Changelogs » Rp2

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* added profiler instrumentation
  * added large input test and refactored ODS output test
  * removed rmtree("output") from it modifies the file system, which can cause problems when running tests in parallel (currently not enabled, but that may change in the future).
  * minor fixes


* fixed a bug in timestamp check: in and out lots were not allowed to have the same timestamp, but in certain scenarios it could happen (e.g. high-frequency trading)
  * fixed a subtle corner-case bug in LIFO, which caused the first gain/loss pair to be incorrect: the minimal input that reproduced the bug is now captured in one of the tests (test_data2.ods, sheet B1). This ensures there will not be a regression.
  * disable a link check in user faq: the link was failing the check (incorrectly) on Github actions


* added new LIFO tests
  * minor fixes


* added accounting-method programmable plugin infrastructure: by subclassing AbstractAccountingMethod it's now possible to add support for a new accounting method (previously only FIFO was hard-coded in)
  * added accounting-method plugins: FIFO, LIFO
  * added accounting-method-specific tests, plus additional tests of internal classes (both new and old)
  * Added Legend sheet to tax_report_us output
  * updated documentation to reflect changes in this version
  * minor fixes


* added country-specific programmable plugin infrastructure: by subclassing AbstractCountry it's now possible to add support for a new country (currently only US is supported)
  * abstracted out currency from APIs and code in general: references to "usd" have been changed to "fiat"
  * updated documentation to reflect changes in this version


* Verified software is up to date for FY 2021
  * Wrote several answers in User FAQ document
  * Minor fixes


* Added several new tests (from/to_year command line option variations and new transaction types)
  * Reworked time filter logic to fix two bugs related to -f and -t options:
  * with time filtering on, running sums reflected only filtered transactions, instead of all transactions (in other words, running sums should not be affected by filtering)
  * with time filtering on, number of fractions reflected also fractions with year higher than time filter
  * with time filtering on, sold lot percentages would be shown incorrectly in some cases
  * Updated documentation: various fixes and improvements


* added new transaction types: AIRDROP, HARDFORK, INTEREST, MINING, STAKING, WAGES. Removed transaction type EARN, which used to encompass all the above types
  * revisited output generators: rp2_report was renamed to rp2_full_report and mock_8949_us was renamed to tax_report_us. The tax_report_us plugin now generates one sheet per taxable event type: Airdrops, Capital Gains, Donations, Gifts, Hard Forks, Interest, Investment Expense, Mining, Staking, Wages.
  * fixed bug in from/to_year logic: entry sets didn't consider the time filter in certain corner cases
  * updated documentation to reflect above changes


* Added from/to_year command line option


* Minor fixes related to Pypi package distribution and upload


* Minor fixes related to Pypi package distribution and upload


* First version uploaded to Pypi
  * Added pre-commit hooks
  * Added bandit security checks
  * Major revision of user and developer documentation
  * Fixed lint errors
  * Various bug fixes and improvements


* First version tracked in change log
  * Added Python packaging support
  * Switched to high-precision math (decimal.Decimal)
  * Finished documentation (except FAQs)
  * Added bumpversion
  * Various bug fixes and improvements