` to follow the directory creation
to avoid errors when the cache path does not yet exist. Fixes the error
reported in Distribute 375.



* Correct AttributeError in ``ResourceManager.get_cache_path`` introduced in
0.6.46 (redo).



* Correct AttributeError in ``ResourceManager.get_cache_path`` introduced in



* Distribute 375: Issue a warning if the PYTHON_EGG_CACHE or otherwise
customized egg cache location specifies a directory that's group- or



* Distribute 379: ```` now traps VersionConflict as well,
restoring ability to upgrade from an older setuptools version.



* ```` has been updated to allow Setuptools 0.7 to
satisfy use_setuptools.



* Distribute 378: Restore support for Python 2.4 Syntax (regression in 0.6.42).



* External links finder no longer yields duplicate links.
* Distribute 337: Moved to setuptools/ (graft of very old
patch from setuptools trunk which inspired PR 31).



* Distribute 27: Use public api for loading resources from zip files rather than
the private method ``_zip_directory_cache``.
* Added a new function ``easy_install.get_win_launcher`` which may be used by
third-party libraries such as buildout to get a suitable script launcher.



* Distribute 376: brought back cli.exe and gui.exe that were deleted in the
previous release.



* Add support for console launchers on ARM platforms.
* Fix possible issue in GUI launchers where the subsystem was not supplied to
the linker.
* Launcher build script now refactored for robustness.
* Distribute 375: Resources extracted from a zip egg to the file system now also
check the contents of the file against the zip contents during each
invocation of get_resource_filename.



* Distribute 371: The launcher manifest file is now installed properly.



* Distribute 143: Launcher scripts, including easy_install itself, are now
accompanied by a manifest on 32-bit Windows environments to avoid the
Installer Detection Technology and thus undesirable UAC elevation described
in `this Microsoft article



* BB Pull Request 35: In Buildout 64, it was reported that
under Python 3, installation of distutils scripts could attempt to copy
the ``__pycache__`` directory as a file, causing an error, apparently only
under Windows. Easy_install now skips all directories when processing
metadata scripts.



Note this release is backward-incompatible with distribute 0.6.23-0.6.34 in
how it parses version numbers.

* Distribute 278: Restored compatibility with distribute 0.6.22 and setuptools
0.6. Updated the documentation to match more closely with the version
parsing as intended in setuptools 0.6.



* Distribute 341: 0.6.33 fails to build under Python 2.4.



* Fix 2 errors with Jython 2.5.
* Fix 1 failure with Jython 2.5 and 2.7.
* Disable workaround for Jython scripts on Linux systems.
* Distribute 336: ```` no longer masks failure exit code when tests fail.
* Fix issue in pkg_resources where try/except around a platform-dependent
import would trigger hook load failures on Mercurial. See pull request 32
for details.
* Distribute 341: Fix a ResourceWarning.



* Fix test suite with Python 2.6.
* Fix some DeprecationWarnings and ResourceWarnings.
* Distribute 335: Backed out ``setup_requires`` superseding installed requirements
until regression can be addressed.



* Distribute 303: Make sure the manifest only ever contains UTF-8 in Python 3.
* Distribute 329: Properly close files created by tests for compatibility with
* Work around Jython 1980 and Jython 1981.
* Distribute 334: Provide workaround for packages that reference ``sys.__stdout__``
such as numpy does. This change should address pypa/virtualenv359 as long
as the system encoding is UTF-8 or the IO encoding is specified in the
environment, i.e.::

PYTHONIOENCODING=utf8 pip install numpy

* Fix for encoding issue when installing from Windows executable on Python 3.
* Distribute 323: Allow ``setup_requires`` requirements to supersede installed
requirements. Added some new keyword arguments to existing pkg_resources
methods. Also had to updated how __path__ is handled for namespace packages
to ensure that when a new egg distribution containing a namespace package is
placed on sys.path, the entries in __path__ are found in the same order they
would have been in had that egg been on the path when pkg_resources was
first imported.



* Distribute 328: Clean up temporary directories in
* Fix fatal bug in



* BB Pull Request 14: Honor file permissions in zip files.
* Distribute 327: Merged pull request 24 to fix a dependency problem with pip.
* Merged pull request 23 to fix pypa/virtualenv301.
* If Sphinx is installed, the ``upload_docs`` command now runs ``build_sphinx``
to produce uploadable documentation.
* Distribute 326: ``upload_docs`` provided mangled auth credentials under Python 3.
* Distribute 320: Fix check for "creatable" in
* Distribute 305: Remove a warning that was triggered during normal operations.
* Distribute 311: Print metadata in UTF-8 independent of platform.
* Distribute 303: Read manifest file with UTF-8 encoding under Python 3.
* Distribute 301: Allow to run tests of namespace packages when using 2to3.
* Distribute 304: Prevent import loop in under Python 3.3.
* Distribute 283: Re-enable scanning of ``*.pyc`` / ``*.pyo`` files on Python 3.3.
* Distribute 299: The develop command didn't work on Python 3, when using 2to3,
as the egg link would go to the Python 2 source. Linking to the 2to3'd code
in build/lib makes it work, although you will have to rebuild the module
before testing it.
* Distribute 306: Even if 2to3 is used, we build in-place under Python 2.
* Distribute 307: Prints the full path when .svn/entries is broken.
* Distribute 313: Support for sdist subcommands (Python 2.7)
* Distribute 314: test_local_index() would fail an OS X.
* Distribute 310: Non-ascii characters in a namespace causes errors.
* Distribute 218: Improved documentation on behavior of ``package_data`` and
``include_package_data``. Files indicated by ``package_data`` are now included
in the manifest.
* ```` now allows a ``--download-base`` argument for retrieving
distribute from a specified location.



* Distribute 294: can now be invoked from any directory.
* Scripts are now installed honoring the umask.
* Added support for .dist-info directories.
* Distribute 283: Fix and disable scanning of ``*.pyc`` / ``*.pyo`` files on
Python 3.3.



* Support current snapshots of CPython 3.3.
* Distribute now recognizes README.rst as a standard, default readme file.
* Exclude 'encodings' modules when removing modules from sys.modules.
Workaround for 285.
* Distribute 231: Don't fiddle with system python when used with buildout



* Distribute 183: Symlinked files are now extracted from source distributions.
* Distribute 227: Easy_install fetch parameters are now passed during the
installation of a source distribution; now fulfillment of setup_requires
dependencies will honor the parameters passed to easy_install.



