Changelogs » Randovania



-   Fixed: Resetting settings would leave the launchers' configuration in an invalid state.


-   *Major* - Changed: The resolver now keeps track of current energy during resolution.
This ensures you'll always have enough Energy Tanks for trips to Dark Aether.

-   *Major* - Added: Scanning a keybearer corpse provides a hint of what is in the matching Flying
Ing Cache.

-   Added: The tracker now persists the current state.

-   Added: Some generation failures are now automatically retried, using the same permalink.

-   Added: Buttons to see what a difficulty unlocks that doesn't involve tricks at all.

-   Changed: Increased Hint Scan value for logic to the intended value from the previous

-   Changed: There's no more hints with joke locations.

-   Changed: The lore hint in Mining Station A is now able to be scanned from the room center.

-   Added: A warning is now displayed when trying to disable validation.

-   Fixed: Seeker Missile's included missiles now respect the "needs Missile Launcher"

-   Changed: Progressive Launcher is now disabled by default.

-   Fixed: Clicking the connection's link in the Data Visualizer should now always work.

-   Changed: Hint Locations page now has a more usable UI.


-   Fixed: Specific trick levels are now persisted correctly across multiple sessions.


-   *Major* - Changed: Optimized the seed generation step. It should now take roughly
half as long or even faster.

-   *Major* - Added: It's now possible to configure the difficulty on a per-trick basis.

-   *Major* - Added: It's now possible to check where a certain trick is used on each

-   Added: Hint Scans are valued more by the logic, making Translators more likely.

-   Changed: Joke item and locations now have a `(?)` added to make then slightly more
obvious they're not serious.

-   Changed: Average ammo provided per expansion is now shown with more precision.

-   Added: `randovania echoes database list-dangerous-usage` command to list all
paths that require a resource to not be collected.

-   Added: Methods to get to Sunburst location by reaching the platform with the cannon
with a scan dash (Normal and above) or with just Space Jump Boots (Easy and above).

-   Added: Method to leave and enter the arena in Agon Temple with only Space Jump Boots
(Trivial and above to enter; Easy and above to leave).

-   Added: Method to get to Darkburst location in Mining Station B via a Bomb Space Jump
and without Screw Attack (Easy and above).

-   Fixed: In Hydrodynamo Station, going from the door to Hydrodynamo Shaft to the door to
Save Station B now always requires all three locks in Hydrodynamo Station to be unlocked.

-   Added: Method to cross Phazon Pit using a Bomb Space Jump (Easy and above).

-   Added: Method to open the Seeker door in Hydrodynamo Station without the Seeker Launcher,
using Screw Attack and one missile (Hard and Above).

-   Changed: The Ing Windchamber puzzle now only requires four missiles instead of five.

-   Changed: The cannon in Sanctuary Temple Access now only requires four missiles to
activate instead of five.

-   Changed: Sanctuary Temple Access now requires a way to defeat the Quad to get through.

-   Added: Support for damage requirements without exactly one damage reduction item.

-   Changed: Seed validation should run faster and with fewer errors now.

-   Added: Another joke hint.

-   Changed: Updated credits.

-   Fixed: Crossing Sanctuary Entrance via the Spider Ball Track now requires Boost Ball.

-   Added: Method to cross Sanctuary Entrance with Screw Attack and without Space Jump Boots
(Trivial and above).

-   Added: Method to cross Sanctuary Entrance, from the door to Power Junction to the door to
Temple Transport Access, with Spider Ball and Power Bombs (Easy and above).

-   Fixed: The method to get the Sanctuary Entrance item without Spider Ball now requires
Spider Guardian to not have been defeated.

-   Added: Method to get to and use the Vigilance Class Turret in Sanctuary Entrance using
Space Jump Boots, Screw Attack, and Spider Ball. Spider Ball isn't required if Spider
Guardian hasn't been defeated.

-   Fixed: In Sanctuary Entrance, going up the Spider Ball Track near the lore scan via the
intended method now requires Boost Ball and the Morph Ball Bomb.

-   Added: Methods to go up the Spider Ball Track near the lore scan in Sanctuary Entrance
with Spider Ball and only one of the following items:
- Morph Ball Bomb (Trivial and above);
- Boost Ball (Trivial and above);
- Space Jump Boots (Easy and above).

-   Changed: In Sanctuary Temple, getting to the door to Controller Access via scan dashing
is now Hard and above, from Normal and above.

