Changelogs » Rio-tiler




- Allow options forwarding to `tile_read` from `main.tile` function (86)
- Add `resampling_method` options in `rio_tiler.utils.tile_read` to allow user set
resampling. Default is now bilinear (85)

Bug fixes:

- Fix nodata option forwarding to tile_read when source is a path (83)


- Refactor `rio_tiler.utils.tile_read` to reduce code complexity (84)

Breacking Changes:

- `indexes` options is now set to **None** in `rio_tiler.utils.tile_read`.
Default will now be the dataset indexes.


- Fix mask datatype bug in `rio_tiler.utils.array_to_image`(79)
- Fix nodata handling and better test for the nodata/mask main module (81)


- add missing Landsat panchromatic band (08) min/max fetch in `rio_tiler.landsat8.metadata` (58)
- add pre-commit for commit validation (64)
- code formatting using Black (the uncompromising Python code formatter) (64)
- update documentation (Sentinel-2 cost) (68)
- add `utils.raster_get_stats` and `utils._get_stats` to replace `min_max*` function
and to return more statistics (66)
- add overview level selection to statistical functions to reduce the data download (59)
- add pure GDAL `array_to_image` function to replace PIL tools (29)
- add GDAL format output from `utils.get_colormap` to be used in `array_to_image` (29)
- add GDAL compatible Image creation profile (29)
- add max threads number settings via "MAX_THREADS" environment variable (71)

**Breacking Changes**
- update `metadata` structure returned by `landsat8.metadata`, `sentinel2.metadata`, `cbers.metadata`
- force sentinel, landsat and cbers band names to be string and add validation (65)
- moved landsat utility functions from `rio_tiler.utils` to `rio_tiler.landsat8`
- rio_tiler.utils.landsat_get_mtl -> rio_tiler.landsat8._landsat_get_mtl
- rio_tiler.utils.landsat_parse_scene_id -> rio_tiler.landsat8._landsat_parse_scene_id
- rio_tiler.utils.landsat_get_stats -> rio_tiler.landsat8._landsat_stats
- moved cbers utility functions from `rio_tiler.utils` to `rio_tiler.cbers`
- rio_tiler.utils.cbers_parse_scene_id -> rio_tiler.cbers._cbers_parse_scene_id
- moved sentinel-2 utility functions from `rio_tiler.utils` to `rio_tiler.sentinel2`
- rio_tiler.utils.sentinel_parse_scene_id -> rio_tiler.sentinel2._sentinel_parse_scene_id
- removed deprecated PIL support as well as base64 encoding function in rio_tiler.utils
- rio_tiler.utils.img_to_buffer
- rio_tiler.utils.array_to_img
- rio_tiler.utils.b64_encode_img
- removed deprecated min_max* functions (landsat_min_max_worker and band_min_max_worker)


- add test case for pix4d nodata+alpha band data


- rasterio 1.0.0


- add schwarzwald color palette


- fix nodata (48)


- adapt to rasterio 1.0b4
- fix mask (internal/external) fetching 🙏
- fix boundless read with new rasterio 1.0b2
- fix custom nodata handling
- fix performances issue

:Breacking Changes:
- removed alpha band options to select a custom alpha band number


- Fix rasterio version to 1.0b1 (46 and 44)


- Support for additional CBERS instruments (fredliporace)


- Fixes sentinel-2 band 8A regex bug in `rio_tiler.utils.expression`


- adds DatasetReader input option for utils.tile_read (do not close the dataset on each read)

:Breacking Changes:
- `utils.tile_band_worker` renamed to `utils.tile_read`
- `main.tile` **rgb** option renamed **indexes**
- `sentinel2.tile`, `landsat8.tile`,  `cbers.tile` **rgb** option renamed **bands**
- `main.tile` default nodata mask is handled by rasterio


- adds utils.b64_encode_img function to encode an image object into a base64 string
- add tiles profiles (jpeg, png, webp) based on

:Breacking Changes:
- Refactor `rio_tiler.utils.array_to_img` to return PIL image object


- only using `read_masks` for mask creation when it's needed.


- add "expression" utility function
- better nodata/mask/alpha band definition and support

:Breacking Changes:
- tile functions now return an associated mask (Landsat, Sentinel, CBERS, main)
- remove nodata support in utils.image_to_array function
- add mask support in utils.image_to_array function
- utils.tile_band_worker will always return a (Band, Width, Height) array (e.g 1x256x256 or 3x256x256)


- remove sub-module (replaced by
- no default bands value for tiles.


- add colormap option in `utils.array_to_img`
- add TIR (brightness temps) support
- add CBERS support
- add global file support
- add elevation encoding for mapzen
- removing internal caching
- update to rasterio 1.0a12

:Breacking Changes:
- remove data value rescaling in `landsat8.tile` and `sentinel2.tile`
- fix wrong lat/grid_square value in `utils.sentinel_parse_scene_id`
- rename `utils.sentinel_min_max_worker` to `utils.band_min_max_worker`


- Fix Sentinel-2 bad AWS url


- Fix python 2/3 compatibilities in rio_tiler.utils.landsat_get_mtl


- Initial release. Requires Rasterio >= 1.0a10.