* Distribute 258: Workaround a cache issue
* Distribute 260: now accepts the --user parameter for
Python 2.6 and later.
* Distribute 262: package_index.open_with_auth no longer throws LookupError
on Python 3.
* Distribute 269: AttributeError when an exception occurs reading
on late releases of Python.
* Distribute 272: Prevent TypeError when namespace package names are unicode
and single-install-externally-managed is used. Also fixes PIP issue
* Distribute 273: Legacy script launchers now install with Python2/3 support.



* Distribute 249: Added options to exclude 2to3 fixers



* Distribute 244: Fixed a test
* Distribute 243: Fixed a test
* Distribute 239: Fixed a test
* Distribute 240: Fixed a test
* Distribute 241: Fixed a test
* Distribute 237: Fixed a test
* Distribute 238: easy_install now uses 64bit executable wrappers on 64bit Python
* Distribute 208: Fixed parsed_versions, it now honors post-releases as noted in the documentation
* Distribute 207: Windows cli and gui wrappers pass CTRL-C to child python process
* Distribute 227: easy_install now passes its arguments to bdist_egg
* Distribute 225: Fixed a NameError on Python 2.5, 2.4



* Distribute 225: FIxed a regression on py2.4



* Distribute 135: Include url in warning when processing URLs in package_index.
* Distribute 212: Fix issue where easy_instal fails on Python 3 on windows installer.
* Distribute 213: Fix typo in documentation.



* Distribute 206: AttributeError: 'HTTPMessage' object has no attribute 'getheaders'



* Distribute 210: Fixed a regression introduced by Distribute 204 fix.



variable to allow to disable installation of easy_install-${version} script.
* Support Python >=3.1.4 and >=3.2.1.
* Distribute 204: Don't try to import the parent of a namespace package in
* Distribute 196: Tolerate responses with multiple Content-Length headers
* Distribute 205: Sandboxing doesn't preserve working_set. Leads to setup_requires



* Builds sdist gztar even on Windows (avoiding Distribute 193).
* Distribute 192: Fixed metadata omitted on Windows when package_dir
specified with forward-slash.
* Distribute 195: Cython build support.
* Distribute 200: Issues with recognizing 64-bit packages on Windows.



* Fixed typo in bdist_egg
* Several issues under Python 3 has been solved.
* Distribute 146: Fixed missing DLL files after easy_install of windows exe package.



* Distribute 170: Fixed unittest failure. Thanks to Toshio.
* Distribute 171: Fixed race condition in unittests cause deadlocks in test suite.
* Distribute 143: Fixed a lookup issue with easy_install.
Thanks to David and Zooko.
* Distribute 174: Fixed the edit mode when its used with setuptools itself



* Distribute 160: 2.7 gives ValueError("Invalid IPv6 URL")
* Distribute 150: Fixed using ~/.local even in a --no-site-packages virtualenv
* Distribute 163: scan index links before external links, and don't use the md5 when
comparing two distributions



* Distribute 149: Fixed various failures on 2.3/2.4



* Found another case of SandboxViolation - fixed
* Distribute 15 and Distribute 48: Introduced a socket timeout of 15 seconds on url openings
* Added indexsidebar.html into
* Distribute 108: Fixed TypeError with Python3.1
* Distribute 121: Fixed --help install command trying to actually install.
* Distribute 112: Added an os.makedirs so that Tarek's solution will work.
* Distribute 133: Added --no-find-links to easy_install
* Added easy_install --user
* Distribute 100: Fixed develop --user not taking '.' in PYTHONPATH into account
* Distribute 134: removed spurious UserWarnings. Patch by VanLindberg
* Distribute 138: cant_write_to_target error when setup_requires is used.
* Distribute 147: respect the sys.dont_write_bytecode flag



* Reverted change made for the DistributionNotFound exception because
zc.buildout uses the exception message to get the name of the



* Distribute 90: unknown setuptools version can be added in the working set
* Distribute 87: doesn't try to convert anymore
Initial Patch by arfrever.
* Distribute 89: added a side bar with a download link to the doc.
* Distribute 86: fixed missing sentence in pkg_resources doc.
* Added a nicer error message when a DistributionNotFound is raised.
* Distribute 80: test_develop now works with Python 3.1
* Distribute 93: upload_docs now works if there is an empty sub-directory.
* Distribute 70: exec bit on non-exec files
* Distribute 99: now the standalone easy_install command doesn't uses a
"setup.cfg" if any exists in the working directory. It will use it
only if triggered by ``install_requires`` from a call
(install, develop, etc).
* Distribute 101: Allowing ``os.devnull`` in Sandbox
* Distribute 92: Fixed the "no eggs" found error with MacPort
(platform.mac_ver() fails)
* Distribute 103: test_get_script_header_jython_workaround not run
anymore under py3 with C or POSIX local. Contributed by Arfrever.
* Distribute 104: removed the assertion when the installation fails,
with a nicer message for the end user.
* Distribute 100: making sure there's no SandboxViolation when
the setup script patches setuptools.



* Added "check_packages" in dist. (added in Setuptools 0.6c11)
* Fixed the DONT_PATCH_SETUPTOOLS state.



* Distribute 58: Added --user support to the develop command
* Distribute 11: Generated scripts now wrap their call to the script entry point
in the standard "if name == 'main'"
* Added the 'DONT_PATCH_SETUPTOOLS' environment variable, so virtualenv
can drive an installation that doesn't patch a global setuptools.
* Reviewed unladen-swallow specific change from
and determined that it no longer applies. Distribute should work fine with
Unladen Swallow 2009Q3.
* Distribute 21: Allow PackageIndex.open_url to gracefully handle all cases of a
httplib.HTTPException instead of just InvalidURL and BadStatusLine.
* Removed from this distribution and updated documentation
to point to the actively maintained virtualenv instead.
* Distribute 64: use_setuptools no longer rebuilds the distribute egg every
time it is run
* use_setuptools now properly respects the requested version
* use_setuptools will no longer try to import a distribute egg for the
wrong Python version
* Distribute 74: no_fake should be True by default.
* Distribute 72: avoid a bootstrapping issue with easy_install -U



* Unified the bootstrap file so it works on both py2.x and py3k without 2to3
(patch by Holger Krekel)



* Distribute 65: cli.exe and gui.exe are now generated at build time,
depending on the platform in use.

* Distribute 67: Fixed doc typo (PEP 381/PEP 382).