-   Added: A tab with all change logs.


-   Changed: Tracker now raises an error if the current configuration is unsupported.

-   Fixed: Tracker no longer shows an error when opening.


-   Fixed: An empty box no longer shows up when starting a game with no
extra starting items.

-   Fixed: A potential crash involving HUD Memos when a game is randomized
multiple times.


-   Fixed: The in-app changelog and new version checker now works again.

-   Fixed: Patching with HUD text on and using expansions locked by major item now works.

-   Changed: Missile target default is now 175, since Seeker Launcher now defaults to
giving 5 missiles.


-   **MAJOR** - Added: Option to require Missile Launcher and main Power Bombs for the
respective expansions to work.

-   **MAJOR** - Added: Option to change which translator each translator gate in the
game needs, including choosing a random one.

-   **MAJOR** - Added: Luminoth Lore scans now includes hints for where major items
are located, as well as what the Temple Guardians bosses drop and vanilla Light Suit.

-   Added: Welcome tab, with instructions on how to use Randovania.

-   Added: Option to specify how many items Randovania will randomly place on your
starting inventory.

-   Added: Option to change how much damage you take from Dark Aether when using
Varia Suit and Dark Suit.

-   Added: Progressive Launcher: a progression between Missile Launcher and Seeker Launcher.

-   Changed: Logic considers the Translator Gates in GFMC Compound and Torvus Temple
to be up from the start, preventing potential softlocks.

-   Changed: Escaping Main Hydrochamber after the Alpha Blogg with a Roll Jump is
now Hard and above, from Easy and above.

-   Changed: The no-Boost return method in Dark Arena Tunnel is now Normal and above only.

-   Changed: The Slope Jump method in Great Bridge for Abandoned Worksite is now Hard
and above, from Normal.

-   Changed: Crossing the statue in Training Chamber before it's moved with Boost and
Spider is now Hard and above, from Hypermode.

-   Added: Option to disable the Sky Temple Key hints or to hide the Area name.

-   Changed: The location in the Sky Temple Key hint is now colored.

-   Changed: There can now be a total of 99 of any single Major Item, up from 9.

-   Changed: Improved elevator room names. There's now a short and clear name for all

-   Changed: The changed room names now apply for when elevators are vanilla as well.

-   Fixed: Going from randomized elevators to vanilla elevators no longer requires a
clean unpack.

-   Added: `randovania echoes database list-resource-usage` now supports all types of

-   Added: `list-resource-usage` and `list-difficulty-usage` now has the `--print-only-area`

-   Changed: Areas with names starting with !! are now hidden in the Data Visualizer.

-   Added: Docks and Elevators now have usable links in the Data Visualizer. These links
brings you to the matching node.

-   Added: The message when collecting the item in Mining Station B now displays when in
the wrong layer.

-   Added: A warning now shows when going on top of the ship in GFMC Compound before
beating Jump Guardian.


-   Changed: Reworked requirements for getting the Missile in Crossroads from the doors. You can:
- On Normal and above, with Boost, Bombs, Space Jump and Screw Attack
- On Hard and above, with Bombs, Space Jump and Screw Attack
- On Hypermode, with Bombs and Space Jump

-   Changed: Logic requirements for Dark Samus 2 fight are now the following:
- On all trick levels, Dark Visor
- On Easy and above, Echo Visor
- On Normal and above, no items

-   Changed: The Slope Jump in Temple Assembly Site is now Hard and above, from Normal and above.

-   Changed: All occurrences of Wall Boost are now locked behind Hard or above.

-   Added: Added method to get the Power Bomb in Sanctuary Entrance with just Space Jump
and Screw Attack. (See [29](

-   Added: Added method to cross Dark Arena Tunnel in the other direction without Boost.
(See [47](

-   Added: Basic support for running Randovania on non-Windows platforms.

-   Added: You can now create Generic Nodes in the Data Editor.

-   Changed: Drop down selection of resources are now sorted in the Data Editor.

-   Changed: Shareable hash is now based only on the game modifications part of the seed log.

-   Fixed: Python wheel wasn't including required files due to mising \_\

-   Fixed: error when shuffling more than 2 copies of any Major Item

-   Fixed: permalinks were using the the ammo id instead of the configured


-    **MAJOR**: New configuration GUI for Major Items:
- For each item, you can now choose between:
- You start with it
- It's in the vanilla location
- It's shuffled and how many copies there are
- It's missing
- Configure how much beam ammo Light Beam, Dark Beam and Annihilator Beam gives when picked.
- The same for Seeker Launcher and missiles.

