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  * fix a problem that was preventing calls to ``request_raw`` when ``endpoint`` argument was ``None``


  * add ``--api-endpoint`` option to the command line utility
  * improves documentation adding details about ``Request``'s extra parameters


  ``autoextract.Request`` helper class now allows to set arbitrary
  parameters for AutoExtract requests - they can be passed in ``extra`` argument.


  In this release retry-related features are added or improved.
  It is now possible to fix some of the temporary errors
  by enabling query-level retries, and the default retry behavior is improved.
  * **backwards-incompatible**: autoextract.aio.ApiError is renamed
  to autoextract.aio.RequestError
  * ``max_query_error_retries`` argument is added to
  ``autoextract.aio.request_raw`` and
  ``autoextract.aio.request_parallel_as_completed`` functions; it allows to
  enable retries of temporary query-level errors returned by the API.
  * CLI: added ``--max-query-error-retries`` option to retry temporary
  query-level errors.
  * HTTP 500 errors from server are retried now;
  * documentation and test improvements.


  * asyncio API is rewritten, to simplify use in cases where passing meta
  is required. ``autoextract.aio.request_parallel_as_completed`` is added,
  ``autoextract.aio.request_parallel`` and ``autoextract.aio.request_batch``
  are removed.
  * CLI: it now shows various stats: mean response and connect time,
  % of throttling errors, % of network and other errors
  * CLI: new ``--intype jl`` option allows to process a .jl file
  with arbitrary AutoExtract API queries
  * CLI: new ``--shuffle`` option allows to shuffle input data, to spread it
  more evenly across websites.
  * CLI: it no longer exits on unrecoverable errors, to aid long-running
  processing tasks.
  * retry logic is adjusted to handle network errors better.
  * ``autoextract.aio.request_raw`` and
  ``autoextract.aio.request_parallel_as_completed`` functions provide an
  interface to return statistics about requests made, including retries.
  * autoextract.Request, autoextract.ArticleRequest, autoextract.ProductRequest,
  autoextract.JobPostingRequest helper classes
  * Documentation improvements.


  * allow up to 100 elements in a batch, not up to 99
  * custom User-Agent header is added
  * Python 3.8 support is declared & tested


  Initial release.