* Distribute no longer shadows setuptools if we require a 0.7-series
setuptools. And an error is raised when installing a 0.7 setuptools with

* When run from within buildout, no attempt is made to modify an existing
setuptools egg, whether in a shared egg directory or a system setuptools.

* Fixed a hole in sandboxing allowing builtin file to write outside of
the sandbox.



* Added the generation of ```` during the release.
This closes Distribute 52.

* Added an upload_docs command to easily upload project documentation to
PyPI's This close issue Distribute #56.

* Fixed a bootstrap bug on the use_setuptools() API.




* Fixed a bunch of calls to file() that caused crashes on Python 3.


* Fixed a bug in sorting that caused bootstrap to fail on Python 3.




* Added Python 3 support; see docs/python3.txt.
This closes Old Setuptools 39.

* Added option to run 2to3 automatically when installing on Python 3.
This closes issue Distribute 31.

* Fixed invalid usage of requirement.parse, that broke develop -d.
This closes Old Setuptools 44.

* Fixed script launcher for 64-bit Windows.
This closes Old Setuptools 2.

* KeyError when compiling extensions.
This closes Old Setuptools 41.


* Fixed bootstrap not working on Windows. This closes issue Distribute 49.

* Fixed 2.6 dependencies. This closes issue Distribute 50.

* Make sure setuptools is patched when running through easy_install
This closes Old Setuptools 40.




* package_index.urlopen now catches BadStatusLine and malformed url errors.
This closes Distribute 16 and Distribute 18.

* zip_ok is now False by default. This closes Old Setuptools 33.

* Fixed invalid URL error catching. Old Setuptools 20.

* Fixed invalid bootstraping with easy_install installation (Distribute 40).
Thanks to Florian Schulze for the help.

* Removed buildout/ A new repository will create a specific script.


* The bootstrap process leave setuptools alone if detected in the system
and --root or --prefix is provided, but is not in the same location.
This closes Distribute 10.




* Packages required at build time where not fully present at install time.
This closes Distribute 12.

* Protected against failures in tarfile extraction. This closes Distribute 10.

* Made Jython api_tests.txt doctest compatible. This closes Distribute 7.

* replaced builtin type file with builtin function open. This
closes Distribute 6.

* Immediately close all file handles. This closes Distribute 3.

* Added compatibility with Subversion 1.6. This references Distribute 1.


* Avoid a call to /usr/bin/sw_vers on OSX and use the official platform API
instead. Based on a patch from ronaldoussoren. This closes issue 5.

* Fixed a SandboxViolation for mkdir that could occur in certain cases.
This closes Distribute 13.

* Allow to find_on_path on systems with tight permissions to fail gracefully.
This closes Distribute 9.

* Corrected inconsistency between documentation and code of add_entry.
This closes Distribute 8.

* Immediately close all file handles. This closes Distribute 3.


* Immediately close all file handles. This closes Distribute 3.



* Fixed a missing files problem when using Windows source distributions on
non-Windows platforms, due to distutils not handling manifest file line
endings correctly.

* Updated Pyrex support to work with Pyrex 0.9.6 and higher.

* Minor changes for Jython compatibility, including skipping tests that can't
work on Jython.

* Fixed not installing eggs in ``install_requires`` if they were also used for
``setup_requires`` or ``tests_require``.

* Fixed not fetching eggs in ``install_requires`` when running tests.

* Allow ``ez_setup.use_setuptools()`` to upgrade existing setuptools
installations when called from a standalone ````.

* Added a warning if a namespace package is declared, but its parent package
is not also declared as a namespace.

* Support Subversion 1.5

* Removed use of deprecated ``md5`` module if ``hashlib`` is available

* Fixed ``bdist_wininst upload`` trying to upload the ``.exe`` twice

* Fixed ``bdist_egg`` putting a ``native_libs.txt`` in the source package's
``.egg-info``, when it should only be in the built egg's ``EGG-INFO``.

* Ensure that _full_name is set on all shared libs before extensions are
checked for shared lib usage. (Fixes a bug in the experimental shared
library build support.)

* Fix to allow unpacked eggs containing native libraries to fail more
gracefully under Google App Engine (with an ``ImportError`` loading the
C-based module, instead of getting a ``NameError``).

* Fixed ``win32.exe`` support for .pth files, so unnecessary directory nesting
is flattened out in the resulting egg. (There was a case-sensitivity
problem that affected some distributions, notably ``pywin32``.)

* Prevent ``--help-commands`` and other junk from showing under Python 2.5
when running ``easy_install --help``.

* Fixed GUI scripts sometimes not executing on Windows

* Fixed not picking up dependency links from recursive dependencies.

* Only make ``.py``, ``.dll`` and ``.so`` files executable when unpacking eggs

* Changes for Jython compatibility

* Improved error message when a requirement is also a directory name, but the
specified directory is not a source package.

* Fixed ``--allow-hosts`` option blocking ``file:`` URLs

* Fixed HTTP SVN detection failing when the page title included a project
name (e.g. on SourceForge-hosted SVN)

* Fix Jython script installation to handle ``!`` lines better when
``sys.executable`` is a script.

* Removed use of deprecated ``md5`` module if ``hashlib`` is available

* Keep site directories (e.g. ``site-packages``) from being included in
``.pth`` files.



* Fixed ``distutils.filelist.findall()`` crashing on broken symlinks, and
``egg_info`` command failing on new, uncommitted SVN directories.

* Fix import problems with nested namespace packages installed via
``--root`` or ``--single-version-externally-managed``, due to the
parent package not having the child package as an attribute.

* ``ftp:`` download URLs now work correctly.

* The default ``--index-url`` is now ````, to use
the Python Package Index's new simpler (and faster!) REST API.



* Added ``--egg-path`` option to ``develop`` command, allowing you to force
``.egg-link`` files to use relative paths (allowing them to be shared across
platforms on a networked drive).

* Fix not building binary RPMs correctly.

* Fix "eggsecutables" (such as setuptools' own egg) only being runnable with
bash-compatible shells.

* Fix ``!`` parsing problems in Windows ``.exe`` script wrappers, when there
was whitespace inside a quoted argument or at the end of the ``!`` line
(a regression introduced in 0.6c4).

* Fix ``test`` command possibly failing if an older version of the project
being tested was installed on ``sys.path`` ahead of the test source

* Fix ``find_packages()`` treating ``ez_setup`` and directories with ``.`` in
their names as packages.