-    **MAJOR**: New configuration GUI for Ammo:
- For each ammo type, you choose a target total count and how many pickups there will be.

Randovania will ensure if you collect every single pickup and every major item that gives
that ammo, you'll have the target total count.

-    **MAJOR**: Added progressive items. These items gives different items when you collect then,
based on how many you've already collected. There are two:
- Progressive Suit: Gives Dark Suit and then Light Suit.
- Progressive Grapple: Gives Grapple Beam and then Screw Attack.

-    **MAJOR**: Add option to split the Beam Ammo Expansion into a Dark Ammo Expansion and
Light Ammo Expansion.

By default there's 10 of each, with less missiles instead.

-    **MAJOR**: Improvements for accessibility:
- All translator gates are now colored with the correct translator gate color they need.
- Translators you have now show up under "Visors" in the inventory menu.
- An option to start the game with all maps open, as if you used all map stations.
- An option to add pickup markers on the map, that identifies where items are and if
you've collected them already.
- When elevators are randomized, the room name in the map now says where that elevator goes.
- Changed the model for the Translator pickups: now the translator color is very prominent and easy to identify.

-    Added: Option to choose where you start the game

-    Added: Option to hide what items are, going from just changing the model, to including the
scan and even the pickup text.

You can choose to replace the model with ETM or with a random other item, for even more troll.

-    Added: Configure how many count of how many Sky Temple Keys you need to finish the game

-    Changed: Choosing "All Guardians" only 3 keys now

-    Changed: Timeout for generating a seed is now 5 minutes, up from 2.

0.24.0 was a beta only version.


-   Added: New option to enable the "Warp to Start" feature.
-   Added: A "What's new" popup is displayed when launching a new version for the first time.
-   Fixed: changed text in Logic Settings to mention there _are_ hints for Sky Temple Keys.
-   Changed: Updated Claris' Randomizer, for the following fixes:
-   Added the ability to warp to the starting room from save stations (-t).
-   Major bug fix: The game will no longer immediately crash when not playing with Menu Mod.


-   Changed: "Faster credits" and "Skip item acquisitions popups" are no longer included in permalinks.
-   Changed: Updated Claris' Randomizer, for the following fixes:
-   Fixed an issue with two of the Sky Temple Key hints being accidentally switched.
-   FrontEnd editing now works properly for PAL and Japanese versions.
-   Attract video removal is now integrated directly into the Randomizer.
-   Getting the Torvus Energy Controller item will no longer block you from getting the Torvus Temple item.


-   **Major**: now using Claris' Randomizer version 4.0. See [Changelog](

-   Added: Randovania now changes the game id to G2ME0R, ensuring it has different saves.
-   Added: Game name is now changed to 'Metroid Prime 2: Randomizer - SEEDHASH'. Seed hash is a 8 letter/number
combination that identifies the seed being played.
-   Changed: the ISO name now uses the seed hash instead of the permalink. This avoids issues with the permalink containing /
-   Changed: Removed Agon Temple door lock after fighting Bomb Guardian, since this has been fixed in the Randomizer.
-   Fixed: Selecting an non-existent directory for Output Directory had inconsistent results


-   Fixed: changed release zip to not use BZIP2. This fixes the native windows zip client being unable to extract.

0.20.1 was skipped due to technical issues.


-   Added: an icon! Thanks to Dyceron for the icon.
-   Added: a simple Tracker to allow knowing where you can go with a given item state
-   Changed: Don't consider that Seeker Launcher give missiles for logic, so it's never
considered a missile source.


-   Fixed: Hydrodynamo Station's Door to Training Access now correctly needs Seekers
-   Added: New alternatives with tricks to get the pickup in Mining Plaza A.
-   Added: Trick to cross the Mining Plaza A backwards while it's closed.
-   Changed: Added a chance for Temple Keys not being always placed last.
-   Changed: Light Suit now has a decreased chance of being placed early.

0.19.0 was skipped due to technical issues.


