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New in this release

-  The ``process`` class acquired new methods
``vmin, vmax, vmean, vvar, vstd`` to perform summary operations
across values, for each time point and path (14).
-  A piecewise constant process constructor was added as the
``piecewise`` function (9); it replaces, and improves upon,
the private ``_piecewise_constant_process`` (undocumented,
not part of the API), now deprecated.


-  An incompatibility issue of the ``process`` class with
numpy versions >= 1.16.0 (11, 12) was solved.
-  A bug in the ``out`` parameter of ``process`` methods
``pmin, pmax, tmin, tmax`` (10, 13) was fixed.


-  The behavior of the ``process`` attribute ``interp_kind``
was documented in more detail (14).
-  There were several minor improvements to the testing
and maintenance tools, and to the testing suite (14, 15).


-  No backward incompatible changes were made against the stated API.
-  Note however that code relying on the ``out`` parameter of the
mentioned ``process`` methods might be in need of fixing as well.


This maintenance release includes:
- Bug-fixes (issues 2 and 4).
- Support for Python 3.7 (pull request 5).
- Minor documentation additions (pull requests 6 and 7).


First public release, also found on [PyPi](

After evolving through several 0.x unpublished versions, and undergoing several months of extensive private use, SdePy achieved its present stable form, marked as beta as a measure of caution against the unexpected.


This is a release candidate, also found on [PyPi](
SdePy 1.0.0 is not released yet.