* EasyInstall no longer aborts the installation process if a URL it wants to
retrieve can't be downloaded, unless the URL is an actual package download.
Instead, it issues a warning and tries to keep going.

* Fixed distutils-style scripts originally built on Windows having their line
endings doubled when installed on any platform.

* Added ``--local-snapshots-ok`` flag, to allow building eggs from projects
installed using `` develop``.

* Fixed not HTML-decoding URLs scraped from web pages



* Fix uploaded ``bdist_rpm`` packages being described as ``bdist_egg``
packages under Python versions less than 2.5.

* Fix uploaded ``bdist_wininst`` packages being described as suitable for
"any" version by Python 2.5, even if a ``--target-version`` was specified.

* Fixed ``.dll`` files on Cygwin not having executable permissions when an egg
is installed unzipped.



* Overhauled Windows script wrapping to support ``bdist_wininst`` better.
Scripts installed with ``bdist_wininst`` will always use ``!python.exe`` or
``!pythonw.exe`` as the executable name (even when built on non-Windows
platforms!), and the wrappers will look for the executable in the script's
parent directory (which should find the right version of Python).

* Fix ``upload`` command not uploading files built by ``bdist_rpm`` or
``bdist_wininst`` under Python 2.3 and 2.4.

* Add support for "eggsecutable" headers: a ``!/bin/sh`` script that is
prepended to an ``.egg`` file to allow it to be run as a script on Unix-ish
platforms. (This is mainly so that setuptools itself can have a single-file
installer on Unix, without doing multiple downloads, dealing with firewalls,

* Fix problem with empty revision numbers in Subversion 1.4 ``entries`` files

* Use cross-platform relative paths in ``easy-install.pth`` when doing
``develop`` and the source directory is a subdirectory of the installation
target directory.

* Fix a problem installing eggs with a system packaging tool if the project
contained an implicit namespace package; for example if the ``setup()``
listed a namespace package ```` without explicitly listing ``foo``
as a namespace package.

* Added support for HTTP "Basic" authentication using ``http://user:passhost``
URLs. If a password-protected page contains links to the same host (and
protocol), those links will inherit the credentials used to access the
original page.

* Removed all special support for Sourceforge mirrors, as Sourceforge's
mirror system now works well for non-browser downloads.

* Fixed not recognizing ``win32.exe`` installers that included a custom

* Fixed not allowing ```` of paths outside the sandbox, even if they
are opened read-only (e.g. reading ``/dev/urandom`` for random numbers, as
is done by ``os.urandom()`` on some platforms).

* Fixed a problem with ``.pth`` testing on Windows when ``sys.executable``
has a space in it (e.g., the user installed Python to a ``Program Files``



* Fixed breakages caused by Subversion 1.4's new "working copy" format

* You can once again use "python -m easy_install" with Python 2.4 and above.

* Python 2.5 compatibility fixes added.



* The ``ez_setup`` module displays the conflicting version of setuptools (and
its installation location) when a script requests a version that's not

* Running `` develop`` on a setuptools-using project will now install
setuptools if needed, instead of only downloading the egg.

* Windows script wrappers now support quoted arguments and arguments
containing spaces. (Patch contributed by Jim Fulton.)

* The ```` script now actually works when you put a setuptools
``.egg`` alongside it for bootstrapping an offline machine.

* A writable installation directory on ``sys.path`` is no longer required to
download and extract a source distribution using ``--editable``.

* Generated scripts now use ``-x`` on the ``!`` line when ``sys.executable``
contains non-ASCII characters, to prevent deprecation warnings about an
unspecified encoding when the script is run.



* Fixed ``AttributeError`` when trying to download a ``setup_requires``
dependency when a distribution lacks a ``dependency_links`` setting.

* Made ``zip-safe`` and ``not-zip-safe`` flag files contain a single byte, so
as to play better with packaging tools that complain about zero-length

* Made `` develop`` respect the ``--no-deps`` option, which it
previously was ignoring.

* Support ``extra_path`` option to ``setup()`` when ``install`` is run in
backward-compatibility mode.

* Source distributions now always include a ``setup.cfg`` file that explicitly
sets ``egg_info`` options such that they produce an identical version number
to the source distribution's version number. (Previously, the default
version number could be different due to the use of ``--tag-date``, or if
the version was overridden on the command line that built the source

* EasyInstall now includes setuptools version information in the
``User-Agent`` string sent to websites it visits.


Not secure

* Fix ``register`` not obeying name/version set by ``egg_info`` command, if
``egg_info`` wasn't explicitly run first on the same command line.

* Added ``--no-date`` and ``--no-svn-revision`` options to ``egg_info``
command, to allow suppressing tags configured in ``setup.cfg``.

* Fixed redundant warnings about missing ``README`` file(s); it should now
appear only if you are actually a source distribution.

* Fix creating Python wrappers for non-Python scripts

* Fix ``ftp://`` directory listing URLs from causing a crash when used in the
"Home page" or "Download URL" slots on PyPI.

* Fix ``sys.path_importer_cache`` not being updated when an existing zipfile
or directory is deleted/overwritten.

* Fix not recognizing HTML 404 pages from package indexes.

* Allow ``file://`` URLs to be used as a package index. URLs that refer to
directories will use an internally-generated directory listing if there is
no ``index.html`` file in the directory.

* Allow external links in a package index to be specified using
``rel="homepage"`` or ``rel="download"``, without needing the old
PyPI-specific visible markup.

* Suppressed warning message about possibly-misspelled project name, if an egg
or link for that project name has already been seen.


Not secure

* Fix ``bdist_egg`` not including files in subdirectories of ``.egg-info``.

* Allow ``.py`` files found by the ``include_package_data`` option to be
automatically included. Remove duplicate data file matches if both
``include_package_data`` and ``package_data`` are used to refer to the same

* Fix local ``--find-links`` eggs not being copied except with

* Fix sometimes not detecting local packages installed outside of "site"

* Fix mysterious errors during initial ``setuptools`` install, caused by
``ez_setup`` trying to run ``easy_install`` twice, due to a code fallthru
after deleting the egg from which it's running.


Not secure

* Don't install or update a ```` patch when installing to a
``PYTHONPATH`` directory with ``--multi-version``, unless an
``easy-install.pth`` file is already in use there.

* Construct ``.pth`` file paths in such a way that installing an egg whose
name begins with ``import`` doesn't cause a syntax error.

* Fixed a bogus warning message that wasn't updated since the 0.5 versions.