-   Added: Editor for Randovania's database. This allows for modifications and contributions to be made easily.
There's currently no way to use the modified database directly.
-   Added: Options to place the Sky Temple Keys on Guardians + Sub-Guardians or just on Guardians.
-   Changed: Removed Space Jump method from Training Chamber.
-   Changed: Added Power Bomb as option for pickup in Hive Chamber B.
-   Changed: Shortened Permalinks when pickup quantities aren't customized.
-   Added: Permalinks now include the database version they were created for.
-   Fixed: Logic mistake in item distribution that made some impossible seeds.
-   Changed: For now, don't consider Chykka a "can only do once" event, since Floaty is not used.
-   Fixed: Permalinks now properly ignore the Energy Transfer Module.


-   Fixed: 'Clear loaded game' now properly does it's job.
-   Changed: Add an error message to capture potential Randomizer failures.
-   Changed: Improved README.


-   Fixed: stray tooltips in GUI elements were removed.
-   Fixed: multiple typos in GUI elements.


-   New: Reorganized GUI!
-   Seed Details and Data Visualizer are now different windows opened via the menu bar.
-   There are now three tabs: ROM Settings, Logic Settings and Item Quantities.
-   New: Option to disable generating an spoiler.
-   New: All options can now be exported and imported via a permalink.
-   Changed: Renamed "Logic" to "Trick Level" and "No Glitches" to "No Tricks". Appropriate labels in the GUI and files
changed to match.
-   Internal: no longer using the py.path and dataset libraries


-   Fixed: adding multiples of an item now works properly.


-   Fixed: pressing the Reset button in the Item Quantity works properly.
-   Fixed: hiding help in Layout Generation will no longer hide the item names in Item Quantity.


-   Updated item distribution: seeds are now less likely to have all items in the beginning, and some items less likely to appear in vanilla locations.
-   Item Mode (Standard/Major Items) removed for now.


-   Added a timeout of 2 minutes to seed generation.
-   Added two new difficulties:
-   Trivial: An expansion of No Glitches, where no tricks are used but some clever abuse of room layouts are used.
-   Hypermode: The highest difficulty tricks, mostly including ways to skip Space Jump, are now exclusive to this difficulty.
-   Removed Controller Reset tricks. This trick doesn't work with Nintendont. This will return later as an additional configuration.


-   **Major**: Added support for randomizing elevators.
-   Fixed spin boxes for item quantities changing while user scrolled the window.
It is now needed to click on them before using the mouse wheel to change their values.
-   Fixed some texts being truncated in the Layout Generation window.
-   Fixed generation failing when adding multiple of some items.
-   Added links to where to find the Menu Mod.
-   Changed the order of some fields in the Seed Log.


-   Fixed logic missing Amber Translator being required to pass by Path of Eyes.


-   Fixed logic errors due to inability to reload Main Reactor after defeating Dark Samus 1.
-   Added prefix when loading resources based on type, improving logs and Data Visualizer.


-   Added new logic: "Minimal Validation". This logic only checks if Dark Visor, Light Suit and Screw Attack won't lock each other.
-   Added option to include the Claris' Menu Mod to the ISO.
-   Added option to control how many of each item is added to the game.


-   Improved GUI usability
-   Fixed Workers Path not requiring Cobalt Translator to enter


-   Randovania should no longe create invalid ISOs when the game files are bigger than the maximum ISO size: an error is properly reported in that case.
-   When exporting a Metroid Prime 2: Echoes ISO if the maximum size is reached there's is now an automatic attempt to fix the issue by running Claris' "Disable Echoes Attract Videos" tool from the Menu Mod.
-   The layout log is automatically added to the game's files when randomizing.
-   Simplified ISO patching: by default, Randovania now asks for an input ISO and an output path and does everything else automatically.


-   This release includes the capability to generate layouts from scratch and these to the game, skipping the entire searching step!


-   Added: After killing Bomb Guardian, collecting the pickup from Agon Energy Controller is necessary to unlock the Agon Temple door to Temple Access.
-   Added a version check. Once a day, the application will check GitHub if there's a new version.
-   Preview feature: option to create item layouts, instead of searching for seeds. This is much more CPU friendly and faster than searching for seeds, but is currently experimental: generation is prone to errors and items concentrated in early locations. To use, open with randovania.exe gui --preview from a terminal. Even though there are many configuration options, only the Item Loss makes any difference.


-   Fixed the Ing Cache in Accursed Lake didn't need Dark Visor.


-   Added a fully featured GUI.


-   Stupid mistake.


-   Fix previous release.


-   Save preferences.
-   Added Claris Randomizer to the binary release.


-   Fixed the interactive .bat


-   Added an interactive shell.
-   Releases now include the README.


-   Releases now include standalone windows binaries