Changelogs » Sanzang-utils

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  * Added more helpful and verbose output to szu-ed.
  * Removed table format checks from all tools except szu-ed.


  * Reimplemented core algorithm for szu-r (cleaner and faster).
  * Added missing delimiter in buffering algorithm for szu-r.
  * Added a bit of missing Unicode normalization to szu-r.
  * Edited writing message for szu-ed to include the line count.


  * Fixed input_lines support in so editing terminates normally.
  * Added a "file written" message to szu-ed. File writing is important...


  * Converted all programs into Python modules that can be imported.
  * Refactored modules for more convenient use in calling code.
  * Converted Makefile install / uninstall to use pip3.
  * New directory layout (but installation to the same directories).
  * Updated documentation for new installation procedure.


  * More thorough Unicode normalization for the table editor (szu-ed).


  * Added basic Unicode normalization for safety and compatibility.


  * Fixed formatting for an example in the szu-t manual page.
  * Documentation updates for README.


  * szu-ss: read and process one line at a time if stdin is a TTY.
  * szu-t: read and process one line at a time if stdin is a TTY.
  * szu-t: at EOF, do not translate the buffer if it is an empty string.


  * szu-ss updated with major performance improvements (~200-300%).
  * szu-ss "verbose" option fixed to function correctly.
  * Verbose modes now preserve the original stack trace for debugging.


  * szu-ss fixed to show usage if there are too few arguments.
  * Tutorial updated to use new listing notation.


  * Added support for input files as positional arguments to commands.
  * Changed szu-t list notation to be more compact to aid readability.
  * Added a makefile note about setting parameters for BSD, Solaris, etc.
  * Programs updated to close a table file immediately after reading it.


  * Makefile dist target now just builds a Python dist.
  * Removed superfluous exception handling.
  * Updated source code according to pep8 and pep257.
  * Documentation fixes and updates.


  * Updated programs for proper universal newline support.
  * Fixed makefile logic bug (documentation directory removal).


  * Translation table fields have surrounding whitespace stripped.
  * All spaces and tabs will not be removed from table fields.
  * Fixed bug in szu-ss so string matching works correctly.
  * Minor documentation fixes.


  * Updated szu-ed to print to stderr for any common exceptions.
  * Added missing option description for szu-ss.
  * Documentation and build system updates and fixes.


  * Tutorial updated to HTML5.
  * Documentation copyedits and formatting.
  * Added to include makefile in the Python package.
  * Fixed minor encoding compatibility issues with UTF-8 BOMs.
  * Improved szu-ss table-loading code to be more robust.
  * Overhauled szu-ss to use buffering -- much more efficient.


  * Initial commit into git.