Not secure

* Strip ``module`` from the end of compiled extension modules when computing
the name of a ``.py`` loader/wrapper. (Python's import machinery ignores
this suffix when searching for an extension module.)

* Better ambiguity management: accept ``egg`` name/version even if processing
what appears to be a correctly-named distutils file, and ignore ``.egg``
files with no ``-``, since valid Python ``.egg`` files always have a version
number (but Scheme eggs often don't).

* Support ``file://`` links to directories in ``--find-links``, so that
easy_install can build packages from local source checkouts.

* Added automatic retry for Sourceforge mirrors. The new download process is
to first just try, then randomly select mirror IPs and
remove ones that fail, until something works. The removed IPs stay removed
for the remainder of the run.

* Ignore bdist_dumb distributions when looking at download URLs.



* Added ``test_loader`` keyword to support custom test loaders

* Added ``setuptools.file_finders`` entry point group to allow implementing
revision control plugins.

* Added ``--identity`` option to ``upload`` command.

* Added ``dependency_links`` to allow specifying URLs for ``--find-links``.

* Enhanced test loader to scan packages as well as modules, and call
``additional_tests()`` if present to get non-unittest tests.

* Support namespace packages in conjunction with system packagers, by omitting
the installation of any ```` files for namespace packages, and
adding a special ``.pth`` file to create a working package in

* Made ``--single-version-externally-managed`` automatic when ``--root`` is
used, so that most system packagers won't require special support for

* Fixed ``setup_requires``, ``tests_require``, etc. not using ``setup.cfg`` or
other configuration files for their option defaults when installing, and
also made the install use ``--multi-version`` mode so that the project
directory doesn't need to support .pth files.

* ```` is now forcibly closed when any errors occur while reading
it. Previously, the file could be left open and the actual error would be
masked by problems trying to remove the open file on Windows systems.

* Process ``dependency_links.txt`` if found in a distribution, by adding the
URLs to the list for scanning.

* Use relative paths in ``.pth`` files when eggs are being installed to the
same directory as the ``.pth`` file. This maximizes portability of the
target directory when building applications that contain eggs.

* Added ``easy_install-N.N`` script(s) for convenience when using multiple
Python versions.

* Added automatic handling of installation conflicts. Eggs are now shifted to
the front of sys.path, in an order consistent with where they came from,
making EasyInstall seamlessly co-operate with system package managers.

The ``--delete-conflicting`` and ``--ignore-conflicts-at-my-risk`` options
are now no longer necessary, and will generate warnings at the end of a
run if you use them.

* Don't recursively traverse subdirectories given to ``--find-links``.



* Fixed the ``develop`` command ignoring ``--find-links``.

* Added exhaustive testing of the install directory, including a spawn test
for ``.pth`` file support, and directory writability/existence checks. This
should virtually eliminate the need to set or configure ``--site-dirs``.

* Added ``--prefix`` option for more do-what-I-mean-ishness in the absence of
RTFM-ing. :)

* Enhanced ``PYTHONPATH`` support so that you don't have to put any eggs on it
manually to make it work. ``--multi-version`` is no longer a silent
default; you must explicitly use it if installing to a non-PYTHONPATH,
non-"site" directory.

* Expand ``$variables`` used in the ``--site-dirs``, ``--build-directory``,
``--install-dir``, and ``--script-dir`` options, whether on the command line
or in configuration files.

* Improved SourceForge mirror processing to work faster and be less affected
by transient HTML changes made by SourceForge.

* PyPI searches now use the exact spelling of requirements specified on the
command line or in a project's ``install_requires``. Previously, a
normalized form of the name was used, which could lead to unnecessary
full-index searches when a project's name had an underscore (``_``) in it.

* EasyInstall can now download bare ``.py`` files and wrap them in an egg,
as long as you include an ``egg=name-version`` suffix on the URL, or if
the ``.py`` file is listed as the "Download URL" on the project's PyPI page.
This allows third parties to "package" trivial Python modules just by
linking to them (e.g. from within their own PyPI page or download links

* The ``--always-copy`` option now skips "system" and "development" eggs since
they can't be reliably copied. Note that this may cause EasyInstall to
choose an older version of a package than what you expected, or it may cause
downloading and installation of a fresh version of what's already installed.

* The ``--find-links`` option previously scanned all supplied URLs and
directories as early as possible, but now only directories and direct
archive links are scanned immediately. URLs are not retrieved unless a
package search was already going to go online due to a package not being
available locally, or due to the use of the ``--update`` or ``-U`` option.

* Fixed the annoying ``--help-commands`` wart.



* The ``sdist`` command no longer uses the traditional ``MANIFEST`` file to
create source distributions. ```` is still read and processed,
as are the standard defaults and pruning. But the manifest is built inside
the project's ``.egg-info`` directory as ``SOURCES.txt``, and it is rebuilt
every time the ``egg_info`` command is run.

* Added the ``include_package_data`` keyword to ``setup()``, allowing you to
automatically include any package data listed in revision control or

* Added the ``exclude_package_data`` keyword to ``setup()``, allowing you to
trim back files included via the ``package_data`` and
``include_package_data`` options.

* Fixed ``--tag-svn-revision`` not working when run from a source

* Added warning for namespace packages with missing ``declare_namespace()``

* Added ``tests_require`` keyword to ``setup()``, so that e.g. packages
requiring ``nose`` to run unit tests can make this dependency optional
unless the ``test`` command is run.

* Made all commands that use ``easy_install`` respect its configuration
options, as this was causing some problems with `` install``.

* Added an ``unpack_directory()`` driver to ``setuptools.archive_util``, so
that you can process a directory tree through a processing filter as if it
were a zipfile or tarfile.

* Added an internal ``install_egg_info`` command to use as part of old-style
``install`` operations, that installs an ``.egg-info`` directory with the

* Added a ``--single-version-externally-managed`` option to the ``install``
command so that you can more easily wrap a "flat" egg in a system package.

* Enhanced ``bdist_rpm`` so that it installs single-version eggs that
don't rely on a ``.pth`` file. The ``--no-egg`` option has been removed,
since all RPMs are now built in a more backwards-compatible format.

* Support full roundtrip translation of eggs to and from ``bdist_wininst``
format. Running ``bdist_wininst`` on a setuptools-based package wraps the
egg in an .exe that will safely install it as an egg (i.e., with metadata
and entry-point wrapper scripts), and ``easy_install`` can turn the .exe
back into an ``.egg`` file or directory and install it as such.

* Fixed ``.pth`` file processing picking up nested eggs (i.e. ones inside
"baskets") when they weren't explicitly listed in the ``.pth`` file.

* If more than one URL appears to describe the exact same distribution, prefer
the shortest one. This helps to avoid "table of contents" CGI URLs like the
ones on

* Quote arguments to python.exe (including python's path) to avoid problems
when Python (or a script) is installed in a directory whose name contains
spaces on Windows.

* Support full roundtrip translation of eggs to and from ``bdist_wininst``
format. Running ``bdist_wininst`` on a setuptools-based package wraps the
egg in an .exe that will safely install it as an egg (i.e., with metadata
and entry-point wrapper scripts), and ``easy_install`` can turn the .exe
back into an ``.egg`` file or directory and install it as such.



* Fixed some problems building extensions when Pyrex was installed, especially
with Python 2.4 and/or packages using SWIG.

* Made ``develop`` command accept all the same options as ``easy_install``,
and use the ``easy_install`` command's configuration settings as defaults.

* Made ``egg_info --tag-svn-revision`` fall back to extracting the revision
number from ``PKG-INFO`` in case it is being run on a source distribution of
a snapshot taken from a Subversion-based project.

* Automatically detect ``.dll``, ``.so`` and ``.dylib`` files that are being
installed as data, adding them to ``native_libs.txt`` automatically.

* Fixed some problems with fresh checkouts of projects that don't include
``.egg-info/PKG-INFO`` under revision control and put the project's source
code directly in the project directory. If such a package had any
requirements that get processed before the ``egg_info`` command can be run,
the setup scripts would fail with a "Missing 'Version:' header and/or
PKG-INFO file" error, because the egg runtime interpreted the unbuilt
metadata in a directory on ``sys.path`` (i.e. the current directory) as
being a corrupted egg. Setuptools now monkeypatches the distribution
metadata cache to pretend that the egg has valid version information, until
it has a chance to make it actually be so (via the ``egg_info`` command).

* Update for changed SourceForge mirror format

* Fixed not installing dependencies for some packages fetched via Subversion

* Fixed dependency installation with ``--always-copy`` not using the same
dependency resolution procedure as other operations.

* Fixed not fully removing temporary directories on Windows, if a Subversion
checkout left read-only files behind

* Fixed some problems building extensions when Pyrex was installed, especially
with Python 2.4 and/or packages using SWIG.



* Fixed not being able to install Windows script wrappers using Python 2.3



* Added support for "traditional" PYTHONPATH-based non-root installation, and
also the convenient ```` script, based on a contribution
by Ian Bicking. The setuptools egg now contains a hacked ``site`` module
that makes the PYTHONPATH-based approach work with .pth files, so that you
can get the full EasyInstall feature set on such installations.

* Added ``--no-deps`` and ``--allow-hosts`` options.

* Improved Windows ``.exe`` script wrappers so that the script can have the
same name as a module without confusing Python.

* Changed dependency processing so that it's breadth-first, allowing a
depender's preferences to override those of a dependee, to prevent conflicts
when a lower version is acceptable to the dependee, but not the depender.
Also, ensure that currently installed/selected packages aren't given
precedence over ones desired by a package being installed, which could
cause conflict errors.



* Fixed missing gui/cli .exe files in distribution. Fixed bugs in tests.



* Added ``gui_scripts`` entry point group to allow installing GUI scripts
on Windows and other platforms. (The special handling is only for Windows;
other platforms are treated the same as for ``console_scripts``.)

* Improved error message when trying to use old ways of running
``easy_install``. Removed the ability to run via ``python -m`` or by
running ````; ``easy_install`` is the command to run on all
supported platforms.

* Improved wrapper script generation and runtime initialization so that a
VersionConflict doesn't occur if you later install a competing version of a
needed package as the default version of that package.

* Fixed a problem parsing version numbers in ``egg=`` links.



* Added ``console_scripts`` entry point group to allow installing scripts
without the need to create separate script files. On Windows, console
scripts get an ``.exe`` wrapper so you can just type their name. On other
platforms, the scripts are written without a file extension.

* EasyInstall can now install "console_scripts" defined by packages that use
``setuptools`` and define appropriate entry points. On Windows, console
scripts get an ``.exe`` wrapper so you can just type their name. On other
platforms, the scripts are installed without a file extension.

* Using ``python -m easy_install`` or running ```` is now
DEPRECATED, since an ``easy_install`` wrapper is now available on all



* Added support for building "old-style" RPMs that don't install an egg for
the target package, using a ``--no-egg`` option.

* The ``build_ext`` command now works better when using the ``--inplace``
option and multiple Python versions. It now makes sure that all extensions
match the current Python version, even if newer copies were built for a
different Python version.

* The ``upload`` command no longer attaches an extra ``.zip`` when uploading
eggs, as PyPI now supports egg uploads without trickery.

* The ``ez_setup`` script/module now displays a warning before downloading
the setuptools egg, and attempts to check the downloaded egg against an
internal MD5 checksum table.

* Fixed the ``--tag-svn-revision`` option of ``egg_info`` not finding the
latest revision number; it was using the revision number of the directory
containing ````, not the highest revision number in the project.

* Added ``eager_resources`` setup argument

* The ``sdist`` command now recognizes Subversion "deleted file" entries and
does not include them in source distributions.

* ``setuptools`` now embeds itself more thoroughly into the distutils, so that
other distutils extensions (e.g. py2exe, py2app) will subclass setuptools'
versions of things, rather than the native distutils ones.

* Added ``entry_points`` and ``setup_requires`` arguments to ``setup()``;
``setup_requires`` allows you to automatically find and download packages
that are needed in order to *build* your project (as opposed to running it).

* ``setuptools`` now finds its commands, ``setup()`` argument validators, and
metadata writers using entry points, so that they can be extended by
third-party packages. See `Creating distutils Extensions
for more details.

* The vestigial ``depends`` command has been removed. It was never finished
or documented, and never would have worked without EasyInstall - which it
pre-dated and was never compatible with.

* EasyInstall now does MD5 validation of downloads from PyPI, or from any link
that has an "md5=..." trailer with a 32-digit lowercase hex md5 digest.

* EasyInstall now handles symlinks in target directories by removing the link,
rather than attempting to overwrite the link's destination. This makes it
easier to set up an alternate Python "home" directory (as described in
the Non-Root Installation section of the docs).

* Added support for handling MacOS platform information in ``.egg`` filenames,
based on a contribution by Kevin Dangoor. You may wish to delete and
reinstall any eggs whose filename includes "darwin" and "Power_Macintosh",
because the format for this platform information has changed so that minor
OS X upgrades (such as 10.4.1 to 10.4.2) do not cause eggs built with a
previous OS version to become obsolete.

* easy_install's dependency processing algorithms have changed. When using
``--always-copy``, it now ensures that dependencies are copied too. When
not using ``--always-copy``, it tries to use a single resolution loop,
rather than recursing.

* Fixed installing extra ``.pyc`` or ``.pyo`` files for scripts with ``.py``

* Added ``--site-dirs`` option to allow adding custom "site" directories.
Made ``easy-install.pth`` work in platform-specific alternate site
directories (e.g. ``~/Library/Python/2.x/site-packages`` on Mac OS X).

* If you manually delete the current version of a package, the next run of
EasyInstall against the target directory will now remove the stray entry
from the ``easy-install.pth`` file.

* EasyInstall now recognizes URLs with a ``egg=project_name`` fragment ID
as pointing to the named project's source checkout. Such URLs have a lower
match precedence than any other kind of distribution, so they'll only be
used if they have a higher version number than any other available
distribution, or if you use the ``--editable`` option. The ``egg``
fragment can contain a version if it's formatted as ``egg=proj-ver``,
where ``proj`` is the project name, and ``ver`` is the version number. You
*must* use the format for these values that the ``bdist_egg`` command uses;
i.e., all non-alphanumeric runs must be condensed to single underscore

* Added the ``--editable`` option; see Editing and Viewing Source Packages
in the docs. Also, slightly changed the behavior of the
``--build-directory`` option.

* Fixed the setup script sandbox facility not recognizing certain paths as
valid on case-insensitive platforms.



* The zip-safety scanner now checks for modules that might be used with
``python -m``, and marks them as unsafe for zipping, since Python 2.4 can't
handle ``-m`` on zipped modules.

* Fix ``python -m easy_install`` not working due to setuptools being installed
as a zipfile. Update safety scanner to check for modules that might be used
as ``python -m`` scripts.

* Misc. fixes for win32.exe support, including changes to support Python 2.4's
changed ``bdist_wininst`` format.



* Fix breakage of the "develop" command that was caused by the addition of
``--always-unzip`` to the ``easy_install`` command.



* Put the ``easy_install`` module back in as a module, as it's needed for
``python -m`` to run it!

* Allow ``--find-links/-f`` to accept local directories or filenames as well
as URLs.



* Include ``svn:externals`` directories in source distributions as well as
normal subversion-controlled files and directories.

* Added ``exclude=patternlist`` option to ``setuptools.find_packages()``

* Changed --tag-svn-revision to include an "r" in front of the revision number
for better readability.

* Added ability to build eggs without including source files (except for any
scripts, of course), using the ``--exclude-source-files`` option to

* `` install`` now automatically detects when an "unmanaged" package
or module is going to be on ``sys.path`` ahead of a package being installed,
thereby preventing the newer version from being imported. If this occurs,
a warning message is output to ``sys.stderr``, but installation proceeds
anyway. The warning message informs the user what files or directories
need deleting, and advises them they can also use EasyInstall (with the
``--delete-conflicting`` option) to do it automatically.

* The ``egg_info`` command now adds a ``top_level.txt`` file to the metadata
directory that lists all top-level modules and packages in the distribution.
This is used by the ``easy_install`` command to find possibly-conflicting
"unmanaged" packages when installing the distribution.

* Added ``zip_safe`` and ``namespace_packages`` arguments to ``setup()``.
Added package analysis to determine zip-safety if the ``zip_safe`` flag
is not given, and advise the author regarding what code might need changing.

* Fixed the swapped ``-d`` and ``-b`` options of ``bdist_egg``.

* EasyInstall now automatically detects when an "unmanaged" package or
module is going to be on ``sys.path`` ahead of a package you're installing,
thereby preventing the newer version from being imported. By default, it
will abort installation to alert you of the problem, but there are also
new options (``--delete-conflicting`` and ``--ignore-conflicts-at-my-risk``)
available to change the default behavior. (Note: this new feature doesn't
take effect for egg files that were built with older ``setuptools``
versions, because they lack the new metadata file required to implement it.)

* The ``easy_install`` distutils command now uses ``DistutilsError`` as its
base error type for errors that should just issue a message to stderr and
exit the program without a traceback.

* EasyInstall can now be given a path to a directory containing a setup
script, and it will attempt to build and install the package there.

* EasyInstall now performs a safety analysis on module contents to determine
whether a package is likely to run in zipped form, and displays
information about what modules may be doing introspection that would break
when running as a zipfile.

* Added the ``--always-unzip/-Z`` option, to force unzipping of packages that
would ordinarily be considered safe to unzip, and changed the meaning of
``--zip-ok/-z`` to "always leave everything zipped".



* The "egg_info" command now always sets the distribution metadata to "safe"
forms of the distribution name and version, so that distribution files will
be generated with parseable names (i.e., ones that don't include '-' in the
name or version). Also, this means that if you use the various ``--tag``
options of "egg_info", any distributions generated will use the tags in the
version, not just egg distributions.

* Added support for defining command aliases in distutils configuration files,
under the "[aliases]" section. To prevent recursion and to allow aliases to
call the command of the same name, a given alias can be expanded only once
per command-line invocation. You can define new aliases with the "alias"
command, either for the local, global, or per-user configuration.

* Added "rotate" command to delete old distribution files, given a set of
patterns to match and the number of files to keep. (Keeps the most
recently-modified distribution files matching each pattern.)

* Added "saveopts" command that saves all command-line options for the current
invocation to the local, global, or per-user configuration file. Useful for
setting defaults without having to hand-edit a configuration file.

* Added a "setopt" command that sets a single option in a specified distutils
configuration file.

* There is now a separate documentation page for setuptools; revision
history that's not specific to EasyInstall has been moved to that page.



* Added "upload" support for egg and source distributions, including a bug
fix for "upload" and a temporary workaround for lack of .egg support in



* Beefed up the "sdist" command so that if you don't have a, it
will include all files under revision control (CVS or Subversion) in the
current directory, and it will regenerate the list every time you create a
source distribution, not just when you tell it to. This should make the
default "do what you mean" more often than the distutils' default behavior
did, while still retaining the old behavior in the presence of

* Fixed the "develop" command always updating .pth files, even if you
specified ``-n`` or ``--dry-run``.

* Slightly changed the format of the generated version when you use
``--tag-build`` on the "egg_info" command, so that you can make tagged
revisions compare *lower* than the version specified in (e.g. by
using ``--tag-build=dev``).



* Added ``develop`` command to ``setuptools``-based packages. This command
installs an ``.egg-link`` pointing to the package's source directory, and
script wrappers that ``execfile()`` the source versions of the package's
scripts. This lets you put your development checkout(s) on sys.path without
having to actually install them. (To uninstall the link, use
use `` develop --uninstall``.)

* Added ``egg_info`` command to ``setuptools``-based packages. This command
just creates or updates the "projectname.egg-info" directory, without
building an egg. (It's used by the ``bdist_egg``, ``test``, and ``develop``

* Enhanced the ``test`` command so that it doesn't install the package, but
instead builds any C extensions in-place, updates the ``.egg-info``
metadata, adds the source directory to ``sys.path``, and runs the tests
directly on the source. This avoids an "unmanaged" installation of the
package to ``site-packages`` or elsewhere.

* Made ``easy_install`` a standard ``setuptools`` command, moving it from
the ``easy_install`` module to ``setuptools.command.easy_install``. Note
that if you were importing or extending it, you must now change your imports
accordingly. ```` is still installed as a script, but not as
a module.



* Setup scripts using setuptools can now list their dependencies directly in
the file, without having to manually create a ``depends.txt`` file.
The ``install_requires`` and ``extras_require`` arguments to ``setup()``
are used to create a dependencies file automatically. If you are manually
creating ``depends.txt`` right now, please switch to using these setup
arguments as soon as practical, because ``depends.txt`` support will be
removed in the 0.6 release cycle. For documentation on the new arguments,
see the ``setuptools.dist.Distribution`` class.

* Setup scripts using setuptools now always install using ``easy_install``
internally, for ease of uninstallation and upgrading.

* Added ``--always-copy/-a`` option to always copy needed packages to the
installation directory, even if they're already present elsewhere on
sys.path. (In previous versions, this was the default behavior, but now
you must request it.)

* Added ``--upgrade/-U`` option to force checking PyPI for latest available
version(s) of all packages requested by name and version, even if a matching
version is available locally.

* Added automatic installation of dependencies declared by a distribution
being installed. These dependencies must be listed in the distribution's
``EGG-INFO`` directory, so the distribution has to have declared its
dependencies by using setuptools. If a package has requirements it didn't
declare, you'll still have to deal with them yourself. (E.g., by asking
EasyInstall to find and install them.)

* Added the ``--record`` option to ``easy_install`` for the benefit of tools
that run `` install --record=filename`` on behalf of another
packaging system.)



* Fixed not setting script permissions to allow execution.

* Improved sandboxing so that setup scripts that want a temporary directory
(e.g. pychecker) can still run in the sandbox.



* Fix stupid stupid refactoring-at-the-last-minute typos. :(



* Added support for "self-installation" bootstrapping. Packages can now
include ```` in their source distribution, and add the following
to their ````, in order to automatically bootstrap installation of
setuptools as part of their setup process::

from ez_setup import use_setuptools

from setuptools import setup

* Added support for converting ``.win32.exe`` installers to eggs on the fly.
EasyInstall will now recognize such files by name and install them.

* Fixed a problem with picking the "best" version to install (versions were
being sorted as strings, rather than as parsed values)



* Added support for the distutils "verbose/quiet" and "dry-run" options, as
well as the "optimize" flag.

* Support downloading packages that were uploaded to PyPI (by scanning all
links on package pages, not just the homepage/download links).



* Add progress messages to the search/download process so that you can tell
what URLs it's reading to find download links. (Hopefully, this will help
people report out-of-date and broken links to package authors, and to tell
when they've asked for a package that doesn't exist.)



* Added ```` installer/bootstrap script to make initial setuptools
installation easier, and to allow distributions using setuptools to avoid
having to include setuptools in their source distribution.

* All downloads are now managed by the ``PackageIndex`` class (which is now
subclassable and replaceable), so that embedders can more easily override
download logic, give download progress reports, etc. The class has also
been moved to the new ``setuptools.package_index`` module.

* The ``Installer`` class no longer handles downloading, manages a temporary
directory, or tracks the ``zip_ok`` option. Downloading is now handled
by ``PackageIndex``, and ``Installer`` has become an ``easy_install``
command class based on ``setuptools.Command``.

* There is a new ``setuptools.sandbox.run_setup()`` API to invoke a setup
script in a directory sandbox, and a new ``setuptools.archive_util`` module
with an ``unpack_archive()`` API. These were split out of EasyInstall to
allow reuse by other tools and applications.

* ``setuptools.Command`` now supports reinitializing commands using keyword
arguments to set/reset options. Also, ``Command`` subclasses can now set
their ``command_consumes_arguments`` attribute to ``True`` in order to
receive an ``args`` option containing the rest of the command line.

* Added support for installing scripts

* Added support for setting options via distutils configuration files, and
using distutils' default options as a basis for EasyInstall's defaults.

* Renamed ``--scan-url/-s`` to ``--find-links/-f`` to free up ``-s`` for the
script installation directory option.

* Use ``urllib2`` instead of ``urllib``, to allow use of ``https:`` URLs if
Python includes SSL support.



* Added ``--scan-url`` and ``--index-url`` options, to scan download pages
and search PyPI for needed packages.



* Restrict ``--build-directory=DIR/-b DIR`` option to only be used with single
URL installs, to avoid running the wrong



* Added ``--build-directory=DIR/-b DIR`` option.

* Added "installation report" that explains how to use 'require()' when doing
a multiversion install or alternate installation directory.

* Added SourceForge mirror auto-select (Contributed by Ian Bicking)

* Added "sandboxing" that stops a setup script from running if it attempts to
write to the filesystem outside of the build area

* Added more workarounds for packages with quirky ``install_data`` hacks



* Added new options to ``bdist_egg`` to allow tagging the egg's version number
with a subversion revision number, the current date, or an explicit tag
value. Run `` bdist_egg --help`` to get more information.

* Added subversion download support for ``svn:`` and ``svn+`` URLs, as well as
automatic recognition of HTTP subversion URLs (Contributed by Ian Bicking)

* Misc. bug fixes



* Initial release.



Has known vulnerabilities